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London Assembly

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

  • Hammersmith Bridge (1)

    Can you update me on the current status of funding for the works on Hammersmith Bridge?

  • Hammersmith Bridge (2)

    Can you update me on when the temporary bridge might be installed at Hammersmith Bridge?

  • Hammersmith Bridge (3)

    Many constituents have complained that the additional bus services, put in to deal with the consequences of the closure of Hammersmith Bridge, are inadequate. What plans does TfL have to improve...

  • Dial-a-Ride (1)

    In 2004/05 Dial-a-Ride completed 1,260,669 trips and there were 99,821 refusals. In 2018/19 Dial-a-Ride completed 1,000,525 trips and there were 135,296 refusals. This means the number of...

  • Dial-a-Ride (3)

    Dial-a-Ride’s service would be much improved if users were guaranteed a round trip. Will you make those users that guarantee?

  • Numbers of Engineer Assessments of Tube Noise

    Please provide the number of engineer visits that have taken place to assess levels of tube noise in residential buildings between Highbury and Islington and King’s Cross stations. Please...

  • Tube noise

    The increased level of tube noise and vibration from Northern line underground trains between Golders Green and Hampstead stations are causing real issues for residents from loss of sleep at...

  • Temporary Hammersmith Bridge (2)

    What will this bespoke temporary pedestrian bridge cost the taxpayer?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (6)

    What type of taxi service is your preferred choice in the future, is it a service where taxis are hailed directly from the street, or is it a service where taxis are booked on demand via an App?

  • Appointing the next TfL Commissioner

    Having had a chance to reflect on my suggestion at the Assembly Plenary meeting of 5th March 2020 , do you agree that the it would make sense to involve the current Chair and Deputy Chair of the...

  • District and Piccadilly Lines Maintenance

    Both District and Piccadilly Lines were closed for maintenance on the weekend of the 15th/16th February. Rail replacement buses stopped at Wimbledon, with those who wanted to head into South...

  • Temporary Hammersmith Bridge (1)

    When will the Pell Frischmann proposed temporary Hammersmith Bridge be open to scrutiny as an option?

  • Bond Street Station Building Work

    Extremely loud work on Bond Street Western Ticket Hall continued until 12:40am on 26th February and unacceptable noise levels in the middle of the night seem to have become the norm. When...

  • Frequency of the Number 9 bus

    A constituent of mine wrote to TfL over two months ago, and at the time of tabling this question had not received a response, regarding frequent overcrowding on the number 9 bus. What...

  • International Bus Benchmarking Group Data

    In your 10 January 2020 response to Question 2019/20676 you stated “TfL intends to publish a simplified synopsis of the 2018 IBBG data later this year.” How is the data to be...

  • Delivery of New Trains to Chingford to Liverpool St Line

    Please provide an update on when residents can expect delivery of these trains. It is now three months after TfL promised that delivery would be completed.

  • Average bus speeds

    The 27th March 2019 TfL Board papers say, “Weighted bus customer journey time is an accumulation of all the elements of a customer’s journey experience measured in minutes, meaning...

  • Wheelchair accessible private hire vehicles

    How many private hire vehicles (PHVs) currently licensed in London are wheelchair accessible, and what proportion of the fleet do they represent?

  • H1 Bus Route (2)

    What consideration has TfL given to extending the H1 bus route either northwards or southwards?

  • H1 Bus Route (1)

    What consideration has TfL given to introducing a stop for the H1 bus route at Sutton Station?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (2)

    Since your mayoralty, journey times in taxis have increased significantly, this is attributed to the fact that so many roads are now inaccessible to taxis. Do you acknowledge that passengers are...

  • 240 bus

    The 240 bus route runs through town centres, residential areas and passes many schools in Mill Hill, Edgware and Hendon. It still uses polluting Euro IV diesel buses, increasing the risk of...

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (1)

    Since your mayoralty journey times in taxis have increased significantly, this is attributed to the fact that so many roads are now inaccessible to taxis. Do you acknowledge that taxi drivers are...

  • Helicopter Noise

    In reference to MQ 2018/5506, what success have you had in lobbying the Civil Aviation Authority and Government to review and amend the noise regime to ensure reduced noise exposure from helicopters?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (4)

    Do you accept the more roads that are inaccessible to taxis, the less people will use taxis, therefore, the taxi trade will continue to reduce in size?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (5)

    In my experience from talking to taxi drivers, most of the taxi trade agree that your taxi & private hire action plan has failed. Do you agree and understand the frustration of taxi drivers?

  • Temporary Hammersmith Road Bridge

    Will TfL please now seriously consider the latest (revised) robust Beckett Rankine proposal for the speedy installation of a cost-effective temporary road bridge in order to relieve the...

  • Routemaster Boarding

    By banning entry on middle and back doors of new Routemasters, are you hitting people with disabilities, senior citizens and those with toddlers? Why has there been no public consultation on this...

  • Announcement of Retention Bonus for London Bus Drivers

    Please provide me with all the communication and documentation between City Hall, TfL and Unite the Union pertaining to your 14 February 2020 announcement to give TfL Bus Drivers a retention bonus.

  • TfL target for bus speeds

    I understand that TfL currently has a target of average speeds of buses of 9.2 mph. Will you take steps to ensure that a more ambitious target is set for 2020/2021?

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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