London Assembly

Monday, 17 October 2022

  • London Markets Board (4)

    Can you please confirm how the new board members of the London Markets Board were chosen?

  • One-Off grant funding and the Mayoral Budget

    This financial year (2022/23) one off grant funding has provided an additional £147.3 million in funding, raising the GLA:Mayor budget by 67.7 percent or £82.3 million. How likely is it...

  • Rising Energy Costs and the GLA group (7)

    What support, financial or otherwise, has been offered by Government to support the GLA group with rising energy costs?

  • Rising Energy Costs and the GLA group (6)

    How do you anticipate that rising energy prices across the GLA group will impact on your budget for 2023/24 and do you anticipate changes to the funding set out in the Budget Guidance?

  • AEB management fee cap

    Your Adult Education Budget (AEB) has a 20 per cent management fee cap on subcontracting. Are you concerned that this cap will be treated more like a minimum, leading to higher management fees...

  • London Markets Board (5)

    Can you confirm the costs associated with the new London Markets Board?

  • Nuclear impact on London

    Are you preparing for the possible impact on London of a nuclear event in Europe, which could cause at the very least similar issues as Chernobyl did in 1986?

  • Training for a chain of events

    What training do first responders in London undertake to prepare for a possible ‘chain of events’ scenario where multiple climate and other events combine to create a worse disaster?

  • What Londoners need in a grab bag

    Some advice for civil preparedness to future climate and other disasters involves advising people to have a ‘grab bag’ handy. What do you consider to be the right things for a...

  • Energy rationing in London

    On 9 August 2019 – during a large power cut to the National Grid that caused disruption to Thameslink and London Underground – 239,861 London customers were disconnected from the...

  • London Markets Board (2)

    Will the new London Markets Board continue with the same 12 recommendations from the 2017 report, or will there be new guidance and objectives? If so, what will they be and where are they documented?

  • Building Safety Fund

    How many grants have been made from this fund to date? Please provide a breakdown since the funds began, showing the size of grant and date of grant award.

  • Adult Education Budget (AEB) Plenary (1)

    At the AEB Plenary on 8 September, I was told the GLA’s dataset does not yet contain information on progress and outcomes for academy hubs. Would you consider tracking the impact of AEB...

  • London Markets Board (3)

    Why did it take 511 days from your re-election as Mayor of London to relaunch the London Markets Board? Doesn’t this show it was never a priority for you?

  • Cost of Building Affordable Housing (2)

    What factors might have affected the cost of building an affordable home in the past 12 months?

  • Cost of Building Affordable Housing (1)

    What are the costs associated with building an affordable 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom home in London on average? How has this changed in the past 12 months?

  • Right to Buy Back Scheme (2)

    How many households have been taken off the waiting lists of boroughs as a result of the homes purchased under the Right to Buy Back Scheme?

  • London Markets Board (1)

    What happened to the 12 objectives of the previous London Markets Board, as set out in your 2017 report Understanding London’s Markets? Was there a final report on its achievements against...

  • Adult Education Budget and Green Skills Hubs

    How much from the Adult Education Budget has been put into the delivery of the Green Skills Hubs?

  • Adult Education Budget and Digital Green Skills Hub

    How much from the Adult Education Budget has been put into the delivery of the digital green skills hub?

  • Health Hubs

    Can you please provide the number of people undertaking training for all Health Hubs in 2022?

  • Dispute Mechanism and Contingency Planning

    The TfL funding deal includes a dispute mechanism. Whilst it may not be implemented, if it is, TfL estimate the cost could be up to £1.1 billion. If the mechanism is activated how will it...

  • Social and Private Sector ACM Cladding Remediation Fund

    How many grants have been made from these funds to date? Please provide a breakdown since the funds began, showing the size of grant; social or private residential; and month of grant award.

  • Waking Watch Relief Fund

    How many grants have been made from this fund to date? Please provide a breakdown since the funds began, showing the size of grant and date of grant award.

  • Land Commission

    Southwark Council is planning to establish a land commission to identify development land in the borough. Do you welcome Southwark’s approach and will you be adopting this approach...

  • Code for Sustainable Homes (1)

    How many properties have been completed in London since the Government scrapped the Code for Sustainable Homes?

  • Housing for those fleeing Domestic Violence

    The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 gave housing priority to those fleeing domestic violence. Have you made any assessment as to whether London's boroughs are meeting their housing duties under this Act?...

  • Homelessness Funding

    London Councils has warned that possible proposed changes to the Homelessness Prevention Grant would result in their funding being cut by almost a third. Do you share these concerns and what...

  • ESOL Bootcamps

    Will you consider funding ESOL courses that are similar to your skills Bootcamps to enable Londoners to undertake a flexible intensive course to improve their English language skills?

  • Adult Education Budget (AEB) Plenary (2)

    At the AEB Plenary on 8 September, I was told the Individualised Learner Record data does not contain information on employers and the industries and sectors they represent. Would you consider...

  • Housing Delivery and the Rise in Interest Rates

    What impact is it anticipated that the rise in interest rates, the fall in the value of the pound and increased inflation will have on your housing delivery plans over the next two years?

  • Increasing costs of home ownership

    What data are you collecting on mortgage arrears and repossessions in London and what support could you provide to homeowners if interest rate rises cause unaffordable increases to monthly...

  • Shared ownership homes in London (3)

    In your answer to question 2022/3358 you said: “the GLA is sometimes able to provide a change in grant approval, which allows homes completed and intended as shared ownership to be...

  • Rogue Landlord and Agent Checker (4)

    The Rogue Landlord Checker you introduced in 2017 is not being comprehensively used across London boroughs, as the data you provided in answer to my question 2022/2593 shows. What are your plans...

  • Racism in the built environment

    In your answer to my question 2022/2923, you stated that your commitment to requiring full consent for estate regeneration, as well as the replacement of any social housing lost through...

  • London Markets Board

    When will the new membership of the London Markets Board be announced, and when will the Board next meet?

  • Rogue Landlord and Agent Checker (5)

    How are you ensuring that rogue landlords cleared from the database after 12 months do not re-enter the private rental market under different names?

  • Good Growth Fund Job Creation

    How many jobs have been created as a result of Good Growth Fund supported projects since you became Mayor? Please give a breakdown by sector, year, scheme, borough and cost.

  • Economic growth and business rates

    Economic growth is now happening more slowly than predicted and the Bank of England has stated that the UK is now in recession. What estimates have been made of how this will impact on business...

  • Vacant public land in Marylebone

    Further to my questions 2018/2420 in September 2018 and 2021/1322 in March 2021, what progress is being made to develop the vacant former Samaritan Hospital site on prime land in Marylebone? Do...

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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