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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

  • Dial-a-Ride

    Please declare your first two-quarters operational statistics for 2019/20: The number of requested trips. The number of completed trips. Please also state the number of refusals in the period...

  • TfL winter resilience

    Please state: 1. What is the total in kilometres of road gritted (or other similar winter preparation) by TfL in each quarter from 2015 to the present? 2. What quantity of grit (and similar...

  • Rough Sleepers

    To ask the Mayor, what percentage of rough sleepers in London are not UK nationals?

  • Queen’s speech 2019 – building safety bill

    What discussions have you had with the Government regarding the Building Safety Bill outlined in the December 2019 Queen’s speech?

  • Total costs of building remediation

    What estimate have housing sector delivery partners made of the cost and time scale for remediating all fire safety problems in their housing stock?

  • Valuing high-rise buildings with flammable cladding

    What impact will the new valuation process for high rise buildings with flammable cladding, agreed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, UK Finance, and Building Societies Association,...

  • Accommodation for Grenfell Tower residents

    Are you concerned that more than two years after the Grenfell Tower fire, nine families are still not in a permanent home?

  • Completion of remediation works in London

    On the basis of the GLA’s administration of the cladding remediation funds, when do you expect a) all buildings to have begun works and b) all buildings to have completed works?

  • Shared ownership

    Do you believe that shared ownership schemes make genuinely affordable homes available to a wide enough range of Londoners?

  • Dial-a-Ride (1)

    Next year the Woodford depot will be closing which accounts for one third of all London Dial a Ride completed trips. I also understand that TfL has a site in Beckton which runs alongside the A13....

  • TfL 2016 decision to stop conducting safety audits on its Bus Contractors

    Following up Question 2019/4034 please provide me with any decision memorandums, emails, notes of discussions, agendas and minutes of all meetings relating to TfL’s 2016 decision to...

  • Knife Crime (1)

    What will you be doing differently in 2020 to stem the rise in knife crime and homicides?

  • RAF Northolt (2)

    According to a recent poll by the Regional Business Airports Group, 68% of local residents in Uxbridge were unaware of the re-opening of RAF Northolt to commercial flights on the 11th November...

  • RAF Northolt (1)

    I understand that RAF Northolt re-opened to commercial flights on 11th November 2019 following a £23 million renovation, with London City Airport now running commercial flights from RAF...

  • Dial-a-Ride (2)

    Please declare the number of Dial a ride complaints TfL has received on a year by year basis including the difference between the years and percentages for the last five consecutive years up to...

  • Ensuring Bartrip Street South becomes a Designated Travellers Site

    How will you ensure that the Bartrip Street South site becomes a designated travellers site before LLDC funding runs out in May 2020?

  • Look Up campaign

    Does TfL have any plans to support awareness raising campaigns, such as the Look Up campaign, to improve journeys for people with visible and invisible accessibility needs?

  • Leaseholders in London (2)

    Since you launched your “Guide for Leaseholders” page on the website, how many unique views has it had?

  • Leaseholders in London (3)

    Since you launched your “Guide for Leaseholders” page on the website, how have you updated it following emailed suggestions?

  • GLA funded open market homes (2)

    With regard to the GLA funded open market homes in my previous questions 2019/20409 and 2019/17764, can you estimate how much funding has gone to these? If not, could you commit to providing this...

  • North Middlesex University Hospital (NMUH)

    Please provide an update on development at the NMUH site that was acquired using the Mayor’s Land Fund.

  • Peabody index 2019 (1)

    Are you concerned that the latest Peabody index shows incomes for social housing tenants in London have fallen by 1.1%?

  • Shared ownership staircasing

    Is there any data available on “staircasing”, that is where a shared owner increases the ownership share in their property? If so, can this be broken down by borough?

  • Speed of remediation buildings with ACM cladding (2)

    Since the Private Sector ACM Cladding Remediation Fund opened for applications in September how many full applications have been made to the GLA; how many have been approved; how much money has...

  • GLA funded open market homes (1)

    Could you clarify the responses to previous questions 2019/20409 and 2019/17764 that the “GLA has not directly funded construction of these units” despite appearing on the “GLA...

  • Small sites

    How many small sites were made available for development by GLA group organisations in each year from 2016 to 2019?

  • Evaluating the Health Inequalities Strategy (4)

    Your Health Inequalities Strategy rightly called for action from partners. What actions have partners undertaken as a result of this?

  • Organisations receiving funding through the cladding remediation funds

    Please provide a list of all organisations and the amount of funding each has received from the cladding remediation funds administered by the GLA?

  • Taxicard Customers (1)

    Can you provide the number, and the nature of Taxicard customer complaints since the re-awarding of the Taxicard contract to CityFleet last year?

  • Taxicard Customers (2)

    What steps are taken when Taxicard customers have poor experiences with drivers?

  • Residential Tube Noise (3)

    The performance of TfL in dealing with tube noise, from my experience of local casework, is patchy. One of my residents has said to me “I am awaiting an update regarding the intrusive noise...

  • Deaf Awareness Training

    Arriva Rail recently launched a deaf awareness training tool for London Overground employees to make rail travel more conducive for commuters with a hearing disability. Are London Underground...

  • Services between Willesden Junction/Shepherd’s Bush and Clapham Junction

    Will you request that TfL introduces earlier weekday southbound services between Willesden Junction/Shepherd’s Bush and Clapham Junction, making use of two early trains which currently run...

  • Bus Route 205 and Freedom Pass Usage

    Please provide details of freedom pass usage on the 205 bus route from August 2018- November 2019 broken down by months

  • Violence Reduction Unit’s (VRU’s) Homicide review

    When will the findings of the VRU’s Homicide review be published?

  • Violence Reduction Unit’s (VRU’s) strategic needs assessment

    What does the VRU’s strategic needs assessment conclude about violence in London?

  • Urgent review of homicides and serious crime

    When will this be published?

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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