London Assembly

Monday, 25 July 2022

  • London Plan

    In what ways have the policies contained in the London Plan affected the content and priorities in the LFB’s Community Risk Management Plan?

  • Dial-a-Ride

    Please set out your response to each recommendation in the Age UK London and Transport for All report Dial-a-Ride: From Door to More, published in July 2022.

  • Borough-wide Characterisation Studies (6)

    Does the GLA contain an updated database showing which London borough’s local plans have reached Regulation 19 stage?

  • London City Airport Plans for Increased Flights

    How do you respond to the current London City Airport consultation which is proposing to increase its annual passenger limit from 6.5 million to 9 million as well as commencing flights for the...

  • National Operational Guidance (3)

    The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) provide a “digital and dynamic strategic gap analysis tool” which allows the LFB to record their actions to align with National Operational...

  • National Operational Guidance (2)

    What risk assessments have been carried out by the LFB? What control measures have been implemented as a result?

  • Site-Specific Risk Information (2)

    How has the LFB used Site-Specific Risk Information to inform its Community Risk Management Plan?

  • Site-Specific Risk Information (1)

    Please provide details on LFB’s programme of work for developing, reviewing and distributing Site-Specific Risk Information?

  • Risk Based Inspection Programme (2)

    How has LFB used its Risk Based Inspection Programme to inform its Community Risk Management Plan?

  • Community Risk Reduction (2)

    How has international good practice in community risk reduction informed the content of the LFB’s Community Risk management Plan?

  • Community Risk Reduction (1)

    What steps have LFB taken to identify international good practice in community risk reduction, including the international Fire Services they have met with?

  • Climate justice for Londoners

    How can Londoners get effective, continued representation and have their voices heard on climate justice issues?

  • Borough-wide Characterisation Studies (7)

    Do you believe that the guidance for London boroughs’ Local Plan policies is tight enough to ensure that only sites identified by a Borough-wide Characterisation Study are used for tall...

  • Motorcycle Incidents with Delivery Company Drivers

    TfL’s press release issued on 27 June 2022 regarding the number of people killed on London’s roads makes reference to the ongoing work with delivery, courier and servicing companies...

  • London’s Registered Voters (2)

    One in eight Londoners is not registered to vote. What action is being taken to encourage people in London to register to vote?

  • Fire Brigade compliance with the ULEZ (2)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2021/2743. What is the current proportion of vehicles operated by London Fire Brigade (LFB) that are compliant with your Ultra Low Emission Zone and Low...

  • Fire service reform

    Do you support the Government’s White Paper on system-wide reform of the fire service?

  • Police and ULEZ cameras (1)

    How many times in the past three years have the Metropolitan Police accessed ANPR data from ULEZ cameras?

  • LFB Diversity (3)

    What plans, if any, do you have to update the “reflective of London” target during autumn/winter 2022 as data from the 2021 Census is released?

  • Waking Watches and London’s Boroughs

    Please provide a borough-by-borough breakdown of the number of buildings operating waking watches in London. Please also breakdown the numbers for buildings over 18m and under 18m in each borough.

  • Green Infrastructure

    Given Transport for London’s financial position, how much of a priority is it to install green walls and associated infrastructure around the major, heavily polluted highways of the capital...

  • Industrial Land Advocate

    Will you look at appointing a dedicated advocate for industrial land in London?

  • Cost of relocating the London Cable Car

    How much would it cost to relocate the London Cable Car, currently operating between the Royal Docks and North Greenwich, to another suitable location on the Thames?

  • Renewable Energy from Solar Panels

    What percentage of London’s rooftops are covered in solar panels?

  • New census data (2)

    What does the new census data mean for London’s share of the Government’s Levelling Up Funding?

  • Fire Standards (2)

    The Fire Standards Board publishes an Implementation Tool for each of the 11 Fire Standards. Does the LFB use those tools? If so, please provide copies of each of the tools used so we can see how...

  • National Operational Guidance (1)

    How does the LFB work to comply with “National Operational Guidance”?

  • Supporting Sustainable Transport Mode Shift

    Will you consider amending the London Plan to introduce a requirement on building developers to include cycle hire and parking provision as part of any future planning process in order to support...

  • Police and ULEZ cameras (2)

    How many times have the Metropolitan Police used ANPR data from the ULEZ camera on the junction of The Circle and North Circular Roads?

  • Religious Affiliation of Firefighters

    Please provide a breakdown of the LFB workforce by religious affiliation.

  • Reducing Drug Deaths in London (7)

    What barriers in terms of legal framework are present in London in relation to creating Drug Consumption Rooms that did not exist in Scotland where drug consumption rooms have been introduced?

  • London and Partners Hospitality

    Can you please provide a breakdown (line by line) of all gifts and hospitality received by GLA officials (including the Mayor, Deputy Mayors, and the Mayor’s political appointees) from...

  • City Airport (2)

    Do you support London City Airport’s ambition to remove the current curfew on flights to allow flying on a Saturday afternoon and evening?

  • City Airport (1)

    Do you support London City Airport’s ambition to increase their annual passenger limit from 6.5 million to 9 million?

  • Registration and Regulatory Scheme for App-based Delivery Couriers

    Will you consider the potential benefits and practicalities of introducing a registration and regulatory scheme for app-based delivery riders and couriers in London?

  • London's Charities

    Do you agree with Charlie Mayfield, of Be the Business, that charities need help just like SMEs to increase productivity ? How could you actively help charities in London and how have you done so...

  • Land Banking

    What steps have you taken to stop developers land banking and reassuring them to build more homes for Londoners?

  • School absences

    How are you working with local authorities and the MPS to reduce school absences in London and keep pupils away from crime?

  • Sarah Everard vigil prosecutions

    The decision to prosecute individuals involved in the Sarah Everard vigil was made on the same day that the High Court ruled the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) acted illegally in its policing...

  • State of London (2)

    The percentage of London pensioners in material deprivation is 12% compared with the next highest region at just under 8%. Can you please explain the drastic difference between London and other...

  • Fire Reform White Paper

    What are your views on the Government’s Fire Reform White Paper and the impact of the proposals on London?

  • Acoustic Cameras

    The DfT are conducting trials for Acoustic Cameras. Are submissions for trial areas led by local authorities or TfL? If it is TfL, will they look into making a request to trial cameras at areas...

  • Vauxhall Cross Gyratory

    What steps will you take with (a) TfL and (b) Lambeth Council to accelerate work surrounding Vauxhall Cross gyratory? My constituents are eager to see works completed on this gyratory to ensure...

  • 384 bus

    Given the developments that are being proposed around East Barnet, will TfL reconsider their decision to take the 384 bus away from the New Bevan Estate? Reinstating the service would improve...

  • 75th Anniversary of Indian and Pakistani independence

    Will you join me in celebrating the 75th anniversary of Independence for Pakistan and India, on the 14th and 15th August respectively? Do you agree that the links between those two countries and...

  • Bridges over Northern line

    There are two pedestrian bridges over the Northern line in East Finchley, one at Prospect Ring/Prospect Place and one on Stanley Road. Both of these bridges are old and in a poor state. Local...

  • Trinity Road underpass

    The underpass between Trinity Road and Manor Park Road in East Finchley has attracted a local campaign to improve the poor condition of the alleyway and underpass. Part of the campaign is to...

  • East Finchley Station Bridge

    The Bridge over the A1000 at East Finchley Station is badly in need of maintenance, specifically repainting. Can this request be added to the list of works for TfL to undertake, should they...

  • Promoting Ethnic Minority-led Businesses

    The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) reports problematic access to finance for ethnic minority-led businesses, an aversion to applying for funding and less likelihood of funding for...

  • Litter Free Zone

    Will you carry out an assessment into the cost of launching a Litter Free Zone Campaign for businesses and communities in London, similar to the one in Wales...

  • Working with London media to communicate climate risks to Londoners

    You have now issued a leaflet on flooding risks to Londoners, which is a useful step in communicating climate risks. What further steps are you taking to convene with media organisations in...

  • Supporting London’s Rivers (1)

    How important are London’s rivers and waterways in supporting the capital’s biodiversity?

  • Intensification of Industrial Land (4)

    Will you encourage industrial land occupiers in London to look at case studies of best practice for how best to use industrial land more intensely?

  • Parklets in London (1)

    How can you support London’s councils to repurpose and regreen road space through creating parklets?

  • Income distribution across London

    What analysis has been made of income distribution before and after housing costs down to a ward level? How has this been reported on?

  • Borough-wide Characterisation Studies (4)

    Do you know how much a Borough-wide Characterisation Study costs each borough?

  • Colocation with Industrial Land

    Will you look at creating a set of principles for how co-location with industrial land can work operationally?

  • Refugee Week

    How did the GLA commemorate Refugee Week this year?

  • Prosecution of Sarah Everard Vigil Attendees by Metropolitan Police

    Do you agree with the Met’s decision to pursue prosecutions against six attendees of the Sarah Everard Vigil on Clapham Common in March 2021, especially given the High Court ruling in March...

  • Description of Disabled Londoners for Data Purposes

    Will you do a more detailed study on disabled Londoners being sensitively described for data purposes based not just on mobility issues but sensory needs, learning difficulties, and mental health...

  • Disability employment

    In London, people with disabilities are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as those without. What action are you taking to support Londoners with disabilities to gain employment with good...

  • Learning Disability Week

    How did the GLA support Learning Disability Week in June?

  • Borough-wide Characterisation Studies (1)

    Will you indicate whether a borough-wide design coding process in accordance with the National Model Design Code and London Plan guidance is being undertaken?

  • Supporting London’s SMEs

    How is your budget addressing and resolving the disparity between business births and closures in late 2021 and in 2022 to date?

  • London’s Registered Voters (1)

    What London specific barriers have been identified that discourage or stop people from registering to vote?

  • Children not in school

    How are you working with local authorities and the MPS to ensure that children who are not in school are receiving a proper education and are safe?

  • Borough-wide Characterisation Studies (5)

    Do you have best practice examples of Borough-wide Characterisation Studies that have successfully been used to define suitable locations/sites for tall buildings for inclusion in a...

  • Food bank donations

    I have heard from food banks in London that donations are decreasing as the cost of living, especially food, increases, meaning many are topping up donations. This is not a sustainable situation....

  • Gig economy charter

    Will your gig economy charter include training for powered two-wheeler users who work in this sector?

  • City Airport (3)

    Do you support London City Airport’s desire for ‘more flexibility’ for delayed departures and arrivals in the last half hour of operations each day beyond the current limit of...

  • Intensification of Industrial Land (3)

    Will you look to share case studies of best practice for how best to use industrial land more intensely?

  • Let's Do London (3)

    In your press release you rightly point out that London in 2022 was host to “The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the 50th Anniversary of Pride in London, the Wimbledon...

  • The State of London (1)

    Latest data from the ONS shows that between January to March 2022 more business were closed in London than opened. What are you doing to attract more businesses to London?

  • Let's Do London (1)

    Why is the latest stage in the Let’s Do London campaign specifically targeting those in the East, West Midlands, Scotland, North West, East Midlands and South Yorkshire to visit London?

  • London Recycling Rates

    Are you confident that all London boroughs are currently on target to meet 50% recycling rate by 2025?

  • Tall Buildings: Renewal of Planning Consents

    The London Development Database records planning consents for buildings 10 floors or over, whilst the New London Architecture undertakes an annual survey of tall buildings of 20 storeys or over...

  • Diversity in the London Fire Brigade

    Do you share my concerns that over 40% of people in London are from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds, but only 13.5% of London firefighters are?

  • Heathrow's Flight Expansion Plans

    Can you update us on any discussions you have had with Heathrow about their plans to expand flights, including the so-called double stacking?

  • Augmented reality 2

    What potential uses have been identified for augmented reality for LFB and what progress has been made in utilising this technology?

  • Maternal health (3)

    The NHS has identified some risks attached to increasing the number of digitalised services such as scams and fake medical information which could cause harm. What more do you think could be done...

  • New census data (1)

    Will your policies and programmes reflect the new census data released on 28 June 2022?

  • Borough-wide Characterisation Studies (3)

    Does the GLA have best practice examples of boroughs undertaking Borough-wide Characterisation Studies through in house services?

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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