Bus Fatalities and Vision Zero

Questions to the Mayor of London – answered on 16th January 2019.

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Photo of Keith Prince Keith Prince Conservative

In your response to Question 2018/3438, you stated that there has been a "consistent reduction in killed and seriously injured (KSI) casualties involving people on a London bus" using a " 2005-2009 baseline." Since TfL's own data show that Bus KSIs have been on the increase since at least 2014 and during every year of your Mayoralty, do you accept that restricting your response to "people on a London Bus" and using a 2005-2009 baseline is essentially "cooking the books" to avoid admitting that Bus Safety Performance has worsened steadily under your Mayoral leadership?

Photo of Sadiq Khan Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

My answer to Mayor's Question 2018/3428 (not 2018/3438 as listed above) refers to STATS19 data, which is officially collected by the Metropolitan Police Service and City of London Police. This is the base data source for all collisions and casualties in the UK including London, whether involving a bus or not. This is also the source for all Transport for London’s (TfL’s) road safety targets, including those used to measure progress against my Vision Zero targets.

A second dataset is also available on TfL’s website which reports information from the IRIS database, purely for all types of incidents involving buses. This data is reported by bus drivers and operators. This dataset categorises casualties in a different way (such as casualties taken to hospital, treated at the scene or requiring no treatment), and does not use the same criteria as STATS19. Therefore the two datasets, while similar, are not the same either in source of data or content. TfL has been very clear about this distinction since the data was first published and includes an explanation on its website: https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/safety-and-security/road-safety/bus-safety.

TfL’s use of STATS19 data as the basis for all road safety targets and the use of a five year baseline period (2005-2009) is a widely established and accepted form of setting targets and reporting progress against those targets, in line with the Department for Transport’s own methodology. TfL’s safety targets beyond 2022 will be compared to an updated baseline of the average number of KSIs from 2010-2014.