London Assembly

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

  • Disabled Drivers and Streetspace (1)

    What steps have/will you take to ensure that disabled drivers maintain access to disabled parking bays where there is a Streetspace or similar scheme in operation?

  • 456 Bus at Crews Hill

    What steps have/are TfL taking to make sure the 456 Bus is able to terminate at or near to Crews Hill station? This would improve connectivity and make a more suitable location than the current...

  • Disabled Drivers and Streetspace (2)

    Will you ensure that councils provide adequate signage so that there is awareness that disabled drivers still have access to disabled parking bays in many of the new Streetspace schemes?

  • Knife Crime, Brent and Harrow Constituency

    Please can you list all youth initiatives to prevent knife crime in Brent and Harrow?

  • Sale of knives (2)

    A recent Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) test exercise including within Brent, involving special constables acting as test shoppers, found that more than half of retailers tested sold knives to...

  • Modernise the Cycle Hire Scheme (2)

    In March 2020, free Santander cycle hire access codes were provided to NHS staff and other key workers. What plans, if any, do you have to make this scheme permanent?

  • Surrey Quays Station Refurbishment

    Has there been any progress on refurbishing and expanding Surrey Quays station?

  • Cladding Scandal

    There are almost 30,000 people across Lambeth and Southwark living in homes affected by dangerous Grenfell style cladding. What are you doing to support these residents?

  • Antisemitic Incident on May 16th

    Are you aware of reports that a convoy of cars travelling around North London on Sunday 16th May were allegedly chanting antisemitic threats and abuse? If so will you join me in condemning this,...

  • Changing places toilets

    Do any of the toilets provided at Tube, London Overground or bus stations meet the standard of changing places toilets where the needs of people with profound and multiple...

  • Woolwich Ferry (2)

    Will the Mayor ensure that the Woolwich Ferry runs a full service from now on?

  • The Night Tube

    Andy Lord, managing director of London Underground, has said, “the full introduction of night tube services is not possible in the immediate future due to a number of factors including the...

  • Tactile Paving (2)

    Iver and Hanwell Rail Stations on the Crossrail network do not have tactile paving and Network Rail has no plans to install any. What discussions, if any, have you had with Network Rail regarding...

  • Tactile Paving (1)

    Can you update me on progress on installing tactile paving at Brentwood Rail Station?

  • Crossrail (4)

    I understand that at a TfL Board meeting of the 21st October 2020 the chief executive of Crossrail reported that trial running should commence before the end of March 2021. Please set out the...

  • Crossrail (3)

    TfL’s website setting out Crossrail expenditure of items over £500 currently only has a most recent report that goes up to the 9th January 2021. Will you undertake to ensure that...

  • Enforcement of rapid charging points (1)

    Please set out the specific reasons why TfL decided against utilising CCTV enforcement for taxi only rapid charging bays despite being suggested as a policy option in your answer to Question...

  • Devolution of Great Northern Services to TfL

    Please provide an update on the work between Transport for London and the Department for Transport to develop the next stage of the assessment, including the completion of an Outline Business Case.

  • Enforcement of rapid charging points (3)

    Is TfL taking any further steps to improve compliance in electric vehicle bays allocated solely to taxis?

  • Freight and servicing action plan (2)

    Can you provide details on how you have implemented action point 12 from the Freight and servicing action plan?

  • Engine Idling

    In June 2019 the Department for Transport announced plans to carry out a public consultation on proposals to impose tougher penalties on idling motorists. However, no such consultation has...

  • Bakerloo Line

    What is the latest progress on the Bakerloo Line extension? Have you explored any new funding options since safeguarding guidance was issued in March?

  • 2,000 Electric Buses

    You have plans for 2,000 all-electric buses to be in operation by 2025 dependent upon TfL reaching an adequate financial settlement with the Government. Can you provide details on the level of...

  • TfL's Healthy Streets Fund for Business

    How many businesses have received funding since the fund was set up? And what level of funding has been provided? Please breakdown the figures by financial year.

  • London FreightLab

    Please provide an update on the London FreightLab challenge, including what six schemes were chosen, the results of the pilots and the next steps in the process?

  • Last Mile Operations

    TfL are engaged in talks with multiple last mile delivery operators across the commercial property estate to identify suitable properties that can support businesses. Can you provide details on...

  • TfL Land for Freight management

    TfL is looking at repurposing its own land for freight management opportunities as part of the green recovery, some of which may include micro-consolidation centres serviced by cargo bike. Can...

  • Freight and servicing action plan (1)

    Can you provide details on how you have implemented action point 10 from the Freight and servicing action plan?

  • Breaking Down Barriers Recommendation (8)

    Will you commit to the recommendation in my March 2021 policy report “Breaking Down Barriers” to work with disability groups to set out an achievable action plan to review and...

  • London’s poor position of pedestrian deaths from buses on international benchmark

    Further to your response to Question 2021/1014 please provide me with the exact number of buses presently operating on London’s roads that are equipped with (a) Intelligent Speed...

  • Improving London’s Red Routes (2)

    Will you commit for all roads on the TfL Red Routes network to receive a Healthy Streets assessment?

  • Bedford Hill

    I have been informed that businesses on Bedford Hill in Balham have been told by council officers that TfL is not open to modifying the bus route to allow the street to be open to people as it...

  • Excessive Tube Noise (1)

    In April 2020 Islington residents, who have been suffering excessive Tube noise from the Victoria Line since at least 2018, were promised that Delkor track fasteners would be in place by the end...

  • Excessive Tube Noise (2)

    What guarantees are you prepared to offer Londoners who are suffering from excessive Tube noise in their homes that you will prioritise finding and implementing a permanent solution?

  • Improving London’s Red Routes (3)

    The TfL Healthy Streets check is a tool to show how changes to the way streets are laid out and used will result in improvements. How is this applied to schemes on the TfL Red Routes network and...

  • Boundary Charge (10)

    Will key workers be exempt from the Greater London Boundary Charge?

  • Boundary Charge (2)

    Do you accept that introducing a Boundary Charge would inevitably cost jobs in outer London?

  • Boundary Charge (1)

    Do you recognise that introducing a Boundary Charge would be damaging to London’s economy?

  • Boundary Charge (4)

    Do you believe London benefits from those members of its workforce who live outside of London and drive into London in order to work?

  • Boundary Charge (3)

    Over 50% of London Firefighters and London Police Officers live outside of London. Do you believe it would be reasonable for Firefighters and Police Officers to pay £3.50 or more every day...

  • Boundary Charge (6)

    What infrastructure would be required to introduce a Greater London Boundary Charge and how much could this cost TfL?

  • Boundary Charge (5)

    What exemptions and discounts are being considered as part of Transport for London’s feasibility study on a Greater London Boundary Charge?

  • Boundary Charge (8)

    Will TfL’s feasibility study include information on the potential economic impact of a Greater London Boundary Charge?

  • Data breaches

    For the financial years 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 please provide how many data breaches have occurred in each of the following organisations: . GLA . MPS . TfL (This was previously asked in...

  • Tube noise (1)

    What is the latest news on TfL’s work to address the issue of tube noise in Fitzrovia?

  • Tube Noise (3)

    Is TfL still committed to reducing unacceptable levels of tube noise in residential homes? If so, what further action is being taken to address the concerns of residents in Mornington Crescent,...

  • Dial-a-Ride

    Have any redundancies of Dial-a-Ride drivers been made during 2021 and are there any planned over the next 12 months?

  • Publication of data collected by TfL relating to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Streetspace initiatives

    Will you undertake to ensure that all road traffic data, including changes to traffic flows and changes to bus speeds, that has been collected by TfL relating to the impact of LTNs and other...

  • Zero emission buses

    Please state how many (a) electric, and (b) hydrogen buses London currently has, both as a numerical number and as a percentage of London’s overall bus fleet. Please also state how many...

  • Sudbury Town London Underground station

    What assurances can you provide current users of the station that any disposal of much of the existing London Underground car park for a housing development will (a) continue to provide a...

  • Tickets gates at Chesham Underground station

    There are reports that in the evenings large queues build up inside Chesham Underground station due to an inadequate number of gates. Are there any plans to increase the provision of gates at...

  • Zero emissions buses (1)

    What proportion of London's single deck and double deck buses are now fully zero emissions compliant?

  • Boundary Charge (11)

    Please list who Transport for London would consider a key worker.

  • Boundary Charge (12)

    How many non-Londoners does Transport for London estimate commute to work inside Greater London by car?

  • Economic Impact of the Outer London Boundary Charge

    What work have you undertaken to assess the economic impact of your proposed outer London boundary charge?

  • Economic Impact of Crossrail Delays

    What work have you undertaken to assess the economic impact of the delays to Crossrail?

  • Transport Data

    Can you outline how sustainable transport choices in London are supported by using data innovatively?

  • Sexual offences spike

    What is your analysis for the reasons behind the recent significant spike in sexual offences in London and how are you working to address this?

  • Town Centre Teams

    Are you able to provide further details of the town centre teams transformation project including when you expect the transformation project to be completed, and, if possible, details on where...

  • London’s poor position of pedestrian deaths from buses on international benchmark

    Further to your response to Question 2021/1014 please provide me with the exact number of buses presently operating on London’s roads that are equipped with (a) Intelligent Speed Assistance...

  • TfL’s Stakeholder Accessibility Forum

    Please publish the minutes of all the previous quarterly meetings and commit to publishing the agenda and minutes of all future meetings.

  • Woolwich Ferry (1)

    Is the Mayor aware that the Woolwich Ferry has been effectively downgraded, with the 2nd boat often unused, instances of early closure and instances of late opening on Monday mornings?

  • Safer Junctions (2)

    What plans, if any, do you have to deliver the remaining 32 safer junctions? Please provide details of when you expect those junctions to be delivered by.

  • Safer Junctions (1)

    Has the work at Dalston Junction now been completed?

  • Number of PHVs in London

    Section 167 of the GLA Act permits TfL to promote private bills in Parliament. What consideration, if any, have you given to using such a bill to change the legislation to allow TfL to regulate...

  • Tube Noise, Islington Constituency

    As you are aware, tube noise is a huge ongoing issue cross-party, cross-constituency. What plans do TfL have to improve the standard of living for all Londoners blighted by this issue? My...

  • TfL Engagement (1)

    How have you increased the level of engagement TfL officers have with accessibility groups during the planning stages of major transport schemes, during your time as Mayor?

  • Work-related Violence and Aggression Strategy

    Please provide an update on progress towards delivery on the actions outlined in the strategy.

  • Tackling Work-related Violence and Aggression Summit

    What plans, if any, does TfL have for a second pan-TfL Tackling Work-related Violence and Aggression Summit?

  • Evidence to support public statements that TfL was a ‘World Leader’ in Covid-19 Risk Reduction

    In two separate public appearances - you on LBC on 22 February and Transport Commissioner Andy Byford at 8 March Transport Committee - both you and Commissioner Byford have claimed TfL has been...

  • CCTC Network

    What are you doing to ensure London’s CCTV network is invested in and expanded to high crime areas? Can you give an up to date breakdown of CCTV in London involving crime prevention, not...

  • Tube noise

    My constituents near South Wimbledon tube station are getting in touch about rising noise levels, once again. What plans are there to solve this problem once and for all?

  • Excessive Residential Tube Noise

    Will you commit to pursuing with renewed vigour an effective and lasting solution to excessive residential Tube noise?

  • Fulham Palace Road Bus Stop

    Will you return the bus stop on Fulham Palace Road outside the British Transport Police Building to its previous location outside St Augustine’s Church?

  • Neighbourhood officers

    You have said you wish to increase visible neighbourhood policing. How many extra officers would you like to assign to neighbourhood policing teams and if possible can you advise which areas will...

  • London Independent Domestic Violence Advisors

    Please advise how many Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA) are currently working in London? If possible, please also provide information on how many IDVA’s there were in London in...

  • Walk London Network (2)

    Following on from MQ 2019/3944, can you outline what funding has been used to improve the Network since May 2016?

  • Walk London Network (1)

    The July 2018 Walking Action Plan says the Walk London network will be a focus of the London Walking Forum. Can you provide an update on the work the Forum has done on the Network to date?

  • Cycle parking at stations (3)

    Please provide an update on your work with Network Rail to secure new operational space for the Santander Cycles scheme’s services at central London rail termini.

  • Planning Bus Services (1)

    In August 2012 TfL produced Guidelines for Planning Bus Services, which says “bus service planning needs to aim for a network of services which are Comprehensive: providing service to all...

  • Planning Bus Services (2)

    Tfl believes that more than 95 per cent of households live within 400m of a bus stop. How many households in each borough a) do and b) do not live within 400m of a bus stop?

  • Planning Bus Services (3)

    What plans, if any, do you have to increase the number of households who live within 400m of a bus stop?

  • Planning Bus Services (4)

    How much has been invested in bus priority schemes since you became Mayor? How many schemes were funded? Please break down by financial year and by borough.

  • Access Appraisals

    TfL are introducing Access Appraisals for major projects. Can you provide more details on these appraisals?

  • The Digital Transport Experience

    TfL’s current Digital experience principles date from November 2013. What plans, if any, do you have to refresh these principles and seek to deliver an enhanced digital experience to people...

  • School streets

    Following MQ 2020/3883 can you provide an update on the number of school streets that have been delivered using TfL funding

  • Hammersmith Ferry (2)

    The ferry is not a long-term solution for the anticipated period until the bridge re-opens. What is the Mayor doing to progress a temporary crossing suitable for vehicles (including emergency...

  • Hate incidents

    Is it time to reform the recording of ‘hate incidents’ given that when no crime has taken place an individual will have a police record opened against their names, which can affect...

  • Bus speeds

    A constituent in Fountain Road Tooting has reported that their house shakes when buses speed past. Can the Mayor ask TfL to look at a speed limit being applied to buses on this road?

  • Helicopter Noise

    Will you commit to working with local councils, the Metropolitan Police, the Civil Aviation Authority and other stakeholders to do everything possible to reduce both the numbers of helicopters...

  • Antisemitism

    What can be done to tackle the rise of antisemitism in London off the back of the conflict in the Middle East, and how can we ensure it is made absolutely clear that any attacks towards Jewish...

  • Transport for London staff using body worn video (3)

    What training is being offered to Transport for London (TfL) staff on using body worn video?

  • Cycle hangars (1)

    How many cycle hangars were there in London a) when the Cycling Infrastructure Database launched on 1st August 2019 and b) now; and what is the equivalent number of cycle parking spaces those...

  • Cycle hangars (2)

    When do you expect to have delivered an additional 5,000 cycle hangars by; and what is the equivalent number of cycle parking spaces those hangars will provide?

  • Bus Rapid Transit (1)

    The term 'Bus Rapid Transit' covers several elements. Can you outline what elements a bus service needs to have for TfL to class it as a bus rapid transit route?

  • Cycling Action Plan (1)

    The December 2018 Cycling Action Plan says, “We are also developing improved wayfinding and on-street signage to enable Londoners to plan and make cycling journeys with confidence”....

  • Cycling Action Plan (2)

    The December 2018 Cycling Action Plan says, “The Cycling Infrastructure Database will be used to upgrade our digital map of the cycle network, including showing the location of cycle...

  • Kew Bridge shared footway

    In answer to question 2017/2790 you confirmed that Kew Bridge was a junction set for further improvement through Transport for London (TfL) investment in outer London. However, the changes that...

  • A316 cycle lane

    A constituent has raised the issue of the cycle lane on the south side of the A316 between Clifford Avenue and Larkfield Road. While it is segregated from the lanes for vehicle traffic, the cycle...

  • Experiences of Women and girls in London

    You have said that we need much better data on experiences of women and girls in London in regard to hate crime, inappropriate behaviours and other types of misogyny and you committed in your...

  • Mode Share

    Table 7.6 from Travel in London Report 13 gives details on Estimated mode shares, 2018-2020. Can you provide estimated mode shares for the calendar year 2020?

  • Tube Noise (2)

    Do you have an update on TfL’s tube noise reduction trials?

  • A Zero-Emission Bus Fleet By 2037

    TfL has outlined to Government that, with an additional £1 billion, it could make all buses in London zero-emission by 2030, which includes £300m on power upgrades and charging...

  • Tube Noise, Brent and Harrow Constituency

    Can you also please provide a date for the spring 2021 fitting of electrical lubricants on the Kingsbury track as promised by TfL back in February.

  • Tube Noise, Brent and Harrow Constituency

    Tube noise continues to be a huge issue across London. It is my belief that within my constituency Transport for London (TfL) has trialled different lubrications on some trains in Kingsbury as...

  • Jobs, jobs, jobs for City and East

    Following your response to question 2016/2071 can you update me on the status of the DLR extension to Dagenham Dock?

  • District line train frequencies

    What was the frequency of trains on the District line in a) January 2020 and b) May 2021? Are there any plans to change the frequency of trains in the future?

  • Hammersmith and City line train frequencies

    What was the frequency of trains on the Hammersmith and City line in a) January 2020 and b) May 2021? Are there any plans to change the frequency of trains in the future?

  • Hammersmith and Fulham Bridge

    Can the Mayor update me on the latest situation with Hammersmith and Fulham bridge? Has the Government been in contact with an update on the Task Force and whether they will fund the necessary works?

  • East London river crossings

    In response to question 2017/3783, you said that you would give consideration to further river crossings in East London, including at Gallions Reach and Belvedere, when the work on Silvertown...

  • DLR extension to Dagenham Dock

    It had been expected that TfL would soon extend the DLR from Beckton to Dagenham Dock, but it was announced at the end of last year that it would be extended to Thamesmead and no mention was made...

  • Tree Planting

    Constituents have asked if the Mayor could look at increasing tree planting on Upper Tooting Road and Tooting High Street, which are short of trees?

  • Bus Drivers (1)

    What is the minimum professional London bus driver wage as of April 2021?

  • Bus Drivers (2)

    How many bus drivers have benefitted from the wage protection the licence for London gives them since it was introduced?

  • Bus Drivers (3)

    How many bus drivers received a retention payment in 2020/21 and how many do you expect to receive one in 2021/22?

  • Piccadilly Line (3)

    How will the Mayor ensure that this vital project – which will improve Piccadilly Line capacity by 60% - will be delivered during his current term of office?

  • TfL’s structural funding framework

    Please provide an update on your work with Government to explore the potential and options for enhancements to TfL’s structural funding framework including multi-year “control...

  • A24/CS7 (2)

    There was a previous consultation on pedestrianisation improvements along the A24 that would complement the changes and improve the public realm. Can the Mayor update me on the progress of this?

  • Half-price travel for care leavers

    On 29 October 2020 Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England 2015 – 2021, made 10 asks for care leavers including “Free local travel, which is not just limited to...

  • Cycle parking in High streets and town centres

    You aim to make more efficient use of London’s limited road space by reallocating car parking spaces to cycle parking spaces. Can you outline what re-allocation has taken place and what...

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