London Assembly

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

  • Graffiti in London (4)

    How much funding have you provided for cleaning up graffiti across London since you became Mayor? Please give a breakdown by borough.

  • Graffiti in London (3)

    How will you ensure that London is kept clean for both visitors and Londoners?

  • Minority groups and food insecurity

    What specific support has been given to minority groups like refugees, gypsy Roma communities and others who have been impacted by food insecurity?

  • Graffiti in London (1)

    What measures have you put in place to assist Local Authorities to clean up graffiti in London?

  • Solar Together contractor Green Energy Together (2)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2022/2589 in which you said: “A complaints procedure is overseen by iChoosr. Londoners can raise a complaint at any stage via the Solar Together...

  • Solar Together contractor Green Energy Together (3)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2022/2589 in which you said: “If a resolution cannot be reached, there is an escalation procedure through recognised consumer bodies REEC and...

  • State of London's Health (1)

    How many wellbeing champions have been created since 2021?

  • Thames Water Drinking Fountain (5)

    Your water fountain scheme currently only services the Thames Water supply area. What plans do you have for widening this scheme to areas and boroughs not within this supply area?

  • Solar Skills London (2)

    How are you working with the Further Education sector to help tool up London with solar installation and maintenance skills?

  • Energy Advice London (2)

    How will your Energy Advice London helpline provide support to Londoners over the winter?

  • Healthcare services in London (1)

    A&E support is free of charge within the NHS for international visitors but not treatment after admission. Can you confirm if you would like to see treatment after admission free on the NHS...

  • Gambling in London (4)

    What personally are you doing to tackle gambling addictions?

  • Healthcare services in London (3)

    What discussions have you had with the Government about your view that anyone living in the UK regardless of immigration status should be allowed to access the NHS for free?

  • Healthcare services in London (2)

    According to the London Datastore there were an estimated 21.7 million international visitors to London in 2019. If just 5% of these visitors accessed NHS care, the cost would be approximately...

  • Thames Water Drinking Fountain (2)

    What is the total cost for an individual water fountain to be installed?

  • Thames Water Drinking Fountain (4)

    How could South Woodford go about accessing alternative funding if the Thames Water scheme will not reopen?

  • Thames Water Drinking Fountain (3)

    South Woodford station is incredibly popular with commuters and would benefit from a water fountain, would you consider an application from South Woodford?

  • LLDC Transition (4)

    How will the board and the governing body of the LLDC be re-constituted following the removal of its planning powers?

  • LLDC Transition (3)

    How are you projecting the Fixed Estate Charge on the LLDC will increase over time? What impact will this have on the corporation’s finances?

  • LLDC Transition (2)

    How will you ensure that the LLDC becomes financially sustainable over time so that it can operate without any revenue grant funding from the GLA? This is except for the ongoing subsidy required...

  • LLDC Transition (1)

    How will you ensure an orderly transfer of planning powers back to the boroughs from the LLDC on 1st December 2024?

  • LFB Staff Wellbeing

    How are you going to work with LFB to support staff who are having to take sick days due to stress and anxiety?

  • Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (2)

    How much of the funding allocated to London has now been spent?

  • Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (1)

    How much of the £160m funding for the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund was allocated to London?

  • Ward Officer Abstractions (2)

    Please provide for the BCU area of Central West, the number of days per month Dedicated Ward Officers were abstracted by ward for the past year.

  • MPS Serious Collision Investigation Unit

    How many staff and officers do the Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) employ? Could you break this down by job title, as well as the number of vacancies and how long these have been...

  • Drought Conditions

    At present, Thames Water has declared a drought and this remains despite the welcome return of rain the past few weeks. Have we heard from Thames Water when their drought designation is likely to...

  • State of London's Health (4)

    With regard to the Implementation Plan for the London Health Inequalities Strategy can you please tell me whether ethnic health inequalities have increased or decreased since 2016?

  • State of London's Health (2)

    Is London on track to have 250,000 wellbeing champions by 2025?

  • State of London's Health (3)

    With regard to the Implementation Plan for the London Health Inequalities Strategy can you please tell me how many school super zones have been created?

  • State of London's Health (8)

    The average number of suicides in London between 2016-2021 was 581 which is slightly lower than the average number of suicides in London between 2001-2021 (595). Do you believe that your health...

  • Net-Zero Target

    What year will London be net zero?

  • State of London's Health (6)

    Community champions that help Londoners who need it most should be thanked by all of us. Can you please specify how you intend to reach “community champions to thank them for their work and...

  • State of London's Health (7)

    How successful has Thrive LDN been in improving mental wellbeing in London and how is this being measured?

  • Argentina

    Did you enjoy your trip to Argentina?

  • Blue Light Police Drivers

    Please provide a breakdown for the number of blue light police officer drivers per borough per year for the past 5 years.

  • LLDC Housing Delivery Plan

    Do you think that the London Legacy Development Corporation’s Housing Delivery Plan 2020-2025 should be publicly available and, if so, will you ensure that it is?

  • Mayoral Support for Warm Banks and Community Living Rooms

    What support are you providing to Warm Banks and Community Living Rooms across London this winter?

  • Relationship with BEIS

    How will the GLA work with the new Secretary of State for the Environment and BEIS to ensure that our current environmental protections are not only retained but strengthened?

  • MPS injuries policing the Queen’s funeral

    How many, if any, Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers were injured across the six days policing the Queen’s lying-in state and funeral? Could you provide the nature of any injuries...

  • Fuel Poverty

    What is the likely impact of the Government withdrawing support for energy bills in April 2023? How are you working to support Londoners in need?

  • Mild Weather this Autumn

    How is the GLA working to mitigate any environmental impacts caused by the milder weather we have seen the autumn?

  • Refugee Support (2)

    What support do you provide for refugees who are not from Ukraine or Afghanistan, and what efforts do you make to ensure that their needs are understood and addressed?

  • Fires from e-scooters and e-bikes (2)

    Will the London Fire Brigade add a heading to its official statistics that shows the number of fires started by electrically powered personal vehicles each year?

  • Refugee Support (1)

    Further to Question No 2022/2852, will you ensure that guidance given by your officers through the London Strategic Migration Partnership encourages Councils and community groups to make active...

  • Financial advice funding

    Following on from question 2022/1455 on food insecurity, can you provide an in-depth breakdown of how the “£3.7 million invested this year to raise awareness of financial rights and...

  • Cost of living help for digitally excluded groups

    Many Londoners are digitally excluded and are unable to access your online Cost of Living Hub. What actions are you specifically taking to reach out to these hidden groups to help them with the...

  • First 1000 days of a child’s life

    Will the GLA map out healthy food monitoring and support services for mothers and infants from antenatal care up to the beginning of primary school, which would identify any gaps between services...

  • Raising incomes in London

    Can you outline what actions you have taken to lobby the Government to take immediate action to tackle the cost of living crisis by raising incomes substantially and providing immediate monetary...

  • Carbon pathway for reduction vehicle kilometres by borough (2)

    Your January 2022 report, London Net Zero 2030: An Updated Pathway, contains a scenario that would reduce car vehicle kilometres by 27 per cent by 2030 to reduce transport emissions. The pathways...

  • NHS Waiting Lists (3)

    The Government has warned that NHS waiting lists may not start to fall until 2024, leaving many Londoners waiting months and years for hospital care. Do you have any information on how many...

  • NHS Waiting Lists (2)

    Recent analysis has shown that the health service is carrying out 12% fewer operations than before the pandemic. What can the GLA do to support the NHS in London as we approach winter?

  • Food Insecurity and Health Inequalities

    Do you share my concern that rising food insecurity in London will lead to an increase in health inequalities? And how is City Hall working to address this?

  • Business Energy Efficiency (3)

    Businesses unnecessarily leaving their lights on overnight, not only is energy inefficient, but creates light pollution which can have extremely negative health impacts. How will you ensure that...

  • Community Food Shop

    Using a foodbank can for some carry with it a negative stigma. Sutton Council recently started the Sutton Community Food Shop. Would you consider exploring a similar idea on a larger scale in...

  • Londoners in persistent poverty

    What is your long-term strategy to reduce the number of Londoners living in persistent poverty?

  • Solar Together London Scheme (2)

    In response to question 2022/3285 you mentioned that the delivery partner for your Solar Together London scheme, iChoosr, “reviews the work daily and reports weekly to my GLA team on...

  • Older Londoners in poverty (2)

    Do you agree that older Londoners are often not the focus of discussions around poverty in the capital?

  • Older Londoners in poverty (1)

    What specific actions are you taking to support older Londoners living in poverty, especially those who are digitally excluded?

  • London Power (3)

    Do you think that the money being put towards London Power could be better used during a cost of living crisis?

  • Interest rate rise (1)

    Do you have the data for the number of Londoners that would be paying more on mortgages due to the interest rate rise in London, and can this be broken down by borough?

  • Interest rate rise (2)

    What impact do you expect the interest rate rise to have on consumer spending and business confidence in London?

  • NHS Waiting Lists (1)

    Are you concerned about the impact on Londoners of the growing waiting lists for hospital care, which recently reached seven million across England? Is there anything City Hall can do to help...

  • Solar Together

    Can you give me an update on the work being done on the next phase of the project and the progress of the plans to make sure the issues in the last phase are not repeated?

  • Met’s Vetting Unit

    How many people roles exist with the Met’s Vetting Unit and how many vacancies/unfilled roles are there?

  • Warmer Homes (1)

    Can you please provide a breakdown by year from 2018 on how many Londoners have taken up the Warmer Homes Scheme?

  • Warmer Homes (2)

    Can you provide a breakdown by year from 2018 on the funding provided to Londoners who have taken up the Warmer Homes Scheme?

  • Warmer Homes (3)

    How much of the £43 million funding is still available for the Warmer Homes Scheme? How will you, as a matter of urgency allocate any underspend, if appropriate?

  • Reducing water abstraction during drought

    London has been in a drought for several months that looks set to last well into next year. What discussions have you had with construction and infrastructure sites to encourage them to reduce...

  • Drought planning in London

    What meetings and discussions have you and GLA officers had with external organisations such as, but not limited to Thames Water and the Environment Agency, to deal with a sustained drought in...

  • Met detectives

    How many detectives does the Met have and what is the number of current vacancies?

  • Met Overtime 1

    For each year Nov 2019 to Oct 2020, Nov 2020 to Oct 2021 and Nov 2021 to Oct 2022 how many hours of Met police overtime were used?

  • Met schools officers 1

    For each year Nov 2019 to Oct 2020, Nov 2020 to Oct 2021 and Nov 2021 to Oct 2022 how many arrests have been made by Met schools officers?

  • Climate Budgeting and the GLA (2)

    When do you expect the green finance team to be at full complement?

  • Climate Budgeting and the GLA (1)

    The Skills and Employment Unit requested an increase to its team of nine posts in order to form a green finance team in a report submitted to the June meeting of the GLA Oversight Committee. How...

  • Health and climate adaptation

    The 2022 Lancet Countdown report concluded that “insufficient climate change adaptation efforts have left health systems vulnerable to climate change-related hazards”. What is your...

  • Access to a radio during a power outage

    Leaked plans for communication with the public via the BBC during a power outage reveal that they depend upon the public having access to a radio. Do you know what proportion of Londoners have...

  • Estimated deaths from 2022 heatwaves

    What is your estimate of the number of deaths caused by heatwaves in London this year and what is the source of this data?

  • Obesity

    Can you please point to any city across the world that has a successful obesity strategy which has seen rates of obesity fall as a direct consequence of the policy?

  • LFB Recruitment

    Do you think that LFB goes far enough to promote a healthy working environment, particularly for female, BAME and disabled recruits? If not, what can you do to assist them with making this better?

  • Emergency Planning & Resilience (2)

    When was the London emergency plan last updated? Specifically with relation to responding to a major terror incident.

  • Emergency Planning & Resilience (1)

    Following the announcement from the Government that there will be a review of CONTEST, how will you and the LFB work with the Government to ensure that the emergency planning for London terror...

  • MPS injuries policing Just Stop Oil protests

    How many, if any, Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers were injured during the month of October 2022 policing protests by Just Stop Oil? Could you provide the nature of any injuries broken...

  • Unsolved complaints

    For each year Nov 2016 to Oct 2017, Nov 2017 to Oct 2018, Nov 2018 to Oct 2019, Nov 2019 to Oct 2020, Nov 2020 to Oct 2021 and Nov 2021 to Oct 2022, how many police officers transferred to the...

  • Pakistan Floods and COP 27

    What impact will the recent floods in Pakistan have on discussions at COP 27 and will it alter London’s and the UK’s direction?

  • Police Staff (1)

    How many Police staff have been recruited in the past three years?

  • Police Staff (2)

    What is the percentage of Police staff that have left the MPS in the past three years?

  • UK Football Policing Unit

    Does the MPS contribute resources, in the form of Police officer time or funding, to the UK Football Policing Unit? If so, can I have a breakdown of the resources provided.

  • Working Time Directive

    For each year Nov 2019 to Oct 2020, Nov 2020 to Oct 2021 and Nov 2021 to Oct 2022 how many Met police officers and staff broke Working Time Directive rules?

  • BCU vacancy rate

    What is the vacancy rate for each BCU?

  • City Hall - blood donation location

    Would you support the GLA having discussions with NHS Blood & Transplant with regard to City Hall being offered as a blood donation location; given its location in an under-served part of...

  • Safer Neighbourhood Teams

    What is the vacancy rate for each Safer Neighbourhood Team?

  • Gambling in London (2)

    Can you please tell me how many betting shops there are in London today compared to 2016?

  • Gambling in London (3)

    Do you believe that TfL should still have gambling advertisements on buses and in trains?

  • Pan-London sustainable food campaign (2)

    The Pan-London sustainable food campaign appears to be based on using “inspiring messages and practical advice to build on successful past campaigns”. Rather than another campaign...

  • The Greater London Forum for Older People

    I would recommend that you read the latest version of ‘Senior London’ a publication by The Greater London Forum for Older People. Can you please outline whether you think you are...

  • Gambling in London (1)

    Do you know how many Londoners there are addicted to gambling both online and in betting shops?

  • Pan-London sustainable food campaign (1)

    Assistant Director's decision ADD2603/ Pan-London sustainable food campaign gives £30,000 of tax payer money to simply create a brief for a marketing campaign rather than the campaign...

  • Bottle recycling schemes

    Can you update me on what the progress is on getting bottle recycling schemes up and running in London?

  • Hygiene banks

    Can you update me on the work you are doing to help hygiene banks deal with the soaring demand due to the cost-of-living crisis?

  • New Police Officers

    Please provide a breakdown of new police officers for the last 12 months by borough.

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The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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