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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

  • Ensuring clean air and space for people during lockdown

    The reduction in traffic has led to a reduction of 27% in NO2 in central London, in addition to the 35% reduction since 2017 as a result of the ULEZ and other measures to clean up our air....

  • Safeguarding vulnerable children

    You will be aware of the worrying statistics showing just 10% of vulnerable children are attending schools during lockdown. How can you bring together local authorities, social services and...

  • TfL Finances

    Given the ongoing impact of lockdown, will you please update the Assembly on TfL's finances including Crossrail and can you confirm there has been no further slippage on Crossrail's most recent...

  • Food insecurity during COVID-19

    What support are you providing to support the increasing number of Londoners going hungry during this pandemic, and what further support is needed as we enter the recovery phase?

  • Public Transport Capacity

    How do you intend to increase public transport capacity over the coming weeks and months?

  • Exercise Cygnus

    What role did you and the GLA family of services play in Exercise Cygnus; and what were the lessons from the exercise; and do you agree that the conclusions and findings of the exercise ought to...

  • Supporting Small Businesses

    Florence Eshalomi MP: How are you supporting small businesses and the self-employed in London, particularly those that have fallen through the cracks when it comes to Government support?

  • Global Cities’ response to coronavirus

    You have been working with the C40 group of global cities on their Global Recovery Taskforce, to share strategies and ideas about how we can deal with and recover from the coronavirus crisis....

  • GLA Budget

    The Deputy Mayor for Resilience told the Oversight Committee on 7 May 2020 that the coronavirus pandemic is (understandably) having a “massive impact on finances” across the whole GLA...

  • Policing during the Coronavirus crisis

    What guidance and advice have you provided to the Met in terms of their approach towards enforcing the Coronavirus lockdown, and how will this change moving forwards?

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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