Commodore Henry King

Former MP for Paddington South

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Commodore Henry King is a former MP for Paddington South.

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Former MP for Paddington South

Entered the House of Commons on 14 December 1918 — General election

Left the House of Commons on 20 August 1930 — unknown

Also represented Norfolk Northern

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Recent appearances

  • Orders of the Day — Coal Mines Bill.: Clause 14. — (Temporary Amendment of 8 Edw. 7 c. 57, s. 3.) 9 Jul 1930

    May I suggest to the hon. Gentleman that, if he considers that we are working 600 hours' overtime in this country, it is surely his business to see that it is stopped?
  • Orders of the Day — Coal Mines Bill. 4 Jun 1930

    The President of the Board of Trade has laid great stress on the fact that Staffordshire is divided in the Schedule into three parts, but those are only divisions of convenience, to bring the areas into line with all the other districts set out in the Schedule. The division of Staffordshire into three parts has really no effect whatever on the Amendment. The problem only arises in South...
  • Orders of the Day — Coal Mines Bill.: Clause 5. — (Committees of Investigation.) 4 Jun 1930

    I do not think that the right hon. Gentleman is quite right in describing this as a consequential Amendment. The previous Amendment related to any complaint made with respect to the operation of the scheme, but the present Amendment goes beyond that point and relates to any act or omission of any persons in respect of their functions under the scheme. This is a question of a personal nature...

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