London Assembly

Friday, 19 March 2021

  • Mental Health Provisions

    London’s mental health provisions vary greatly by borough and local area. They are unfortunately very patchy across the city with some Londoner’s not having somewhere local to address...

  • Good Thinking

    How well has the launch of Good Thinking, London’s digital mental wellbeing service, gone and how many people have accessed the resources?

  • Mental Health

    Research has continued to suggest declining mental health in most groups, to varying degrees, throughout the pandemic. I am pleased that one of your recovery missions looks at this. Can you give...

  • ThriveLDN

    How has ThriveLDN responded to the mental health needs of London’s children and young people? And are there plans for any future ThriveLDN programmes to provide ongoing support to children...

  • Officer assaults during the pandemic

    Pleas provide a breakdown by month and by BCU, if possible, of assaults on Police Officers since the beginning of the pandemic.

  • Proposed ULEZ Expansion

    As part of the Mayor’s Environment Strategy, did you estimate the number of motorcycles, cars, light vans and minibuses registered in London which would be affected by the expansion of the...

  • EU exit officers

    How many officers have been assigned to help manage the transition of the UK leaving the EU and the loss of tools that has gone with this? If possible, please provide details of how long these...

  • Nurses not Hearses Campaign

    Harrow Mencap are running a ‘Nurses not Hearses’ campaign, calling for more Learning Disability nurses in hospitals. According to a Public Health England report, 6.3 times more deaths...

  • High-rise training (2)

    When do you expect high rise training exercises, including simultaneous evacuation, to recommence?

  • Blue Badge Scheme (3)

    Kensington and Chelsea council agreeing to allow blue badge holders to obtain up to four hours of free parking in zones near the borough’s major hospitals if they make a small payment. Do...

  • Fares Trials Fund

    What discussions, if any, have you had with the Government and/or the London based Train Operating Companies regarding routes in London being part of the trial?

  • Blue Badge Scheme (2)

    Do you agree there is a need for a “standardised and compassionate” policy across London on the use of pay-and-display parking bays by disabled people with blue badges?

  • Silvertown Tunnel

    Can you explain why cancellation of the Silvertown Tunnel does not mean more resources for other transport projects?

  • ULEZ Expansion (3)

    How many cameras does TfL estimate the ULEZ would need to be expanded to the North and South Circulars?

  • Idling of buses

    I have received reports that buses are left idling at Camberwell bus garage, with engines often kept running when bus drivers are switching over between shifts. What steps are being taken to...

  • ULEZ Expansion (2)

    In total, how much money does TfL expect to spend on the expansion of the ULEZ?

  • Future TfL Funding

    What steps are you taking to secure TfL funding beyond March 2021 and when will the new funding package be announced?

  • EU Horizon funding

    What are your plans to support London business who choose to bid for EU Horizon programme funds?

  • Proportion of Londoners living near cycle routes (2)

    I asked you previously about the proportion of Londoners living near your strategic cycle network by borough in my unanswered question 2020/0061. The published overview of the upcoming report,...

  • TfL Report on 3rd Quarter 2020 Croydon Tram Safety Incidents

    A 10 February 2021 meeting of the Safety, Sustainability and HR Panel report shows that the First Group Croydon Tram was involved in 3 significant safety incidents in the third Quarter of 2020,...

  • Reviewing emissions inventories

    Department for Transport (DfT) road traffic estimates have been revised upwards, after a benchmarking exercise to review minor road traffic flows. Does this have a further knock-on impact on...

  • TfL Go App (2)

    Since the launch of the "TfL Go" app in 2020, how many downloads/uses has it had?

  • Mayor's Office Staff

    How many staff were employed within the Mayor’s Office for each year since May 2016?

  • Rezoning of tube stations

    The Financial Sustainability Plan published by TfL on the 11 January 2021 put forward the recommendation of extending zone 1 to Canary Wharf, suggesting this would generate around £25m per...

  • London Fire Brigade

    Could you confirm that at the end of the month LFB will have definitely completed the Grenfell Inquiry Phase1 recommendations?

  • Victim Support (1)

    How successful has Victim Support been, since your £15m investment for improved services for victims & services, in bringing specialist support services together to provide one contact...

  • Gig Economy Meetings since the Pandemic

    How many times have you personally met with freelancers and representatives/workers from the gig economy to discuss their issues and needs since lockdown began? Who were they, when were these...

  • 15m investment for victims & witnesses (3)

    Has your £15m investment in improved services for victims & services met one of the key priorities in your Police & Crime Plan i.e. to provide joined up support available to...

  • 15m investment for victims & witnesses (2)

    Has your £15m investment since created the UK’s largest dedicated service centred on the needs of victims & witnesses of crime?

  • Zero Emissions Buses in London (3)

    What monitoring of the impact of zero emissions buses has been made?

  • 25m low-income Londoners scrappage fund

    How many low-income Londoners have taken advantage of your £25m scrappage fund, launched in 2019 and how many polluting cars have subsequently been taken off London roads?

  • Toxic Air Pollution (4)

    Are you on track to ensure that, as you have pledged, by 2025 there will be no London primary or secondary schools in areas of toxic pollution?

  • Met contact centre domestic abuse training

    Please advise a) what training Met contact centre staff receive on handling domestic abuse calls b) how often this is refreshed c) whether contact centre staff proactively refer callers to...

  • U18s Free Travel

    How many under-18s in my Enfield & Haringey are eligible for free travel?

  • Actions following the death of Lucia Ciccioli (3)

    In answer to question 2020/4248 you stated that TfL has mapped the Casualty Harm Rate and Excess Harm data to highlight the most harmful roads and this information is available to the...

  • Actions following the death of Lucia Ciccioli (1)

    In answer to question 2020/4248 you stated that TfL has mapped the Casualty Harm Rate and Excess Harm data to highlight the most harmful roads and this information is available to the...

  • Actions following the death of Lucia Ciccioli (2)

    In answer to question 2020/4248 you stated that TfL has mapped the Casualty Harm Rate and Excess Harm data to highlight the most harmful roads and this information is available to the...

  • Stalking Protection Orders

    From 20th January 2020 to 19th January 2021, how many Stalking Protection Orders (SPOs) have been issued in London?

  • London Fire Brigade Appliance Driving Training (1)

    How many firefighters are trained to drive appliances?

  • Stalking (3)

    For each of the years 2018, 2019 and 2020, how many instances of stalking were recorded by the Met, how many involved social media and how many involved ex-partners?

  • High-rise training (1)

    What work has been undertaken to identify venues for high rise training exercises?

  • London Fire Brigade Appliance Driving Training (2)

    How many firefighters are expected to be trained in appliance driving during 2021/22?

  • Planning decision on the Hondo tower application in Lambeth

    There was huge disappointment at your planning decision reference 2020/6774 regarding the Hondo tower in Lambeth, and enormous confusion about how it was made, with the GLA not providing timely...

  • TfL’s solar power usage

    As part of your £34m Energy Scheme for Londoners, launched in 2018, has all of the £4.5m allocated to TfL to install energy efficiency measures in their buildings since been spent? How...

  • Assurance processes

    The recent HMICFRS report recommended that the brigade should establish effective assurance processes in order to evidence improvement in operational practice. How are assurance processes being...

  • London Fire Brigade Control and Incident Command (2)

    How is London Fire Brigade promoting and championing joined up working between control and incident command?

  • GTI phase 1 recommendations

    Is the London Fire Brigade on track to complete all of the 17 recommendations from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry’s Phase 1 report it has promised by March 2021?

  • Response to Recent HMICFRS report

    What is your response to the recent HMICFRS inspection of the London Fire Brigade’s progress to implement the recommendations from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry’s Phase 1 report?

  • Counter-Terror Hub (1)

    Further to your £412m investment in a new counter-terror hub, as referenced in your press release in 2018, could you please advise if all of the money has been spent. If so, please provide...

  • Counter-Terror Hub (2)

    How has your Counter-terror hub streamlined operations & the capabilities of the Met’s counter-terrorism unit?

  • Counter-Terror Hub (3)

    How has your counter-terror hub ensured more effective and efficient working in the Met Police, to keep London as safe as possible from the on-going threat of terrorism?

  • Counter-Terror Hub (4)

    How has the creation of your counter-terror hub and organised crime hub in the capital enabled the Met Police to deal more effectively with organised crime, cyber-crime & other serious crimes?

  • Operational Incident on the Tram Network (2)

    Please set out the expected completion date of each recommendation made by TfL following the three operational incidents highlighted by TfL’s Safety, Sustainability and Human Resources...

  • Operational Incidents on the Tram Network (1)

    TfL’s Safety, Sustainability and Human Resources Panel on the 10 February 2021 reports that on 14 September 2020 a tram travelled through Mitcham tram stop at 41km/h, failing to call at the...

  • Solar Generation and TfL

    What assessment has been made of TfL’s eligibility for the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme and whether this can be used to bring forward the retrofit accelerator scheme for solar...

  • Brexit on London’s coffee shops (1)

    What is the impact of the current Brexit deal going to have on London’s coffee shops, particularly in the context of London’s economic recovery?

  • Brexit on London’s coffee shops (2)

    Are you lobbying the Government for changes to the current arrangements with the EU for coffee shops?

  • Brexit on London’s Restaurants (1)

    What is the impact of the current Brexit deal going to have on London’s restaurants, particularly in the context of London’s economic recovery?

  • Brexit on London’s Restaurants (2)

    Are you lobbying the Government for changes to the current arrangements with the EU for restaurants?

  • Sustrans and TfL

    Please provide the Assembly with details of all TfL contracts with Sustrans since May 2016, including the date each contract was signed, what each contract required Sustrans to do, how much...

  • London Fire Brigade carbon reduction strategy

    Providing switches to disable automatic heating at Greater London Authority (GLA) operated buildings is a good way to reduce carbon. The London Fire Commissioner (LFC) Andy Roe has written to the...

  • TfL PR (2)

    How much money has TFL spent on PR/public affairs companies in the 2019/20 year? Please also provide details of what this money was used for and which PR/public affairs companies were used.

  • TfL PR (1)

    How much money has TfL spent on PR/public affairs companies over the past 5 years, broken down by year? Please also provide details of what this money was used for and which PR/public affairs...

  • Emissions-Reducing Fuel Additive

    Will you meet with me to consider trials of a fuel additive that has the potential to significantly reduce emissions from road vehicles in London, and which could also have applications on river...

  • Cleaner Buses (1)

    Can the Mayor update on how many electric and hybrid buses he has put into service, since May 2016, in: Merton? Wandsworth?

  • Projects supported by TfL’s Strategic Energy Advisor

    Please list all projects where Baringa Partners are supporting Transport for London as part of their role as Strategic Energy Advisor to TfL.

  • Waking Watches in London’s Boroughs

    Please provide a borough-by-borough breakdown of the number of buildings operating waking watches in London. Please also breakdown the numbers for buildings over 18m and under 18m in each borough.

  • London Fire Brigade ‘camp out’ bases

    What is the present policy about and availability of ‘camp out’ bases for London Fire Brigade officers who live outside London, when on call or on duty?

  • Section 35 Dispersal Orders

    To ask the Mayor how many Section 35 Dispersal Orders were issued in the Metropolitan Police District over the last three years and to tabulate your response by borough.

  • Pave The Way report by Transport for All

    Please set out TfL’s planned response to each recommendation relating to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods made in the report Pave The Way produced by the organisation Transport for All?

  • Housing completions (1)

    Of the GLA-funded affordable homes started since 2017/18, how many have been completed to date? Please provide a breakdown by borough and number of bedrooms.

  • Collapsed Behind Locked Doors

    In May 2020, a new pilot scheme was launched across four Met BCUs, enabling colleagues from London’s Fire Brigade (LFB) to assist the London Ambulance Service (LAS) for ‘collapsed...

  • NHS patients being reimbursed for the Ultra Low Emission Zone charge

    Will the current reimbursement scheme for NHS patients of the ULEZ charge be extended to match the extension of the ULEZ from the 25 October 2021?

  • Firefighter location

    How many LFB firefighters live within the Greater London area, and how many live outside of London?

  • Transport Network Safety

    What has been the extra cost of cleaning the transport network in order to keep staff and passengers safe from Covid-19? Can you also provide any estimated extra costs for 2021/22 and break down...

  • Northern line extension

    Can the Mayor update me on the Northern line extension and when it will be complete?

  • National File Quality Standards

    What is the Met's National File Quality Standards file failure rate for 2020?

  • Police Overtime

    For each year, 2018, 2019 and 2020, how much has been spent on police overtime?

  • Census 2021

    With the Census 2021 scheduled on the 21st of March this year when will the results be published and what effect, if any, will they have on your London Plan?

  • Mental Health Support

    What is the Mayor doing to help residents in Merton and Wandsworth with their mental health during this tough time in Lockdown? Has there been any more help provided for young people and school...

  • Victims with insecure immigration status

    In response to question 2020/1947 you advised that the Met Police are unable to say how many illegal immigrants they have reported to the Home Office in each of the last 4 years due to being...

  • 23m van scrappage fund (1)

    Has all of your £23m van scrappage funding been allocated? Please provide headline figures detailing when and where it was spent.

  • Streetspace Schemes/Cost

    Please list a breakdown of all Streetspace schemes as well as the cost for each one?

  • Police National Computer data loss

    What impact has the Home Office’s reported loss of 400,000 records from the Police National Computer had on the work of the Met? Please provide details of how many officers have been...

  • 23m van scrappage scheme (2)

    How many London microbusinesses & charities have applied for the “scrap for cash scheme”, since the launch of your £23m van scrappage fund?

  • Improvements in Air Quality Clapham Junction (1)

    Could you give the date on which Clapham Junction broke legal limits on air quality in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020?

  • Thames policing

    For each year 2018, 2019 and 2020, how many times were the police called to boats on the Thames and how many arrests were made?

  • Improvements in Air Quality Tooting Broadway (2)

    What is the situation in 2021? Has Tooting Broadway exceeded legal limits yet?

  • ULEZ Extension Advertising (1)

    In total and broken down by month, how much has City Hall and Transport for London spent advertising the extension of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in October 2021?

  • ULEZ Extension Advertising (2)

    How much does City Hall and TfL plan to spend for each subsequent months to inform Londoners about the change?

  • Cycleways

    Since 2016, how much have you spent on cycling highways and other facilities in the Capital?

  • Cleaner energy for TfL buildings

    As a benefit of your 2018 £34m Energy Scheme for Londoners, are TfL buildings still being powered by locally generated cleaner energy, purchased by City Hall? Is this set to continue?

  • Home Office Furniture

    Could the Mayor state how many staff have taken up the offer of funding for home office equipment to support them working from home from January - December 2020?

  • Additional Payments

    Could the Mayor state how much has been spent on discretionary payments to staff broken down per department from May 2016 to date?

  • Immigration enforcement hotline

    In response to question 2021/0845 you advised “The MPS does not make referrals to CrimeStoppers”. Within the report Safe to Share?, conducted by HMICFRS, the IOPC and the College of...

  • Home Office Equipment

    Could the Mayor state how much money has been spent on funding home office equipment to support staff working from home from January - December 2020?

  • Firefighter safety

    Following the recent attack on a firefighter attending a fire, is there a need for additional safety measures to protect London’s firefighters?

  • Digital Training for New and Existing Met Officers

    What investment is being made by the Met in digital training for new and existing officers, particularly given the huge rise we have seen in online hate and extremism in recent years and with the...

  • Blue Badge Holders (2)

    Can you provide the same 'reasonable adjustments' to disabled Blue Badge holders for the expanded ULEZ zone that you currently provide for the congestion charging zone in London?

  • Santander Cycle Stations

    Are there any plans to extend the Santander cycle docking station further south or west?

  • Challenges of Electric Transport

    Do you believe there will come a time when TfL will need to actively encourage more road traffic once the "step change" to electric transport occurs in order to keep London moving?

  • Supporting a Public Inquiry into why London has been Hit Particularly Hard by the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Will you join calls for a national public inquiry into the handling of Covid-19, and importantly, will you commit to using your position as Mayor to support a London-focussed inquiry into how the...

  • COVID-19 and the GTI phase 1 LFB recommendations

    How has the second wave of COVID-19 impacted on the implementation of the GTI phase recommendations? What adaptations have had to be made?

  • Diplomats & outstanding Congestion charging due.

    How much in congestion charges is due from diplomats in London from their respective embassies and High Commissions? Can you please give me this information, in a table with the highest amount...

  • TfL, Shepherd’s Bush Market & business rents

    During the lockdowns of this pandemic, has TfL given its tenants of units under the viaducts and stall keepers in Shepherd’s Bush reduced business rents?

  • Covid-19 Death Rate in London

    Please provide a table of the death rate from Covid-19 in London, by profession?

  • Reviewing Uber license now that drivers are workers

    Will you review Uber’s Operator license now that their drivers have finally, after six years of hard work by former Uber drivers James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam, won their right to be...

  • Cost of Policing Football

    Please advise what the cost to the Met was for policing football matches in London for the 2018/19 football season and 2019/20 football season?

  • Housing completions (2)

    Further to your response to question 2020/2442, could you please provide a borough breakdown for the number of GLA-funded affordable homes started in 2016/17 which have now been completed?

  • Hit and run prosecutions 2020

    Could you report the most recent figures for numbers of casualties relating to hit and runs in London in 2020, with a breakdown by: a) road user mode, b) severity type, c) borough, and d) whether...

  • Forensics Wait Times

    For each month from January 2018 to January 2021, what is the average Forensics Wait time and have there been any related Covid issues? Please break down by digital and non-digital forensics.

  • Air Monitoring - Silvertown Tunnel

    What air quality monitoring will take place at schools around the approaches to the Silvertown Tunnel?

  • Timetable updates due to coronavirus

    A constituent has noted that train times obtained from the Transport for London (TfL) journey planner were incorrect and encouraged them to take trains that were not on the timetable at the...

  • Vagrancy 2020

    Please provide a breakdown of the number of ‘vagrancy’ offences recorded by the Metropolitan Police in 2020, broken down by i) month, and ii) borough.

  • London Fire Brigade Home safety visits (2)

    Which, if any, of the changes made to London Fire Brigade home visits as a result of the pandemic will be continued when London moves into the post-pandemic period?

  • London Fire Brigade Home safety visits (3)

    How many home safety visits did London Fire Brigade make during 2020?

  • New funding for London Fire Cadets programme (3)

    Has the London Fire Brigade been using the diversity of the cadet force since 2019 for future recruitment, when it was reported that 55% of cadets were girls & 49% BAME? What is the...

  • London Fire Brigade operational staff

    How many London Fire Brigade operational staff live in London and how many live outside London? Please break down by rank.

  • London Fire Brigade control staff

    How many London Fire Brigade control staff live in London and how many live outside London?

  • Auditing London’s High-Rise Buildings

    How many high-rise audits has London Fire Brigade undertaken since 2016? Please provide a year-by-year breakdown.

  • HMICFRS and LFB’s Incident command training

    In its recent report ‘Inspection of the LFB’s progress to implement the recommendations from the GTI’s phase 1 report’ HMICFRS highlighted the improvements made in...

  • London Fire Brigade Home safety visits (1)

    How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way in which London Fire Brigade undertook home safety visits during 2020?

  • Improvements in Air Quality Tooting Broadway (1)

    Could you give the date on which Tooting Broadway broke legal limits on air quality in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020?

  • Improvements in Air Quality Putney High St (2)

    What is the situation in 2021? Has Putney High St exceeded legal limits yet?

  • Train problem delays

    Please provide details of how many delays caused by train problems there have been on each TfL line for each year from 2012 until the end of your current mayoralty.

  • Tube signal failures

    Further to question 2021/0503, please provide details of how many tube signal failures there have been on each TfL line for the five years prior to the start of your mayoralty.

  • Improvements in Air Quality Clapham Junction (2)

    What is the situation in 2021? Has Clapham Junction exceeded legal limits yet?

  • Tackling Anti-Semitism

    The Community Security Trust’s (CST) Anti-Semitism Incident Report 2020 shows that last year the CST recorded 1,668 antisemitic incidents across the UK, with 56% of these being in London....

  • Bridging the Gap Report Recommendations

    What progress have you made with implementing the recommendations of my March 2020 policy report “Bridging the Gap: Tackling Transport Inequality South of the River”?

  • London Councils Harmful Practices Programme

    Since your £44m commitment in 2018 to make London safe for women & girls, how successful has the London Councils Harmful Practices Programme been in training nurses, midwives &...

  • Nurses in custody suites

    At a recent PCC, it was mentioned that medical records can now be accessed by nurses in Met custody suites, what precautions are being taken to protect patient privacy?

  • Taxi Age Limit Reduction

    With regard to your answer to question 2020/3665, will the mayor provide revised 2025 taxi fleet emission estimates if the age limit in 2025 was a) 14 years, b) 13 years, c) 12 years?

  • Insurance offences

    For each year 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, how many motorcyclist and scooter drivers were caught with no or incorrect insurance? How many of these were for lack of business insurance?

  • Air Quality

    Would the Mayor confirm how despite the introduction of the ULEZ, Park Lane, Kensington High Street and Brompton Road remain at the bottom 5% of areas in terms of air quality after nearly 5 years...

  • Diversity and Inclusion (2)

    How much money did the Metropolitan Police spend on Diversity and Inclusion over the last five calendar years?

  • Metropolitan Police Clear Up Rates

    What have been the Metropolitan Police’s clear up rates for murder, burglary, rape and Grievous Bodily Harm over the last five years?

  • Sustainable Travel, Active, Responsible Safe (STARS) Programme

    How many schools are in London and how many are members of TfL's STARS (Sustainable Travel, Active, Responsible Safe) travel plan accreditation scheme?

  • Catalytic converter thefts [4]

    The MPS dataset for 2020 shows that there were 1114 catalytic converters stolen in Barnet. Why is the number in Barnet so high, what action is being taken, and what resources are being dedicated...

  • Catalytic converter thefts [1]

    Residents report that a number of Catalytic converters have been stolen from Toyota Prius and Lexus cars around Edgware and Burnt Oak in Barnet. How many have been reported to the Met Police? How...

  • US embassy

    The US embassy has racked up a huge bill for the congestion charge, due to their refusal to pay it. Can you confirm how much is currently owed; and as there is a new President in the USA, will...

  • Tube noise sound testing

    When will TfL return to taking noise measurements? For understandable reasons they have been deferred, but given the volume of noise complaints over the last few months, will you resume testing?

  • Driving Public Excellence

    With the Bank of England stimulus having reached £450bn since the Covid-19 pandemic began, equivalent to 40 times TfL’s annual budget (the annual GDP of Belgium) is it time that you...

  • Mayor's Office Staff Cost and Numbers

    Please can you list the total cost of staff and number of staff in the Mayor’s office for each year May-April from 2016 to 2020?

  • Cottages behind West Hampstead Fire Station

    When do you expect the refurbishment of the cottages behind West Hampstead Fire Station to be completed?

  • Increased mobility post-Covid and air quality (3)

    What monitoring of the interventions to suppress a car-led recovery from Covid-19 are currently taking place?

  • Clean bus fleet

    Are you on track to deliver a 100% zero-emission bus fleet in London by 2037?

  • Improving London’s toxic air (2)

    What impact have the 12 Low Emission Bus Zones had on air quality, since implementation?

  • Improving London’s toxic air (3)

    How many non-compliant vehicles have entered the ULEZ since its launch, broken down by month? How many were private cars, vans or private hire vehicles?

  • New funding for London Fire Cadets programme (1)

    Since your £1.1m of funding in 2019 to boost the number of fire cadets in London, are there now more than 500 in the capital?

  • New funding for London Fire Cadets programme (2)

    Subsequent to your injection of £1.1m of fire cadets funding in 2019, have 15 new Fire Cadets Units been created in London, meaning that every London borough now has at least 1 unit?

  • Step Free National Rail Stations

    Following MQ 2020/0651 can you provide an update on which National Rail Stations in London have become Step Free since May 2016? And which stations are due to become step free in the future?

  • Energy for Londoners (1)

    How much in total have you invested in the Energy for Londoners Programme? Please provide a project by project breakdown.

  • Protecting Londoners From ‘Thought Crime’ Policing (2)

    In your answer to my question MQ2020/1052, you stated that during the period 2014 to 2019, 9,473 people had non-crime hate incidents recorded against them by the Metropolitan Police...

  • Protecting Londoners From ‘Thought Crime’ Policing (3)

    In the MailOnline article ‘Police log 120,000 ‘hate reports’ – but not ONE is a crime’, 13 February 2021, Harry Miller a former police officer and...

  • Biodiversity in London (1)

    How many new parks funded by TfL have been introduced or are planned for introduction?

  • Future of the Taxi Trade

    What is your future plan for Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles, given, in my view, the poor outcomes from your policies over the last five years?

  • Uber

    Uber maintained for a long period of time that the acceptance of private hire bookings by a licensed London PHV Operator acting as agent for drivers would comply with the regulatory regime. Given...

  • Crime reporting

    The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham plans to take reports of non-serious crimes instead of the police, do you agree that this will create confusion and lead to crimes not being investigated?

  • Whole System Approach to Female Offending – South London Alliance

    How has your £1,606,173 of funding from 2016 over 3 years helped to put in place, via the Whole System Approach to Female Offending – South London Alliance an approach to support...

  • Cleaner Buses (2)

    How many of the buses that run through: Merton Wandsworth That are not fully electric or hybrid, have been retrofitted since May 2016 to meet the diesel Euro VI compliance?

  • Good Work Standard

    Has your 2018 £44m commitment to make women & girls safer in London resulted in the successful roll-out of the Good Work Standard, ensuring abuse is not tolerated in the workplace? How...

  • Taxis and wheelchair accessibility

    Are you aware that less than 0.5% (half a percent) of all private hire vehicles are wheelchair accessible (and most of those are school run mini buses)? What will you do to see that...

  • Safer Neighbourhood Boards (2)

    How many times have each of London’s Safer Neighbourhood Boards met since January 2020? Please break this down by month.

  • Affordable Housing & Viability Supplementary Planning Guidance (5)

    As referenced in your 2018 press release entitled “Mayor’s new planning rules to boost affordable housing”, have your key housing associations & council partners delivered...

  • Direct Vision Standard

    Following MQ 2020/0641 can you provide monthly data for March 2020 to January 2021?

  • Coronavirus vaccinations for prisoners

    According to figures reported by HM Prison and Probation Service, it appears that the number of prisoners contracting coronavirus doubled during January 2021. Given the infection risk posed to...

  • London Fire Brigade youth outreach

    In the London Fire Commissioner Andy Roe’s response letter, dated 10 January 2021 responding to questions from the Budget & Performance Committee on 10 December 2020, he provided more...

  • Transport for London policy on biodiversity (2)

    London Underground alone has 10 per cent of the wildlife habitat in London on their land, and Transport for London (TfL) has a huge impact on the environment across the City. What steps is TfL...

  • Transport for London policy on biodiversity (1)

    Transport for London (TfL) issued a Biodiversity Action Plan for London Underground in 2010, have there been any updates or further progress on biodiversity policies since then?

  • Transport for London policy on biodiversity (3)

    Constituents have raised concerns with me over the lack of information available to them before trees and vegetation are removed by contractors working for Transport for London (TfL). What steps...

  • Improvements in Air Quality Putney High St (1)

    Prior to and following the introduction of the Low Emission Bus Zones could you give the date on which Putney High Street broke legal limits on air quality in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020?

  • Food delivery company commission rates

    A landlord of a pub in south London has written to me expressing concern about delivery companies potentially profiteering from the coronavirus restrictions pubs and restaurants find themselves...

  • Tier 2 in London (1)

    What support is the Government providing London’s businesses under the latest Tier 2 restrictions announced on 26 November 2020? Can you break this down by sector?

  • Scrappage Schemes and Charities

    How many charities have been helped by the scrappage schemes for the ULEZ? What percentage of the total number of applicants is this? Please provide a breakdown by scheme.

  • Protecting Londoners From ‘Thought Crime’ Policing (1)

    With reference to your answer to my question MQ2020/1050, it concerns me that non-crime hate incidents are criminalising people for expressing their opinions within the law and this was...

  • Incident Command Training

    How many London Fire Brigade staff have undertaken the Incident Command Training at each level? How many remain to be validated at each level?

  • Van scrappage scheme

    TfL’s website currently states that “Due to unprecedented demand and limited funds, the Scrappage Scheme is currently suspended for van applications.” Will you clarify whether...

  • Star rating system for lorries and Vision Zero action plan (5)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2019/17397. How many HGVs operating in London do you currently estimate to be achieving each of the ratings, from zero stars to five stars, of your Direct...

  • London Traffic Speeds

    Please provide the average annual speed of motorised traffic in London in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

  • Transport in Hammersmith & Fulham During Covid (3)

    What measures have been taken and are being taken to measure cycle usage, bus usage and motor vehicle usage in Hammersmith & Fulham during the Covid pandemic? Please provide the data that is...

  • Anti-Semitic incidents

    Daniel Kosky of the London Jewish Forum recently sent me statistics showing that London accounts for 56% of all recorded anti-Semitic incidents in the UK. What are you as Mayor doing to tackle...

  • Fraud

    Research published by the Police Foundation shows that fraud is estimated to make up 31 per cent of all crime in England and Wales, and that 45 per cent of victims felt that the financial loss...

  • LFB Contracts with Chinese Companies

    How many contracts does the London Fire Brigade (LFB) have with companies that are based in China and please list them?

  • London Population

    What is the current population of London?

  • Underlying Health Issues in Londoners

    Public debate since March 2020 on COVID-19 has used the phrase “underlying health issues” a great deal. Can you please define this phrase, with a breakdown of how many Londoners...

  • Palliative Care

    In light of the pandemic, how are you working with partners across London to improve palliative care?

  • 24m cleaner vehicles funding (2)

    What is the evidence that your £24m cleaner vehicles funding is on track to enable 2,000 additional drivers to go green & for more than 5,000 drivers to benefit from the funding overall?

  • 24m cleaner vehicles funding (1)

    Since your announcement in 2019 heralding £24m of funding to enable more black cab drivers to switch to electric vehicles, have 1,000 drivers benefitted from the maximum £10,000 payment...

  • Bullsmoor Lane LEZ Exemption

    Bullsmoor Lane in Enfield is currently exempt from the LEZ which leads to increased congestion and pollution for local residents. With Junction 25 of the M25 improvements likely to bring more...

  • 84.8m police funding (2)

    How many new police officers have been recruited in the Met Police since your injection of £84.8m police funding in 2019?

  • 84.8m police funding (4)

    What state-of-the-art equipment has been purchased from your £84.8m police funding in 2019? What was its purpose & how has it since been providing value for money?

  • Increased minor road traffic

    Department for Transport (DfT) road traffic estimates have been revised upwards, after a benchmarking exercise to review minor road traffic flows. What work has Transport for London (TfL)...

  • 6.8m Violence Reduction Funding

    How has your £6.8m Violence Reduction Funding been tackling all forms of violence in the capital since 2019?

  • Statutory Sick Pay

    What discussions have you had with the Government about increasing Statutory Sick Pay for Londoners so that low paid Londoners can afford to self-isolate if required?

  • Mental Health Crisis -Children and Young People

    Everyone acknowledges the need to urgently address the rapid and devastating mental health crisis affecting children and young people and the support they require as a result of the pandemic...

  • Vaccine Up Take

    Through conversations with London Councils and local authorities, which boroughs are you most concerned about with regards to vaccine uptake?

  • Facilitating socially distanced democratic protests (3)

    Thank you for your answers to my questions 2020/2646 and 2020/3327. There has been great confusion about the legality of protests during the ongoing coronavirus crisis and now, during this period...

  • Child-friendly London (2)

    What steps will you be taking to ensure that all children and young people will have locally accessible outdoor space to play?

  • TfL diesel scrappage scheme for vans and minibuses

    For your light diesel van and minibus scrappage scheme, please state a) how many applications were received prior to 28 August 2020, b) how much grant has been committed and paid out, and c) how...

  • Housing Need in London

    Do you believe the Government should rethink its proposed formula to determine housing need in local authorities across England?

  • Resilience response to the pandemic

    What lessons have been learnt by the Strategic Coordination Group and Recovery Board from the second wave of COVID-19 in London and how will these be applied in the future?

  • Public Toilets

    How many public toilets have been lost in London in the last 10 and 20 years?

  • HSE and LFB 2

    What learning will LFB be taking from the recent HSE inspections that took place? How will this impact upon frontline staff?

  • Hopper Fare

    How many of my constituents in Enfield & Haringey have benefited from the Hopper Fare? How much have they saved as a result of this policy?

  • COVID-19 and other firefighter duties

    What additional duties, that are not part of their normal duties, have firefighters being undertaking during the second wave of COVID-19 in London?

  • COVID-19 and operational cover

    How has COVID-19 impacted upon operational cover levels for LFB?

  • Former Police Sites Currently Advertised for Development

    There are several former police sites including the Tooting Police Station site and the Camberwell Police Station site advertised on your ‘small sites’ webpage. How are you working...

  • Westminster Police complaint locations

    Please provide the number of police complaints in Westminster in each of the last four years. Please provide details of the location of the incidents that led to these complaints being made,...

  • London Fire Brigade Control and Incident Command (1)

    How important is it that there is joined up working between control and incident command?

  • Delivery drivers

    Has London seen a growth in delivery drivers since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020? Can you detail how many drivers have been taken on by a) hospitality; b) supermarkets, c) couriers?

  • ULEZ Expansion (1)

    Broken down by month, how much money has TfL spent on the expansion of the ULEZ?

  • TfL, shop vendors & business rents

    During the lockdowns we have had during the pandemic, has TfL given its shop vendors in tube stations etc reduced business rents?

  • Vaccinating Bus Drivers

    Given that analysis of ONS data shows that TfL Bus Drivers have a risk of dying from Covid-19 that is more than twice that of UK Bus & Coach Drivers and UK Nurses, will you undertake to work...

  • Vegetation Removal in Pinner

    I have been contacted by constituents regarding removal of vegetation trackside in Pinner. According to residents, they received no advance warning of this work, which has had an impact on animal...

  • Unconscious Bias Training in the Metropolitan Police Service

    According to answers to Mayor’s Questions MQ 2019/4137 and MQ 2020/1644, approximately 23,000 Metropolitan Police Service officers and staff have been given unconscious bias training1. 2How...

  • EWS1 changes (3)

    Recent reports state that RICS is consulting on the use of EWS1 forms, particularly where there is no cladding visible on a high-rise building. How is it anticipated this will impact upon London...

  • Projects to prevent serious crimes

    Further to your press release dated 16/02/18 entitled “Mayor provides £10m for new projects to prevent serious crimes”, please outline how your funding has, to date, helped to...

  • Global Cities FRS comparison (2)

    How does the size of LFB’s budget (£43.36 per head of London’s population per year) compared to Toronto’s (£105.43 per head per year) impact on the work it is able to...

  • Safer Neighbourhood Boards (1)

    What level of funding will Safer Neighbourhood Boards receive as part of your 2021-22 budget?

  • LFB Transformation plan and the Mayor’s Budget

    The Transformation plan is key to the Brigade addressing the issues identified by the GTI and HMICFRS reports. Whilst progress is being made on meeting these recommendations, how does your budget...

  • Monitoring the safety of London’s Built Environment

    The Fire, Resilience and Emergency Planning (FREP) Committee has highlighted repeatedly the challenges of London’s built environment post-Grenfell. The truth is that we don’t know the...

  • London Mental Health Cultural Festival

    What evidence is there that the Mental Health Cultural Festivals you have been delivering for young Londoners, have resulted in positive effects on their mental health?

  • 119m support for police officers (1)

    Has all of the £119m you pledged in 2019 to support Met Police officer numbers in future years been allocated? Please provide headline figures detailing where & when it was spent.

  • Taith (Journey) London (2)

    Please detail how your £1,857,863 of funding in 2018 for Taith (Journey) London has since helped to provide assessment & specialist intervention to child & young people displaying...

  • Taith (Journey) London (1)

    Subsequent to your £10m investment in 2018 to combat serious crime, please outline the effectiveness of your £1,857,863 of funding for Taith (Journey) London over 3 years, to provide a...

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