John Howell

MP, Henley

Profile photo: © Parliament (CC-BY 3.0)
Henley Conservative

Investigations into the Iraq War

A number of votes were held relating to holding investigations into the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Photo: UK Ministry of Defence

John Howell generally voted against investigations into the Iraq war

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All votes about investigations into the Iraq war:

  • On 25 Mar 2009: John Howell voted for an inquiry into the Iraq war by an independent committee of privy counsellors. Show vote
  • On 25 Mar 2009: John Howell voted against a motion saying a time will come when a further inquiry into the Iraq war is appropriate but that time hasn't been reached yet. Show vote
  • On 24 Jun 2009: John Howell voted against welcoming an inquiry into the Iraq war and against commending the proposal to hold as much of it as possible in public. Show vote
  • On 30 Nov 2016: John Howell voted against an investigation into the contrast between public statements and private actions in the run up to the Iraq war. Show vote

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