Immigration (EAC Report)

Part of the debate – in the House of Lords at 3:50 pm on 14th November 2008.

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On Question, Motion agreed to.

House adjourned at 3.53 pm.


linda kaucher
Posted on 4 Feb 2009 4:53 pm (Report this annotation)

This is a debate about immigration where the emphasis has been put on highly skilled migration, because it is, according to this report, good for the country.

However Lord Vallance of Tummel, that's businessman Iain Vallance in real language, actually heads up the transnational business lobby to Brussels, where it is known as the European Services Forum, ie transnational investors in services, which is just about everything.

The ESF has successfully lobbied (thanks Lord), for the EU to offer worker migration into the EU from 150 other countries (thats cheap labour). Mandelson has tabled that offer.

However this 'migration review' fails to mention, deal with, or comment on that, despite the drastic effects it will have on the labour market here (downward pressure on wages and conditions, loss of jobs) as well as on housing etc, and with other social effects -They have done that under the cover that that is 'trade', and is 'temporary' labour movement, thus is not 'migration'. But many effects are the same, especially as teh WTO is suggesting , that it is 'circulating labour'.

Pretty sneaky eh, by any criteria.

And isnt this something of a vested interest issue for Lord Vallance? It is India which has pushed very hard for this entry, on behalf of Indian firms. And here, Vallance admits his interests in such an Indian firm, operating in London and bringing in cheap labour.

And the cheek of it, that he is the Lord's spokesperson for BERR? with his good mate Mandelson - who he was lobbying in Brussels! What a small, corrupt world it is!