Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill

Part of the debate – in the House of Lords at 7:00 pm on 3rd March 2008.

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Photo of Earl Ferrers Earl Ferrers Conservative 7:00 pm, 3rd March 2008

I need only ask: what about the right reverend Prelate the Bishop of Chester? As far as I know, he was making a perfectly reasonable observation, but his speech was gone over by the police, who then got hold of the Crown Prosecution Service which decided that they should announce that there was no harm done. That is a bad state of affairs. First, it is bad that the police should spend their time doing that, and secondly, it creates an aura of fear of what you say. I do not think that that is right and proper. We have gone a long way down the path of trying to make people who have thought one way think another way. We are almost in the position of having reverse discrimination, where if somebody says something it is an offence, even though he has always been used to saying it. I am fearful about that.

My noble friend Lord Waddington referred to the late Harry Hammond, a disabled pensioner who was dragged to the ground by a mob and assaulted. What had he done? He had displayed a banner calling upon people to stop their immorality. People have held banners for ages saying, "The wages of sin is death", and I do not see that there is anything particularly wrong about that. Somebody got hold of him and pulled his banner, and he fell to the ground. He then suffered an attack from which he subsequently died. But Mr Hammond was the one arrested by the police, and he was convicted as a criminal by the local magistrates before he died while attempting to uphold what he felt was Bible morality. The fact is that he was attacked by homosexuals for his protest against homosexuality. He was arrested and fined, and his attackers were not even questioned. That is what I refer to as reverse discrimination. We have seen it all over the place. I do not think it is a good thing that we should put people so much in fear of what they say that they dare not say it. That is what happens in a police state, and I fear that we are going down that road. I agree with the amendment tabled by my noble friend Lord Waddington. People ought to be able to say what they think; churches ought to be able to say what they think, even if one does not like it. This amendment would help that come about.


david skinner
Posted on 27 Mar 2008 7:59 pm (Report this annotation)

Lord Ferrers, Harry Hammond would not stand a chance in today’s climate of fear of Muslims on the one side and militant gays on the other.
Let us not ignore the sheer violence of homosexual activity that includes sado- masochism, whipping, bondage, humiliation and the like as demonstrated publicly at the Folsom Street Fair in California, (. Scroll down to Folsom Street WARNING EXTREME, EXPLICIT MATERIAL), where hundreds of men baring their genitals, masturbate in public and where orgies of men fellate and fondle each other in the street and where men and women beat each other with whips and women walk around with their breast exposed. The fair - which celebrates sadomasochism - has been running since 1984, and is now California's third largest spectator event. There is no equivalent heterosexual event - as yet - on this scale of depravity any where in the world.
I don’t think Harry would last five seconds with this lot and it is more than likely that the police would help the gays to finish him off.

How soon before it arrives in Britain with police protection from the Minority Support Police? No doubt Ken Livingstone will give a congratulatory speech, as did the mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newson ( scroll down to page 13- takes about 2’ to download) Higgins Trust and its dream for our children) (Gordon Brown’s encouragement of Terrence Hiiggins Trust. Play the video).,,2015220,00.html,

Neither should we wish to ignore the fact that Ernst Roehm, a vicious homosexual was one of the architects of the Third Reich, or deny the involvement of homosexuals paedophile abuse in the concentration camps? ( Homosexuality and the Nazis) ( Alfred Kinsey and Dr Fritz von Balluseck ( Homosexual holocaust myth) ( Judith Reismann)

Neither should we wish to suppress the truth concerning the disproportionately high numbers of homosexuals involved in rapes and serial killing? (Former French drag queen arrested for serial murders) ( Rape in Sydney) ( World worst serial killers; 4 out of 10 being homosexual, the worst being Gilles de Rais (violence and homosexuality). (lesbians murder teenager in Australia)

Are we meant to ignore violence perpetrated by homosexuals against those who oppose them- especially towards Christians (Persecution and death of Harry Hammond even though Bournemouth Pride is deeply offensive and a moral threat to holidaying families and their children) ((Baroness young) ( Church vandalised ) (death threats).

Tom Forrest one such proprietor has already been struck off the tourist board, VisitScotland.,,2-1863910,00.html
He also had to have police protection when the gay brigade threatened to burn down his B&B and visit unspeakable violence on his wife. In fact, I know that Tom, a Christian gentleman would be only too happy to give you a first hand account of his treatment at the hands of the militant homosexual brigade. His phone number can be obtained from looking up his site,

Please let us get a grip when we are talking about homosexuality and violence