Climate Change

There have been votes in Parliament on targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and on increasing the proportion of electricity generated via renewable means as well as on the establishment of a UK Green Investment Bank, to invest in projects which, for example, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Clive Lewis consistently voted for measures to prevent climate change

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Key votes about measures to prevent climate change:

  • On 12 Oct 2020: Clive Lewis voted to require ministers to have due regard to the target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 when taking actions including setting up agricultural subsidy schemes. Show vote
  • On 29 Sep 2020: Clive Lewis voted to require a "climate and nature emergency impact statement" as part of any proposal for financial assistance under a United Kingdom Internal Market Act. Show vote
  • On 5 Feb 2020: Clive Lewis voted in favour of developing and implementing a plan to eliminate the substantial majority of transport emissions by 2030. Show vote
  • On 24 Oct 2019: Clive Lewis voted in favour of a motion calling on the Government "to rebuild the economy so that it works in the interest of the many, not just handing out rewards to those at the top" and to bring forward "a green industrial revolution to decarbonise the economy and boost economic growth". Show vote
  • On 25 Jun 2019: Clive Lewis was absent for a vote on The Value Added Tax (Reduced Rate) (Energy-Saving Materials) Order 2019 Show vote
  • On 6 Sep 2016: Clive Lewis voted against VAT increases on the installation of energy saving materials. Show vote
  • On 9 May 2016: Clive Lewis was absent for a vote on Housing and Planning Bill — Carbon Dioxide Emission Rate and Energy Performance of New Homes Show vote
  • On 3 May 2016: Clive Lewis voted to reduce the permitted carbon dioxide emission rate of new homes. Show vote
  • On 14 Mar 2016: Clive Lewis voted to require a strategy for carbon capture and storage for the energy industry. Show vote
  • On 14 Mar 2016: Clive Lewis voted to set a decarbonisation target for the UK within six months of June 2016 and to review it annually thereafter. Show vote
  • On 26 Oct 2015: Clive Lewis voted to charge the first year rate of vehicle tax, which varies substantially based on carbon dioxide emissions, for the subsequent two years as well; for a variable rate of vehicle tax based on carbon dixoide emissions for vehicles registered on or after 1 April 2017 and against charging additional tax on vehicles costing over £40,000. Show vote
  • On 8 Sep 2015: Clive Lewis voted against applying the Climate Change Levy tax to electricity generated from renewable sources. Show vote
  • On 14 Jul 2015: Clive Lewis voted against the Summer 2015 budget which, among other measures, increased the minimum wage, replaced student maintenance grants with loans and cut tax credits. Show vote
  • On 14 Jul 2015: Clive Lewis was absent for a vote on Summer Budget 2015 Resolution 21 — Application of Climate Change Levy to Electricity from Renewable Sources Show vote

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