Mr Reginald Maudling

Former MP for Barnet Chipping Barnet

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Mr Reginald Maudling is a former MP for Barnet Chipping Barnet.

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Former MP for Barnet Chipping Barnet

Entered the House of Commons on 23 February 1950 — General election

Left the House of Commons on 14 February 1979 — Died

Also represented Barnet

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Recent appearances

  • Counter-Inflation Policy 13 Dec 1978

    I can claim to have supported the need for incomes policy as strongly and consistently as anyone in this House. This has caused me trouble from time to time, incidentally. But I cannot go along with the sort of nonsense that we have heard today from the Government. Quite frankly, the Government's present proposals are from cloud cuckoo land and nothing else. Their policy is to impose...
  • Counter-Inflation Policy 13 Dec 1978

    Where a monopoly power is exercised, be it in the case of wage claims, prices or profits, the same considerations must apply. Where there is free competition they do not apply. With monopoly power they must apply irrespective of the source of that power. I want to make a positive contribution to what could be, possibly, a more effective incomes policy. The public and private sectors must be...
  • European Monetary System 29 Nov 1978

    This is a formidable debate for any Back Bencher to enter without the technical advice available to the Government and to the Front Bench spokesmen for the Opposition. I hope that the House will allow me to partici- pate in the debate in a spirit of nostalgia. I have just worked out that the first time that I led a British delegation to the International Monetary Fund was almost exactly a...

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