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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

  • Teacher mental health

    Many teachers have had to rapidly pivot to entirely new ways of working, which could exacerbate existing mental health problems among London’s teaching workforce. Could you work with...

  • No-Go Areas (2)

    To ask the Mayor are there any no-go areas for the London Ambulance Service in London?

  • Supporting health and social care through coronavirus

    How has the GLA family supported health and social care services to prepare, react, and recover from the coronavirus pandemic?

  • Childhood Obesity Taskforce

    What measures is the Childhood Obesity Taskforce putting in place in response to the Covid-19 lockdown?

  • Employment rights hub coronavirus advice

    Will your Employment Rights Hub advise workers to follow their section 44 rights under the Employment Rights Act and refuse to remain in an unsafe workplace, in the event of it not meeting...

  • Streetspace

    With regard to your Streetspace plan, how will you ensure you meet your legal duties to consult before progressing with cycling schemes on Park Lane, CW9 and elsewhere?

  • Healthy, sustainable food

    There is increasing evidence that poor diet, linked to food poverty, is a contributing factor to Covid-19 mortality. How can you support Londoners to grow food, including those who live in flats,...

  • TfL Modelling

    TfL has stated ‘early modelling’ suggests there could be a ’10-fold increase in cycling and a 5-fold increase in walking’. That would mean that 20% of all journeys in...

  • Council Tax Maximisation (1)

    What are the “ethical collection measures” noted in MD2618?

  • Council Tax Maximisation (2)

    Will boroughs involved in your council tax maximisation effort as noted in MD2618 be barred from using bailiffs to target low-income council tax payers in arrears?

  • Royal British Legion (1)

    In their ‘Plan for London’, the Royal British Legion have called for vulnerabilities such as loneliness and social isolation to be included in your Health Inequalities Strategy. Is...

  • Joint review into cost of living for NHS staff

    Will you publish the findings into the joint review of NHS staff cost of living in London noted in your response to my question 2020/1411?

  • GLA support for NHS demographic modelling

    In response to my question 2020/1413, you said that you would offer Sir David Sloman the GLA’s expertise in demographics so as to support NHS workforce requirements. Has the NHS taken up...

  • London Health Board Living Wage payers

    How many of the organisations represented at the London Health Board pay all in-house and contracted staff at least the London Living Wage, and how many do not?

  • London People Board

    What representation does the GLA have on the London People Board?

  • London Health Board sick pay rates

    How many of the organisations represented at the London Health Board utilise workers either directly employed or contracted eligible for only Statutory Sick Pay?

  • Green recovery (3)

    Do you agree with me that bailouts for airlines operating in London should come with attached conditions protecting workers and committing to carbon reduction?

  • Green recovery (4)

    With the news that car production has fallen to the lowest levels since WW2, are you lobbying the Government to take this opportunity to transfer workers to low-carbon, well-paid jobs for a green...

  • Workplace parking spaces

    How many potential workplace parking spaces do we have for the whole of Greater London, broken down for each London borough?

  • Access to Green Spaces for People Shielding

    A constituent has contacted me regarding access to parks and green spaces for those shielding. They are concerned that those who need to shield could suffer from physical and mental health...

  • NHS reconfigurations

    Are you still committed to making your support for NHS service reconfigurations conditional on proper consultation with the public and all stakeholders taking place?

  • Reopening public toilets after coronavirus

    As more people are able to meet outside and the summer weather encourages them to do so, what actions are you and boroughs taking to protect London’s parks and streets from the inevitable...

  • People shielding in London

    How many people in London are shielding and what support is the GLA offering them?

  • Coronavirus testing capacity in London

    What was coronavirus testing capacity in London for each week from the beginning of April [2020] onwards, and how many people in London took a test in each week?

  • Unsafe plans for a return to Parliament

    Are you concerned that plans for MPs to return to Westminster risk exposing Londoners to coronavirus, as the Parliamentary estate and practices cannot be made Covid-secure and personnel will be...

  • Edmonton Eco Park

    Does the Mayor support the new incinerator at the Edmonton Eco Park in Enfield?

  • Air Quality

    Could the Mayor provide the latest London Average Air Quality Levels data set?

  • Childhood Obesity Taskforce

    What measures has your childhood obesity taskforce taken in response to the Covid-19 pandemic?

  • Trees (1)

    What work are you doing to ensure that trees are protected as much as possible in London, particularly in regard to the city's ecological and biodiversity needs?

  • Consultation on lockdown changes

    What consultation or other engagement was done with PHE London and the GLA over steps towards easing lockdown measures?

  • Heatwaves

    As we approach summer, how are you preparing to mitigate the impact of any heatwaves and ensure London’s water supply to reduce the strain on the NHS at this crucial time?

  • Crowding in green spaces

    What more can and should be done to aid social distancing in London’s green spaces, in line with your work to aid social distancing on public transport, streets and pavements?

  • Harwood Terrace (1)

    One of my constituents asks: You are committed to improving air quality in London, how are you working to prevent decisions by particular Boroughs that significantly damage the air quality for...

  • Harwood Terrace (2)

    My constituent refers to the hugely unpopular decision by Hammersmith & Fulham Council to close Harwood Terrace to cars, even though doing so has significantly increased traffic and pollution...

  • Royal British Legion (3)

    What work does ‘Thrive LDN’ currently carry out with the Armed Forces community?

  • CS9 on King Street (1)

    With regard to King Street in Hammersmith, do you recognise that if CS9 is built, cars will not be able to pass by buses which have stopped at the bus stop about 150 yards up from the Broadway?

  • Secure cycle parking facilities in London

    With the growth in cycling and the purchase of bicycles in recent weeks and further measures that are being adopted to support its continued growth, what steps will be taken during 2020 to (a)...

  • CS9 on King Street

    At the point where King Street meets The Goldhawk Road on the right, there is currently a lane for turning right and – due to the end of the bus lane – a lane for traffic to continue...

  • Face coverings on public transport

    Following the announcement on the 15 June 2020 that the wearing of face coverings on public transport throughout England will be mandatory, please state what steps TfL will be taking to use all...

  • Impact of Covid-19 on BAME Londoners

    We know that Covid-19 has a disproportionate impact on BAME people. I know you, and other leaders across London have called for an independent inquiry into this, which I fully support. Do you...

  • Trimming of grass verges

    Due to reduced staff numbers some local authorities have left grass verges untrimmed, except for where vegetation is impeding sight lines. Will you encourage all London boroughs to continue, or...

  • Open green spaces in London during coronavirus

    The recent relaxation of lockdown rules by the government has meant more Londoners are using our many wonderful green and open spaces. However, we are now seeing huge volumes of rubbish left in...

  • Air pollution and the spread of coronavirus

    Emerging scientific evidence from the University of Bologna and University of Toronto demonstrates there could be a relationship between particulate air pollution and the spread of viruses, such...

  • Monitoring at Bus Stop LA (Mare St/ Wells Park)

    Constituents have raised concerns about bus overcrowding and inability to board at bus stop Q (Mare St/Victoria Park). When will monitoring at this busy stop begin?

  • Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health

    The Covid-19 crisis is having a severe impact on the mental health of many people. As it stands, it is very difficult for people to access mental health care, with incredibly long waiting lists...

  • COVID-19 Response and Government Funding (2)

    Has further funding been promised but not yet delivered to support the work of City Hall in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • COVID-19 Response and Government Funding (1)

    How much additional funding has the government provided to City Hall for its response supporting Londoners during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • COVID-19 Response and Government Funding (3)

    How much has City Hall spent in supporting Londoners during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • 384 Bus (1)

    What discussions has the Mayor had with the board of Transport for London on the route changes planned for the 384 bus?

  • International flights

    International flights have been and are still landing on a regular basis at Heathrow and until recently other London airports, with no testing or required quarantine of passengers at the airport...

  • Pandemic assessment to relax restrictions

    What is your assessment of the five lockdown tests used by the government to decide when to relax restrictions in relation to London?

  • Adapting the Health Inequalities Strategy for new times

    What changes are you making to your health inequalities programmes to address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic?

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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