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Thursday, 7 January 2021

  • TfL Toilet Charges

    Further to my MQ 2019/0405 and subsequent meeting with TfL officers what progress has been made in ensuring all TfL toilets are free to use? I note that during the pandemic those TfL toilets that...

  • Police Body Worn Video Footage

    A leaked report revealed that the Met decided not to routinely release Body Worn Video footage, due to examples of “poor communication, a lack of patience, [and] a lack of de-escalation...

  • Transport Crime

    Crime on TfL’s Bus and Tube networks had jumped by 30% in the year before Covid. It has fallen since the start of the pandemic but what do you intend to do to ensure this fall is permanent?

  • Highways Consultations

    How will Londoners with disabilities be consulted when you modify highways?

  • Brownhill Road/Torridon Road junction

    In answer to Question 2020/3251 you stated “The request for funding for the remainder of the financial year does include a request to fund schemes such as these and I hope that an agreement...

  • Furlough fraud

    How much of the estimated £3bn of furlough money (UK wide) has been obtained by fraud in London? Have the Met and City of London Police briefed you on ongoing activities to bring those...

  • IA 16767 - Trams Management of Operational Risk Audit (7)

    If the RAIB, SNC Lavalin, Metropolitan Police, ORR and the Coroner were provided with copies of draft audit IA 16767, on what dates did this happen?

  • My Local Bobby

    My Local Bobby (MLB) is a private company that puts former police officers on uniformed patrol in London. It charges as little at £50 a month per resident to dedicate an officer to local...

  • Bim’s Burgers, Ilford

    I was disconcerted to learn of the involvement of the Metropolitan Police on 1 October 2020 in fining Bim’s Burgers of Ilford Lane £1,000 for allowing a customer to order a takeaway...

  • IA 16767 - Trams Management of Operational Risk Audit (6)

    Can you confirm that TfL provided RAIB, SNC Lavalin, Metropolitan Police, ORR and the Coroner copies of draft audit IA 16767 and all communications and collected data associated with the...

  • TfL Hotel Spending

    What is the total amount of money spent on flights and hotels by Transport for London each year including the 2015/16 year?

  • Flights

    What is the cost of (1) flights, and (2) hotels for MPS officers for 2018/19 and 2019/20 to date. Please also break down the costs for the flights for each year by first class, business and economy.

  • TfL Flights and Hotels

    What is the total amount of money TfL have spent on flights and hotels during the 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20 years?

  • Long term policies to address maintenance issues facing London bridges and tunnels

    What steps are you taking to ensure that there are long term and strategic policies to ensure the maintenance and sustainable funding arrangements for all of London’s bridges and tunnels,...

  • TfL’s use of temporary employees paid through Personal Service Companies

    Please publish a table showing how many current temporary employees at Transport for London have been engaged via employment agencies and paid through Personal Service Companies for (a) less than...

  • Cost of Crossrail

    When will you be able to confirm the final construction costs of Crossrail?

  • Car scrappage scheme (2)

    How much of the £25 million budget for the car and motorcycle scheme to help low income and disabled Londoners has been allocated so far?

  • Met Police Covid Funding Shortfall (1)

    What has the financial impact of the Coronavirus pandemic to the Met police been so far?

  • Addressing safety issues in Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

    I have been contacted by a constituent who wishes to know whether TfL has any plans for a public information campaign to remind drivers to take extra care as many school age Londoners might be...

  • Increased mobility post-Covid and air quality (2)

    What is your assessment of how Londoners’ transport use will change post-Covid?

  • Average distance between crossings on TfL roads

    What is the average distance between pedestrian crossings using either a zebra or light-controlled crossing to give pedestrian priority on the Transport for London (TfL) road network?

  • Rape Prosecutions

    Has the Government discussed the introduction of targets for rape prosecutions with the Met?

  • 60+ Oyster Card – Removal of travel ban during morning peak

    Thank you for your response to my question about, in my view, the discriminatory ban on use of 60+ Freedom Pass during morning peak hours. After months of this imposition by DfT there is no sign...

  • Public Perceptions Police (2)

    According to MOPAC’s own data, the percentage of people who know how to contact their local ward police officer has fallen significantly, from 41% in December 2014 to just 16% in June of...

  • A24 (4)

    Have you received any correspondence from residents of Merton about the A24 and if so, how many emails/letters have you received? How much has been negative, how much positive?

  • Out of Court Dispersal Orders

    Why have the number of out of court dispersals doubled between Quarter 3 2019/20 and Quarter 4 2020/21?

  • Uber Police Partnership Working

    The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) claimed that its ability to tackle drug dealing, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation would be hindered if it Uber lost its license,...

  • Removed or Refused TfL Junk Food Adverts

    How many adverts have TfL refused to be shown or removed from the network as a result of the junk food advertising ban each month since the introduction of this policy?

  • Minimising the Risk of Public Disorder

    What action have you taken to minimise the risk of public disorder in London in recent months?

  • TFL Taxi & PH financial positions for accounting periods 2018/19 & 2019/20

    Despite the Mayor claiming this was a ‘priority’ in his answer to question 2020/2692, there remains no publication of TfL Taxi & PH financial positions for accounting periods...

  • First Group TOL’s Cooperation with TFL on Tram Safety (1)

    In your response to Question 2020/0023 you posted a 27 July 2017 email from Robert Kemp (HSE & Technical Senior Audit Manager, Crossrail Head of Audit) to Mike Shirbon (Internal Audit) which,...

  • MPS flights and hotels

    What is the total amount of money spent by MPS on flights and hotels for each year since 2015/16?

  • TfL Capital Projects

    Please provide further details of the 300 major capital projects that TFL has paused? How long have they been paused for?

  • Increased mobility post-Covid and air quality (1)

    A recent survey found that 20% of people in the UK intend to drive more in 20211. Are you concerned about this and what do the air quality figures for 2020 show? 1 The Guardian,...

  • Community Monitoring Groups Recommencing Viewing of Body Worn Video Footage

    I am pleased that the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime has confirmed that Community Monitoring Groups will finally recommence viewing sessions of Body Worn Video footage. Please provide the...

  • Coronavirus and Mental Health (2)

    What is the Metropolitan Police doing to reduce the risk of homicide by mentally ill persons during a time of restricted mental health service operation?

  • Tube Train CCTV

    How many Tube trains are there on each line? How many of these have been fitted with CCTV cameras?

  • Covid policing resource implications (2)

    Will you ensure that the additional steps that have been taken during the pandemic to address the challenges of an increased level of domestic abuse will be sustained?

  • Dispersal Orders and Public Space Protection Orders

    Please set out by borough how many Dispersal Orders and Public Space Protection Orders have been made so far this year?

  • Public Perceptions Police (3)

    MOPAC data shows that in December 2014 49% of individuals felt well informed about police activities in their area over the last 12-months, compared to just 38% in June of this year. How are you...

  • Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) at COP26

    Will the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) be the lead force at COP26?

  • Free Travel for Under 18s

    How much does TfL spend annually on free travel for the under 18s going to school principally?

  • Money Laundering 2 in London Update

    How many Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWO) have been issued in London and how many properties have been seized as a result? How many of the Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWO) were issued on Political...

  • Car Clubs

    What evidence is there that you have supported car clubs during your Mayoralty?

  • A24 (2)

    Have you had any negative correspondence about the A24 from Merton Councillors and if so, how many emails or letters?

  • A24 (3)

    Have you received any correspondence from residents of Wandsworth about the A24 and if so, how many emails/letters have you received? How much has been negative, how much positive?

  • Parliament Square arrests and convictions (2)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2016/1955. Could you provide an update to this data showing how many protestors on Parliament Square have been: a) arrested b) had charges brought against...

  • Stop and Search Community Monitoring Group reviews of body worn video (3)

    Despite repeated requests from the community and members of the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee that Community Monitoring Groups are allowed to resume their viewing of body-worn video...

  • Data sharing between UBER and the Metropolitan Police Service

    Uber has confirmed, in an article in The Times on 18 September 2020, titled ‘Uber gives police private data on drivers and passengers’, that it responds to over 2,000 requests for...

  • Deferred sentences for young people

    Further to my Mayor’s Question 2018/1631 when you stated that the Metropolitan Police Service were undertaking two pilots of deferred prosecutions, what were the results of the pilots and...

  • A24 (1)

    Have you had any negative correspondence about the A24 from Wandsworth Councillors and if so, how many emails or letters?

  • Criminal Justice delays

    There is a backlog of criminal cases awaiting a court date, made worse by difficulties during the pandemic. What has this meant for (1) victims of crime in London, (2) the availability of...

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The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

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