Mr William Shelton

Former MP for Streatham

Voting summaries

MPs have many roles, but one of the most important is that they make decisions. These decisions shape the laws that govern us, and can affect every aspect of how we live our lives. One of the ways MPs make decisions is by voting.

On TheyWorkForYou, we create voting summaries that group a set of decisions together, show how an MP has generally voted on a set of related votes, and if they differ from their party.

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You can read more about how this works, the kinds of votes we include, how we compare MPs to parties, and why we think this is important.

These summaries are created by the team at TheyWorkForYou. We are independent of Parliament and receive no public funding for this work.

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This person has not voted on any of the key issues which we keep track of.

As a result of COVID-19, some MPs were less able to vote in Parliament in certain periods, and this will be reflected by absences in their voting record.

11th May to 2nd June 2020

All MPs could vote remotely through an online voting tool. Votes cast remotely are shown as normal on the TheyWorkForYou voting record.

2nd to 9th June 2020

The option of online voting was removed, and a number of MPs may have been unable to vote because they were not physically able to attend.

10th June 2020 onwards

The requirements on proxy voting were relaxed, allowing MPs to designate another MP to cast a vote on their behalf.

If an MP votes by proxy, it is effectively exactly the same as if they cast the vote in person and it shows up on their TheyWorkForYou voting record.

MPs are not required to designate a proxy, and may instead pair with an opposing MP to miss a vote. Parliament does not record when two MPs have come to a pairing arrangement, so on TheyWorkForYou, they will both appear to have been absent for the vote.

See more detail on votes during the COVID-19 period here.

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This data was produced by TheyWorkForYou from a variety of sources.

For an explanation of the vote descriptions please see our page about voting information on TheyWorkForYou.