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Friday, 25 September 2020

  • TfL Enforcement Officers and Masks on Public Transport (1)

    In response to Question 2020/2527, you mentioned the role of “TfL enforcement officers”, who are working together to educate passengers and enforce the requirement if necessary. How...

  • StreetSpace and mobility

    Constituents with limited mobility have raised concerns about the impact of StreetSpace schemes on their daily lives. How does StreetSpace help those who cannot walk, cycle or use public...

  • Stag Brewery development

    What assurances can you give local residents that in considering the revised planning application for this development that full consideration is being given to the traffic implications of the...

  • Representation of Bus Drivers at Quarterly Bus Operator Safety Meeting

    Section 2.1 of TfL’s “Response to UCL Initial Assessment of London Bus Driver Mortality from COVID-19 Report” mentions a quarterly safety meeting between TfL Bus Operations...

  • Adaptations to StreetSpace

    What changes are likely to be made to the StreetSpace scheme in order to make it more accessible for all Londoners?

  • Mitigations for StreetSpace

    How were mitigations put in place for those unable to walk, cycle or use public transport to ensure that StreetSpace did not leave them disconnected from their local communities?

  • Cost of the Congestion Charge changes

    What is the estimated cost to TfL of implementing the temporary changes to the Congestion Charge?

  • Tube Noise [4]

    All known locations of severe tube noise in my constituency, Finchley Central, Golders Green, Kentish Town, Mornington Crescent and Warren Street have reported an increase in tube noise over the...

  • Devolution of Great Northern Services to TfL

    Further to my most recent questions in January this year can you give me an update on TfL’s progress in persuading the Department of Transport to devolve Great Northern rail services out of...

  • Disabled persons Freedom Pass eligibility

    Are you working with London Councils to expand the Freedom Pass eligibility criteria to include those with hidden disabilities such as autism?

  • River Services under Covid-19

    What plans, if any, do you have to reduce the cost of River Services in order to encourage people to use it as an alternative to the tube or rail?

  • Route 46

    There have been concerns raised about the new single decker buses for Route 46 in local papers along its route even though the buses are bright and shiny, with a bulbous top containing the fuel...

  • Streetspace (5)

    Please provide a list of all changes under the Streetspace Programme, including details of cost, precise location and when the work was completed.

  • Tube Noise [1]

    TfL have informed me that they will not be proceeding with the installation of Delkor track fastenings, having trialled its use recently. Will you publish the report and results of the trial?

  • Tube Noise [3]

    Given the decision not to proceed with Delkor track fastenings, what further action are you taking to reduce tube noise?

  • Tube Noise [2]

    Did the Delkor track fastenings installation reduce tube noise? Did it have other impacts elsewhere, such as increased in-carriage noise?

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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