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London Assembly

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

  • Community Roadwatch events

    How many Community Roadwatch events have there been in each borough in London, per month, since 2016?

  • Assessment and Strategy Development of the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU)

    What assessment and strategy development has taken place around the violence against women and girls and the child sexual exploitation strands of the VRU?

  • Women and Girl’s Networks and the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) Partnership Group

    Please list the women and girls’ networks which the VRU Partnership group has worked with so far? How has this changed the shape and direction of the VRU’s work in providing support...

  • Meetings with Met staff associations (1)

    Please state the meetings that the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service has held with the different Met staff associations since 10th April 2017.

  • Operation Bayboro 2

    What alleged crime(s) is Operation Bayboro investigating?

  • Modern Slavery Single Points of Contact

    The Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan stated an ambition to introduce Modern Slavery Single Points of Contact (SPoCs) within Borough Commands. Following the transition to Basic Command Units,...

  • Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) Partnership Group Advocacy for Gang Associated Girls

    In March this year you said, “I have always been clear that the new London VRU will tackle all forms of violence through a public health approach and this includes violence against...

  • Criminality Faced by Gang Associated Girls

    In a previous question (2019/6296) I asked about the criminality gang-associated girls face and you responded with issues of sexual assault and sexual exploitation. Anecdotal evidence suggests...

  • SOIT Numbers

    Please can you provide me with the number of Full-Time Equivalent Sexual Offences Investigative Trained (SOIT) officers within the Metropolitan Police Service in the financial years 2015/16,...

  • People targeted by facial recognition technology at Kings Cross

    The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) report to the Mayor of London on live facial recognition at Kings Cross, said: “Kings Cross Estate Services operated two Facial Recognition cameras,...

  • Operation Bayboro 5

    How many officers and staff have been working on Operation Bayboro? Please provide a cost breakdown to date.

  • Operation Bayboro 1

    What is the nature and purpose of the Met's Operation Bayboro?

  • Brothel raids

    For each of the years Oct 16 to Sep 17, Oct 17 to Sep 18 and Oct 18 to Sep 19, please can you provide the following: • The number of times that brothels were raided for suspected human...

  • Process for assisting with prosecutions

    Please could you advise of both the process and Met police officers or staff involved in both processing police evidence and preparing and taking statements to be sent to the courts?

  • Dedicated Ward Officer turnover

    Could you provide details about the turnover of staff in Dedicated Ward Officer (DWO) posts, including: a) the average length of service in each ward by its DWOs since the new dedicated posts...

  • Spit hoods use in custody suites (4)

    When officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have used spit hoods in custody suites, what has been the average time a suspect is hooded for, and is there a time limit for wearing a hood?

  • Spit hoods use in custody suites (5)

    When officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have used spit hoods in custody suites have detainees ever been left unattended while wearing the spit hoods?

  • Spit hoods use in custody suites (6)

    When officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have used spit hoods in custody suites, how many times were other restraints also applied to the hooded suspect?

  • Leading for London Programme

    Please provide a breakdown of all the items/events delivered so far for the Met’s Leading for London Programme, including: • The name and description • The cost • The...

  • Live facial recognition technology and private companies (2)

    Has the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) ever met with live facial recognition technology company Viseum to discuss using their products?

  • Deferred prosecutions

    In June last year, a pilot was announced that would see young offenders receive deferred prosecutions. Please provide the following: • The number of deferred prosecutions broken down by...

  • Bike hire crimes

    For each of the years Oct 16 to Sep 17, Oct 17 to Sep 18 and Oct 18 to Sep 19 please can you provide a breakdown of the number of crimes that involved a GLA hire bike, by crime type?

  • Community Assessors for recruitment of police constables (1)

    How many candidates for police constables has the Metropolitan Police Service been able to interview, on average, each month since January 2019?

  • Community Assessors for recruitment of police constables (2)

    How many community assessors have now been recruited and how many hours or half days per month, on average, is each assessor working? What is the average number of assessors present at each day...

  • Community Assessors for recruitment of police constables (3)

    Do the Metropolitan Police Service and its agency Shared Services Connected Ltd hold definitive lists of all appointed community assessors and all those who have resigned or simply ceased to make...

  • Data Sharing Agreement between the Metropolitan Police Service and Kings Cross Estate Services

    Could you provide more details of the Data Sharing Agreement between the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and Kings Cross Estate Services, agreed on 5 January 2019, including a list of the types...

  • Fraud

    Following the Times article ‘Home Office ‘manipulates’ crime figures by ditching fraud cases’, what are you doing to ensure fraud crimes are investigated and recorded by...

  • Operation Bayboro 7

    What involvement has the Mayor and the Mayor's Office and MOPAC had with the establishment and activities of Operation Bayboro including budgets?

  • Operation Bayboro 6

    Have any press statements been released on Operation Bayboro? If so please provide copies. Who authorised each statement?

  • Live facial recognition technology and private companies (1)

    Could you explain why a sales video from Viseum (https://twitter.com/bbw1984/status/1169621723135774720), which claims its live facial recognition technology can use facial biometrics to find the...

  • Operation Bayboro 4

    Who is the officer in charge of Operation Bayboro?

  • Operation Bayboro 3

    On what date was Operation Bayboro established? Is it still a current operation?

  • Closure of police stations

    I have been contacted by a Southwark constituent who wishes to know what problems you expect the ward-based local police teams, especially in Saint George's ward in Southwark, to face following...

  • Community Assessors (1)

    What kind of vetting procedures are employed by Community Assessors and what criteria do they use to veto applicants for employment by the Metropolitan Police?

  • Community Assessors (3)

    How many Metropolitan Police applicants have been assessed by Community Assessors and how many have been rejected for employment on the basis of a Community Assessor’s report?

  • Community Assessors (2)

    How many Community Assessors work for the Metropolitan Police?

  • Cost of Policing protests

    Please provide a breakdown of the cost, year on year, to the Met of Policing protests in London since 2014.

  • Extinction Rebellion (1)

    It is reported Extinction Rebellion cost the Met £16m in April, are you still a supporter of this group?

  • Extinction Rebellion (2)

    What can you actively do to support the Met to stop a repeat of the disruption across London by Extinction Rebellion?

  • Increase in Section 60 Stop + Search Use

    Is the Mayor shocked to learn that Section 60 stop and search figures have increased by over 2400% in 2 years? How is this justified?

  • Spit hoods use in custody suites (7)

    When officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have used spit hoods in custody suites, how many times has the suspect who was hooded been identified, either at the time or later, to be...

  • Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) Funding for Early Intervention Projects and Gang Affected Girls

    How specifically will the recently announced £1.4m VRU funding for early intervention projects support gang affected girls?

  • Healthy Relationships

    How are you supporting young women, particularly gang associated girls, to understand and develop healthy relationships?

  • Cycling Hoops (2)

    Broken down by borough, how many additional cycling hoops have been installed every year over the last five years?

  • Female genital mutilation clinics (1)

    I welcome the Government’s announcement for a network of new female genital mutilation clinics, five of which will be in London. In which boroughs will the clinics be located?

  • Female genital mutilation clinics (2)

    The new female genital mutilation clinics announced by government only provide care for women over the age of 18 due to the mandatory reporting policy which states that all girls under 18 who are...

  • The HS2 Budget

    It has been reported that the final cost of HS2 could now rise from its initial £56Bn budget to between £70bn and £85bn. Given HS2 is expected to provide £92Bn in...

  • Links between animal cruelty, child abuse and domestic violence

    Research suggests clear links between animal cruelty, child abuse and domestic violence. What protocols are there in London for cross-reporting between the police, child and animal protection...

  • Digital forensics (2)

    What steps are being taken to speed up the response of (a) the central digital forensics function and (b) Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (OCSAE)?

  • Meetings with Met staff associations (2)

    Please state the meetings that you have held with the different Met staff associations since May 2016.

  • Tube Capacity (2)

    What active measures are you taking to ensure that the Tube is better utilised in those times of day and times of year that are significantly under capacity?

  • Visitors to London (1)

    How many domestic and international visitors did London have in 2018?

  • Uber

    The TfL press release on the decision to grant Uber a two month extension to its licence claims “The new two-month licence will have the same conditions that ULL has been subject to over...

  • Cab Enforcement Unit

    In your answer to question MQ 2019/12072 which asked “Has TfL ever communicated to the Met Police’s cab enforcement unit that the Police should not talk or communicate with certain...

  • Cycle Paths (2)

    How many other such schemes - with cyclists cutting from left to right - has TfL implemented, where are those schemes and what records of collisions between cyclists and pedestrians do you have?

  • Cycle Paths (3)

    Do you recognise that segregated cycle paths can, by narrowing available road space, make it significantly more difficult for emergency vehicles to speed through those roads?

  • Heathrow Landing Slots

    Following Heathrow Airport's recent strike shut down, will you lobby the Government to replace BA as the near monopoly operator and bring in proper competition on landing slots in order to...

  • Uber (3)

    The Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 s4(1) states that the holder of a London PHV operator’s licence (in this Act referred to as a "London PHV operator") shall not in London accept a...

  • Licensing of private hire operators

    A constituent has requested that I raise the following question with you: Given that TfL has never undertaken a risk assessment when licensing operators who use apps to dispatch bookings to TfL...

  • Surface water flooding of Transport for London stations (2)

    Given the disruption from recent surface-water flooding, what is Transport for London (TfL) doing to adapt stations and avoid closures? Will you publish details of the stations at risk and the...

  • 2014 Report from CIRAS about Fatigue from TOL Croydon Tram Drivers

    Item 64/11/47 from the 22 November 2017 Safety, Sustainability and Human Resources Panel (SSHR) Minutes (http://content.tfl.gov.uk/item03-minutes.pdf) records a TfL representative reporting that...

  • Details of Consultations between TfL and TOL about IA 13744

    Correspondence dated 6 June 2014 from TfL to TOL you released in Question 2019/12003 refers to “following consultations with Nick Baker and TOL we have agreed the following details for this...

  • Good Work Standard Employees Impacted

    79 employers have either been accredited or begun the process of accreditation of the Good Work Standard to date. Please can you list the organisations that have already received accreditation...

  • London & Partners

    London and Partners recently held their AGM. Are you satisfied that they are sufficiently ameliorating the impacts of Brexit and that the GLA is getting good value for its investment in L&P?

  • Tube Noise [2]

    Which are the top 10 areas of London where tube noise complaints within carriages are prevalent, and how many complaints are recorded for each area?

  • Tube Noise [1]

    Which are the top 10 areas of London where tube noise complaints by residents are prevalent, and how many complaints are recorded for each area?

  • Vision Zero (2)

    There are a number of dangerous junctions in London that were not included in Vision Zero. Will there be further investment beyond the 73 junctions initially identified?

  • Future Taxi Emissions

    If the Mayor cannot predict with any certainty future taxi driver numbers how can he be confident of future taxi emission estimates?

  • Cargo Bikes

    Cargo bikes are starting to become very popular with local people and local businesses, particularly in the Wandsworth part of my constituency, as people start to think ahead to the expanded...

  • Tube Noise

    I have asked you previously about tube noise in hotspots in my constituency, but the forthcoming industrial action by members of the RMT union highlights that this continues to be a network-wide...

  • Brexit preparedness funding (1)

    Can you break down how much of the £10.97m of Brexit preparedness funding provided by the Government, is going to each of the London boroughs?

  • London Power

    How many people have so far registered for interest in London Power?

  • GOBLIN Free Travel

    I am aware that the month’s free travel on the Gospel Oak-Barking Line (GOBLIN) included the weekend of the 28/29th September when unmovable engineering works took place. Are there any...

  • Project Horizon

    What is Project Horizon and what plans are contained with Project Horizon for the size of London’s taxi fleet?

  • Vaping adverts on the TfL network

    Would an advert for vaping be refused under TfL’s advertising policy?

  • Tooting Town Centre

    Could you please update me on progress on improvements planned by TfL for Tooting Town Centre?

  • Quality of Bus Operator Investigations of Bus Crashes

    Analysis of TfL’s July, September and October 2017 “Lessons Learned” reports released under Question 2017/4209 based on data taken from bus operator NIMI (Notification and...

  • Metropolitan Line signalling problems

    In September there were severe delays and train shortages on the Metropolitan Line, related to the introduction of the new signalling system. What was the cause of these problems and could they...

  • Accuracy of TfL’s Bus Safety Data

    TfL’s “Analysis of bus collisions and identification of countermeasures” report published in October 2018 and the basis for TfL’s ‘world leading bus safety...

  • The Elizabeth Line (1)

    What assessment have you made of the impact on London’s businesses on the continuing delay of the Elizabeth Line?

  • Uber (2)

    Apart from the high-profile case of Uber in June 2018, how many other operators had their license revoked since you took office in May 2016. If so, were they permanent and what was the reason for...

  • 205 Bus Route

    The changes to the 205 bus route are impacting unfairly on my constituents They report that: Marylebone Underground Station has no step-free access; there is only one bus service operating at the...

  • Gospel Oak to Barking train line

    What steps are TfL taking to work the with freight industry and Network Rail to ensure freight on this line is operated by electric rather than diesel trains?

  • Users of Hackney Central at Peak Times

    How many users currently travel through Hackney Central Station (including using the Walking Route from Hackney Downs Station) at peak times?

  • Fares Freeze

    Your 2017-2020 Fares freeze was estimated to cost £640m. Can you provide an estimate for a similar fares freeze covering 2021-2024, including what inflation figure you are using for every year?

  • Delays in public release of Loughborough University Study of Bus Driver Fatigue

    Per your response to 2019/17463, in addition to Bus Operators and Unite the Union, were there any other parties that were shown drafts and allowed to comment on the Loughborough University...

  • Vision Zero implications of larger vehicles

    Independent analysis of vehicle collision data (https://www.forbes.com/sites/carltonreid/2019/08/15/restric t-twice-as-deadly-suvs-in-u-k-cities-urge-transport-data-sci entists/#168b13b761e1) has...

  • Uber (4)

    Uber has been refused Operator Licenses in several districts and has allegedly ignored regulations by allowing drivers using their App to accept hirings outside of the 'Controlled District' in...

  • Communication about Fatigue Management between TfL and First Group TOL

    Per the Terms of Reference for IA 13744 you released in response to Question 2019/12003, please provide me with all notes, memos, emails about Driver Fatigue and Audit IA 13744 sent between TfL...

  • Silvertown Tunnel Emissions

    It is reported (https://www.transport-network.co.uk/Prime-minister-and-TfL- accused-of-climate-censorship-on-Silvertown/16055) that TfL and the Planning Inspectorate agreed that the Environmental...

  • Metropolitan Line

    What are you doing to tackle the shortage of drivers on the London Underground Network, particularly the Metropolitan Line where this is causing delays to the regular service?

  • Woolwich Ferry (1)

    I have seen figures showing that the total availability of the two new Woolwich ferries has been as low as 53% in June 2019. What steps are being taken to ensure this poor performance is improved?

  • Brexit preparedness funding (3)

    When is the London Economic Action Partnership expecting additional funding to support their business readiness activity delivered through the London Growth Hub?

  • High streets (6)

    What discussions have you had with your Business Advisory Board about high streets?

  • Woolwich Ferry (2)

    I understand that on the 29th and 30th May 2019 the Ben Woolcott Woolwich ferry was unavailable with the reason being ‘Hybrid trials’. Can it be clarified why such trials only took...

  • Night bus crime

    For each of the years Oct 16 to Sep 17, Oct 17 to Sep 18 and Oct 18 to Sep 19, how many crimes have been committed on night buses, broken down by crime type?

  • Electric Vehicles

    You have launched the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Taskforce, with a commitment to set up at least 5 flagship rapid charging hubs across the capital. It is likely that there will be new...

  • New support for London’s small businesses preparing for Brexit

    Regarding your press release titled "New support for London’s small businesses preparing for Brexit" and dated 7th October. Please supply further information re exactly what will be...

  • Green Roofs on Bus Stops

    Are there any plans to install green roofs on bus stops? This would help reduce pollution along main roads.

  • Live facial recognition technology misidentification

    At the UCL event, Learning from Police trials of Live Facial Recognition on 29 May 2019 the Metropolitan Police Senior Technologist acknowledged that their live facial recognition had shown...

  • Good Work Standard update

    How many organisations and companies are currently signed up to your Good Work Standard? Please provide the data in numerical form.

  • Notes about IA 17780 taken by TfL executives at 2017 and 2018 Board Level Meetings

    Please provide me with copies of any contemporaneous notes (including handwritten) which mention First Group Fatigue Management or IA 17780 taken by TfL executives at the following Board Level...

  • Hostile streets at Lombard roundabout in Croydon

    Lombard roundabout in Croydon has approval from the Department for Transport (DfT) to proceed to the next stage of development in its major road network programme. Will you ensure that your...

  • Vision Zero Action Plan

    Thank you for your reply to MQ 2019/3997. Can you please explain how data on road use by horse riders and drivers is compiled to enable appropriate decision-making on road improvements which...

  • Good Work Standard and the Night Time Economy

    There are 1.6 million people in London working at night and more than 530,000 of them are paid less than the London Living Wage. This is almost twice the number of people who are paid less than...

  • Vision Zero

    How is the work progressing at the 73 dangerous junctions identified in Vision Zero and will the work be completed on schedule?

  • Perceptions of breastfeeding on the TfL network

    What work has TfL undertaken to assess Londoners’ perceptions of breastfeeding on the transport network, in order to identify potential barriers to people doing so?

  • The Elizabeth Line (4)

    What is your financial contingency plan if the Elizabeth Line is delayed again past March 2021?

  • The Elizabeth Line (2)

    What is the impact on London’s regional economic growth as a result of the continuing delay of the Elizabeth Line?

  • The Elizabeth Line (3)

    What are the latest assessment results for the testing taking place on the Elizabeth Line?

  • Safer junctions (1)

    Recent proposals for a number of Safer Junctions have seen numerous “critical issues” in Healthy Streets Check scores schemes retained, while existing Safer Junctions have been sites...

  • Hate crime offences

    What are the figures for hate crime offences each year for the past four years over the TfL network?

  • Self-employed Londoners

    Can you provide an update on the work you are taking to support self-employed Londoners receive the London Living Wage?

  • Heathrow Airport and the Taxi Trade

    Heathrow Airport has suggested that it plans to charge taxis to enter the Airport grounds from 2026. Do you understand that this will unfairly impact taxi drivers, as they are legally required to...

  • Lifts not operating at London Underground stations

    Please list the dates, length of time of closure, and the name of the Underground Station for which each lift was out of service solely due to an absence of trained members of staff during 2019.

  • Uber

    In granting ULL a 2 month licence TfL’s press release stated "Uber London Limited has been granted a two-month private hire operator licence to allow for scrutiny of additional information...

  • Taxi spend - TFL

    How much money did TFL spend on Taxis in the 2018-19 year?

  • Bus Idling at Turnpike Lane

    What more can you do to ensure the bus drivers at Turnpike Lane station do not engine idle? Residents are still contacting me stating that this is still an issue despite drivers being reminded...

  • Tube Capacity (1)

    Please provide the data – including times of day and times of the year – for the Tube lines where Tube capacity is below 50% utilisation?

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The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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