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London Assembly

Friday, 28 February 2020

  • Emails and Communication between First Group TOL about Fatigue Audit IA 17780 sent between 19 May 2017 and 7 July 2017

    When will TfL provide the documents you promised it would send to me in your 13th September response to question 2019/17339?

  • Electric car charging availability (3)

    There are 2,491 public electric vehicle charging devices in inner London, but only 1,869 in outer London. Given car ownership in outer London is higher shouldn’t we be seeing more public...

  • Ride Hailing Apps

    Do you agree with Steve McNamara, Secretary General of the London Taxi Drivers Association, that the increasing number of ride hailing apps in London could benefit drivers, who can work on apps...

  • Temporary Hammersmith Road Bridge

    Would TfL support Beckett Rankine in formulating a planning application for a temporary bridge for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham as a matter of urgency?

  • Sprinklers (2)

    The Assembly’s report, 'Never again: Sprinklers as the next step towards safer homes', from May 2018, recommended that the GLA Skills team should work with British Automatic Fire Sprinkler...

  • Tooting Broadway escalators

    How long has the middle escalator at Tooting Broadway station been out of order, why has this been the case and when will it be fully working again?

  • Tariff adjustments for taxis

    I have received complaints from the taxi trade about the continued late implementation of the taxi tariff. Why has there been a delay to the implementation of the taxi tariff adjustments? How can...

  • PHV Licenses (4)

    In each of the past 5 years, how many Private Hire Operators have reported licence holder impersonation to TfL?

  • Black Cab Licenses

    In each of the past 5 years how many Black Cab licences have been cancelled as a direct result of the licence holder having been found to have carried out a sexual assault?

  • PHV Licenses (3)

    In each of the past 5 years how many PHV licences have been cancelled as a direct result of the licence holder having been found to have carried out a sexual assault?

  • PHV Licenses (2)

    In each of the last 5 years how many PHV driver licences have been cancelled and for what reasons?

  • PHV Licenses (1)

    In each of the last 5 years how many PHV driver licences have been suspended and for what reasons?

  • Ward’s Corner and Latin Village, Seven Sisters

    Do you agree with UN human rights experts who have said that demolishing Ward’s Corner and the Latin Village in Haringey is a threat to the cultural life of London’s Latin American...

  • Terms of Reference/Contract Specifications and Tender Notification for Coaching and Mentoring Services for TfL Executives

    Please provide me with the Terms of Reference/Contract Specifications, Tender Notifications and Professional Qualifications of "Panthea Leadership" and "Leonardo Advisory Wondrous People Ltd" for...

  • Rapid Charge Points

    Out of the current 207 rapid charge points, how many facilitate rear vehicle charge only?

  • Templates of Bus Contract Performance Audits

    Please provide me with the template of every Bus Contract Performance Audit conducted by TfL from 2005.

  • Temporary Pedestrian Hammersmith Bridge

    What are the total project costs for the bespoke pedestrian bridge that TfL are procuring whilst repairs on Hammersmith Bridge are being carried out?

  • Exempt vehicles in the Ultra Low Emission Zone

    In the report on the first six months of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) you say that 38 per cent of non-compliant vehicles were eligible for a 100 per cent discount or exemption. Can you...

  • E-Bike Surveillance Plans

    Has TfL overstepped the mark between private and public sector, respecting business intellectual capital with your e-bike surveillance plans?


    Have the schools participating in TfL’s STARS programme seen an increase in the number of children and parents using active travel to go to and from sites?

  • Never again: Sprinklers as the next step towards safer homes?

    Could the Mayor confirm whether or not the Deputy Mayor for Fire and Resilience has established a working group including London’s water companies, Water UK and local authorities to...

  • Sprinklers (1)

    The Assembly’s report, 'Never again: Sprinklers as the next step towards safer homes', from May 2018, recommended that you convene a working group to assess the viability of connecting new...

  • TFL Flights

    What is the total amount of money TFL have spent on flights during the 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19 year? Please also provide the total number of flights as well as the category?

  • Hammersmith Bridge

    What progress have you made in resolving the ongoing Hammersmith Bridge situation?

  • Correspondence following the Lakanal House fire

    Please provide copies of all correspondence to local authorities and housing associations referenced in response to question 2019/14532

  • 2019 Bus Safety Summit

    Will you ensure copies of the final agenda, list of invites and attendees, and all presentations made to TfL’s 2019 Bus Safety Summit held on 27 November 2019 are published in full online?

  • Travelling Without a Valid Ticket on the TfL Network 4

    Please provide details of the costs incurred by TfL in prosecuting people caught travelling on the TfL Network without a valid ticket in the years 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19....

  • Wireless taxi charging

    Following reports of the initiative of inductive charging of taxis in Nottingham, what steps are being taken to ensure that TfL considers the use of such technology in London?

  • Wrightbus in administration

    Further to your reply to Question 2019/19617 where you stated “Transport for London and its bus operators are currently working with the administrators over the level of support available...

  • Mass evacuation preparation (3)

    When will the Brigade’s revised policy note 790 be published?

  • Provision of Sexual Health Services in London

    Sexual health services are important and should be easily accessible to all Londoners. Do you share my concern around the seeming reduction in the provision of sexual health services in London...

  • Clean Buses

    Are London Bus Operators meeting your target of only buying clean electric or hydrogen buses from 1st January 2020?

  • Extra places for incident command training (3)

    By when will Babcock have sufficient capacity to train all the officers required to undergo incident commander training?

  • Crossrail

    Crossrail had originally planned for the central section of the railway to open in December 2018. On 10 January 2020, Crossrail Ltd. announced that the opening of the central section would take...

  • Mass evacuation preparation (2)

    When will the Brigade’s revised policy note 633 be published?

  • Harwood Terrace

    The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham is blaming TfL for the closure of Harwood Terrace. Please advise the Assembly of TfL’s perspective on why Harwood Terrace is closed and...

  • Ola (1)

    OLA are soon launching in London and they'll be dispatching bookings to taxi drivers via their app. Are taxi drivers to class this OLA booking as a private hire booking when they accept it?

  • Children’s mental health

    The Children’s Commissioner has recently reported that the average wait for children to access mental health services is 53 days. How are you supporting and up-skilling school staff in...

  • Grant to help EU citizens to apply for EU Settlement Scheme

    How many EU Londoners do you expect to be supported by the awarding of 12, £5,000 micro-grants to community organisations to engage with European communities?

  • Sutton Tram

    With the announcement that TfL has decided on its preferred route for the Sutton Tram but that it lacks the funds to pay for it, should my constituents hold out any hope that it will actually be...

  • Room/Facility Hire (2)

    As a follow up to your answer to my question 2019/21082, what is the reason for the decrease in annual income from venue hire for City Hall, Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square Garden?

  • London's Living Room

    On how many occasions since 2016 has London's Living Room been hired out without charge? Please list each occasion.

  • TfL Bus Safety Performance since 2016

    Analysis of the Metropolitan Police’s published STATS19 and TfL’s own Quarterly Bus Safety Data clearly evidence Bus Safety Performance trending downwards since 2016. On 4 February...

  • Food and Drinks Industry

    Are you and your team open to engaging with anyone from the Food and Drinks industry who want to improve public health in London?

  • Taxi Driver Toilets

    Further to MQ 2018/0669 can you confirm what facilities are currently accessible to taxi drivers? How does a taxi driver go about getting access to those facilities? How many taxi drivers have...

  • Taxi Fares Review

    Further to MQ 2018/0670 can you update me on what the additional research on taxi fares and tariffs found and how they were fed into the 2019 fares review?

  • Learning from August energy blackouts (2)

    Was any TfL rolling stock affected by the software issues with restarting following the August energy blackout?

  • The Knowledge of London

    Can you update me on your discussions with the Office for Qualifications and Examinations Regulation with regards to establishing the Knowledge as a formal qualification?

  • TfL Advertising

    How much money has TfL made from advertising each year since 2015?

  • Borough Funding (1)

    How much Local Implementation Plan funding is TfL providing to Boroughs in 2019/20? How much do you plan to provide in 2020/21? Please provides figures that are comparable with those on page 336...

  • Junk Food Ban Assessment

    You promised an assessment of the TfL junk food advertising ban a year after its introduction. It is now almost a year to the day since you introduced this policy. With junk food adverts still on...

  • City Hall Windows 2

    For each of the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, how much has been spent on replacing City Hall Windows, and how much does each window cost?

  • Taxi Ranks (1)

    How many Taxis ranks are there in London and how many of them are accessible?

  • Step free Consultation

    TfL’s 23 October 2019 Programmes and Investment Committee said, “TfL has started to engage with stakeholders on priorities for a future step free access investment on the LU network....

  • Bank Central Line Step Free

    TfL’s 15 May 2019 Programmes and Investment Committee said, “Step-free access to the Central line at Bank station had not been included in the original scope for the project, owing to...

  • Step Free London Underground Stations (2)

    Outside of the £200m scheme to make 30 stations Step Free, since May 2016 what London Underground Stations a) have been made step free or; b) are planned to become step free?

  • EU Londoners Hub

    How many Londoners have been granted settled status as a direct result of your actions through the EU Londoners Hub?

  • Drug poisoning

    The number of deaths from drug poisoning is at its highest level nationally since 1993. What initiatives will you be considering in London to reduce the number of deaths from drug consumption?

  • Fire boat replacement

    When will the new LFB fire boats be fully operational?

  • Incident commander level evacuation tool

    What consideration has LFB given to the fitting of evacuation alarms in high rise premises that can be activated by incident commanders on a floor by floor basis?

  • Disease-related malnutrition

    What work are you doing to address and identify disease-related malnutrition?

  • Social-related malnutrition

    What work are you doing to address and identify social-related malnutrition?

  • Kitchen Social Target

    Why has your Kitchen Social scheme failed to deliver on its target of providing 300,000 meals to 50,000 children and young people in London by 2020?

  • Boroughs Food Group

    How many London Boroughs are represented on the Boroughs Food Group? If not all London Boroughs then why not?

  • TfL Accessibility for Blind and Visually Impaired People

    What measures are you putting in place or exploring to make access to the TfL network easier for blind and visually impaired Londoners?

  • Taxi Ranks (2)

    Can you provide a summary at the start of the London Taxi Ranks Booklet giving the headline figures for information provided in the booklet, such as the total number of ranks, number of...

  • Weapons at London City Hal

    For each of the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 how many weapons have been detected by security at London City Hall, broken down by weapon type?

  • Windows 7 3

    How many machines use Windows 7 in TFL?

  • Step Free London Underground Stations (1)

    The December 2016 TfL Business Plan committed £200m to make 30 stations Step Free by 2021/22. Can you name those 30 stations and when they became step free or are due to become step free?

  • Sutton Tram Extension

    The December 2018 TfL Business Plan says “Continue to develop proposals for an extension of the tram network between Sutton town centre and Merton”, but it is not mentioned in the...

  • Bakerloo Line Extension

    Your predecessor’s TfL Budget 2016/17 and Business Plan says, “After assessing a number of options we have confirmed we will focus on an extension from Elephant and Castle to Lewisham...

  • 20 MPH Roads

    Can you confirm which boroughs a) currently have a 20MPH limit across all roads they operate and maintain; b) currently have 20MPH zones; and c) currently have no 20MPH limits or zones?

  • New orbital links for outer London

    What new orbital links for outer London have you introduced, or plan to introduce, as Mayor?

  • Station Overcrowding

    How many TfL stations have been fully or partially closed due to overcrowding each year since 2015? Please give a breakdown by station.

  • Parking for Cargo Bikes near High Streets

    Is TfL starting to give consideration to parking options for cargo bikes in high streets to help the revival of retail areas?

  • TfL Staff Discounts (1)

    How much has the TfL staff Eurostar discount cost TfL each year since May 2016?

  • Uber 2

    For each of the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 for TFL, please provide the following: • Number of expenses claims for Uber journeys • Amount spent on expenses claims for Uber...

  • Soho NHS walk-in centre

    What specifically can you do to help Nickie Aiken MP and West End councillors campaign to save the Soho NHS Walk in Centre?

  • Cycling maps

    A constituent has written to me after trying to print out a cycle map provided by Transport for London (TfL) on its website. They were unable to create a paper map that was usable from the web...

  • Driver courses

    Please provide the names of driver training courses offered to drivers instead of penalty points/fines, the names of the organisations that provide the course, and for each of years 2015, 2016,...

  • Go Look See (1)

    During the Transport Commissioner’s appearance before the Transport Committee on 4 February 2020, he mentioned that TfL had instituted a process called “Go Look See” which meant...

  • Consultants and Agency Staff

    TfL have provided me with the following information on the amount of money spent on consultants and agency staff. Year Consultancy NPL (Agency) Total 2015/16 £114,217,392 £169,435,445...

  • Enabling the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and HMICFRS report recommendations

    How will the £7.7m increase in London Fire Brigade’s budget help implement the recommendations of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry phase one report, and the Her Majesty's Inspectorate of...

  • Capital spend on cycle parking

    What has been your investment in cycle parking by year from 2016-17 up to 2019-20, and what is the expected spend by Transport for London (TfL) for 2020-21 to 2024-25?

  • Decentralised Energy Enabling Project (DEEP) (2)

    How many of the 60 potential sites identified to be incorporated into a heat network are being taken forward?

  • 5G base stations

    Local authorities in London are starting to receive planning applications for 30m high 5G base stations, including in open spaces, near schools, etc. Many constituents have expressed concern that...

  • Tube delays

    List all delays by Underground line, categorised by 'severe' and 'mild', on the TfL tube network over the past 12 months.

  • TfL Business Plan (2)

    There is a £749m drop (shown in the capital account) in planned new capital investment (2018/19 to 2023/24) between the 2018 and 2019 business plans. The 2019 business plan says,...

  • Changing 5 Year Baseline in Bus Safety Scorecard to more accurately reflect Bus Safety Performance under your Leadership

    A former TfL Director and Safety Panel Chair has provided evidence to the Transport Committee which shows that TfL’s use of a 2005-2009 baseline in its Scorecard masks worsening performance...

  • Go Look See (3)

    Which TfL executive is responsible for (1) carrying out “Go Look See" investigations and (2a) collecting (2b) analysing and (2c) distributing information collected from TfL’s...

  • Healthy food dialogue with industry

    What discussions have you had with the food industry (both for groceries and out of home meals) over improving the nutritional content of the food they market and advertise?

  • Social prescribing

    The London Assembly Health Committee undertook a call for evidence and submitted a response to the Mayor's Social Prescribing Vision in March 2019. The response highlighted the importance of...

  • TfL Business Plan (1)

    Why is there an £82 million drop in Business Rates between 2022/23 and 2023/24 as shown in the Operating Account?

  • Reducing the burden of ill health at work

    How will your budget make sure Londoners can access employment that is health promoting?

  • Step-Free Tube

    The Transport Committee has recently been investigating Accessible and Inclusive Transport in London and we are aware of your £200m commitment to making more than 30 additional Tube stations...

  • Hailo

    In your answer to MQ 2019/17376 you stated that Hailo (now known as Free Now) is outside of TfL’s regulatory remit and it is a stakeholder that TfL engages with on a regular basis, but you...

  • ‘Managed’ Migration of Universal Credit (1)

    Do you share my concerns that the ‘managed’ migration to Universal Credit risks pushing vulnerable Londoners into severe financial hardship?

  • 2019 Quarterly Bus Safety Data

    In response to Question 2020/0012 TfL has published bus safety data for Quarter 2 and Quarter 3, but the new data is in an entirely different format and lacks the granularity of the previous 21...

  • Process for Customer Complaints About Buses

    Could you tell me what the process is for when customers make complaints to TfL regarding the buses? A constituent was told they would have to contact the bus operator themselves as opposed to...

  • Transport for London energy (2)

    What was Transport for London's electricity bill for each year of the last four years? What is the current status of TfL's electricity supply contract?

  • Transport for London energy (4)

    What action has Transport for London undertaken to explore routes for i. electricity demand side response; ii. electricity storage; and iii. local energy supply?

  • Step free access

    TfL’s website currently states in the year 2019/20: Amersham, Burnt Oak, Cockfosters, Debden, Hanger Lane, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Ickenham, Mill Hill East, Northolt, Osterley, Sudbury Hill and...

  • TfL's Failure to implement Advanced Driving Tests (3)

    Does the Mayor agree that TfL TPH are at fault for not implementing advanced driving tests for private hire drivers as instructed by you in your taxi and private hire action plan, and therefore,...

  • TfL Licensing Appointment

    A taxi driver has been asked to attend a licensing appointment by TfL, but hasn't been told what the appointment is about. He has also been asked to attend alone and without any representation....

  • TfL's Failure to implement Advanced Driving Tests (1)

    A taxi driver has been asking TfL questions in regards to TfL's failure to implement advanced driving tests for private hire drivers for the last 9 months without a reply. Do you accept this is...

  • TfL's Failure to implement Advanced Driving Tests (2)

    The driver suffered physical health issues and anxiety due to the non-fault accident caused by a private hire driver who had been working on the Uber platform for 2 days. Do you agree that if TfL...

  • Temporary staff spend in the NHS

    Freedom of Information requests I submitted to NHS Trusts suggest that in 2018/19 they spent around £1 billion on bank and agency staff. What discussions, if any, have you had with Sir David...

  • Ola (2)

    Section 9 (8) of the Private Hire Vehicles (London) (Operators' Licences) Regulations 2000 state; any fare payable in respect of the [private hire] booking shall be calculated as if the vehicle...

  • Increasing Healthy early years London (HEYL) uptake in deprived areas

    Your answer to question 2020/0297 noted only 74 schools in the 10% most deprived areas (3% of total registered schools) have signed up to the HEYL. What are you doing to increase this?

  • London’s nursing shortfall

    In your response to question 2020/0296 you estimated that 6300 of the 36,000 new nurses the Government has promised will be assigned to London NHS Trusts. On current vacancy rates, this would...

  • London’s nursing staff living in the red (2)

    When will the London Health Board begin and complete its review of the cost of living in London for health workers, as noted in the London Health Vision?

  • London’s nursing staff living in the red (1)

    What consideration have you made of the findings and recommendations of the Royal College of Nursing’s report on the unsustainable cost of living in London?

  • Tube Journey Times

    Can you provide any data which shows the average time for journeys across the Tube network, for each line, from 2016-2019?

  • Voting rights for EU Londoners

    Do you support full voting rights for EU citizens who will remain in their home city of London?

  • Malnutrition Cases

    How many cases of malnutrition have there been in London each year since 2016? Please give a breakdown of social-related and disease-related.

  • First Group’s Failure to Approve TfL Fatigue Management Audit IA 17780

    In the documents contained in your delayed response to Question 2019/8811 there is a minute (page 83) which indicates Fatigue Audit IA 17780 was never approved by Tram Operations Limited. How is...

  • Publication of Q4 2019 Bus Safety Data before Purdah

    Mr Mayor, please will you guarantee that TfL will publish its Q4 2019 bus safety data in a timely way and will not use the rules of Purdah or any other excuse to delay their publication until...

  • Impact of Domestic Violence on Food Insecurity

    Voluntary organisations working to tackle food insecurity have spoken to me about cases in which domestic violence has been linked to food insecurity. How can you work with voluntary...

  • Information sharing between police forces on missing persons

    A constituent is concerned that when they enquired at a Network Rail station to British Transport Police (BTP) about a vulnerable older missing person they were helping family members to search...

  • Vision Zero

    TfL’s Vision Zero Action plan sets clear targets to reduce the number of those injured or killed in or on a bus by 2030. Given the new industry-wide concerns regarding the level of safety...

  • Food Poverty Action plans (1)

    How have Food Poverty Action Plans helped to tackle food insecurity in the boroughs in which they operate?

  • Food Poverty Action plans (2)

    How are you ensuring the Boroughs Food Group shares best practice from Food Poverty Action Plans to all London boroughs?

  • Food Insecurity Survey for Londoners without recourse to public funds

    Do you share my concern that Londoners, including children, without recourse to public funds, are more likely to suffer from food insecurity and what can we do to combat this?

  • ‘Managed’ Migration of Universal Credit (2)

    Have you had any indication from the Government about when the ‘managed’ migration to Universal Credit is likely to take place in London?

  • ‘Managed’ Migration of Universal Credit (3)

    Many vulnerable Londoners who require welfare support through the Universal Credit system find it difficult to access and navigate. For example, digital barriers may prevent people from being...

  • Impact of the Benefit Cap on Food Insecurity

    How has the benefit cap impacted food insecurity in London?

  • Taxi drivers using apps

    A constituent has requested that I raise with you the following question. In response to question 2018/1125 you stated: "Taxi drivers who are plying for hire on-street or via an app can only...

  • Extra places for incident command training (1)

    How many places for incident command training has LFB needed to purchase from other training providers owing to lack of capacity from Babcock?

  • Breaking the Babcock contract (2)

    How much would it cost for LFB to exit the Babcock training contract? Please break this cost down as far as possible.

  • Incident commander training (2)

    What percentage of LFB officers have completed level 1 and level 2 incident commander training?

  • Breaking the Babcock contract (1)

    When did LFB last assess the costs of exiting the Babcock training contract?

  • Secondees to Babcock for LFB training

    Who will pay the costs of staff seconded to Babcock as part of efforts to improve LFB training?

  • London Food Board

    What has the London Food Board achieved since its creation?

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The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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