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Friday, 18 June 2021

  • Piccadilly Line - Turnham Green

    For years, Chiswick residents have campaigned for Piccadilly Line trains to stop at Turnham Green Station. This has been tied to the overall Piccadilly Line upgrade project, but trains could...

  • Piccadilly Line (1)

    In February 2020, then-commissioner Mike Brown described the Piccadilly Line signalling upgrade as the ‘number one priority’ for Transport for London. Does it remain the number one...

  • Piccadilly Line (2)

    If upgrading the Piccadilly Line signalling system is not the Mayor’s number one transport priority, what is?

  • Disappearance’ of IA 16767 (4)

    TfL’s 2016 Internal Audit Manual contains nothing about an “Integrated Assurance Audit”. Can you confirm what such an audit is and when this designation was created?

  • Disappearance’ of IA 16767 (5)

    Do you agree with me that all these anomalies emanating from TfL’s explanation of what happened to IA 16767 might lead one to conclude TfL wanted to ensure that no one knew TfL and First...

  • Disappearance’ of IA 16767 (2)

    If IA 16767 had “further work to be carried out” please provide me with documentary evidence and a timeline of that work.

  • 12 October 2016 Letter of Engagement for IA 16767

    Your response to question 2020/4630 refers me to a “12 October 2016 Letter of Engagement” for IA 16767. Kindly provide me with (a) a copy of this document and (b) any internal and...

  • Outsourcing at TfL

    Please list the outsourced contracts at TfL and when they are due for renewal.

  • Tube Noise, Brent and Harrow Constituency

    In response to Question No: 2021/0957 can you please advise if TfL have now announced their noise and vibration budget for the 2021/22 financial year?

  • Crossrail 2

    Constituents would like an update on CR2 – is there any progress to report at all?

  • South Kensington Station

    Will TfL listen to my local residents with regard to their plans for the over development of South Kensington Station? Do you agree that more modest refurbishments of such properties will be...

  • Mayor not being informed of IA 16767 - Trams Management of Operational Risk Audit

    Your response to Question 2020/4628 manifestly fails to answer the question I posed. For the avoidance of doubt, allow me to provide the correct ‘premise’ of my query: By your own...

  • LFB Consideration of a Public Register of Fire Safety Risk Assessments

    In answer to MQ 2020/4282 you stated that in relation to a public register of fire safety risk assessments for residential properties you “share the views of the London Fire Brigade that...

  • Road danger

    How will you increase support for road danger victims and how will you work with the MPS to increase enforcement of this?

  • Use of bus lanes by non-emergency patient transport service vehicles (1)

    In May 2015 TfL was considering the case for allowing emergency ambulances in non-blue light situations to use bus lanes. Can you provide details on why TfL decided against a change in policy at...

  • Police corruption report and investigations

    Please advise how many allegations of police corruption the Met have received, and how many investigations into police corruption the Met have launched each year since 2015.

  • Disappearance’ of IA 16767 (3)

    If your narrative about how IA 16767 simply “disappeared” from Audit & Assurance’s purview is accurate, why does the 2016 Internal Audit Manual you attached to question...

  • LFB and safety advice for buildings at risk

    What standard advice is given to residents in high risk buildings in order to prevent fires from starting? How is this communicated?

  • TfL’s cleaning contract with ABM (1)

    The tender process for the cleaning contract has already begun under contract reference 23723. Can you outline the tender process, including dates, so we can be clear the process that will be...

  • Non-permanent labour

    The Transport for London quarterly performance report Quarter 3 2020/21 shows a 76% reduction in non-permanent labour (NPL) costs between December 2015 and December 2020. What targets, if any, do...

  • Refusal to Benchmark London’s Transport Worker Covid-19 Deaths against Peer World Cities

    Taking into account your negative response to question 2020/2574 does London’s poor showing for pedestrian deaths from buses on the independently-constructed international...

  • Operational Incidents on the Tram Network

    Further to your response to Question 2021/0420 please provide me with a copy of the "new reporting procedure...which clearly lays out the requirements for the reporting of operational...

  • Contract Notice to First Group TOL about Tram Safety Incidents

    In your response to 2021/0556 you state "TfL has also issued a contract notice to TOL highlighting the serious nature of the Mitcham incident and the breach of subsequent provisions regarding...

  • Hospital data for violence prevention - the Cardiff Model (2)

    How are you working with the Met and Borough Councils to make the best use of the helpful data collected through the Cardiff Model of data gathering?

  • Vehicle Scrappage Schemes (3)

    What plans, if any, do you have to extend the scrappage schemes to emergency service workers?

  • Croydon Tram Crash (1)

    Considering the well-evidenced allegations in the former TfL Board Director and Safety Panel Chair’s 8 April 2021 public letter to Simon French, RAIB as well as the 5 City AM news reports...

  • Step-Free Elizabeth Line

    How many of the 41 stations on the Elizabeth line have a) been made step-free as a result of the Crossrail Programme; b) been made set free as a result of another step-free programme; or c) were...

  • Changes to the Congestion Charge

    Following the temporary changes to the Congestion Charge in June 2020 and the ending of the residents’ discount from August 2020, when will the consultation on permanent changes to the...

  • Croydon Tram Crash (4)

    Do you believe that fatigue risk management was definitively “not a factor in the accident at Sandilands junction”?

  • Croydon Tram Crash (3)

    Do you recognise that First Group TOL’s fatigue management system did not meet industry standards?

  • Remote Sign-On Documentation

    Please provide me with all internal and external communication (including copies of minutes, emails, decision memorandums and handwritten notes) TfL has conducted with regard to Remote Sign-On...

  • Disappearance’ of IA 16767 (1)

    In your response to 2021/0537 you state—inter alia—that regarding IA 16767 (a) “the audit was never completed” (b) ”in order for the report to be meaningful, further...

  • Moratorium on Remote Sign On and Bus Routes

    With TfL’s Moratorium on Remote Sign On in place from 26 March 2021 until a TfL-commissioned report has been conducted, will TfL suspend the Remote Sign On currently in place on Metroline...

  • Hammersmith Bridge

    What is the Mayor doing, on behalf of residents on both sides of the River, to ask Hammersmith & Fulham Council to commit to making a reasonable financial contribution to fixing Hammersmith...

  • Implementation of PN633

    What work has your office been undertaking to find the middle ground in order to implement PN633?

  • Police complaints

    For 2020, how many complaints have been received about Met police officers, and how many of these were upheld?

  • TfL’s cleaning contract with ABM (3)

    What estimates, if any, have you made on the difference in costs between insourcing or outsourcing the cleaning contract with ABM. Please provide details of the costs and what they relate to.

  • Operational Incidents on the Tram Network

    Further to your response to Question 2021/0420 please provide details of the "new reporting procedure which clearly lays out the requirements for the reporting of operational...

  • Moratorium on Remote Sign-On

    On 26 March 2021 Unite the Union published a press release ( ayor-s-morato...) which alleged “Following intense lobbying from...

  • Croydon Tram Crash (2)

    Do you accept that a key factor in the Sandilands Crash was the driver suffering a microsleep?

  • 2017 Amended and Restated Operating Agreement between TOL and TfL

    In your response to question 2020/1100 you sent me a link to a TOL-TfL “2017 Amended and Restated Operating Agreement” that is obviously in draft format. When (a) was this specific...

  • Breaking Down Barriers Recommendation (9)

    Will you commit to the recommendation in my March 2021 policy report “Breaking Down Barriers” to instruct TfL to review its step-free access rollout to identify where this can be...

  • West Brompton Station platform 3

    The platform is currently in a poor state and considered by some passengers to be an eyesore since the station garden was destroyed in 2008.   Currently the black plastic tarpaulin...

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The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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