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London Assembly

Friday, 20 March 2020

  • Clearwell computer system

    Please can you provide a full explanation on the issues surrounding the Met computer system Clearwell, which according to court papers dated 8th August 2019, has no functionality despite costing...

  • Shoplifting 2

    Shop keepers in Chelsea find that shoplifting and theft is most prolific between 4 and 6pm, will you increase police patrols during this time?

  • Staff Survey Actions

    What actions were taken as a result of the 2017 GLA staff survey and are being considered for the 2019 GLA staff survey and how are these actions being measured?

  • Prostitution in Enfield & Haringey (1)

    What is being done to tackle prostitution and kerb crawling in Haringey and Enfield, Particularly in the Fore Street area?

  • Police Driving Instructors (2)

    Since the start of 2019 has the Met employed any agency workers as police driving instructors who are not registered with the DVSA as licenced instructors, which would go against the rules set...

  • Prostitution in Enfield & Haringey (2)

    Are there any joint operations against kerb crawlers planned in the future in Enfield and Haringey?

  • Hit and run prosecutions 2019 (2)

    Thank you for your response to my question 2020/0071. The data that you provided in the answer does not contain, or at least detail explicitly, any fatalities under ‘severity type’,...

  • Authorised Firearms Officers

    Please can you advise how many authorised firearms officers (AFO) were employed by the Met in December 2019, December 2018, December 2017 and December 2016?

  • The Number of Arrests in London Through the European Arrest Warrant

    I am deeply concerned that under existing plans for Brexit the government seem to be entirely abandoning the European Arrest Warrant. Can you provide the number of individuals arrested in London...

  • Police bail extensions

    On how many occasions have people had an extension to police bail beyond the initial 28 day limit since the 3rd April 2017?

  • Crimes Against Children in Care

    Can you confirm whether the Met, as a matter of routine, gives a child in care or their social worker, any form of letter to tell them the status of an investigation, whether they are...

  • Robbery 1

    For each of the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 please provide an age breakdown of robbery victims and offenders?

  • Clearwell 2

    Please provide all communications to and from DCI Gary Hankey regarding the Clearwell Computer system?

  • Clearwell 3

    Please provide any reports/briefings on issues regarding the Met Clearwell computer system

  • Leave

    For each of the following organisations, please list the types of leave available to staff: • MPS • TFL • GLA • LFB And further to this, for each of these except standard...

  • The Use of RUIs (Released Under Investigation) by the Met (1)

    Please provide figures on how many RUI cases there were in the Met in the last two years, with a breakdown by area of crime?

  • Windows 7 2

    How many machines use Windows 7 in the GLA?

  • London Fire Brigade training contract

    Has the Met built in safeguards to its new contract with Babcock International given the failings identified by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS)...

  • Publication of MPS response to NetPol report

    MOPAC has indicated in a response to the Network for Police Monitoring (NetPol) that the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) will be publishing a full response to NetPol’s report, Restricting...

  • Released under investigation domestic violence

    How many people did the Met release ‘under investigation’ who had been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence offences between 3rd April 2018 and 2nd April 2019? If possible,...

  • Released under investigation

    How many people did the Met release ‘under investigation’ by the police between 3rd April 2018 and 2nd April 2019? If possible, please can you state the average length of time these...

  • Released under investigation ‘no further action’

    How many people have the Met released ‘under investigation’ who have then gone on to see their case marked as ‘No Further Action’ between 3rd April 2017 to the 30th...

  • Released under investigation rape & sexual assault

    How many people did the Met release ‘under investigation’ by the police who had been arrested on suspicion of rape or sexual assault between 3rd April 2018 and 2nd April 2019? If...

  • Pre-charge police bail

    How many people did the Met release on pre-charge police bail between 3rd April 2018 and 2nd April 2019? If possible, please can you state the average length of time these people were on bail for.

  • Cyber Crime Unit Work on One Coin Scam

    Following on from your answer to 2019/20186, please provide more detail on the specific work the Met’s Cyber Crime Unit is undertaking to tackle the One Coin scam and protect those in...

  • Police bail ‘no further action’

    How many people did the Met release on pre-charge police bail who have then gone on to see their case marked as ‘No Further Action’ between 3rd April 2018 and 2nd April 2019?

  • Shoplifting

    Why are the police seemingly refusing to investigate so called "shoplifting" theft even when clear CCTV footage is available?

  • Indecent images of children arrests

    How many arrests were made by the MPS in relation to crimes concerning indecent images of children in 2019 and each of the four years before this?

  • Borough breakdown of cold, damp and mouldy homes in London

    There are more than 146,000 cold, damp and mouldy homes in our city. Can you provide a borough by borough breakdown of London’s cold, damp and mouldy homes?

  • London’s housing crisis

    Have you left London’s housing situation in a better state than when you first took office in 2016?

  • Non-ACM cladding data collection

    Further to your answer to Question No: 2020/0579, ‘ When do you expect MHCLG to publish information on buildings with forms of unsafe cladding other than ACM?’ Your answer being: The...

  • Grenfell Tower Inquiry recommendations for building owners (1)

    How many buildings have implemented the steps, insofar as possible within the current legal and regulatory framework, recommended in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry?

  • Housing

    Are you meeting your housing commitments to Londoners?

  • Short term lettings

    Following the GLA’s excellent “Short-term and holiday letting in London” report, how will you work with boroughs to better monitor the impact of short-term lettings in London,...

  • Building Council Homes for Londoners

    Other than capital funding for grant, what support has the GLA provided to councils to increase the number of homes they are building. For example, how many (if any) GLA staff have been placed...

  • Affordable housing programme (5)

    When you provide the next quarterly update to the GLA affordable housing statistics in May, and from then on, could you provide within or alongside those statistics a breakdown of provider, in...

  • Affordable housing programme (4)

    How do you monitor the proportion of housing starts that are affordable for Approved Providers in London? Could you provide a list of Approved Providers and the proportion of the homes they have...

  • Precision Manufactured Homes

    What proportion of successful bids to the GLA for affordable housing funding involve an element of precision-manufactured homes?

  • PRISM app

    Since its launch last summer, could you provide an update on how you have worked with housebuilders to roll-out the PRISM app and could you provide any examples of where it is being used by GLA...

  • Numbers of state aid forms for cladding remediation

    What is the a) modal average, b) highest and c) lowest number of state aid forms that have needed to be collected to progress remediation in private high-rise residential buildings accessing the...

  • GLA Funded Family Homes

    Following your response to my question 2020/0599, will you ensure that information related to the bedroom breakdown of homes becomes mandatory as part of GLA funded programmes, so that delivery...

  • Housing moves (1)

    How many new London Affordable Rent homes have been a) made available through the Housing Moves scheme and b) let through the Housing Moves scheme?

  • Private rented sector

    Could you summarise what the focus of the London Borough Private Rented Sector Partnership has been since its establishment and how it has improved the Private Rented Sector for Londoners?

  • Seaside and Country Homes

    What proportion of applications for a new property that were made through the Seaside and Country Homes scheme were successful in each year since 2013/2014?

  • Grenfell Tower Inquiry recommendations for building owners (2)

    What steps are the London Fire Brigade and the GLA taking to get building managers to implement the reforms in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry ahead of new legislation?

  • Right to Buy Ring-Fence Offer (2)

    Do you, or will you, monitor the use of funding used by local authorities through the Right to Buy Ring-Fence Offer to monitor the number of new affordable homes started and completed through...

  • Right to Buy Ring-Fence Offer (1)

    How many local authorities have signed up to your Right to Buy receipts ring-fence offer and how much funding has been a) allocated to each borough and b) drawn down by each borough?

  • GLA Funded Family Homes (2)

    Following your response to my question 2020/0599, you provided a spreadsheet with the project breakdown of homes for Q3 in 2019/20. Can you provide equivalent spreadsheets for all previous...

  • Second home landlords (2)

    Are you aware of any evidence that landlords with second homes have a negative impact on your ability to address London's housing crisis? If so, what is it?

  • Second home landlords (1)

    Have you conducted, or do you intend to conduct, any research on the impact on London's housing market of landlords with second homes?

  • Winter Programme Fund for rough sleepers

    When will the Mayor report on the delivery outcomes from his 2019/20 Winter Programme Fund for rough sleepers?

  • Housing moves (2)

    How many lettings have been made through the Housing Moves scheme in each of the past 5 years?

  • Housing moves (3)

    Do you have a breakdown of lettings made through the Housing Moves scheme by tenure moved from and tenure moved to?

  • Leasehold ground rents

    Following the Competition and Markets Authority’s report into the miss-selling of leasehold properties, which finds that there is no legal or commercial justification for ground rents, will...

  • Cladding remediation funds March update

    Please state how much money has been a) allocated and b) disbursed and to how many buildings for the GLA-administered social and private sector ACM cladding remediation funds.

  • Dangerous Cladding

    It is becoming increasingly clear that the Government remedial fund, limited solely to ACM cladding on tall buildings is too restrictive and inadequate in quantum. Other types of cladding are...

  • Lark Court fire safety certification (1)

    Notting Hill Genesis have failed to ensure an intrusive fire safety inspection has been carried out, resulting in my constituents being unable to remortgage, sell, or move. Do you agree that...

  • Lark Court fire safety certification (2)

    What more can you do to encourage building owners, like Notting Hill Genesis, to prioritise getting fire safety certificates for their buildings so that residents are not trapped in homes of...

  • Affordable housing programme (7)

    What proportion of new homes supported by the GLA are wheelchair user dwellings (per Building Regulation M4(3))?

  • Affordable housing programme (6)

    Could you provide an updated spreadsheet setting out all funding allocations made to date under your Affordable Housing Programme, both for organisations, and by borough, with the number of homes...

  • Affordable housing programme (2)

    Could you set out what number of allocations made under your affordable housing programme have been through a) the Approved Provider Route b) Developer-led route and c) Negotiated Grant rates?

  • Affordable housing programme (3)

    In how many cases has the Developer-led route allowed grant to be applied to all affordable homes in a scheme after initial grant has lifted the proportion of affordable homes above the 40% threshold?

  • Dedicated Ward Officer hubs (2)

    How many Dedicated Ward Officer hubs have been provided in existing police buildings and how many have been provided at partner sites? For each site, please provide the name of the partner.

  • Dedicated Ward Officer hubs (1)

    How many Dedicated Ward Officer hubs have been rolled out to date? Please provide details of their locations.

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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