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London Assembly

Monday, 21 October 2019

  • ‘World Leading’ Bus Safety Standard and International Bus Benchmarking Group Data

    According to the latest International Bus Benchmarking Group data you provided in response to 2019/17335, London ranks in the bottom third of its 15 world city peer group with collisions above...

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (2)

    Will you seek a High Court declaration of the definition of ply-for-hire and pre-booked with regard to smartphone app private hire operators such as Uber?

  • Heathrow (3)

    Given Heathrow’s promise to reduce the number of people driving to the airport, what does the fact that their expansion plans include huge new car parks say about their intentions?

  • Wildflowers on verges

    What past and future measures have you and Transport for London (TfL) put in place to protect wildflowers and biodiversity on roadside verges?

  • Use of renewables by Transport for London

    In July 2019, I asked you question 2019/14194 on Transport for London (TfL) using only 0.01% renewable electricity. Could you provide me with an update on what progress you have made and meetings...

  • Uber (1)

    Uber London has been granted a 2-month operator licence extension by TfL. If they haven’t been able to fulfil the conditions to gain a normal 5-year licence over the last 15 months, how...

  • Bus route upgrades

    Are there any plans to upgrade any of the bus vehicles on each of these routes (K2, 481, 371, 391, 281 and N22) and, if so, how many and when will those upgrades take place?

  • Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf bridge

    Please publish in full, including a breakdown of each major item of expenditure, TfL’s estimates of the cost of a Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf bridge.

  • Failed regeneration ‘ghost towns’

    How are you ensuring that regeneration schemes, such as Hackney Walk, which was recently described in the local press as a 'ghost town,' will not be repeated?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (1)

    In your answer to question MQ 2019/4090 you stated: "whether or not a taxi is plying for hire through a smartphone app for example does depend on how the particular app works and the particular...

  • Crossrail Ombudsman

    Do you know how many cases, year by year, has the Crossrail Ombudsman dealt with since it was established?

  • Support for black cab drivers with mental health problems

    What support does TfL offer to black cab drivers suffering from work-related mental health problems? What more could you do as Mayor?

  • Freight Operator Recognition Scheme company’s response to complaints

    A case has been raised with me (https://twitter.com/lastnotlost/status/1170704401910173698) where Twitter was asked to remove footage of a vehicle from an operator with Freight Operator...

  • Thomas Cook (2)

    What can you do to assist Londoners who lost their job in at Thomas Cook, to find new employment or training?

  • Dial-a-Ride

    Please publish a table showing for each day in 2019 the average waiting time for calls to Dial-a-Ride's centralised call centre, and the waiting times for peak and off-peak periods, the number of...

  • Pre-Euro 3 Motorcycles

    Why are TfL refusing to publish a list of all pre Euro3 motorcycles, by make, model, and year of manufacture that have been exempted?

  • Conscious Advertising Network

    Would you consider opening discussions on signing the GLA group up to the Conscious Advertising Network?

  • Adult Education Budget (1)

    How many Londoners experiencing in-work poverty and earning below the London Living Wage, have been supported by your Adult Education Budget?

  • Adult Education Budget (2)

    How many deaf Londoners are accessing funding to achieve a qualification in British Sign Language?

  • Blackwall Tunnel

    How long would it take TfL to implement a user charge on the Blackwall Tunnel, if you instructed them to do so immediately?

  • Car free day

    Many constituents enjoyed car-free day across both Merton and Wandsworth. Can you update me on how successful you feel it was this year? Please list the number of streets that were car-free by...

  • Silvertown Tunnel (4)

    Unlike the Rotherhithe pedestrian and cycle bridge the Silvertown road tunnel was not set out in your 2016 manifesto. Considering the delays that are already taking place in commencing the...

  • Dial a Ride

    My constituents with disabilities are disappointed that TfL has arranged for an enhanced Dial-A-Ride service to be extended to 1 mile around Hammersmith Bridge, currently closed, probably for...

  • Silvertown Tunnel (2)

    Following the delays to the opening of Silvertown Tunnel will you now reconsider your refusal to implement and evaluate an experimental toll at Blackwall Tunnel before moving forward with the...

  • Every child a healthy weight

    What actions will your office and other GLA family organisations be taking to achieve the aims of the child obesity taskforce report, Every Child a Healthy Weight?

  • Pedestrian Safety at Wick Rd/A12 Junction

    Constituents have raised issues of pedestrian safety around the Wick Rd / A12 Northbound junction. Please detail when this will be investigated and what the likely outcomes of this investigation...

  • Wildflower Verges(2)

    What work is TfL doing with London Boroughs to encourage them to plant wildflower verges on their local road networks?

  • Wildflower Verges (1)

    I am aware that TfL has been trialling a number of wildflower verges along TfL roads this summer. Is it possible for you to share the results of the trial and whether this initiative can be...

  • Adult skills devolution

    What progress has been made with the Government regarding further devolution to adult skills and education?

  • Social value in the NHS supply chain

    What is your assessment of the potential social value that can be leveraged from NHS supply chains and broader operations in London?

  • Suicides

    Over the year ending July 2017, University student suicides were 4.7 deaths per 100,000 , equating to 95 deaths nationwide, a death every 4 days. What are the latest London equivalent figures and...

  • Serious shortage drugs protocol

    The Department for Health and Social Care has developed a Serious Shortage Protocol that can be used in the event of leaving the European Union without a deal, which would allow prescribers to...

  • Brexit pharmaceuticals express delivery service

    The Government has tendered for a healthcare supplies express delivery service from 1 November 2019 and established a 24/7 NHS Brexit supply disruption hotline. Are you confident that these...

  • General Strike for Climate (2)

    How many members of TfL staff took time out of their working day as you encouraged, to attend the General Strike for Climate on Friday 20th September?

  • Unhealthy food advertising

    TfL have banned advertisements of unhealthy food on its estate. Do you support London boroughs taking the same approach?

  • Extending the life span for electric taxis

    To help improve the take up of zero emission capable (ZEC) taxis will you consider extending the current 15-year age limit for such vehicles?

  • Silvertown Tunnel (2)

    A constituent has asked me to raise this following question: "We note that TfL has not analysed in detail the possibility of tolling the Blackwall tunnel sufficiently to remove congestion...

  • Payment of charges on NO2 compliant vehicles

    What are the benefits to TfL of taking payment of charges on vehicles that meet the compliance criteria for NO2?

  • Carbon offsetting in transport (2)

    What plans, if any, do you have to allow people buying TfL tickets to offset their carbon?

  • Motorcycle Emissions Compliance

    What proportion of motorcycles undergoing individual testing are being found to be compliant with the chosen NO2 emission standard of 0.15g/km?

  • Pre-Euro 3 Motorcycle Compliance (2)

    What are the results in your models of modal shift from pre Euro3 motorcycles to cars?

  • Pre-Euro 3 Motorcycle Compliance (1)

    Why have TfL chosen not to issue a press release to highlight the routes to proving ULEZ compliance of pre Euro3 motorcycles?

  • Testing Motorcycle Emissions

    Why have no efforts been made by TfL to fund the necessary testing equipment to carry out individual testing of motorcycles at dealerships or MOT centres?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (3)

    In your answer to question MQ 2019/14250, you stated: “The fares for London taxi journeys in Greater London can be agreed in advance, via an app or otherwise, provided they do not go above...

  • Real World Motorcycle Emissions (1)

    What capability do your preferred modelling techniques have to accurately represent the current real world emissions from motorcycles, and the effect of modal shift from cars to motorcycles?

  • Smart, fair road pricing scheme investigation (2)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2019/17400. Work by Transport for London (TfL) to support a Workplace Parking Levy has found new regulations are necessary due to a lack of secondary...

  • Cab Drivers’ Health and Wellbeing

    A TfL commissioned study has concluded that the health and wellbeing of bus drivers is ‘key’ and that adequate welfare facilities reduce stress, which in turn reduces the risk of...

  • Improving access to cheap, healthy food in schools

    The Child Poverty Action Group report “Living Hand to Mouth” recommends free fruit and veg be given out in schools. Some grocery shops already run similar schemes. In your work on...

  • Silvertown Tunnel Project Assurance report

    The Project Assurance quarterly report for Q1 2019/20, provided to the Audit and Assurance Committee of Transport for London (TfL), lists seven recommendations for Silvertown Tunnel. Could you...

  • Public Health Approach to Serious Youth Violence Report

    What was the total cost to the GLA for the "A Public Health Approach to Serious Youth Violence" report? Please provide an itemised breakdown of the cost.

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade (4)

    Do you agree that there should no ‘no go areas’ for black taxis in London?

  • Northern Line signalling problems

    On 4th September there were such severe signalling problems on the Northern Line that it had to be suspended. What was the cause of these problems? What measures have been put in place to prevent...

  • Wrightbus in administration (1)

    Following Wrightbus going into administration, what assurances does TfL have that London’s new Routemasters will continue to be properly maintained?

  • Direct Vision Standard

    How do you respond to the Freight Transport Association’s call (https://www.ukhaulier.co.uk/news/road-transport/haulage/thr ee-months-until-dvs-scheme-will-not-achieve-zero-vehicular-h...

  • Improving safety in private hire vehicles

    Further to your reply to Mayoral Question 2019/3941 when will TfL complete its full consideration of Department for Transport proposals and by what date will TfL decide whether to proceed with an...

  • Silvertown Tunnel (5)

    Has TfL made any estimate of the minimum level of toll that would be needed to fully remove congestion at the Blackwall Tunnel? If so, how would this toll compare to the proposed tool in the...

  • Canada Water Masterplan (1)

    TfL acknowledges that Canada Water and Surrey Quays stations are both operating either at capacity, or above comfortable maximum capacity. TfL’s own passenger modelling analysis predicts...

  • GLA Car fleet

    What percentage of the GLA car fleet is zero emission?

  • Silvertown Tunnel (3)

    A constituent has asked me to raise the following question: “Given that, in its initial examination of options for the Silvertown crossing, TfL falsely concluded that it was not possible...

  • Expansion of Starting Well 13

    Thank you for your answer to question 2019/17717 in which you noted the forthcoming expansion of Starting Well 13. What is the timescale for this, will it cover the whole of London, and what...

  • Workplace Parking Levy

    Has any borough applied for permission to implement a workplace parking levy?

  • TfL and London Underground Staff Pay

    Please explain the discrepancy between the 2018/19 pay offers made to London Underground workers and TfL staff (2.7% to London Underground and 1% to TfL).

  • TfL Collective Bargaining Framework

    Why are front of house workers at the London Transport Museum not part of TfL's collective bargaining framework? And why is TfL seeking to introduce local pay bargaining? (These staff, whose...

  • TfL Director Pay

    Please provide total spend and the names, salaries and bonuses for all TfL Directors, including those covering London Underground and Crossrail, who were employed in the following financial...

  • School streets

    Do you plan to expand School Streets to other boroughs in addition to Greenwich, Westminster, and Hackney?

  • Bakerloo Line extension at New Cross Gate

    What is TfL’s view of the proposals by Sainsbury’s and Mount Anvil for developing the site adjacent to New Cross Station? Are those proposals compatible with TfL’s plans to...

  • Tube safety (1)

    Given the worrying levels of crime on London’s tube network, what plans are in place to protect both passengers and TfL staff?

  • MMR mandatory vaccination

    Given the falling rate of MMR vaccinations is it now time for mandatory vaccination of our children?

  • Post-Brexit immigration policies effect on healthcare

    A GLA report into the impact of skills and salary threshold-based migration policies identified health and social care managers, nursing and midwifery staff, and personal caring staff as groups...

  • Canada Water Masterplan (2)

    What assurances can you provide that the Canada Water Masterplan, which TfL officers chose not to challenge could potentially be a contravention of the London Plan (6.3B) which states that...

  • ZEC Taxi (1)

    The attraction for taxi drivers in deciding to purchase a new ZEC taxi is fuel savings and a significant factor in those savings is the ability to home charge. What studies has the Mayor...

  • Update on Adult Education Budget (AEB)

    Please provide an update on the rollout of the AEB.

  • Nurse shift patterns

    Will your London Workforce Board consider the recommendations of Timewise’s pilots which introduced a team-based approach to the roster, giving nurses greater control of their working...

  • Average Traffic Speeds

    What has been the change in terms of average traffic speeds over the last 10 years, year on year, in the locations in London where these speeds are measured?

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The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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