Mr Charles Milne

Former MP for Fife Western

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Mr Charles Milne is a former MP for Fife Western.

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Former MP for Fife Western

Entered the House of Commons on 27 October 1931 — General election

Left the House of Commons on 25 October 1935 — General election

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Recent appearances

  • Orders of the Day — Supply.: Mines Department of the Board of Trade. 24 Jul 1935

    I am sure that I am expressing the feeling of all Scottish Members who represent mining constituencies when I offer my felicitations to the new head of the Mines Department. The hon. and gallant Member has long been known, well and favourably known, to hon. Members, and after listening to his speech to-day I am confident that the interests of the mining industry could not be in better hands....
  • Orders of the Day — Supply.: Commissioner for Special Areas (Scotland). 4 Jul 1935

    Is the hon. Member referring to plotholders outside the distressed areas?
  • Orders of the Day — Supply.: Commissioner for Special Areas (Scotland). 4 Jul 1935

    We have heard an account of the activities of Sir Arthur Rose, and it fills me with admiration and envy—with envy because I greatly wish that his jurisdiction had been extended to Fife. With unerring instinct, he has placed his finger upon the flaw in the Government scheme of land settlement. These unemployed men are furnished with plots for a double purpose: first to enable them to find...

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