London Assembly

Monday, 16 March 2020

  • Resilience to coronavirus of emergency services

    How will blue light staff get to work in the event of restrictions on travel owing to coronavirus?

  • Coronavirus impact [2]

    Has any assessment been made about the impact of a Coronavirus pandemic on London’s emergency service staffing levels and ability to respond to an emergency?

  • Signing off sick for coronavirus (2)

    Gig economy, self employed people, and the very low paid are often not able to claim sick pay, which presents them with a choice between self-isolation and paying the bills. Will you raise this...

  • Public health lab capacity to address coronavirus

    Are you concerned that the move of the public health laboratory out of London has affected our ability to react to the coronavirus outbreak?

  • NHS readiness for coronovirus

    What discussions have you had with London and national NHS partners about responding to coronavirus?

  • Signing off sick for coronavirus (1)

    NHS workers on outsourced contracts are often not able to claim sick pay for the first three days of illness, which presents them with a choice between self-isolation and paying the bills. Will...

  • High bed occupancy before coronavirus

    What discussions have you had with the NHS about reducing bed occupancy, which is above safe levels in many hospitals, in readiness for a potential influx of coronavirus patients?

  • Self testing for coronavirus

    What discussions have you had with NHS partners about enabling self-testing for coronavirus along the lines of the Sexual Health London service now offered?

  • Cost of electric vehicle charging at Heathrow

    Taxi drivers have been in touch with me concerned that already high costs for charging a taxi at Heathrow have now been increased. I am concerned that if electric vehicle (EV) charging at...

  • Single-use cups at Transport for London (TfL)

    When will Transport for London (TfL) stop using single-use cups in their buildings?

  • Whole Line Tube Journeys

    Can you provide a breakdown from 2016-19, and line by line, of the proportion/percentage of Tube services which covered which proportion of the line? For example, what proportion/percentage of...

  • Electric vehicle charging points on the footway (4)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2019/4115. Could you provide a list, by borough, of Transport for London (TfL) installed electric vehicle rapid charging points and indicate for each...

  • Transport for London energy (1)

    What Power Purchase Agreements were agreed between Transport for London and energy generators for each year over the last five years?

  • Duration of stay put suspension

    London Fire Brigade (LFB) and National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) have called out the extremely lengthy periods of time that buildings have required interim fire safety measures to address the...

  • London Fire Brigade (LFB) Control to incident commander communication

    What progress has been made on providing a direct communication link between Control and the Incident Commander?

  • 20 mph speed limits on London's roads (3)

    What percentage, and how many kilometres of London’s total road network had a 20 mph speed limit when you entered office, and what percentage will have this limit by May 2020?

  • Air Quality

    What further improvements to air quality in Wandsworth do you expect, when the ULEZ is expanded to the north and south circulars in 2021?

  • Sutton Tram Extension

    TfL have now confirmed which scheme they prefer for the tram extension to Sutton. Is a funding package now in place, with contributions from TfL, Merton, Sutton and central government, for this...

  • British Gas Meters

    British Gas have recently raised their minimum charge on their pay-as-you-go meters from £1 to £5, which is increasing hardship for some on low and insecure incomes in London. Will you...

  • New 20 mph speed limits (2)

    Thank you for your response to my question 2018/5192. You said you have no expectation for the police to provide additional enforcement beyond their routine activity to achieve compliance....

  • Proposed ferry service between Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf

    Will this new ferry service use either hybrid or fully electric powered ferries?

  • Piecemeal delivery of Quietways

    A constituent reports that cycling enhancements to three crossings of the planned Quietway 21 (Q21) in Ham, between Richmond Park and Teddington Lock, were carried out in 2019, but no further...

  • TfL Internal Audit IA 17780

    The documents released under Question 2019/17339 have an 8 June 2017 email from a senior TfL health and safety manager to First Group Tram Operations Limited which states: “It might be...

  • Low Emission Zone (2)

    What level of compliance are you anticipating in the first year of the strengthened Low Emission Zone?

  • Multiple fire survival guidance (FSG) calls

    Does the London Fire Brigade have a procedure for dealing with more FSG calls than it has Control operators on duty at any one time?

  • Fire Cadets

    Will you meet your commitment to ensure there is a fire cadet scheme in every borough by the end of the current financial year?

  • Government review of stay put

    What participation does the London Fire Brigade have in the Government’s review of stay put and mass rescue operations and when is this project expected to produce a report and / or...

  • Dial-a-Ride (2)

    What is TfL doing to address Dial-a-Ride’s problems and reverse the situation?

  • Car Free Days

    What work has been undertaken to assess the impact of your planned car free days on London's economy and its potential cost to London's businesses?

  • Migration salary Impact in London (1)

    Does City Hall have data on the number of Londoners paid below the Government’s proposed £25,600 salary threshold for its points-based migration system?

  • Solar potential on the Transport for London estate

    Transport for London (TfL) has carried out detailed studies of the total solar potential across its estate, including mapping the total potential across all TfL-owned rooftops, and studies on...

  • Fare Evasion on the Buses

    How many commuters have been caught fare-dodging on London’s buses over the last three years?

  • Targets for school exclusions

    How many fewer pupils does the Violence Reduction Unit and its partners hope to have been expelled from secondary schools in London by the end of 2020 compared with 2019?

  • Fuel Poverty Action Plan

    How many London boroughs have implemented the Fuel Poverty Action Plan?

  • London Motor Cab Proprietor’s Association (LMCPA)

    How many times have you or anyone from TfL met with the London Motor Cab Proprietor’s Association in the last four years, and will you undertake to meet with them regularly in the future?

  • Resilience to extreme weather

    London has been spared the worst of recent flooding but is likely to bear the brunt of any heatwaves this summer. What steps have you taken in the last year to ensure the GLA is prepared and are...

  • Cycle Superhighways

    What do you plan to spend on constructing and installing cycle superhighways, cycle quiet-ways and other cycle routes in the financial year 2020/21?

  • Modernisation of pelican crossings

    A constituent has written to me concerned about the safety of pelican crossings. Two pedestrians in London have been killed crossing these during the flashing green crossing phase in the past...

  • Byd (1)

    TfL is buying 80% of their electric buses from BYD. Based on the evidence of BYD’s electric buses’ performance so far in London and – where they are in use – around the...

  • Operational risk database (ORD) review

    How many ORD entries for high rise premises have been reviewed since June 2017, and how many have been found to require further information?

  • Improving TfL Customer Service

    What measures is TfL putting in place to improve its customer service to ensure that it is a listening organisation that responds professionally to issues raised when things go wrong?

  • London Fire Brigade (LFB) Control room relocation

    What is the average time taken from the decision being made to relocate from Merton Control to Stratford Control, and the fallback centre being fully operational?

  • Silvertown Tunnel (3)

    The Silvertown Tunnel will cost a billion pounds, raised from tolling Blackwall and Silvertown. Have you and TfL ever sat down and worked out what you could achieve, in terms of greenhouse gas...

  • Silvertown Tunnel (2)

    Newham has the worst air quality in the UK - and some of the poorest communities in London. The Silvertown Tunnel will make already polluted air worse for thousands of Newham residents. How can...

  • Crossrail (2)

    What are the projected costs for any further delay to the opening of the full Crossrail line?

  • TfL accepting advertisements from Mayoral candidates

    What is TfL’s policy for permitting advertising by Mayoral candidates on its network, including advertisements for commercial activities by Mayoral candidates such as promotions of books?

  • TfL's 2016 decision to stop conducting safety audits on its bus contractors

    Given that the Met Police’s and TfL’s own bus safety performance data show a steady increase in KSIs per quarter since you became Mayor, how do you propose to ensure that TfL’s...

  • Crossrail (1)

    My constituents in Havering and Redbridge remain concerned about the ongoing delays to Crossrail – can you provide them with reassurance that there will be no further delays to this vital...

  • Bus Network Safety Performance Index (1)

    In your response to Question 2019/20678 you listed 76 key performance indicators that constitute the bus network safety performance index. Why are KPIs relating to bus driver fatigue and toilet...

  • Union Communication with Staff at TfL

    Please can you confirm whether TfL gives its recognised trade unions the facility to display information on staff intranet, internal social media and electronic notice boards (resources that are...

  • Waterloo Underground station

    It is now over three months since the newly built York Road entrance to Waterloo Underground station closed to allow safety inspections to be carried out on the building above. Please provide an...

  • Transport links in South East London

    I have been contacted by a constituent who wishes you to address the following question: when will a night service for the Docklands Light Railway be introduced?

  • Free public transport in Luxembourg

    Luxembourg recently became the first country to provide free public transport. As you know London has high levels of air pollution which have a devastating effect on health, especially children...

  • Camden-Tottenham Cycleway

    Can you update me on the progress being made on the proposed Cycleway between Camden and Tottenham?

  • Don't Be Idle (2)

    When will Marylebone get its first Electric Vehicle-only taxi rank?

  • Crossrail (1)

    How often do you meet with TfL and Crossrail Ltd to discuss the ongoing work on the Elizabeth Line and what meetings have you had in 2020?

  • Migration salary Impact in London (5)

    What impact would the Government’s proposed £25,600 salary threshold have on the hospitality sector in London?

  • Migration salary Impact in London (4)

    What impact would the Government’s proposed £25,600 salary threshold have on the construction sector in London?

  • TfL as a landlord

    Is it reasonable that a small business in West Kensington, the landlord of which is TfL, has been waiting a year for TfL to decide by how much they plan to increase his rent and to send him a...

  • Migration salary Impact in London (2)

    Does City Hall have data on the number of EU Londoners paid below the Government’s proposed £25,600 salary threshold for its points based migration system?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (7)

    Do you believe that app companies are operating on the wrong side of the employment laws, and if so, how are you going ensure that app companies who TfL licence are compliant with all laws?

  • Crossrail (2)

    What lessons have you learned about the ongoing delays to the Elizabeth Line and how will they be applied to the planning of Crossrail 2?

  • Bus Stops Cowbridge Lane and Cowbridge Lane (SB) in Barking

    Please can you confirm whether there are any planned works by TfL to provide seating and rain cover at these two bus stops (Cowbridge Lane and Cowbridge Lane (SB)), which are used by a number of...

  • Silvertown Tunnel (5)

    In a letter to the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition, you wrote: "I am committed to reducing car dominance, improving air quality and addressing climate change. The current situation at the...

  • Silvertown Tunnel (6)

    You claim that the Silvertown Tunnel scheme leads to an improvement in overall air quality. However your carbon and energy statement shows an increase of 0.4% in CO2 emissions across all of...

  • Silvertown Tunnel (7)

    You claim an overall improvement in air quality after Silvertown, even though air gets worse in many places. Have you looked at the interaction of this new pollution distribution with population...

  • Lambeth/Southwark healthy Streets Cycling Scheme (1)

    Lambeth has completed its consultation on its side of the joint Lambeth/Southwark Healthy Streets Cycling Scheme, whilst Southwark’s consultation is ongoing. What consideration was given to...

  • Lambeth/Southwark Healthy Streets Cycling Scheme (2)

    Does the Mayor recognise the inherent problem of holding two consultations on the Lambeth/Southwark Healthy Streets Cycling Scheme as if the schemes are separate, given that the schemes are...

  • Signposting Customers to London Travelwatch

    How will TfL be improving its processes so that complainants are signposted to other agencies (such as London Travelwatch) when TfL are unable to provide a solution which satisfies the complainant?

  • Lambeth/Southwark Healthy Streets Cycling Scheme (4)

    Once an impact assessment on the whole Lambeth/Southwark Healthy Streets Cycling Scheme is complete, will the Mayor commit to carrying out a cross-borough consultation on the whole scheme?

  • Old Oak Common

    What in-depth work has been done to allay fears that 250,000 passengers a day at the Old Oak Common HS2 super-hub will not overwhelm surrounding urban village streetscapes, including both roads...

  • Brownhill Road/Torridon Road junction

    Does TfL have any plans to make this junction fully accessible for pedestrians with pedestrian controlled lights on each of the four sides of this junction?

  • Stay put suspension (1)

    How many buildings in each borough have Stay Put suspended for reasons of ACM cladding? Please break this down by social and private sector.

  • Stay put suspension (2)

    How many buildings in each borough have Stay Put suspended for reasons other than ACM cladding? Please break this down by social and private sector.

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (3)

    Do you accept that your taxi policy has caused a deterioration in the overall mental health of taxi drivers?

  • School exclusions

    If children expelled from school are more likely to be involved in crime, when can we expect the Violence Reduction Unit to set some objectives and metrics for how it plans to improve the way...

  • Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) work with Pupil referral units

    How is the VRU working with Pupil Referral Units?

  • Capita performance (2)

    How many hours in total has the Capita mobilising system used by the London Fire Brigade been non-functional since its introduction?

  • Capita performance (3)

    How many times has an engineer been required to attend London Fire Brigade’s control rooms to deal with a problem with the Capita mobilising system?

  • TfL fire hazards (2)

    For each bus depot operating TfL services in London, how many a) notices of deficiency and b) enforcement notices have been received from London Fire Brigade in each year from 2010 to the present?

  • Capita performance (1)

    How many times in each year since the introduction of London Fire Brigade’s Capita mobilising system has it crashed for a) less than one hour and b) longer than one hour?

  • Visits to buildings with stay put suspended (1)

    How often do London Fire Brigade crews visit buildings where stay put is suspended?

  • Visits to buildings with stay put suspended (2)

    How many buildings is each London Fire Brigade station responsible for visiting owing to the suspension of stay put at those sites?

  • Capita performance (4)

    What is the average a) inner London and b) outer London attendance times for first and second appliances when London Fire Brigade Control Rooms are mobilising by hand due to a problem with the...

  • LFB policy note review completion

    Please provide the expected publication date for London Fire Brigade updated policy notes 790, 633, and 539.

  • 60+ London Oyster photocard

    I understand that people who apply for a 60+ London Oyster photocard are given the option to tick a box for London Councils to get in touch with the person nearer the time they are eligible for a...

  • Migration salary Impact in London (3)

    What impact would the Government’s proposed £25,600 salary threshold have on the social care sector in London?

  • 20 mph speed limits on London's roads (4)

    What percentage, and how many kilometres of the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) had a 20 mph speed limit when you entered office, and what percentage will have this limit by May 2020?

  • Migration Salary Impact in Outer London

    Do you share my concerns that the Government’s proposed £25,600 salary threshold for its points-based migration system may disproportionately harm Outer London boroughs where employers...

  • Schools engaged with through the Violence Reduction Unit

    How many secondary schools is the Violence Reduction Unit actively working with in London as part of its work to reduce school exclusions? Please provide this information by borough.

  • Lambeth/Southwark Heathy Streets Cycling Scheme (3)

    Will the Mayor intervene to put the ongoing Southwark consultation on hold and ensure that work such as air quality impact assessment studies, traffic modelling including bus journey time impacts...

  • Free Travel for Nurses

    Following the Royal College of Nursing’s cost of living report, what plans, if any, do you have to offer free travel to nurses in the same way there is free travel for police officers?

  • London Fire Brigade (LFB) command unit recommissioning

    How many command units are being procured for LFB and where will they be based?

  • Statement contained in your 1 October Letter to London Assembly Chair Jennette Arnold rejecting the 4 July London Assembly Croydon Tram Motion

    In your letter of 1 October 2019 rejecting the London Assembly motion requesting an independent investigation to discover why TfL failed to provide IA 17780 to the Croydon Crash Investigation,...

  • Unsuitable Break Facilities on TfL Bus Routes

    In your response to Question 2020/0745, you stated “Transport for London (TfL) is aware of a small number of locations where facilities for drivers to take breaks are not suitable.”...

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