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Friday, 19 June 2020

  • TfL Outlet Rent (2)

    What is the impact – estimated or actual – of the coronavirus crisis on TfL’s income from outlet rent?

  • TfL Outlet Rent (1)

    How much income has TfL received from outlet rent for the last 3 years – including 2019/20?

  • Family homes

    Could you please provide the number of GLA-funded affordable homes with three or more bedrooms started in the financial year 2019/20?

  • Royal British Legion (2)

    The Royal British Legion have called for more to be done to raise awareness of the Armed Forces Covenant across the GLA group. What work on this is done currently, and how might it be expanded?

  • Boroughs

    Could the Mayor set out how much money the GLA has awarded boroughs during the crisis period?

  • TfL Extraordinary Funding and Financing Agreement (12)

    The Government have required “immediate reintroduction of the London Congestion Charge, LEZ and ULEZ and urgently bring forward proposals to widen the scope and levels of these charges, in...

  • A1 Sliproad, Fiveways Corner [2]

    Residents living nearby have expressed concern at the level of speeding that takes place on this 50mph road. This is dangerous given the number of schools in the area, and because it is so close...

  • Affordable housing (4)

    How many GLA-funded affordable homes started in 2019/20 were restarts from a previous year? Please provide a breakdown of these by the financial year when the original start took place.

  • Graffiti on the A406

    TfL have done a commendable job in removing graffiti along the A406 between Henley’s Corner and East Finchley High Road, yet more remains to be cleared. Please can you request them to go...

  • Affordable housing (3)

    Of the £4.82bn allocated to the London Affordable Housing Programme, how much has so far been spent? Please provide a breakdown by financial year.

  • Affordable housing (2)

    What is your target for GLA-funded affordable housing starts for the financial year 2021/22?

  • Travel Concessions (2)

    How many passengers do you estimate would be affected by the proposed changes to under 18s travel and would you expect the scheme to be reinstated for the start of the new academic year in...

  • Agriculture Bill (2)

    MPs called on the Government to include an emergency food plan in the Agriculture Bill to tackle coronavirus hunger and our insecure, unsustainable food system. Have you considered updating your...

  • Rough sleeping (1)

    How much of the £433m government funding to house rough sleepers will be allocated to London? What involvement will the GLA have in the allocation of this funding?

  • Housing completions

    Of the GLA-funded affordable homes started in the four years between 2016/17 and 2019/20, how many had been completed by April 2020? Please provide a breakdown by borough and number of bedrooms.

  • Good Growth Fund Supported Projects

    How many good growth fund supported projects have you supported across London? Please give a breakdown of projects and funding per borough.

  • New build housing developments

    I understand we have had 452 new build housing developments started in the City of Westminster in the present financial year. Can you please give me a breakdown of all the developments in the...

  • Housing completions

    Can you please give me the figures for all the housing completions across London in 2019/20 under your housing investment programme, broken down by boroughs?

  • London Land Commission

    When do you intend to publish an update to the London Land Commission register, which was originally published in January 2016, as you have previously committed to do?

  • Nominee Passes - Lockdown

    Have any restrictions been placed on the use of TfL ‘nominee passes’ since the start of lockdown and, if so, what?

  • Key worker homes

    How specifically post Coronavirus will the Mayor actively increase the number of key worker homes? Please ensure you answer the "key worker" part of the question.

  • Cycling on Pavements (1)

    I am receiving increasing numbers of emails from constituents angered at the prevalence of cycling on pavements. Do you accept that, particularly as more money and effort is being put into making...

  • Rent control

    What evidence does City Hall have to back up the Mayor’s rent control proposal?

  • Public land (1)

    How many homes have been started on public land since May 2016? Please provide a breakdown by financial year.

  • Communications across communities

    What efforts is the GLA making to ensure people whose first language is not English are kept up to date on coronavirus related health guidance?

  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    How many times has Thames Water notified the LLDC of sewerage overflows into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the past year.

  • Public land (2)

    How many homes have been completed on public land since May 2016? Please provide a breakdown by financial year.

  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    How many times has sewage been discharged into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the last year?

  • West Hampstead Tube Station

    Please provide an update on plans to install step-free access at West Hampstead’s Jubilee Line Station.

  • Covid 19 contact tracing

    The Government intends to use an app to aid its Covid 19 contact tracing; are you satisfied that the app proposed will work in London; and are you satisfied with the data protection arrangements...

  • Buses in Outer London

    I am pleased to see that Londoners are being encouraged to travel by walking or cycling. However, for people in outer London who need to get into the centre, walking and cycling is not always an...

  • TfL Bus Contract Monitoring: Required action in respect of any unsafe practices

    In the event of an “unsafe practice being undertaken by a [Bus] Operator” Section 8 of Schedule V (“MONITORING OF OVERALL PERFORMANCE”)  of TfL’s Framework Bus...

  • Disabled TfL Passengers

    I have been contacted by disabled constituents regarding the Streetspace plan. They acknowledge the positive reasons why this has been put in place, but point out that road closures make it...

  • Taxi and private hire vehicle licences

    Taxi and private hire Notice 05/20 states that taxi or PHV vehicle licences which have expired or are due to expire between 23 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 will remain licensed for a period of six...

  • Cycling on Pavements (2)

    If you agree there is a need to ensure that the pavements are safe for pedestrians, what are you doing to stop cyclists riding where they shouldn’t?

  • Equality Impact Assessments

    Were Equality Impact Assessments done on the removal of free travel for older Londoners and under-18s? If not, will you conduct these vital studies?

  • Statutory sick pay

    How many people are eligible for Statutory Sick Pay only, in London? If you do not know this, given how important it will be for considering the effects of NHS Trace instructions to isolate, will...

  • Protecting transport workers from assault by spitting

    On 2 June 2020 the Commissioner for Transport for London (TfL) said that there have been 60 reported incidents of spitting at transport workers since the start of coronavirus lockdown. What...

  • Funding for cladding remediation in the social sector

    The Government has told social and public housing owners they can only get funding from the new £1 billion cladding remediation fund to the value of costs they have passed on to residents,...

  • Supporting Harmony Hall

    Harmony Hall in Walthamstow is a multi-cultural family centre and a vital asset for the community. Please provide an update on how you are supporting the charity CREST and its supporters to...

  • Measuring overcrowding in London (2)

    Further to my question 2018/0126, I note that Islington Council is using overcrowding advisors to offer households in the borough help and advice on managing overcrowded homes, and what realistic...

  • Culture Budget

    Please can you list the total GLA culture budget for each year May-April from 2016 to 2020?

  • Green recovery (2)

    Many Londoners who normally experience a blight of aircraft noise have welcomed the drop in air traffic. How are you working with airports, airlines and the Government to prevent noise rising...

  • Extended construction hours

    The Government intends to allow construction sites to apply to work until up to 9pm to catch up with lost time during the Coronavirus lockdown. Do you agree that in most residential areas in...

  • State aid rules after December 2020

    What will happen to the requirement not to breach state aid support of 200,000 euros in the administration of cladding remediation funds after the UK’s transition period in leaving the EU...

  • Registrations with the new cladding remediation fund

    How many buildings in London are registered with the system the Government has commissioned from Faithful + Gould to speed remediation?

  • State aid breaches - June

    How many instances of an “economic undertaking” (for the purposes of state aid rules) breaching the 200,00 euros over three years limit have been recorded in the administration of the...

  • TfL Outlet Rent (3)

    Have any rental outlets in TfL stations/properties been given any form of payment holiday during the coronavirus crisis – if so, from when, and what is the estimated cost of this?

  • Furloughed Londoners (2)

    What support can you provide to workers who have been furloughed and now may be made redundant due to the changes in the Job Retention Scheme? How can your Adult Education Budget support them to...

  • Key Workers use of Freedom Pass during Temporary Restriction

    Government conditions for the TfL funding deal temporarily restrict the hours during which Londoners can use their Freedom Pass. This includes many key workers who are essential for the COVID-19...

  • Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 on BAME Communities

    I welcome your call for an independent inquiry into the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities. What evidence are you gathering and how will this impact City Hall’s future work?

  • London Housebuilders

    Following data from the Insolvency Service that 368 housebuilders collapsed in 2019, compared to 207 in 2016 when you became Mayor of London, how many of these operated in London and what, if...

  • Small Sites

    What are you doing to accelerate the very small number of pilot small sites in the programme run by the GLA and TfL? How many home starts will small and medium sized builders, non-G15 Housing...

  • Under 18s Travel Concession

    What is Transport for London’s estimation of the cost to London Boroughs if they have to pick up the bill for the government’s decision to withdraw the Under 18s travel concession?

  • TfL Extraordinary Funding and Financing Agreement (9)

    A £55m Active Travel Plan to promote cycling and walking, including new segregated cycle lanes, closures of roads to through traffic, and pavement extensions, will be agreed and overseen by...

  • Annual cost for pot-hole repairs

    How many pot-holes do we have annually on the red routes managed by TfL and what is the annual repair cost?

  • Affordable housing (1)

    What is your target for GLA-funded affordable housing starts for the current financial year 2020/21?

  • Average Service Charge Levels for GLA-funded Properties

    Does the GLA collect data on levels of service charge for properties funded by the GLA, and if so, could you provide an average figure per property for each London borough? If not, could you give...

  • TfL’s Monitoring of its Bus Contractors’ Covid-19 Risk Reduction Actions

    Please provide me with the exact dates and locations of scheduled inspections, unannounced spot checks and audits that TfL has undertaken since March 2020 of (a) bus depots to ensure that bus...

  • Crossrail (2)

    Gareth Bacon MP: Once Trial Running begins on Crossrail, how long is it anticipated to take?

  • Compliance with the “Shared Ownership Charter for Service Charges”

    How does the GLA monitor compliance with the “Shared Ownership Charter for Service Charges”, and what avenues for redress are there for residents who feel their housing provider is...

  • Crossrail (4)

    Gareth Bacon MP: How many Crossrail stations have been certified as ready for Trial Running and how many are left to be certified?

  • Construction works on unsafe high rises affected by covid-19

    Of the buildings with ACM cladding in contact with the GLA over remediation funds, how many have seen works delayed owing to coronavirus-related reasons?

  • Non-ACM dangerous cladding

    How many residential buildings of 11m or more in height in London have non-ACM cladding that does not meet revised fire safety standards? Please break this down by borough and by public / private...

  • Crossrail (5)

    Gareth Bacon MP: What work is being undertaken to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the Crossrail delivery programme and what are the conclusions of this work so far?

  • TfL Unoccupied Property

    How much of TFL owned property was unoccupied before and after the start of Covid-19?

  • TfL Land Value

    What is your estimate of the total value of land and buildings that are owned by TFL, not including stations, railway and roads?

  • TfL Extraordinary Funding and Financing Agreement (13)

    TfL will seek to maximise the construction activity within TfL’s remit. How many construction sites are within TfL’s remit, how many were brought to a safe stop during the period of...

  • Cycle skills

    With the growth in cycling and the purchase of bicycles it is disappointing to see TfL’s website page dedicated to the provision of cycle...

  • School Streets

    How many schools have and will benefit from your school streets initiative? Have all London Boroughs applied for City Hall funding for their schools?

  • London Living Rent and Shared Ownership - Staircasing

    For GLA funded homes, please provide figures for a) the number of shared owners who have purchased a larger share of their property (staircased) over the last five years, broken down by month,...

  • Unsafe Cladding

    I am aware that the GLA will administer the £700 million London share of the Government’s Building Safety Fund, but the capital’s housing associations recently announced that...

  • Shared Ownership Homes Value (1)

    Can you please provide figures for the number of shared ownership homes funded by the GLA, broken down by borough and year, with a market value of between a) £500,000-£600,000; and b)...

  • Shared Ownership Homes Value (2)

    Please provide the market value for the most expensive shared ownership property in London funded by the GLA.

  • TfL funding settlement

    Is it likely that the TfL funding settlement agreed with the Government will result in reduced services, such as cuts to capacity and length of bus routes?

  • Further Education estates

    What assessment have you made of the ability for London’s Further Education estates to maintain social distancing? Could the Skills for Londoners Capital Fund be used to increase space for...

  • Overcrowding and COVID-19

    Analysis by Inside Housing has shown a clear link between hotspots of COVID-19 deaths and overcrowding - of the 20 local authority areas where COVID-19 has claimed most lives per 100,000 people,...

  • Funeral Costs and COVID-19 (2)

    What work is your office specifically doing to support those struggling with funeral costs?

  • Funeral Costs and COVID-19 (1)

    A constituent has raised concerns about the costs of funerals for families who are already struggling financially as a result of COVID-19. What conversations have you had with government to raise...

  • BAME young people

    How will you use your Skills for Londoners programme to support young BAME Londoners to reduce economic injustice in a post-Covid-19 recovery?

  • Child Poverty and COVID-19

    New statistics released show child poverty has risen by over 100,000 in the last ten years, and that in the last five years it has risen in every single London Borough. How are you working to...

  • Adult Education Budget

    Thank you for your answer to question 2020/1556 on Adult Education Budget (AEB) flexibility during Covid-19. You stated that you have set up a Covid-19 Response Fund, worth up to £9m, for...

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