House of Lords debates

Monday, 3 February 2003

  • Illegal Immigrants: Transport Fines

    12 speeches

    My Lords, I beg leave to ask the Question standing in my name on the Order Paper. In doing so, I remind the House that I hold several honorary positions in trade associations. The Question was as...

  • Government Office for London

    16 speeches

    asked Her Majesty's Government: What are the functions of the Government Office for London within the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister; what are its relations with the Mayor of London; and...

  • Legal Aid Scheme

    14 speeches

    asked Her Majesty's Government: How many firms of solicitors withdrew from the legal aid scheme in 2002.

  • PFI Procedures

    8 speeches

    asked Her Majesty's Government: What changes they have made in private finance initiative procedures as a result of the shortcomings revealed by the Audit Commission report on experience with...

  • Community Health Councils: Abolition

    18 speeches

    My Lords, I beg leave to ask a Question of which I have given private notice; namely: Whether, in the light of Her Majesty's Government's announcement that community health councils are to be...

  • Business

    1 speech

    My Lords, with the leave of the House, at a convenient time after 3.30 p.m., my noble and learned friend the Leader of the House will repeat a Statement on Iraq.

  • Waste and Emissions Trading Bill [HL]

    5 speeches

    Report received.

  • Iraq

    20 speeches

    My Lords, with your Lordships' permission, I shall repeat a Statement made by my right honourable friend the Prime Minister in another place. The Statement is as follows: "Mr Speaker, can I first...

  • Waste and Emissions Trading Bill [HL]

    146 speeches

    Consideration of amendments on Report resumed. Clause 1 [Target Years]:

  • Disabled Children

    13 speeches

    rose to ask Her Majesty's Government how they will respond to the needs of families with disabled children as highlighted in the Barnardo's report Still missing out? My Lords, this debate is...

What is this?

Debates in the House of Lords are an opportunity for Peers from all parties (and crossbench peers, and Bishops) to scrutinise government legislation and raise important local, national or topical issues.

And sometimes to shout at each other.

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