Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill

Part of the debate – in the House of Lords at 7:30 pm on 3rd March 2008.

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Photo of Baroness Whitaker Baroness Whitaker Labour 7:30 pm, 3rd March 2008

Many speakers have mentioned freedom. Some have also mentioned equality. One of the problems is that quite a large number of people in this country do not live in freedom and equality but go about their business in fear and intimidation. That is why I have difficulty with the amendment of the noble Lord, Lord Waddington, because it seems to me that it would preserve the freedom of hate speech and bears little relation to what happens when people are waylaid, insulted, threatened and sometimes killed. That is why we cannot have this amendment; it would simply alter the balance of equality against those who are most vulnerable.


david skinner
Posted on 28 Mar 2008 9:28 am (Report this annotation)

Baroness Whitaker, like you, the compassionate concern of the Bishop of Chester, would be that merely talking about the issue of homosexuality is putting an unwelcome spotlight on homosexuals.
You make it sound as though they are being hounded and persecuted into extinction, as the Jews and other ethnically cleansed have had to suffer. Indeed the homosexuals managed to get themselves a part in this year’s holocaust memorial service.

But please show us the facts and figures. Ben Summerskill has masterfully been cultivating the victim status, culminating in an ad that appeared in Independent Newspaper that claimed that Christians were responsible for a 74% increase in violence and homophobic incidence:

No details were given of what, where, when or how these incidences occurred. Homophobic bullying has been a brilliant PR tool used by Stonewall, the gay rights lobby for at least the last ten years. And people have swallowed the lie without it even touching the sides of the throat.

I really think you can spare yourself feelings of guilt which you may be nursing, that at one time maybe you also had been less than charitable towards a homosexual.

Let us look at the reality.

Mr. Summerskill has moved on, well beyond equality to discrimination against all those who oppose him. Airlines and banks are falling over themselves to celebrate their sexual activities. The gay brigade are not wilting flowers; they revel in being distinguished by their excessive sexual behaviour. The homosexual can now choose from a veritable feast of gay pride marches that are springing up in nearly every major town. (Brighton)

The Europride and Stonewall awards ceremonies are bestrewn with celebrities from the world of politics, entertainment, sport and every sphere of public life. (EUROPRIDE CHARTS : No1 is Sir Ian Mckellan, the co - founder of Stonewall. No 3 after Elton John is Garry Frisch, founder of (WARNING EXPLICIT SCENES). (scroll down to Stonewall Awards 2007 - Shortlists , Broadcast/ Broadcaster of the year Doctor Who (BBC1)
Gaydar Radio.)

There is nothing they are denied for which the homosexual lobby have demanded: the benefits, rights and status of marriage are extended to them; children are handed over into their tender keeping; airlines and banks are falling over themselves to celebrate their sexual activities and the Stonewall awards ceremony was bestrewn with celebrities.
Today every leading political party not only has gay MPs, those “outted” politicians are on every frontbench; but at the heart of power in Downing St. are non - elected advisers like Spencer Livermore who enjoys political power that most MPs could only dream of. He has worked with Gordon Brown for nearly ten years, and after strategy roles in the 2001 election and at the Treasury, in June, last year, he became one of the most powerful people in Britain as Director of Political Strategy at 10 Downing St.
It was also the lesbian Angela Mason, working in the Women’s Equality Unit of the Department of Trade and Industry, who I believe was the main author of the SORs. It comes as no surprise that the European Commissioner for Trade and Industry is none other than Peter Mandelson. (Introducing Spencer Livermore) (Who’s Who of homosexual influence and power in government)

The toleration of homosexuality started as far back as the Wolfenden Report, fifty years ago. In recent years it has moved to equality and is now on the verge of dominance. As far as Mr John Prescott’s dream, the Equality Bill, is concerned, there is no discrimination or condemnation for living out a homosexual life style; far from being imprisoned, stoned to death, buried alive ( it might happen in Muslim countries but not in Britain) or being forced to hide in public lavatories, every imaginable door is opening to the LGBTSs. However, it is ironic that John Prescott had to resign from his leadership position, because of sexual impropriety , whereas Chris Bryant MP for Rhondda, can wave his homosexual card and parade his preferences with guiltless pride on gay dating sites, like, dressed only in his underpants, asking for sodomy and fornication.

Homosexuals now discriminate against heterosexuals by having exclusively gay bed and breakfast and hotel accommodation, gay sports teams, clubs, a gay history month and a gay Sunday, even I believe a homosexual Olympic games:
The government may say that the regulations create a level playing field but in reality that is a lie. Just to take one example, London zoo, on the 16th September 2007, hosted Gay Sunday, where heterosexual families were clearly discriminated against:

Far from Ben Summerskill hiding in a cellar or under the stairs, he is emboldened to hold up for mockery and public humiliation (reminiscent of Stalin’s show trials during the his reign of terror) those who merely work for the good of families, like the Bishop of Hereford and the Roman Catholic Bishop of Birmingham, by awarding them bigot of the year awards at the annual Stonewall Awards Ceremonies, at which actors MPs, writers, dancers, pop musicians, TV, theatre and film directors, presenters, hosts and all the glitterati jostle with one another in order to be seen to be part of New Enlightenment. At the same time he extends the wand of blessing to / Gaydar Radio. This outfit is really the one that Ben Summerskill and MPs like Chris Bryant and Mark Otten represent: (WARNING EXPLICIT SCENES).

In contrast to the victims that Ben Summerskill will persecute with a vengeance, including me, if this hatred bill goes ahead , he compares well with. Ernst Roehm, a vicious homosexual, who was one of the architects of the Third Reich.: ( Homosexuality and the Nazis)
Scroll down to:
"If Germany’s several million “gays” were not Nazi victims, they were Nazi soldiers, collaborators or murderers."

Like the good citizens of Belsen and Auschwitz who at the liberation were forced to go and see what their country had done, I would recommend that everyone view this and another site connected with the Folsom Street Fair in California. Perhaps just a glimpse would be all you need to see who Ben really represents and what will be soon coming to the streets of Britain. (Scroll down to Folsom Street WARNING EXTREME, EXPLICIT MATERIAL

Allow me please to tell you where the real violence is being enacted out . After ten years of a government that can only tell us of how successful how society has become , the fabric of society is breaking down. For ten years this government has been dismantling and deconstructing the heterosexual, monogamous and enduring family, the optimum model for raising children in a safe, stable and secure environment. The evidence for this is overwhelming.

Working like acid, there have been many agencies, the Family Planning Association to name but one, who have been peddling the idea that children should experiment and find out what sexual experience suits them and not to allow anyone to encourage them into a stereotypical sexual relationship such as heterosexuality.
The consequence is that the family, the very atom of society is being destroyed and the results we see on our streets.

May I suggest Baroness Whitaker that you go through the following role call of carnage and find one homosexual victim.

Statistics obtained by the Evening Standard yesterday revealed that on average five children are being injured in gun and knife attacks in London every day. The figures, obtained under Freedom of Information rules, reveal a frightening snapshot of teenage crime in an eight-month period last year. From 1 April to 30 November, a total of 1,273 victims under the age of 20 suffered injuries in gun and knife attacks. Many were victims of gang violence. The figures came amid mounting concern over the number of teenagers murdered in London. 27 were killed in the capital alone, last year, the highest total ever. I am not aware that any of these crimes was motivated by so- called homophobia. They are symptomatic of a generation children raised on evolutionary humanistic nihilism and into which homosexuality is being poured like acid in order to break down all bonds within society. (Jack Large),,2154478,00.html (Rhys Jones),,1794450,00.html ( Alex Kamondo) ( Kiyan Prince) ( Jamie Ewart) ( Jonathan Matondo) ( Jenni Gordon) ( kodjo Yenga),,2035486,00.html

So many young people carry weapons for their own defence, parents are beginning to buy body armour for their little children:

Stonewall is an extremely dangerous organisation that has declared war on the family. Ben Summerskill will one day have to give an account.

I dedicate this letter to the memory of Harry Hammond who whilst defending the gospel of Jesus Christ was prepared to suffer for what he thought was true, morally right, just and honouring to God. The injustice he suffered still has not been wiped from the slate.

Winston Churchill defined an appeaser as "one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last."