London Assembly

Friday, 22 January 2021

  • Violence Reduction Unit mentoring programme

    How many young Londoners have received mentoring since September as a result of the £2.3million funding package introduced through the VRU?

  • London Bridges repair costs since 2010

    How much has it cost to repair and renovate each London bridge that has been repaired since 2010?  And who has paid for it and in what proportion for each case?

  • Breast ironing offences

    Presenting the data by year since 2015/16, please provide a breakdown of the number of breast ironing offences.

  • Illegal raves and gatherings

    Please advise how many £10,000 fines have been issued by the Met for organising illegal gatherings. Please provide a breakdown by borough of where each fine was issued, if possible.

  • Violence at Supermarkets

    Presenting the data monthly to November 2020 for the past three years, please provide a breakdown of the number of violence against the person offences at London supermarkets?

  • Retail violence

    Presenting the data monthly to November 2020 for the past three years, please provide a breakdown of the number of violence against the person offences at London retailers?

  • City Hall proposed move [2]

    In the event of the GLA, Mayoralty and Assembly moving from City Hall to The Crystal, what assessment have you made of the impact on Londoners who live in north, west and north west London,...

  • Honour-based childhood abuse offences

    Presenting the data by year since 2015/16, please provide a breakdown of the number of honour-based childhood abuse offences?

  • IA 16767 Terms of Reference

    Further to your response to Question 2020/4098 please provide me with copies of all communication and documentation (including the terms of reference for IA 16767) that TfL sent to RAIB “...

  • TfL Internal Communication about decision to modify IA 17780 sent on 27 July 2017 between 0801-0928

    Copies of emails you provided in Question 2020/0023 show that a decision was communicated by TfL Internal Audit to modify IA 17780 in order to ‘placate First Group’ between 08:01 and...

  • North Kensington Vaccine Take-Up

    What more can you do to publicise flu vaccine take up rates in North Kensington and will you use the local bus and tube network to press home this vital public health message please?

  • Annual survey of London’s ‘underbanked’

    The London Assembly Economy Committee report, Short Changed: the Financial Health of Londoners, published in January 2018, contained the following recommendation: “The Mayor should...

  • Expanding the construction skills academies to other industries

    In the London Assembly Plenary meeting on 23 July 2020, Jordan Cummins, Head of London Policy at the Confederation of British Industry, said: "The construction skills academies that we have seen...

  • Police attending Mental Health Crises

    There has been a 41% increase in police being called out to help with mental health emergencies. Police involvement in these kinds of incidents can be harrowing on the person in need of help and...

  • Community Land Trust housing at East Wick and Sweetwater

    In your answer to my question 2016/1942, you said: “LLDC is liaising with the housing team at the GLA to understand better the lessons learned from the St Clements CLT in Tower Hamlets and,...

  • Support for London’s creative workers

    Much of London’s world-renowned arts and cultural industries rely on self-employed creative workers, many of whom have been excluded from the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s support...

  • Support for London’s disabled entrepreneurs

    The London Assembly Economy Committee report, Tackling London’s Disability Employment Gap, published in March 2019, contained the following recommendation: “Part of the Greater London...

  • Vaccine Rollout

    Businesses such as Brewdog are offering up space to assist with the vaccine rollout. Are you able to offer up any space in buildings owned by the GLA, or will you in future?

  • GP Satisfaction

    The London Assembly Health Committee found that there were higher levels of Covid deaths in boroughs with high levels of deprivation, high numbers of BAME people and low levels of satisfaction...

  • Tackling Anti-Vax Propaganda

    What are your plans to tackle dangerous anti-vaccination propaganda?

  • TfL Pension Fund Trustees (1)

    What is the process for appointing a trustee of TfL’s Pension Fund and how are they selected?

  • Tier 4 & Covid 19 Variant

    What measures will you be taking to remind Londoners of the rules they need to follow under Tier 4 and further serious concerns due to the Covid-19 variant?

  • Tube Usage

    How many commuters have used the tube in each year since 2016?

  • Impact of Brexit Deal (2)

    What impact will this Brexit deal have on London’s service sector?

  • City Hall proposed move [1]

    What discussions have you had with City Hall’s landlord to negotiate a rent reduction, in spite of the terms of the lease, in light of the impact of COVID-19 in reducing demand for office...

  • Socialising and mental health

    Do you agree with HRH Prince William that socialising is more vital than ever during the pandemic to prevent increased mental health issues? What are you doing to get this message across and...

  • Domestic abuse ethnic breakdown of victims’ self-reporting

    Please can you provide a percentage breakdown of the ethnicity, and nationality where possible, of those who have contacted the Met to report being a victim of domestic abuse in each of the last...

  • Community Immersion Project

    Please provide details of what the Met’s ‘bespoke local Community Immersion Project’ consists of?

  • Support for Older Londoners in Tier 4

    What more are you doing to support older Londoners now we are in tier 4?

  • Action Plan implementation

    It was reported in the Evening Standard that the Met was working with you on and “agreed with about 98%” of the Action Plan. What areas, if any, are still to be agreed upon?

  • Wider impact of cashless Transport for London stations

    You are proposing to remove the ability to pay with cash at Transport for London (TfL) stations, and this may encourage other businesses in London to stop accepting cash. What studies and...

  • London Overground Capacity

    Is it possible for you to provide the capacity data – including times of day and times of the year – for each London Overground line?

  • Equality Impact Assessments undertaken by TfL

    What criteria does TfL use to assess whether an Equality Impact Assessment should be undertaken before a change in service provision is made?

  • Transport for London Consulting

    Following MQ 2020/0638 can you provide costs and revenue figures for TfL Consulting? Please break down by financial year from 2018/19 onwards. Please provide actual figures for 2018/19 to 2019/20...

  • Young persons’ action group

    Could you give an update on the progress of the young persons’ action group being established by the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) and how it plans to work in partnership with the London...

  • Centre for Governance and Scrutiny Engagement

    How have you engaged with the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny since becoming Mayor?

  • Social Prescribing

    What work have you been doing to support social prescribing for Londoners as a response to COVID-19?

  • Health Inequalities

    What changes have you made so far to your health inequalities programmes to address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic?

  • Staffing

    As a follow up to your response to question 2020/0614 and 2020/1412, could you provide an update on your meeting with Sir David Sloman?

  • Use of restraints in custody suites

    In your answer to my question 2019/19697, you told me that it was not possible to provide data on how many times Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers used spit hoods in conjunction with...

  • Cost of London's Zero Carbon Pathways Tool

    Could you tell me: a) the original cost of London’s Zero Carbon Pathways Tool, b) an estimate on the cost of updating it to shows the ways that carbon emissions might be reduced to net zero...

  • Sony TfL advertising campaign

    How much did TfL raise in revenue as a result of the Sony Playstation 5 advertising campaign at Oxford Circus?

  • Tube crime

    Presenting the data monthly to November 2020 for the past three years, please provide a breakdown of major crime types for each London tube station?

  • National Fraud Intelligence Bureau referrals

    For each of the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, how many National Fraud Intelligence Bureau referrals have been received by the MPS?

  • Kidnappings

    From November 2018, please provide a monthly breakdown of kidnappings

  • Blackmail offences

    From November 2018, for each month, please can you provide a breakdown of the number of blackmail offences?

  • Drugs in schools

    For each of the years Nov 16 to Oct 17, Nov 17 to Oct 18, Nov 18 to Oct 19 and Nov 19 to Oct 20, please can you provide how many drug offences in schools have been reported to the police?

  • Undercover police officers and sexual relationships (1)

    Baroness Williams of Trafford, Minister of State for the Home Department in the House of Lords debate on the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill on 3 December 2020 said that...

  • Undercover police officers and sexual relationships (2)

    Has the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) investigated and identified all past examples of undercover police taking part in sexual relationships with subjects whilst carrying out surveillance?

  • Undercover police officers and sexual relationships (3)

    Have all cases involving undercover Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers taking part in sexual relationships with subjects while carrying out surveillance now been reported to the chair of...

  • Deputy Mayor for Business Meetings

    How many times have you personally met with Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor for Business, since lockdown began to discuss London’s economic recovery?

  • Covid in Schools (2)

    Do you know how many teaching staff have taken sick time off with Covid in Merton?

  • Covid in Schools (1)

    Do you know how many teaching staff have taken sick time off with Covid in Wandsworth?

  • Pay It Forward Scheme Spending

    How much have you spent on the Pay it Forward scheme and how much future funding has the scheme been allocated?

  • City Hall Facilities and Maintenance Spending

    How much money has been spent on City Hall facility management and building maintenance since the start of the pandemic and how does this compare to pre-covid spending?

  • PRU attendance

    We know that drug gangs prey on vulnerable young people. Those excluded or missing school are of the most likely and most vulnerable to this. Estimates show that only just over half of pupils are...

  • Assaults on London Bus Drivers

    Broken down by month up to November 2020 for the past three years, how many London bus drivers have been assaulted?

  • Deputy Mayor’s misleading statements to London Assembly on 11 September 2019

    Further to your response to Question 2020/4097, does it concern you that— seemingly ignorant of IA 16767 existence—your Deputy Mayor testified to the London Assembly on 11 September...

  • Crossrail Lost Working Days

    How many working days were lost after the Mayor’s decision to stop work on Crossrail in 2020 due to coronavirus?

  • Scotch Eggs

    I would like some assurance from you that under the current Coronavirus restrictions officers of the Metropolitan Police will not be entering licensed premises to argue with landlords and...

  • 101 call waits

    How long is the average wait time on 101 calls broken down by year since 2016/17?

  • Lost Police Evidence

    I note the report in The Times newspaper on 5 October 2020 that a total of 1,343 pieces of evidence were recorded as lost or misplaced by the Metropolitan Police from the...

  • Noise level of Fireworks

    A constituent would like to know: were noise levels monitored and how much quieter were the drone displays?

  • Cost of Fireworks (2)

    A constituent would like to know: How were this year’s fireworks paid for, given there were no ticket sales?

  • Cost of Fireworks (1)

    A constituent would like to know: what was the cost of this year’s New Year’s Eve fireworks?

  • EU settlement status (2)

    Do you know how many residents in Merton have still not applied for settled status?

  • EU settlement status (1)

    Do you know how many residents in Wandsworth have still not applied for settled status?

  • Spending Review (2)

    What impact will the Government’s commitment to cover 75% of council tax and business rates income have on the GLA and functional bodies?

  • Covid in Schools (4)

    Do you know how many Teaching staff have died from Covid in Merton?

  • Covid in Schools (3)

    Do you know how many Teaching staff have died from Covid in Wandsworth?

  • The Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm

    To ask the Mayor what progress has been made in appointments to his Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm?

  • Hate Crime (2)

    To ask the Mayor, how many ‘non-crime hate incidents’ were recorded by the Metropolitan Police in 2020?

  • Vaccinations for front line police

    What is the plan for the rollout of vaccines for front-line police officers, who patrol in the public and come into regular contact with people from outside their households? Can they be provided...

  • National Ugly Mugs Funding

    What GLA Group funding has been provided to the National Ugly Mugs scheme in the past 2 years?

  • The Crystal (3)

    Given that City Hall was purpose-built for our the GLA/Assembly use with a distinctive atrium, an assembly chamber etc. I don’t expect prospective users queuing up for City Hall...

  • The Crystal (2)

    What other sites/buildings have been assessed as part of alternative accommodation? Can I have details of all such alternatives and can this be circulated as part of the consultation process?

  • Unconscious Bias Training (2)

    Can you provide a breakdown of the cost of providing unconscious bias training across the GLA's functional bodies over the last two years?

  • Covid (2)

    What have you, your office and the wider GLA family done to tackle misinformation, fake news, and distrust in science and vaccines in London?

  • Covid

    What impact has misinformation, fake news, and distrust in science and vaccines had on the fight against the epidemic in London?

  • Facial recognition

    In 2020, how many times has facial recognition been used by the Met and how many suspects were apprehended as a result?

  • European Londoners Hub

    How many European Londoners has the European Londoners Hub supported each year since its creation?

  • European Londoners Hub Spending

    How much money has been spent on the European Londoners Hub for each year since its creation?

  • Covid (3)

    Have you had any contact with social media companies to remove dangerous/misleading online Covid-19 posts? If so, how many have been removed?

  • Brexit Business Hub

    How many Londoners did the Brexit Business Hub support?

  • London Election Counting Locations

    What alternative locations do the GLA plan to use instead of Excel for vote counting in next year's London elections, given that Excel is in use as a Nightingale Hospital?

  • Protection and enhancement of open spaces in Lewisham

    Will you ask your officers to make contact with Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum in Lewisham, and Lewisham Council to examine the potential of a Grove Park urban park project with a view to lend...

  • COVID Vaccine Advice and Messaging

    What work are you and partners undertaking to ensure that Londoners are given accurate advice and information on the need to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

  • Car Sharing Schemes in Outer London

    What action have you taken and are you planning to take to encourage more car sharing schemes in outer London, such as in my constituency of Enfield & Haringey?

  • UK Withdrawal from Erasmus Scheme

    What is the likely effect on London students as a result of the Government’s decision to withdraw from the successful Erasmus Scheme that has allowed thousands of our young people to study...

  • Thameslink

    Whilst welcoming the recent addition of the Thameslink to the Tube Map, will you make it a permanent addition, and if not, why not?

  • Homeless Young People (6)

    What steps are you taking to support the development of high-quality, affordable and sustainable move-on accommodation for young people facing homelessness in London, and for those unable to...

  • E-Scooter Trial (2)

    During the rental e-scooters trial, how will TfL monitor and enforce against the potential increase in private use of e-scooters?

  • E-Scooter Trial (1)

    During the rental e-scooters trial, how will TfL collect and monitor the type and number of collisions involving e-scooters?

  • Road charge (3)

    Please publish the methodology used behind the proposals to introduce a £3.50 road charge, including how the reduction in journeys and revenue calculations were reached.

  • Road charge (2)

    What assessment have you made of the impact of your proposed £3.50 road charge on vulnerable and disabled people who need to travel into London boroughs to access hospitals, GP surgeries and...

  • GLA spending per borough

    Please provide total GLA expenditure broken down by London borough for 2019/20 and 2020/21.

  • TfL Passenger Revenue

    Can you provide an update to MQ 2020/1809 on passenger revenue for as much of 2020-21 as data is available?

  • TfL Advertising Income

    Can you provide the most up-to-date figures possible regarding TfL's revenue income from advertising in 2020-21?

  • Road charge (6)

    Given your announcement on 8 January 2021 that the mayoral precept is set to increase by £31.59 per year at band D, will you now rule out introducing a boundary charge?

  • Turnover and Retention of Custody Nurse Practitioners in the Met

    Please provide the turnover and retention statistics for the Met’s Custody Nurse Practitioners in each of the past five years? Please also provide the number of those who left in each year...

  • Use of canals as a public space during Covid-19

    Have you monitored the use of green-blue open space, such as canals, during the Covid-19 pandemic?

  • Body worn video footage Independent Office Police Conduct referrals

    How many Met police officers have been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct as a result of a body worn video footage review in each of the last four years?

  • Public Health England

    In September 2020, you told the Assembly that you were seeking clarity from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care on what the abolition of Public Health England, and creation of the...

  • Failure to provide turn up and go services

    Further to your answer to my question 2020/0714, how many complaints have you had about TfL failing to provide turn up and go services?

  • Paddington Green

    Thank you for the letter of the 30th of October 2020 confirming the sale of the Police Station. Can you please confirm the sale price of Paddington Green Police Station and any conditions of sale?

  • Improving PM2.5 levels

    Whilst improvements to London’s PM2.5 levels have been made, what further work is being undertaken to improve levels of PM2.5 across London and what more can be done?

  • Child Houses (2)

    What evidence is there that this multi-agency approach i.e. the introduction of Child Houses, has gathered better evidence and increased the speed of delivery to court?

  • Slipway from Colney Hatch Lane to A406

    Residents report repeated incidents and near misses involving pedestrians using the crossings at the top of slip roads Atlas Way and Bobby Moore Way that join the A406 at the junction of Colney...

  • Green Finance Initiative and Carbon Neutral by 2030 (1)

    In December you announced a partnership with the Green Finance Initiative in order to unlock private investment to make London carbon neutral by 2030. Please provide details of meetings with the...

  • Government Commitment to London’s Air quality

    Was enough done during the previous mayoralty to prioritise improvements to London’s toxic air? How is the Government, now led by the previous Mayor, showing a commitment to improving...

  • Finance Initiative and Carbon Neutral by 2030 (3)

    What do you anticipate the role of the GLA being in the unlocking of private investment in order to make London Carbon neutral by 2030?

  • Finance Initiative and Carbon Neutral by 2030 (2)

    How will the ‘pipeline of investable projects’ referred to by Dr Rhian-Mari Thomas, Chief Executive of the Green Finance Institute, be identified?

  • Adult Education Recovery Fund (1)

    When will skills providers be able to apply to the Adult Education Recovery Fund announced in December 2020?

  • Support for parents and carers

    You have rightly called for a delayed opening to secondary schools across London to curb the spread of COVID-19. What support is the Greater London Authority providing to parents and carers who...

  • Spending Review (3)

    What impact will the Government’s commitment to cover 75% of council tax and business rates income have on local authorities across London?

  • Adult Education Recovery Fund (3)

    How will you be publicising the Adult Education Recovery Fund?

  • EU deal and security

    Now that there is a deal with the EU, what are the policing and security implications; and do you consider London to be safer or less safe as a result?

  • Pay it Forward Scheme Businesses

    How many businesses have benefitted from the Pay it Forward scheme to date?

  • European Londoners Hub Future Spending

    How much money has been allocated to the European Londoners Hub for future years?

  • Road charge (1)

    Please publish your impact assessment on outer London boroughs, including Bexley and Bromley, on your proposed £3.50 road charge. Please specifically address the impact on local businesses...

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

    Could the Mayor provide the current nitrogen dioxide levels of streets within and adjacent to all Low Traffic Neighbourhoods schemes that were agreed as part of the Streetspace programme?

  • Bus Stop CL on the Finchley Road

    The West Hampstead Amenity and Transport group, WHAT, have been in correspondence with TfL regarding the coach stop CL on Finchley Road - the stop that serves Finchley Road Station for passengers...

  • TfL Income - Covid-19

    What is your current estimate for how much money Transport for London has lost in fare revenue due to Covid-19?

  • Suspects identified using Schengen Information System II

    On how many occasions has the Met identified a suspect for the following types of offences through the use of the Schengen Information System, in each of the last 4 years: Homicide, Rape,...

  • Public health debate – vitamin D

    Is now the time to begin a public debate in London on the importance of vitamin D recognising along with other actions, how it can play a part in boosting the human body immune system?

  • Economic recovery – allied issues

    What practical steps can be taken here in London to tackle and minimise child poverty?

  • GLA Funding For London & Partners Commitment

    Will you commit to ensuring the GLA’s share of London and Partners’ funding does not exceed 50% of their total funding even if income from other sources decreases?

  • Air Quality outside Morden Station

    Could you give the latest figures in terms of NOx and particulate matter outside Morden Station, comparing January 2017 with January 2020?

  • Tier 4 support

    What additional support was provided to London’s businesses after the announcement of Tier 4 restrictions by a) the Government, and b) the Greater London Authority?

  • Boundary Charge

    What is the latest with the £3.50 boundary charge for non-London residents? And by when do you expect to make a final decision?

  • London & Partners Independent Funding Target

    When do you aim to stop the GLA funding to London & Partners so they can be fully independently funded?

  • Fatal Stabbings in 2020

    Please provide a table showing the number of people fatally stabbed in London in 2020, broken down by age.

  • ICU capacity

    In an ICU, the critical care nurse to patient ratio should be 1:1. During the first wave, at its peak, the ratio reached 1:6. The focus and concern should not be about the number of ICU beds...

  • Government intervention on EWS1s (1)

    The Government recently announced measures to address the EWS1 crisis1. Does the rush to train 2000 assessors in 6 months- compared to the standard 4-5 years RICS have stated is necessary for...

  • Mayor’s Transport Strategy commitment to making 80 per cent of all trips in London to be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport by 2041 (1)

    What is the current proportion of all trips in London made on foot, by cycle or using public transport?

  • Skilling Londoners up for the green economy

    How will the Green New Deal up-skill Londoners in order to exploit the job opportunities in a low carbon circular economy?

  • Improving London’s toxic air (1)

    On what day in each year of the last decade, 2010-2020, did Putney High Street breach air quality legal limits?

  • SMEs and Green New Deal funding

    How much support is the Green New Deal funding offering to London’s SMEs?

  • Funding solar energy panels for Londoners

    Currently the cost of installing solar PV panels is often prohibitive, with many people struggling to make back initial costs over the lifetime of their panels. How will the Green new Deal...

  • Green New Deal Funding and energy efficient homes (1)

    How many cold and damp homes will the green new deal funding help to become more energy efficient and warmer?

  • Green New Deal Funding and energy efficient homes (2)

    What criteria will be applied to ensure that funding to improve the energy efficiency of cold damp homes will reach those most in need?

  • Green New Deal Funding and Green Spaces (1)

    How do you intend to use the funding for the Green New Deal announced in November to improve Londoners’ access to green spaces?

  • Green New Deal Funding and Green Spaces (2)

    Will the Green New Deal funding provide for the creation of new green spaces in London; if not how is it anticipated to improve access to green spaces for those currently with limited access?

  • Bus and Tube Fares

    Bus and tube fares have been the lowest in London over the last 20 years. However, due to Government conditions the fares will be going up from March 2021. What impact there will be from the...

  • Extra measures

    On 11 December you announced that following a meeting between yourself and London Council’s Group Leaders, extra measures to support Londoners would be introduced such as a) More community...

  • Vaccine uptake

    Are you receiving regular updates on the take up of the coronavirus vaccine across London?

  • Abolition of PHE

    In September you told the Assembly that you were seeking clarity from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care on what the abolition of Public Health England, and creation of the...

  • Rerouting Buses No 414 & impact on No 6 - social distancing impact

    Sorry, but you have not answered the question: 2020/4528, regarding the impact of social distancing on the rerouting of bus No.414 from Marble Arch onwards to the No.6 route. Can it deal with the...

  • Oyster/Contactless Usage

    What percentage of commuters use travelcards/oyster cards and bank cards to travel on bus and tube?

  • Mayor’s Transport Strategy commitment to making 80 per cent of all trips in London to be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport by 2041 (2)

    Is the definition of measuring trips in London including trips by scooters?

  • Pan-London Restorative Justice programme

    For each year since the launch of the Pan-London Restorative Justice programme announced in August 2016, how many: • Victims were referred to Restorative Justice • Victims took up...

  • Congestion Charge PCNs

    Since May 2019 a number of Penalty Charge Notices were issued by TfL because a problem in the TfL system meant that, although congestion charge payments were confirmed on the TfL system to...

  • TfL Debt - 2020

    Please provide a month by month breakdown of TfL debt since January 2020 to date?

  • Cashless Payments on Stations

    I note that London TravelWatch has written to the TfL Commissioner and approached Assembly Members expressing concern about plans to stop taking cash across all London Underground, DLR and London...

  • Road charge (5)

    How much would the £3.50 road charge cost to administrate per year?

  • Ambulance Call-outs to Police Stations

    How many ambulances have been called to Met custody suites between 2016-2019? Please break this down by year.

  • Further Conditions on Affordable Housing Programmes 2021-26

    Given you have stated that baseline conditions for the Affordable Housing Programme (AHP) 2021-26 were set in November, can you confirm if you will be putting in place any further conditions, in...

  • Borough Streetspace schemes funded by Transport for London (3)

    I understand that a small number of borough schemes funded under your Streetspace programme have been removed. Could you confirm which schemes have been, or are being, removed, and how you are...

  • Road charge (4)

    What engagement did you undertake with borough leaders in the development of your proposals to introduce a £3.50 road charge?

  • Government investment for Epsom and St Helier hospitals

    What are you doing to support the £500m Government investment for Epsom and St Helier hospital?

  • MPS/MOPAC Commissioning (3)

    Can you provide a breakdown of all the VRU commissioning spending since its creation?

  • Reporting on Sites Sold or Leased through LDP2

    Will you commit to reporting in detail on tenures, rent costs, and developers of all sites sold or leased, (or due to be), through London Development Panel 2 at the earliest opportunity?

  • Domestic abuse response times

    Please advise what percentage of calls received in relation to domestic abuse incidents were responded to by officers within the timeframe the call was marked as i.e. an “I” call...

  • Precepts

    Please provide a full breakdown of mayoral precept increases for the financial years 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21, as well as proposed increases for 2021/22.

  • Update on name-anonymous recruitment in the GLA group (1)

    In your answer to my question 2019/14230 you told me that, to date, no recruitment for Transport for London (TfL) had been name-anonymous but you planned future changes to support this. Have...

  • Domestic Abuse calls

    Please advise the volume and proportion of emergency calls relating to domestic abuse that were marked as “I”, “S” or other markers by Met contact centre staff in each of...

  • Body Worn Video research

    Do you know what the timescales are and remit of the academic work to be undertaken on a sample of body worn video footage to better understand the nature of stop and search interactions and the...

  • Domestic Abuse perpetrator intervention funding

    On 15 November, the Home Office announced funding for interventions working with perpetrators of domestic abuse, including for some constituencies in London. What criteria was used to determine...

  • Cashless Ticket Machines Consultation

    Before seeking to implement your plan to stop taking cash at ticket machines, will you commit to a full public consultation?

  • Wildlife Crimes in London

    How many wildlife crimes were committed in Greater London in 2020 and in each of the previous 5 years? How many of these involved foxes in each year since 2015?

  • Bus services to Whipps Cross Hospital

    What engagement has TfL had with Barts Health NHS Trust about future public transport provision to Whipps Cross Hospital ahead of planned major redevelopment to the hospital? Is any consideration...

  • Mayoral powers

    What direct powers do you have to remove statues, monuments and plaques on GLA land and elsewhere in London?

  • Temporary Hammersmith Bridge

    There are three temporary bridge proposals between Hammersmith and Barnes: the Pell Frischmann pedestrian and cyclists bridge proposal, the Beckett Rankine temporary road bridge and the...

  • Homes for Londoners Board

    What plans, if any, do you have to broadcast the board meetings live, in the same way TfL Board meetings are broadcast?

  • Brownhill Road/Torridon Road junction

    Further to your reply in March 2020 to Question 2020/0990 where you stated: “Design work on a new pedestrian crossing at this junction is almost complete and there will be engagement with...

  • Rough Sleepers (1)

    In October, it was announced that new rules making rough sleeping a legal ground to cancel or refuse permission to stay in the UK would come into force on 1 December 2020. Although the Mayor has...

  • End of VAT relief on Facemasks

    Do you share my concern that ending the VAT relief on facemasks will make it harder for the poorest Londoners to afford facemasks?

  • Record of Inquest of Ella Kissi-Debrah (2)

    Are you satisfied that every (a) Lewisham child and adult, and (b) London child and adult is not being exposed to levels of Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate Matter in excess of World Health...

  • NHS staff retention

    Retention of nurses in London has never been more important. The Royal College of Nursing recent survey showed 91% were concerned about the well-being of their colleagues and 58% worried about...

  • Vaccine confidence

    What work are you doing as Mayor with local authorities, NHS London Region and as Chair of the London Health Board to help improve vaccine confidence in London?

  • London becoming a dementia-friendly city by 2022 (2)

    Please set out what you consider are the main policy changes that still need to be implemented before London truly becomes a dementia-friendly city by 2022?

  • Record of Inquest of Ella Kissi-Debrah (1)

    The Coroner’s record stated that Ella’s mother was not given information about the health risks of air pollution to exacerbate asthma, highlighting that if such information had been...

  • Community Engagement Review

    It has been said that MOPAC and the Met’s review of existing community engagement mechanisms will be completed by February 2021. Will this mark the start of a consultation on proposed...

  • London Election Counting Machines

    Given the widespread reports and allegations of election fraud using Dominion/Smartmatic machines and systems in the US Presidential elections, what is the GLA doing to remove Smartmatic from...

  • Brexit and Policing – Information sharing

    How many Interpol notices have Met officers received from EU members states since the 1st January? How many notices did it receive through the Schengen Information System II in the same period...

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (2)

    Are all blue light services in London using up to date mapping data relating to all Streetspace changes?

  • Young People’s Mental Health

    Figures show that cases of sleep problems, eating disorders and self-harm in young people have risen sharply during the pandemic. What work are ThriveLDN doing in response to this increase in...

  • Impact of fireworks on air pollution

    A constituent has raised the issue of the impact of fireworks on air pollution. What data have you collected on the impact of fireworks on air pollution across the year as well as the impact of...

  • Environment representation on the London Recovery Board

    The London Recovery Board has a single representative from the environmental sector, and they are from a national charity. Why is there no representation for environmental sector organisations...

  • Pay it Forward Scheme in Croydon and Sutton

    How many businesses in Croydon and Sutton have benefited from your Pay it Forward Scheme to date?

  • The Future of Suburban Black Cab Service

    Do you and TfL understand the frustration of the suburban black cab drivers with regards to the following: a) the lack of meaningful dialogue around the future of the service; b) allowing other...

  • Court backlog

    For each month of 2019 and 2020, how many MPS cases were awaiting to go to court? What is the current figure?

  • Suicides in 2020

    How many suicides have occurred in Greater London on a monthly basis in 2020? Can we also have similar figures for 2019, for every month, to compare the two years.

  • Reducing nappy waste

    Real Nappies for London has calculated that, between 2016 and 2019, single-use disposable nappies created 46,843 tonnes of carbon emissions per year across London boroughs. What steps are you...

  • Money Laundering Suspicious Activity Reports

    For each of the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, how many Money Laundering Suspicious Activity Reports have been made in London?

  • Safer Neighbourhood Board communications

    How much money has MOPAC put towards raising awareness of the Safer Neighbourhood Boards amongst Londoners, through communications, engagement and advertising, since 2016?

  • Adult Education

    Are there any courses funded by the Adult Education Budget in London that have not been made available online through the course of the pandemic?

  • Home visits for vulnerable children

    The majority of social workers are still working from home; replacing home visits and meetings with virtual ones. Are you concerned about some vulnerable children in London “slipping...

  • Tower blocks (1)

    Is it OK for families to be forced to live high up in Tower Blocks?

  • Black curriculum

    The Edexcel exam board has dropped the only black composer from its music A-level syllabus. Given your calls for a more diverse national curriculum, have you written to Edexcel and other exam...

  • Devolution of Funding for Tackling Extremism in the Capital

    Do you agree with me that Prevent funding and other funding for tackling extremism in the capital should be devolved and aim to be as transparent as possible?

  • Handling of Calls to the Met’s Crime Management Service

    According to a recent report by the BBC, in January 2019 80% of calls to the Met’s Crime Management Service (CMS) were answered, but by September 2020 this figure had dropped to 49%. Please...

  • Mayor’s Transport Strategy commitment improve the overall accessibility of the transport system

    Your Transport Strategy has the commitment to halve the average additional time taken to make a public transport journey on the step-free network compared to the full network. Please state what...

  • High Streets for All recovery mission

    When will the consultation and development phase of the High Streets for All mission end, so that actions and recommendations can be published to give high street business owners clarity over how...

  • Modifying IA 17780 to ‘placate’ First Group

    How can you reconcile your response to Question 2020/3809 that IA 17780 was not “watered down” when the evidence you provided in (a) Question 2020|0023 clearly shows the safety audit...

  • Suspects extradited through European Arrest Warrant

    How many suspects of the following types of crime have been extradited from EU countries to the UK following a request from the Met Police using the European Arrest Warrant in each year since...

  • London Overground

    During your Mayoralty, what extensions have you secured to the London Overground?

  • Discretionary Mayoral Income Spent on London Fire Brigade

    How much funding over which the Mayoralty has direct control (i.e. council tax, business rates, GLA reserves and other GLA income excluding central government grants) was spent on the London Fire...

  • Spending Review (4)

    Why were combined authorities and the GLA excluded from the third and fourth tranches of the Government’s emergency Covid-19 support and do you support the Government’s decision to do so?

  • Discretionary Mayoral Income Spent on Metropolitan Police Service

    How much funding over which the Mayoralty has direct control (i.e. council tax, business rates, GLA reserves and other GLA income excluding central government grants) was spent on MOPAC in...

  • Early vaccination for bus, taxi and private hire drivers

    Front line transport workers, particularly bus, taxi and private hire drivers, have been at greater risk of infection from coronavirus during the pandemic. Will you support early vaccination for...

  • Mapping data used in Travel in London 13

    The annual Transport for London (TfL) report Travel in London 13 includes a number of maps which give a useful visualisation of changes in travel. You already publish many files for use in...

  • Engagement to develop the green new deal

    What engagement has taken place to date with environmental groups, Londoners and other stakeholders to develop the London Recovery Board’s green new deal?

  • Adult Education Recovery Fund (2)

    What are the criteria for applying for funding to the Adult Education Recovery Fund?

  • Breathe London sensors in the community

    A constituent has written to me asking why Londoners affected by air pollution should have to pay to ‘buy in’ to the Breathe London network, rather than the businesses responsible for...

  • MPS - Sepura

    Has Sepura had any contracts with the Met Police since May 2016. If so, how much was it worth and please provide details of what they provided?

  • TfL - Hikvision/Dahua

    Do Hikvision or Dahua have any contracts with Transport for London or have they had any since May 2016? If so, please provide details of what was provided and the cost breakdown.

  • GLA Precept

    How much has the total GLA Family precept risen each year since the creation of the Mayoralty? Please provide a table.

  • Thames Freeport

    What assessment have you made of the Thames freeport bid and its potential impact on London?

  • Toilet facilities for the recovery

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2019/17405, in which you said you would be informing customers of your plans for toilet facilities at Transport for London (TfL) stations. I now...

  • Air pollution and coronavirus mortality

    There is now peer-reviewed research by Francesca Dominici from Harvard University linking long-term exposure to air pollution with increased mortality from Covid-19. Will you commission new...

  • Police and the Coronavirus (1)

    How many officers serving with the Metropolitan Police are currently unavailable for duty, due either to having Covid-19, or shielding from it?

  • Private Company Policing

    Does G4S or any other private company supply the Metropolitan Police with any policing services? If so, what powers of policing do they have?

  • Handcuffing practices

    What changes have been made to Met’s police practice in the use of handcuffs following the review announced by the Commissioner in July?

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The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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