Part of the debate – in the House of Lords at 2:50 pm on 23rd January 2006.

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Photo of The Countess of Mar The Countess of Mar Crossbench 2:50 pm, 23rd January 2006

My Lords, is it not the case that science is not a fixed discipline, and that there may be things about homeopathy that we do not understand yet? I remember my consultant telling me one day that he did not understand how paracetamol worked, yet that is prescribed regularly under the National Health Service. If homeopathy does not work, could the Minister explain how my goats think it works?


Sue Young
Posted on 11 May 2007 1:51 pm (Report this annotation)

Thank you for your support for homeopathy and for your comments.

I am a working homeopath and recent events have left me feeling attacked and victimised. It is good to laugh again and I am very pleased your goat is happy!

If doctors cannot explain how paracetamol works, then why aren't they told that their professional practice is 'worse than witchcraft'?

Is such nasty and vitriolic abuse reserved only for homeopaths? (see the Daily Mail article 11.5.07 http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

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I have been going to a homeopath for over 20 years, I was diagnosed with pre cervical cancer at 17 as I knew of several women who had used the NHS’s treatment methods and had ended up not only without wombs but also dead I decided to seek an alternative, which has been successful I no longer have any sign of cancer and at my last smear was told I had an incredibly healthy cervix for a woman of my age now 44...Yet I was constantly told my GP at that time would not be held responsible if I died and that if I had children they would be born blind....With the NHS’s new book and choose why am I and others with mental health issues excluded from this system...Why because you would have a case of the rats leaving a sinking ship and it would show up those who are less than caring or helpful within Mental Health Services...and that we do not all wish to pollute are bodies with toxic medication that causes worse side effects and conditions than the dis-ease itself many would seek alternatives which are not owned by the pharmaceutical companies….Stop this ridiculous talk about social inclusion when it is such a farce…If I am to be socially included I want CHOICE

They the NHS also declare that they do not know how or why electric shock treatment works, but still use this barbaric treatment and no one is had up for torture and sadistic behaviour it should be abolished immediately what are you thinking!!! If I went home and put an electric current through my cat's scull I'd be imprisoned and rightly so why is it OK to inflict this horrendous TREATMENT on a fellow human being just because you wear a white coat.

Extract from LINDA GOODMAN’S STAR SIGNS chapter an apple a day

Chinese medicine

There were three types of doctors in ancient China. The first kind merely cured your disease, and was the least of the three. The second was an expert in diagnosing an illness, not only after it appeared, but earlier, shortly before it appeared. He was higher on the medical ladder. The most skilled, most venerable, and most respected physical was the one who kept his patients so healthy that they never manifested any form of sickness in the first place, a Taoist ideal. The medical “caste system” was nothing if logical.

And it went further. A doctor in ancient China (oh, turn back the clock!) was paid only when his patients got well, when he had healed them…and in some districts the doctor was under strict obligation to make economic amends or restitution should a patient become worse or continue o be ill under his care, because it was considered that, if he had not kept his patients healthy, then their diseases were fully his responsibility.

Every time a patient died, a lantern of a certain shape was hung outside the attending doctor’s office, and a doctor with too many of these lanterns swinging at the front door could be assured of a slow business. Physicians who complain today about high insurance caused by malpractice suits should be glad they weren’t practising in ancient China.

Linda Goodman