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Sunday, 27 September 2020

  • TfL Enforcement Officers and Masks on Public Transport (7)

    How many fines have TfL enforcement officers actually imposed?

  • TfL Enforcement Officers and Masks on Public Transport (6)

    How many people have TfL enforcement officers stopped?

  • Peer Review of Phase 1 of UCL Study into London bus driver mortality from covid-19

    According to the Minutes of the TfL-UCL “Bus worker and Covid-19 Research Steering Group” Meetings published on TfL’s Website, it appears that Sir Michael Marmot was asked by...

  • TfL advertising revenue

    Further to question 2020/1715, has TfL calculated an accurate figure yet? If not, when is this due and what plans do TfL have to address this?

  • Gerrymandering Investigations

    How many investigations into electoral boundary gerrymandering has the Met conducted in the past 10 years?

  • Streetspace (4)

    What engagement did you undertake with London boroughs, local businesses and affected stakeholders in advance of publishing your Streetspace programme?

  • Fines for ‘Unlicensed Music Events’

    How many fines have been issued to those organising or attending illegal ‘unlicensed music events’ between April and August 2020?

  • Compliance with self-isolation guidance (1)

    How many penalties of all forms has the Met issued for breaches of self-isolation rules?

  • Urban firefighting and rescue course

    Please provide an update on the five-day course covering high rise, fire survival guidance and evacuation policies as noted in LFB’s consolidated GTI and HMI action plan.

  • Metropolitan Police Morale

    What has been the effect on the morale of the rank and file of the Metropolitan Police in consequence of the introduction of direct-entry at inspector level, which overturns centuries of...

  • FGM (2)

    Please advise as to how much training to combat FGM is currently taking place in London within the police force.

  • TfL Station Developments (1)

    For each of the developments at Arnos Grove, Blackhorse Road, Canons Park, Cockfosters, Colindale, Finchley Central, Harrow-on-the-Hill, High Barnet, Hounslow West, Northwood Town, Rayners Lane,...

  • Bianca Williams

    I note press reports that Metropolitan Police officers executed a vehicle stop on Saturday 4 July in Lanhill Road, London W9. Team GB athlete Bianca Williams and her partner, the Portuguese...

  • Work of the Violence Suppression Units (VSUs) (1)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2020/1641. Could you tell me: a) what is the name of the database containing details of the 1,000 people, b) which agencies have access to it, and c) is...

  • Police conducting home visits to offenders during coronavirus lockdown (2)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2020/1641. In your answer you said: "These individuals were identified by the MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) through an analysis of crime intelligence...

  • Specialist appliance crewing (1)

    How many LFB operational staff have completed a) Fire and Rescue Unit and b) Command Unit training in each year since 2016?

  • Free Speech - Extinction Rebellion

    Will you publicly support the Home Secretary’s call to defend press free speech and support calls to toughen the law with Extinction Rebellion criminals potentially facing a 5 year prison...

  • Flu Jab Awareness

    Further to your reply to MQT 2020/2399 will you consider launching a public information campaign as soon as possible on the tube and bus network to increase the NHS early flu jab uptake to fight...

  • Shoplifting (2)

    To ask the Mayor how many people have been arrested and charged for shoplifting in the Metropolitan Police District over the last five calendar years.

  • Face coverings on TfL services

    Despite publicity, it is clear that some passengers are ignoring the requirement to wear face coverings on TfL services. What can you do to encourage better compliance? As some people appear...

  • Cultural Awareness Toolkit

    How is the effectiveness of the Met’s newly commissioned cultural awareness toolkit to be measured and how long will this toolkit be used for?

  • Vehicle ‘Stop and Account’ Demographics

    Please provide the ethnic breakdown of members of the public subjected to vehicle ’stop and accounts’ conducted in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 to date.

  • TfL Pensions

    What percent is the employer contribution rate Transport for London pays towards employee pensions?

  • Vehicle Stop Demographics

    Please provide the ethnic breakdown of members of the public subjected to vehicle stops in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 to date.

  • London Fire Brigade Communications

    How much has London Fire Brigade spent on communications each year since 2015/16 to date?

  • Mayor's Press Office

    How much was spent on the Mayor’s press office in 2019/20 financial year?

  • School Bus Routes (3)

    How have the contracted payments to the school bus operators changed as a result of Covid-19?

  • ‘Producers’

    It is an offence not to produce your driving licence, certificate of insurance and MOT certificate when requested to do so by a police officer. However the usual procedure is that the police...

  • Government Safer Streets scheme (2)

    Give the rising street crime rates in the Bloomsbury area and its impact on the local West End economy, especially affecting tourists and visitors to London, why was this area not chosen as a...

  • Fines for unreadable number plates

    How many fines have the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) issued, by year, for the past five years for cars with illegible number plates?

  • Delay to incorporation of Grenfell Tower learning

    The Consolidated GTI and HMI action plan notes a delay from April 2020 to March 2021 incorporating learning from Grenfell Tower into incident command training, so that all LFB personnel...

  • Temporary Suspension of Free Travel for 11-17 year olds (2)

    Of the children with an a) 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard; or b) 16+ Zip Oyster photocard, how many of them live more than two miles from their school/college and so remain eligible for free travel...

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

    Some of my constituents are concerned that due to the nature of the Experimental Traffic Orders (ETO) they have not been properly consulted regarding roads and streets that fall under the Low...

  • Taxi Trade

    Your Streetspace programme has blocked access to the kerbside for taxis in many streets in many areas. What are you going to do to reverse this problem?

  • Bishopsgate Road Closure

    The closure of Bishopsgate and other TfL roads in the City of London to taxis means that journey times for taxis which are no longer able to use those roads are much longer and more expensive for...

  • Diversity in TfL-managed Advertising Space (3)

    What measures are you taking against the advertising of high-carbon products and service in TfL’s advertising spaces?

  • Diversity in TfL-managed Advertising Space (1)

    What measures are you taking to ensure London’s diverse and underrepresented communities are prominent on adverts shown in TfL’s advertising spaces?

  • Disproportionality in the Gangs Matrix

    Could you explain why there are still extreme ethnic disproportionalities within the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Gangs Matrix?

  • Work of the Violence Suppression Units (VSUs) (7)

    Further to my question 2020/2172, there has been a marked increase in stop and search since March this year by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). What number and proportion of all stops and...

  • Emergency Active Travel Fund

    A number of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have been funded very recently under the government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund. This funding is welcome, but due to the urgency to implement...

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The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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