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London Assembly

Thursday, 17 October 2019

  • Visitors to London (2)

    How are you monitoring London’s performance for tourism to ensure London meets it’s visitor targets?

  • Missing people reports while abroad

    For each of the years Oct 16 to Sep 17, Oct 17 to Sep 18 and Oct 18 to Sep 19, please could you provide the reports that the Met have received of the number people going missing while abroad,...

  • London Plan Inspectors' Report

    When will you be publishing the Inspectors’ Report from the London Plan Examination in Public?

  • GLA Housing Completions

    Of the GLA-funded affordable homes started since 2016/17, how many have been completed? Please provide a breakdown by borough and number of bedrooms.

  • Female Victims in Gang Flagged Crimes

    Please provide details of gang flagged crimes with a female victim since 2014. Please provide a borough-by-borough breakdown of the numbers for each year.

  • Female Offenders in Gang Flagged Crimes

    Please provide details of gang flagged crimes with a female offender since 2014. Please provide a borough-by-borough breakdown of the numbers for each year.

  • The London Plan and electric charging points

    In response to Question 2018/0027 in May 2018 you stated: “Policy T6.1 in the new draft London Plan introduces a new measurable requirement for 20% of parking spaces in new residential...

  • Trident Gender Balance

    Please provide details of the gender breakdown of Metropolitan officers within Trident.

  • Met Gender Balance

    Please provide details of the gender breakdown of Metropolitan Police officers. Please can you also provide details of the gender breakdown of each Basic Command Unit?

  • Rescue and Response Referrals

    Are all those arrested for county lines activity automatically reported to Rescue and Response for support? How does this happen?

  • Female County Lines Arrests

    Please provide the numbers of county lines arrests that have been made in each of the following years: 2014, 2015, 2016,2017,2018 and 2019 to date. Please provide a breakdown by age and gender.

  • Night Time Enterprise Zone (4)

    Will the GLA or Waltham Forest be responsible for implementing and managing the first Night Time Enterprise Zone?

  • Night Time Enterprise Zone (5)

    Will you be working with the London Borough of Waltham Forest to ensure workers in the Night-Time Enterprise Zone are paid the London Living Wage and adhere to good working practices?

  • Night Time Enterprise Zone (1)

    How will you be evaluating whether the pilot of the first Night Time Enterprise Zone was successful and what are the key measures of success?

  • Night Time Enterprise Zone (2)

    When do you expect the first evaluation of the Night Time Enterprise Zone?

  • Night Time Enterprise Zone (3)

    If successful, when do you expect to implement a full programme supporting London’s high streets at night?

  • Leap

    When will the Energy Leap interventions be installed and when will you be in a position to assess the resulting reduction in carbon dioxide emissions?

  • TriFOCAL

    What will be the consequences for the resource bank in London, following the TRiFOCAL programme, if the UK exits the EU without a deal?

  • Solar Together London (2)

    Are you satisfied with the total of 624 solar panels installed during phases 1 and 2 of the Solar Together programme launched in 2018?

  • LLDC housing (1)

    Can you provide an update on the LLDC housing development delivery of 24,000 homes by 2031?

  • LLDC housing (2)

    The LLDC Corporate Performance Report says there is a “Risk relating to future housing development delivery”. Can you outline what the risk is and what the mitigations are?

  • LLDC housing (3)

    In 2018 the LLDC said that 29% of the housing on the park was affordable, while 26% across the whole LLDC area was. What are the latest figures?

  • LLDC housing (4)

    What is the LLDC target for low cost rent in the current local plan? And what levels of low-cost rent have been achieved to date on the park and wider LLDC area?

  • East Bank

    How concerned are you about the corporate risks and issues to the project, that have been identified by the LLDC Audit Committee?

  • LFB fire safety deep-dive (1)

    Over what time period was the in-depth audit of fire-engineered buildings carried out by London Fire Brigade, as referenced in response to my question 2019/17644?

  • LFB fire safety deep-dive (2)

    The audit of buildings referenced in response to my question 2019/17644 involved a review of 20 buildings. Which boroughs were these buildings located in?

  • LFB fire safety deep-dive (3)

    What was the total number of dwellings contained in the twenty buildings where London Fire Brigade conducted a deep-dive fire safety audit?

  • Pubs in London

    What support have you provided London’s pubs in order for the number of pubs in London to remain stable between 2017 and 2018?

  • LFB fire safety deep-dive (5)

    How many of the 20 buildings inspected by London Fire Brigade during its fire safety deep-dive were a) residential and b) other uses?

  • LFB fire safety deep-dive (6)

    Please provide a list of the Responsible Persons who have not yet implemented the engineer’s recommended solutions to the building issues identified in the fire-safety deep dive.

  • Cladding remediation supply chain

    What assessment have you made of the impact of a no-deal Brexit on the supply of materials and labour for remediating ACM cladding on tall buildings?

  • Completion target for cladding remediation

    In response to my question 2019/17632 regarding the government’s target for cladding remediation, you described the deadlines as “irresponsible and unrealistic”. Has the...

  • High streets (2)

    London’s high streets are experiencing numerous challenges. How are you supporting businesses on London’s high streets?

  • High streets (1)

    What challenges are London’s high streets facing?

  • A5 planning restrictions

    Which boroughs have introduced A5 (hot food takeaway) planning restrictions within 400m of schools, and what steps are you taking to encourage all boroughs to do so?

  • High streets (5)

    Can you break this down the number of shops closed since 2010 by high street and borough?

  • High streets (4)

    How many shop closures have London’s high streets seen since 2010? Can you break this down by year?

  • High streets (3)

    Can you provide the number of empty shop fronts on London’s high streets, by borough?

  • LLDC Income (4)

    Do you expect the various venues on the LLDC to be self-financing in the future?

  • LLDC Income (3)

    When do you expect the LLDC to reach a breakeven financial position? Do you expect the LLDC to be viable in the long term?

  • LLDC Income (2)

    The LLDC Quarterly Corporate Performance Report for January to March 2019 says the, “trajectory to be operating in a break-even position by 2025 is under pressure due to the impact of the...

  • LLDC Income (1)

    The LLDC Quarterly Corporate Performance Report for January to March 2019 says there is a, “Risk relating to capital and revenue income”. Can you outline what the risk is and what the...

  • LLDC Transition

    When do you expect to publish information on what the LLDC Transition will look like?

  • Pace of construction of homes on NHS land (2)

    How many homes on ex NHS land have started construction in London?

  • Pace of construction of homes on NHS land (1)

    What is the average time between planning permission being granted and construction beginning for homes on ex NHS land?

  • Cycling Hoops (1)

    Broken down by borough, how many additional cycling hoops has TfL financed every year over the last five years?

  • Private sector remediation fund

    Are you aware that to access the private sector remediation fund for ACM cladding removal, every flat owner in a block has to give the Government a ‘state aid‘ declaration; and that...

  • Freedom of movement

    What have been the benefits of freedom of movement between the EU and London?

  • Cancer incidence among firefighters (5)

    How many London Fire Brigade firefighters are currently signed off work where the absence is related to cancer, and what was the figure in each year from 2010 to the present?

  • Cancer incidence among firefighters (4)

    The National Fire Chiefs Council lead for health and safety stated that “firefighters are contracting certain types of cancer above the population norm, I accept that and that is a...

  • Cancer incidence among firefighters (3)

    Will representatives from London Fire Brigade raise results of studies showing increased incidence of cancer among firefighters with relevant individuals on the National Fire Chiefs Council and...

  • Cancer incidence among firefighters (2)

    What work is London Fire Brigade carrying out in light of recent research showing an increased risk of cancer among UK firefighters?

  • Cancer incidence among firefighters (1)

    What is your appraisal of the Stec et al study published in February 2018, demonstrating for the first time a higher incidence of cancer among UK firefighters?

  • Elena Baturina

    What is the total amount of money Elena Baturina or her organisation, the Be Open foundation has gifted to City Hall or the Mayors fund for London?

  • W12 Bus Usage by under 16s

    Please provide the percentage of W12 users who use an Oyster Zip card to travel, broken down by year from 2012 onwards.

  • Trees

    Would the Mayor provide a breakdown of the types of trees planted since 2016

  • London pro bono development

    What publicity are you able to give to the excellent Pro Bono Challenge initiative, highlighted in Property Week, to challenge and recognise developers who undertake pro bono development work? Do...

  • 205 Bus Usage by Over 60s

    Please provide the percentage of 205 users who use a freedom pass or other over 60s bus pass to travel, broken down by year from 2012 onwards.

  • 205 Bus Usage by under 16s

    Please provide the percentage of 205 users who use an Oyster Zip card to travel, broken down by year from 2012 onwards.

  • W12 Bus Usage by Over 60s

    Please provide the percentage of W12 users who use a freedom pass or other over 60s bus pass to travel, broken down by year from 2012 onwards.

  • C40 Cities independent assessment of London's climate trajectory

    In September 2019, your Deputy Mayor for Transport said in correspondence with the Stop Silvertown Tunnel campaign that: “the [London climate] trajectory has been independently assessed by...

  • Morden Town Centre

    Could you please update me on progress on improvements planned for Morden Town Centre?

  • Falling windows

    For each of the years Oct 16 to Sep 17, Oct 17 to Sep 18 and Oct 18 to Sep 19, please can you provide the number of times windows have fallen from high-rise buildings?

  • Greening London’s Hospitals

    What plans do you have to work with the NHS to green London’s hospitals and other healthcare sites?

  • ULEZ 4-month report (1)

    Does the ULEZ 4-month report meet your projected reduction in polluting vehicles and is it on track to continue to meet projected targets for reduction in vehicles?

  • London Ambitions and Careers Advice for Young Londoners

    Trust for London recently recommended ( ctor-working-creative-industries/) a new careers advice and guidance strategy to support young...

  • London Living Wage and partnerships with City Hall

    Do you ensure that any companies you invite to your events and jobs fairs pay at least the London Living Wage to everyone they employ?

  • Following Up with Secondees of Citizen Integration Initiative

    How do you follow up with secondees on the Citizenship Integration Initiative to best equip them to sustain their learnings for the benefit of Londoners?

  • Tackling Bullying of EU Citizens at School

    I am extremely worried by reports ( bullying-souring-lives-of-east-european-pupils-in-uk) that some EU children are experiencing...

  • Assessing the Effectiveness of London Family Fund

    What metrics will you use to assess the effectiveness of the London Family Fund?

  • Measurement of traffic and pollution impacts from protests

    In April 2019, the London Air project of King’s College London produced an interim analysis of the effects of the Extinction Rebellion climate protests. These interim figures show the...

  • Food Waster

    How many boroughs will not provide a separate weekly food waste collection by 31st December 2019?

  • Smart Meters

    How is the GLA working with Government to offer smart meters to every home owner in London?

  • Violence Reduction Unit (VRU)

    Which examples of best practice from other VRUs across the country have informed and continue to inform the operation of the London VRU?’

  • Smart Meters

    Do you know how many smart meters have been installed so far in London?

  • Car Allowances

    Do any GLA employees receive car allowances? If so, how many and what was the total cost of this in the most recent financial year?

  • Organ trafficking and harvesting

    For each of the years Oct 16 to Sep 17, Oct 17 to Sep 18 and Oct 18 to Sep 19, how many instances of organ trafficking, and harvesting have been detected?

  • Lorry thefts

    For each of the years Oct 16 to Sep 17, Oct 17 to Sep 18 and Oct 18 to Sep 19, how many thefts from lorries have occurred? For each of the years Oct 16 to Sep 17, Oct 17 to Sep 18 and Oct 18 to...

  • Follow up on PSCO enforcement on CS2

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2019/17406. My question was particularly about the actions by Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). Other than the actions of the Roads and Transport...

  • Cladding other than ACM

    What progress is being made in identifying funds for the removal of dangerous cladding other than ACM, for example timber; and what have you been doing to achieve this?

  • 'Red plaque’ scheme

    The Fire Brigades Union has introduced a ‘red plaque’ scheme, to commemorate the memory of firefighters who lost their lives on duty. Do you support this scheme, and what can you do...

  • Balcony dangers from fire

    What can you do to publicise the dangers from fire of using balconies, especially those of timber construction, for the storage of inflammable material or for other leisure activities such as...

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning (1)

    Please could you provide the number of incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning in London for 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19. Please could you break the figures down by borough?

  • Cladding remediation fund (1)

    Thank you for your answer to question 2019/17635. Has the cladding remediation fund administered by the GLA fund now opened and, if so, what has been the initial take up in terms of the number of...

  • Cladding remediation fund (2)

    Thank you for your answer to question 2019/17634. Has the cladding remediation fund administered by the GLA fund now opened and, if so, how many dwellings are contained in the buildings that have...

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning (2)

    Do the smoke alarms that the London Fire Brigade provide as part of home fire safety visits also detect carbon monoxide?

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning (3)

    How many smoke alarms has the London Fire Brigade provided as part of its home fire safety visits in 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19?

  • Deposit Return Scheme (1)

    What progress have you made lobbying Government for London to become a trial city for the Deposit Return Scheme?

  • Water Refill Point (3)

    What plans do you have for expanding the water refill scheme, in the light of its success and Green Alliance’s recent report (

  • Environment Bill

    Given it now looks like the Environment Bill may not be dropped after all, what changes would you like to see so that it meets London’s environmental needs and the demands of Londoners?

  • Underground Air Pollution

    It is known that PM2.5 levels on the London Underground are many times higher than the legal limit, with Hampstead being one of the worst examples, but what are average annual concentrations of...

  • Future Homes Standard

    Are you satisfied that the Future Homes Standard is as ambitious as your policies in London?

  • Re:new

    Thank you for your answer to question 2019/17610 on RE:NEW. Which projects were held back due to the cut to the FiTs, what do you anticipate their replacements to be, and when will these come on...

  • Water Refill Point (2)

    How many water bottles have your water refill points saved? Can you break this down for each refill point installed?

  • Water Refill Point (1)

    How much water have your water refill points dispensed? Can you break this down for each refill point installed?

  • Advertising for night time events

    In relation to promoting London’s night time economy, have you considered utilising advertising space on Transport for London (TfL) bus stops to advertise upcoming local night time events?

  • Hospital Air Pollution (2)

    Do you have plans to expand the hospital air pollution monitoring scheme to other hospitals, particularly St George’s Hospital in my constituency, which is near Tooting Broadway, one of...

  • Walthamstow Night Time Enterprise Zone Funding

    Could you provide a breakdown of your £75,000 fund set up to support London’s first Night-Time Enterprise Zone in Walthamstow (pilot scheme to run from Oct 2019 – Jan 2020)?

  • Continued support for night time workers

    Following the recommendations in the London Assembly Economy Committee report, Rewrite the night: the future of London’s night time economy, in February 2018, what progress have you made in...

  • Safety of night time workers

    What progress have you made, while promoting the night time economy, in ensuring that London’s night time workers are safe while travelling to and from work?

  • Health Impacts of NO2

    What is your specific evidence for the health impacts of current levels of NO2 in London?

  • Adult Education Budget (4)

    What are the benefits of supporting small projects that deliver inspiring learning environments, from community kitchens to virtual learning spaces for Londoners?

  • Adult Education Budget (3)

    How many projects will be able to access the £3.75 million funding in the new round of Small Projects and Equipment Fund?

  • Diversity of the Sports Media programme

    How will your Diversity of the Sports Media programme be evaluated so that best practice can be shared to encourage more underrepresented groups into journalism?

  • Air Pollution Calculations

    What is the formal record of cause of death to which the Mayor is referring, from which he has calculated that 9.500 London residents are dying each year due to air pollution in the city?

  • Airborne Pollutants (1)

    Which three airborne pollutants, specifically, does the Mayor claim are causing the most deaths in the Capital and in what proportions are the respective pollutants having this effect?

  • Airborne Pollutants (2)

    What, in order of impact, are the chief sources of the three primary airborne pollutants that the Mayor claims are killing people in London, and what is his source for this information?

  • Unflushables and single-use plastics

    What have you done to encourage boroughs to increase their uptake rates for reusable nappy schemes since the publication of the London Assembly Environment Committee report, Unflushables, in...

  • Flooding at City Hall

    In the past month City Hall has had several instances of flooding due to heavy rain fall. Have you: a) assessed City Hall for resilience to climate extremes, and b) put measures in place to...

  • Solar Together London (5)

    Is your aspiration to install 700-1,000 solar panels under phase 3 of the Solar Together scheme ambitious enough?

  • Solar Together London (4)

    What plans do you have to increase solar panel installation on public buildings owned by the GLA family?

  • London’s first black housing co-op

    A constituent would like to know what are you doing to support Nubia Way, the first black housing co-op in London, which is under threat?

  • Small businesses and housing opportunities

    What work have you done to make sure small and medium sized developers, non-profits and other SMEs have access to advice, land and grants through the GLA, in order to promote diversity and...

  • Community Roadwatch

    Could you please explain how Community Roadwatch is funded in London, with specific reference to the roles played by the Metropolitan Police and TfL?

  • Meat-free Monday

    Will you support meat-free Mondays in City Hall (e.g. no serving of any meat or fish in City Hall and GLA group cafes and canteens, or at events) considering the severe environmental burden of...

  • Spending review

    Do you share the concern of National Fire Chiefs Council that the Government’s spending review failed to address the employers’ pension contribution for fire sector workers and much...

  • Prevalence of cancer amongst LFB employees

    Following on from MQ 2019/17638, Will the London Fire Brigade (LFB) start monitoring how many firefighters are diagnosed with cancer after their careers with the LFB ends, in order to determine...

  • Engine idling in Barnet

    Are you working with councils to promote anti engine-idling campaigns? Residents have written to me requesting such a campaign in Golders Green, can you assist in requesting the Council to do this?

  • Building completion certificates

    When does London Fire Brigade believe the review of reconciliation between building completion certificates and Brigade inspection records will be completed, as referenced in your answer to my...

  • Police sniffer dogs

    How many police sniffer dogs are there across London now, and how many were there in 2010?

  • Prevalence of high-pressure laminate cladding

    Following the Building Research Establishment test BS8414 which established that high pressure laminate cladding did not meet required safety standards and should be removed, how many buildings...

  • Help for residents with cladding-related heat and energy bills

    Thank you for your answer to question 2019/12230 where you pledged to inform private sector tenants about the Warmer Homes Advice Service, in addition to the work already underway supporting...

  • Independent evaluation of fire, safe and well

    Has the independent assessment of Fire, Safe and Well reported back yet, as you referenced in answer 2019/3920; and if so, will the assessment be published?

  • ULEZ Impact

    Will the Mayor provide me with a clear summary of the methodology being used to measure the impact the introduction of ULEZ has had on emissions in London and ensure I have an opportunity to meet...

  • Assessing Effectiveness of Getting Ahead London

    What metrics do you use to assess the effectiveness of Getting Ahead London?

  • Exclusions

    It is good to see you taking seriously the problem of school exclusions in London. How are your programmes tackling off-rolling?

  • Evaluation of the Early Years Hub Pilot

    The Mayor has established an Early Years Hub pilot (in Barnet, Newham and Wandsworth and Merton) to improve access to high-quality early education for London’s less advantaged families. The...

  • Teach London and Recruiting Teachers

    The Sutton Trust recently reported ( ent-gap/) on the difficulties that schools in disadvantaged areas experience in recruiting the best...

  • Teachers Benefitting from Teach London

    How many teachers have benefited from Teach London?

  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Teach London

    What metrics do you use to assess the effectiveness of Teach London?

  • Leaders Accessing Get Ahead London

    How many leaders has Getting Ahead London accessed?

  • Knightsbridge ASB

    Residents in Knightsbridge are reporting to me an increase in anti-social behaviour and crime, which is not being tackled. Will you work with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to create...

  • Four Seasons care homes

    In line with your strategic housing role, what actions are you taking to reassure senior citizens and their families, following reports of financial difficulties with Four Seasons care homes?

  • Smart meter

    How is the GLA working with Government to offer smart meters to every SME in London?

  • Met Support to other Police forces

    Has any of the Met’s officers been called upon to provide support in Northern Ireland or Scotland since 2016? If so, please provide a breakdown by year.

  • Attacks on Police at protests

    Please provide a breakdown, by protest, of the number of attacks on Met police officers during protests in London since 2016.

  • Cost of Policing Euro 2020

    Please could you provide an estimate of how much policing the Euro 2020 tournament games held at Wembley is to cost the Met?

  • ULEZ 4-month report (2)

    Does the ULEZ 4-month report show that London is on track to meet your target to clean up our air and bring pollution into legal limits by 2025?

  • Carbon reduction

    Are we on course to deliver a 40% carbon reduction by 2022?

  • Deposit Return Scheme (2)

    If the Government fails to move forward with their own Deposit Return Scheme, will you investigate setting one up in London, in line with the unanimously agreed Assembly motion?

  • Assets of Community value

    Would you support the recommendation from a recent Centre for London report with regard to extending the Community Rights established in the Localism Act 2011 and introduce a “Community...

  • Hate Crime

    How many sworn and warranted Metropolitan Police officers are currently employed on monitoring hate crime on the Internet?

  • Houseboat security (1)

    Will you ensure that the package of private rental reforms for London also include much greater security of tenure and stability for London’s houseboat communities, who currently enjoy even...

  • Tree planting

    What plans are in place to speed up tree planting within the remainder of your mayoral term?

  • Safer junctions (2)

    Given your commitment to Vision Zero, how is TfL balancing the needs of bus passengers (on journey time and reliability), private motor vehicles and vulnerable road users in terms of making our...

  • GPS pilot

    In February you announced a pilot scheme where the movement of convicts is automatically checked against location of reported crimes using GPS. Please can you provide the following for each month...

  • Armed response vehicles

    Broken down by year since 2016, how many armed response vehicles does the MPS possess?

  • Firefighter Health

    It was recently reported that firemen are twice as likely to develop cancer than the population at large ( What actual figures are you aware of...

  • Hospital Air Pollution (1)

    Can you provide an update on the hospital air pollution monitoring scheme? What results have been observed?

  • Houseboat security (2)

    What can you do to help houseboat communities threatened by unscrupulous freeholders and developers that impose arbitrary increases in rents and fees?

  • Right to Buy fraud

    Following concerning reports in Inside Housing that significant numbers of Right to Buy sales are carried out fraudulently, will you work with authorities and housing associations in London to...

  • Wheelchair accessible shower rooms

    Following your response to question 2019/17582, are you able to say what proportion of wheelchair accessible buildings have fully accessible roll-in wet room showers?

  • LFB fire safety deep-dive (4)

    How many of the 20 buildings inspected by London Fire Brigade during its deep-dive into fire safety were a) privately owned, b) publicly owned, and c) other ownership e.g. housing association?

  • Advertising in schools (2)

    Of the schools in London with these digital advertising billboards, how many featured the so-called ‘Brexit propaganda’ (

  • Local Housing Allowance

    The Chancellor’s Spending Round in September announced no new funding for the Local Housing Allowance, which has been frozen since 2016. What has the impact of this been on Londoners, and...

  • Advertising in schools (1)

    How many schools in London are known to feature the Anomaly Group digital advertising billboards (

  • The local highways maintenance challenge fund

    Why are TfL and the London Boroughs excluded from applying to the £198m local highways maintenance challenge fund?

  • Bluepoint and renewable energy

    Can you confirm that Source London, the city-wide electric vehicle (EV) charge point network that is operated by Bluepoint London, only uses 100 per cent green renewable energy in their charging...

  • Studio and one-bedroom flats (2)

    Could you please provide a definition that distinguishes “studio” and “one-bedroom” units in a planning application? Do you have an estimation of the “need”...

  • Studio and one-bedroom flats (1)

    For planning applications referred to you, would you be able to give the proportion of approved units that are a) studios and b) one-bedroom units for each of the years 2017-18 and 2018-19?

  • Supplementary Planning Guidance on Density

    Your answer to Question 2019/8976 on 17 May 2019 indicated you are currently preparing a detailed Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) to accompany the London Plan policy that will provide...

  • Solar Together London (3)

    When will the Solar Together scheme be expanded to include all London boroughs?

  • Engine idling (1)

    What priority is given by the Metropolitan Police towards engine idling, given that only 3 such offences were detected in the three years covering 2016, 2017 & 2018?

  • General Strike for Climate (1)

    How many members of GLA staff took time out of their working day as you encouraged, to attend the General Strike for Climate on Friday 20th September?

  • We Are All Londoners Event

    Could you provide a full cost breakdown for the We Are All Londoners event, held in and around City Hall on 21 September - including but not limited to catering, advertising, facility, security...

  • Solar Together London (1)

    You announced a new phase of Solar Together London in a press release on 18 September 2019. The release states that 624 homes in London have installed solar panels through the scheme. Considering...

  • London Plan Small Sites Policy

    Should your small sites policy survive the inspection process would you be supportive of delaying its implementation by at least one year to allow London Boroughs to develop relevant local plans...

  • Buses

    Are there plans to upgrade the buses on K2, 481, 371, 391, 281, N22 Bus Routes to low emission vehicles?

  • Missing children and the British Transport Police

    How is the Met Police working with the British Transport Police to keep missing children safe?

  • Mayor's fund for London

    Please provide a list of all donors and the amounts of all donations to the Mayor's fund for London from January 2016?

  • Mayor's Press Office

    For each of the previous 5 years, what was the total cost of the Mayor's press office?

  • Buses

    What are the Euro emission standards of the buses that serve on the K2, 481, 371, 391, 281, N22 bus routes?

  • Mayor's fund for London (2)

    Please provide a list of all funds that have been donated or gifted to the GLA from the Mayor's Fund for London from January 2016 and what their purpose was?

  • A Free Port in London

    Would you support an application by the Port of London to become a free port (

  • E-Cigarettes (2)

    Further to my question (2018/5500) - has this policy been reviewed and what was the outcome?

  • Housing association re-lettings

    Please provide figures from all housing association landlords in London showing how many social rented homes have been re-let, once empty, not at social rents, but as some kind of sub-market,...

  • HS2

    On the serious threat of cancellation faced by HS2 you have said to me (at a recent Question Time) that you will be working with the Prime Minister for progress and resourcing of the HS2. How do...

  • Homes for later living (2)

    How many homes for supported living for older people does the new London Plan forecast will be required in each borough, in each year from 2020 to 2024?

  • Utilities under Pavements

    The DfT have proposed a presumption in favour of pavements rather than the road when it comes to burying utilities. What effect will such a change have on a) road users, b) road...

  • Personal Light Electric Vehicles

    How many Personal Light Electric Vehicles are currently registered in London?

  • Electric vehicle smart charging

    How do the Governments proposals for Electric Vehicle Smart Charging compare to your new draft London plan policies?

  • SEND in schools

    A report from London Councils has found that “A significant number of schools across London are engaging in poor admissions practice to informally exclude [SEND] pupils from even starting...

  • Metropolitan Police Service getting procedures

    A recent HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) report highlighted issues at many police forces, including the Metropolitan Police Service, with vetting...

  • Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors

    I am very pleased you are providing housing for domestic violence survivors. What is the timescale for delivery of these much needed homes?

  • Flood risks in London

    The London Assembly Environment Committee in April 2014 published a report which contained the recommendation: “The operation of the Barrier and expectations for future upgrades should be...

  • London Latin Community

    Will you agree to meet with representatives of the London’s Latin community during Amigo month to discuss matters of concern, especially relating to developments at Seven Sisters?

  • Climbing wall at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

    Mount Palace, the operators of the climbing wall at the sports centre have made strenuous efforts to engage with the GLA over its future operation but have not had a response. The GLA seems to...

  • Homes for later living (1)

    How many homes in London for supported living for older people have been a) given planning permission and b) completed in each year since 2012? Please break this data down by borough.

  • Knife Crime in Westminster North

    Local campaigner Jamie MacFarlane is looking into the serious rise of knife crime in Westminster North. Does the Mayor share Jamie's view that stop and search is key to saving young lives by...

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

October 2019
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