London Assembly

Friday, 21 June 2019

  • Autism (1)

    What progress has the Metropolitan Police made in providing employees and police officers with autism training?

  • 999 response times

    Please provide the average Metropolitan Police response times for 999 calls categorised as (i) I grade, (ii) S grade (iii) E grade and (iv) R grade since November 2018. Please provide a breakdown...

  • Healthy Schools and Young Carers

    How does your Healthy Schools London programme support young carers?

  • Use of drones instead of police helicopters

    Will you ensure that a review is undertaken as to whether the use of police helicopters for surveillance purposes could be replaced by greater use of drones, so saving money and fuel and reducing...

  • Loans to developers

    Please provide a list of every loan approved by the GLA for developers in London since May 2016 including the fund the loan comes from, the site, the name of the developer, the amount of the loan...

  • Homes for Londoners Land Fund

    Please provide a list of every loan approved by the GLA from the Homes for Londoners Fund since May 2016 including the site, the name of the developer, the loan and whether the site at time of...

  • Safeguarding Wharves

    Following your consultation on safeguarding wharves that closed on Friday 17th August 2018 how much longer do you to intend to consider the responses that were submitted and when do you intend to...

  • London Overground operating on Boxing Day

    Following TfL’s press release of 18th March 2016 announcing Arriva as the new operator for London Overground which stated that new services will be introduced on some routes on Boxing Day,...

  • Data Protection (1)

    Are you content that TfL has complied with data protection and privacy legislation and best practice before tracking passengers via smart-phone wi-fi signals?

  • Data Protection (2)

    Are you comfortable that simply placing signage telling passengers they can opt out of having their data collected by turning off their wi-fi is reasonable, proportionate and sufficient?

  • Command unit replacement

    The slot price for the new command units has gone up, according to LFB’s Medium Term Financial Plan. What is the reason for this?

  • HS2 works blocking pavements and roads

    Will you raise with HS2 and those carrying out work on their behalf the excessive amount of road and pavement space fenced off that they are imposing on the local community? By way of examples,...

  • Detective Constable Vacancies

    What is the current level of detective constable vacancies in the MPS and what progress has been made in addressing this?

  • HZ Programme

    Is the HZ Programme on course to meet its targets, given that only 1,883 ‘direct’ homes, over which the Mayor has control, had been started at 2018-19 Q2? [16,000 are targeted for...

  • Recruitment of Specials

    I welcome that the Metropolitan Police Service is looking to increase its numbers of Specials from 1,900 to 5,000. However, the number of Specials fell by 16% in 2018/19 financial year...

  • Autism (5)

    What provision has been made in the London Plan to make London a more autism friendly city?

  • Autism (6)

    What is Transport for London doing to make its stations more autism friendly?

  • Autism (9)

    Has Transport for London tested the usability of its journey planner with autistic Londoners?

  • Autism (7)

    How many Transport for London employees have completed autism training (in any form) and what percentage does that equate to in terms of the total number of employees?

  • Autism (8)

    How many Transport for London employees have completed face-to-face autism training and what percentage does that equate to in terms of the total number of employees?

  • Barking fire

    To what extent was the quick spread of the fire at Barking Riverside on 9th June due to the wooden balconies?

  • Barking fire

    At the fire at Barking Riverside on 9th June the fire brigade appeared to have problems accessing a water hydrant. Was this the case?

  • LU and LO Job Specifications

    Please provide the Assembly with detailed job specifications for all the jobs done by station staff across the London Underground and London Overground. Please also include the total numbers of...

  • Ulez

    A local charity in my constituency wishes to utilise the ULEZ scrappage scheme for the fleet of minivans. As a charity they were exempt from the congestion charge and so do not have proof of...

  • Parliament Square Closures

    How many times in days and hours has Parliament Square been shut to traffic due to protests including black cabs, eco protestors and others since May 2016? Please provide a user-friendly table...

  • Upgrade to cycle superhighways

    In your speech at the London Cycling and Walking conference on 24 May 2019, you said that Cycle Superhighway 7 was an example of a “first generation superhighway” that was “just...

  • Impact of Bus Consultation on Those With Mobility Issues

    Whilst the bus consultation may not affect access around London, what consideration has been made for those with mobility issues who will be expected to take two buses where they currently take one?

  • Mobile fingerprint scanners (2)

    In August 2018, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) announced that 600 portable fingerprint biometric devices would be rolled out to frontline officers. Under what legal authority are police...

  • Mobile fingerprint scanners (3)

    In August 2018, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) announced that 600 portable fingerprint biometric devices would be rolled out to frontline officers. Could you provide any available data on...

  • Sponsored content on the Mayor's twitter account

    On 3 June 2019, you posted a video message on the @MayorofLondon twitter account that was filmed and sponsored by Elle magazine ( 0)....

  • Homes for life

    What planning work is the Mayor doing to ensure homes are fit for end of life? Many elderly residents do not want to leave their homes when they age but are forced to as they are not fit for...

  • Tube Safety

    The Transport for London Health, Safety and Environment report Quarter 3 2018/19 (16 September 2018 – 8 December 2018) Report says there was a “14% increase in injuries on escalators...

  • Clapham improvements

    What plans do TfL have to alleviate overcrowding at Clapham Common and Clapham North Tube stations which have narrow island platforms?

  • Air-taxis

    A number of companies have expressed the desire to develop and operate ‘air taxis’ in London. What do you think about this development and what work is TfL carrying out to be ahead of...

  • Underspend on cycling in 2018-19

    Transport for London (TfL) has reported in its Quarter 4 performance report for 2018-19 an annual underspend for the cycling programme of £14 million. Will you provide the underspend for the...

  • Transport for London telephone contact numbers

    Further to Question No: 2019/9223 ‘Do you agree that it is important that Transport for London maintain a working telephone system for complaints, for those who do not have access to email,...

  • Bus crime in Sutton

    For each of the years 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19, how many crimes have been committed on buses in Sutton by crime type?

  • Former Clerkenwell Fire Station

    What has been the total cost of a) security and b) maintenance from when the fire station was closed until it was brought back into temporary use recently?

  • 2018/19 LFB outturn

    When does LFB expect to publish its outturn figures for 2018/19?

  • LFB operational establishment (1)

    Is LFB still on course to reach its full operational establishment by summer 2019; and what is that establishment?

  • LFB operational establishment (2)

    Please provide a) LFB’s actual number of FTE operational staff at the start and end of 2018/19 and 2019/20 and b) the operational establishment for those periods

  • Staff pay increase

    LFB has budgeted a 2% increase for all staff in the Medium Term Financial Plan. What contingencies exist in the case of higher pay awards being agreed?

  • Bus improvements in south west London

    A constituent is particularly concerned about developments at North Sheen and Mortlake Brewery, where public transport accessibility needs improvement. What plans does Transport for London (TfL)...

  • Croydon training facility

    What is the cost of developing the Croydon training facility?

  • Fifteen Pump Fire in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

    Fire alarms were not working during the fire at Barking Riverside on 9th June. Is the Commissioner content that the current system of Fire Wardens put in place by the building’s owner is...

  • Women's Night Safety Charter

    What is the total number of organisations/businesses in London that have signed up for the women’s safety charter and can you please provide me a list of them?

  • Outsourcing (1)

    How many jobs in London are currently outsourced?

  • Outsourcing (2)

    Outsourced roles are often not collected in low-pay data. How can data be better collected to understand how widespread low pay is in outsourced roles?

  • Tooley Street

    If Tooley Street is pedestrianised, how you will get to city hall?

  • OPDC Board (1)

    Do you believe that all the members of the OPDC Board represent value for money?

  • OPDC Board (2)

    How do you judge whether OPDC Board members represent value for taxpayers’ money and how frequently do you appraise whether this is still the case?

  • Air quality

    What exactly are you doing to fast track cost effective yew tree air quality measures as outlined in The Times on 17th May?

  • Extinction Rebellion

    What lessons has the Metropolitan Police learned from its handling of the Extinction Rebellion protests last Easter?

  • Action against Responsible Persons

    Since 2017, has LFB taken formal action against any Responsible Persons over failures to meet required interim fire safety standards where a high-rise block is found to have fire safety problems;...

  • Richer Sounds meeting

    Could you provide details of which aspects of social housing were discussed during your meeting with Julian Richer of Richer Sounds, on 19 March as listed in the May 2019 Mayor's Report?

  • London Borough of Culture

    In February 2018, the London Borough of Waltham Forest was awarded £1.35m of funding to deliver a programme of ambitious cultural activities celebrating the unique character...

  • Viability Guidance

    What do you make of the Government’s changes to Planning Practice Guidance for Viability with regard to Existing Use Value and the price paid for land, and the new RICS guidance on...

  • Southernwood Retail Park

    I note the recent approval by Southwark Council for the Southernwood Retail Park scheme (ref: GLA 4662) which is owned by Glasgow City Council as Administering Authority for the Strathclyde...

  • Fit and Proper Private Hire Operators

    When licensing a private hire operator, is there a requirement that the operator would need to be truthful with all of the authorities and tell the truth in any ongoing legal argument for TfL to...

  • Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission

    What is your view on the Government’s response to the Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission report? The Government has committed to exploring the potential for at least two locally-led...

  • Green Living Walls

    In March 2018 a trial “Living Wall” was launched in Piccadilly Circus. It was covered in moss and helps to clean the air around it. Do you have any plans to spread their use across London?

  • Demand on fire safety inspection officers (2)

    How many fire safety inspection officers does LFB currently employ and how many does the Brigade predict it needs to deal with future demand?

  • LFB input into planning applications (1)

    How many planning applications did LFB comment on in each year from 2010/11 onwards?

  • Friendship Day (1)

    A constituent has asked me to ask that World Friendship Day is the 29th April. Will you be helping to celebrate this day given that it fits well with your #LondonIsOpen campaign?

  • Tube noise [3]

    Further to Question No: 2019/9220 ‘Although noise may have been reduced slightly in some locations such as Finchley Central, it did not exist at all before the speed increases and...

  • Tube noise [2]

    TfL have now adopted the dubious practice of recording noise complaints about the tube as ‘closed’ after they have done what measures they are prepared to do even if those measures...

  • Tube noise [1]

    Further to Question No: 2019/9216 ‘Tube noise has not been reduced sufficiently for a number of residents, who have suffered ground borne noise well in excess of 50Db, in some case for...

  • Hire bikes on pavements

    Bicycles owned and operated by the number of hire companies (other than TFL’s own Santander scheme) are becoming a hazard to pedestrians, especially those who are disabled, sight impaired...

  • Disabled blue badge holders

    What consideration did you give to exempting disabled blue badge holders from the ULEZ charge in the same way they are exempt from the congestion charge?

  • ULEZ adaptations (4)

    How much has LFB paid in ULEZ charges since its inception?

  • Cocaine users

    Figures from the National Crime Agency have revealed that cocaine use has more than doubled in the last five years, with more than 200,000 doses being taken every day in London alone. What action...

  • Tube noise [5]

    A constituent has had the following reply from TfL to his complaint about tube noise affecting his home: ‘In response to your noise complaint; we have opened, investigated, fed-back on...

  • Tube noise [4]

    What is the period of time that Pandrol Vanguard is expected significantly to reduce tube noise? What do you propose to do when the benefit of PV installation has worn off, as it is now doing at...

  • Green Alliance (1)

    Green Alliance reported that less than half of aluminium packaging in the UK is recycled. Have you calculated a figure for London, and how will you increase it?

  • Green Alliance (3)

    Do we know how many people have responded to Government on the proposed Riverside incinerator expansion? How many responses supported it and how many responses opposed it?

  • Green Alliance (2)

    The same Green Alliance report also highlighted the importance of recovering incinerator bottom ash for aluminium recycling. How are you working to ensure this is the case for London’s...

  • Deposit charge

    Does the Mayor agree that there should be a deposit charged on small, metal helium containers, given their proliferation in open spaces?

  • Universal Credit

    Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) have highlighted that Universal Credit claimants are unable to see whether they have been paid the correct amounts as it gets paid in one payment, without access...

  • Bus Stop Crime

    Presenting the data by year since 2015/16 and crime type, please provide a breakdown of the number of crimes committed at bus stops?

  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Taskforce (2)

    How is the taxi trade represented on the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Taskforce?

  • Building homes on NHS land (4)

    What engagement have you had with the London Estates Board in 2019?

  • ULEZ adaptations (3)

    Will LFB’s fleet be ULEZ compliant by the rollout of the expanded zone in October 2021?

  • Proposed compulsory purchase order at Earls Court

    Do you support the proposed compulsory purchase order by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham of the Earls Court Masterplan site?

  • GLA functional bodies and renewables

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2019/8862 in which you confirmed that City Hall has switched to: “100 per cent green energy with renewable electricity supplied by Ecotricity and...

  • Warmer Homes Scheme

    How many properties have been improved through the warmer homes scheme in a) the social sector, b) private rented sector, and c) owner occupied?

  • Preparing London for rapid global warming (2)

    In my priority question 2019/8850 I drew your attention to a gap in research on the heatwave risks to London businesses and their employees. This was identified in my report, Climate Change Risks...

  • Grenfell Tower and toxic contamination

    In answer to question 2018/3249 you said that you will continue: “to push” the Government and London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to ensure that an accurate assessment of the...

  • Building homes on NHS land (5)

    What major sites have been prioritised for joint working between the GLA and the London Estates Delivery Unit and what is the number of homes planned for each of these?

  • Building homes on NHS land (6)

    What will be the GLA and Mayor’s role in the decision making of the London Estates Board?

  • Building homes on NHS land (7)

    What progress has there been on making the GLA the host for the LEB/LEDU budget?

  • Building homes on NHS land (8)

    What schemes will be taken forward as a result of the £150m STP wave 4 capital funding grant?

  • Building homes on NHS land (1)

    Is the London Estates Board now in its shadow decision making phase (phase 3), and if not, when is this scheduled to be achieved?

  • Building homes on NHS land (2)

    A draft London Estates Strategy was due in April 2019. When will this be published?

  • Meanwhile and temporary use of home and business sites at Earls Court

    Thank you for your reply to my question 2019/8876 on meanwhile use for the Earls Court Masterplan site. In your answer you mention that Earls Court Partnership Limited (ECPL), the joint venture...

  • Falling value of the former Earls Court Exhibition Centres site

    It was reported in the Evening Standard on 31 May 2019 that a further £49 million has been lost on the value of the site where the former Earls Court Exhibition Centres once stood and which...

  • ULEZ adaptations (2)

    When will LFB’s fleet be ULEZ compliant for the inner zone?

  • Using apps outside London (1)

    TfL state that a taxi driver cannot accept a job on an app when they are located outside of the TfL licensed area. why is this?

  • Information-sharing pilots on extremist individuals

    In a Times article on 29 March 2019, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the Director-General of MI5 said: "A broader, multi-agency approach to managing the risk in communities posed by...

  • Fuel Poverty Support Fund (1)

    The fuel poverty strategy pledged £250,000 to set up a pan-London fuel poverty referral network. How many people have been seen by this service and what is the average financial gain per person?

  • Pay as you go energy meters

    How many homes in London had pay as you go energy meters in 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015?

  • Mayor’s Land Fund (3)

    How many homes are proposed for sites bought through the Mayor’s Land Fund, and what proportion are genuinely affordable? Will you ensure that at least 50% of all homes developed through...

  • London Living Rent (1)

    While noting your previous response to my question 2018/2182 that providers have flexibility to let homes either as London Living Rent or London Shared Ownership up to the point of first...

  • London Living Rent (2)

    Could you provide figures for how many London Living Rent properties are currently being let in each London Borough.

  • TFL refunds

    Will you ask TfL to make it easier for people who touch in with the wrong contactless card to obtain refunds online, including being able to cancel journeys begun with the wrong card, or...

  • Abingdon Reservoir and climate emergency

    Do you agree that in light of the Climate Emergency, that all efforts should be made to complete the Abingdon Reservoir by 2035?

  • Mayor’s Land Fund (1)

    How much money has been spent to date and how much is remaining in the Mayor’s Land Fund?

  • Mayor’s Land Fund (2)

    How many sites have been purchased to date with the Mayor’s Land Fund, and how many more sites are being explored?

  • Vulnerable Londoners’ Housing (1)

    How many Londoners with learning disabilities are housed in long-term institutional setting awaiting independent homes in the community?

  • Vulnerable Londoners’ Housing (2)

    What plans does the Mayor have to ensure we build the homes we need to support these vulnerable Londoners effectively?

  • Delivery of protected cycle routes (5)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2018/3044, in which you told me that you had delivered 11.5 km of properly protected cycle lanes as superhighways with 30 km of protected space across the...

  • Firefighter accommodation (1)

    When does the Brigade expect to see the West Hampstead refurbished cottages occupied by firefighters?

  • Fuel Poverty Support Fund (2)

    When will the second half of the £500,000 FPSF be allocated and to what projects?

  • Delivery of protected cycle routes (6)

    Thank you for your answer to my question 2018/5194. Could you list the sections of protected cycle route that have been delivered each year, and what programme they were delivered under, since...

  • Fixed odds betting terminals

    What support was provided to boroughs to deal with fixed odds betting terminals in advance of the review of licenses in January 2019?

  • Highbury Corner

    Are there lessons to be learned about communication with residents during the implementation of big junction schemes, such as at Highbury Corner?

  • Hammersmith Bridge bus changes

    In your response to my question 2019/8854 you cited changes by Transport for London (TfL) to improve public transport links. People crossing Hammersmith Bridge need buses that connect at each end...

  • Buses to help deliver new housing

    An update on your bus strategy proposed undertaking up to seven studies to identify network growth opportunities in areas where significant change (e.g. housing development) is expected. Will you...

  • London Plan density policy (4)

    The policies in your draft London Plan do not set out a clear and systematic approach to assess development proposals that reflect site specific circumstances. Your answer to Question 2019/8976...

  • London Plan density policy (5)

    Your answer to Question 2019/8977 indicated “The draft Plan requires development proposals to provide a range of measures of density that are more useful than the current single density...

  • London Plan density policy (2)

    If the Density Matrix is removed from the Policy and Policy D6 is adopted – how will applicants be able to provide development proposals to meet the Policy if the Supplementary Planning...

  • London Plan density policy (3)

    In response to Question 2019/8975, you state that Policy D6 provides a requirement for an assessment of each development site’s context to identify opportunities and constraints that can...

  • Tram crime in Croydon

    For each of the years 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19, how many crimes have been committed on Trams in Croydon by crime type?

  • Airwave incidental coverage

    In written evidence to the Public Accounts Committee, the National Fire Chiefs Council stated that the incidental coverage of the Emergency Services Network is unlikely to be as good as...

  • London Plan density policy (6)

    Your answer to Question 2019/8978 described the ways of measuring transport connectivity using the TfL WebCAT PTAL and TIM but the answer did not clarify how PTAL and TIM could be used to...

  • London Plan density policy (7)

    Your response to Question 2019/8979 related to the Density Matrix but did not indicate how Policy D6 would meet the requirements of NPPF Plan Making Para 16 which states: Plans should: b) be...

  • Firefighter accommodation (2)

    What sites is LFB intending to develop for firefighter housing and what is the total number of homes that will be delivered on each of these sites?

  • Hackitt review team use of Union Street

    Has any agreement been reached for the Hackitt review team to occupy the space at Union Street recently vacated by London TravelWatch; and if so will they be paying a commercial rent?

  • Emergency Services Network

    When do you expect LFB to replace Airwave with the Emergency Services Network?

  • Low level times looked at an aggregate

    How do the Metropolitan Police Service ensure that if a high number of similar ‘low-level’ crimes (which may ordinarily not require further investigation under the MPS’ Crime...

  • ULEZ adaptations (1)

    What percentage and number of each category of LFB’s fleet is currently non-compliant with the ULEZ?

  • Additional Fire Cadets units

    When do you expect each new Fire Cadet unit to begin operations, following the extra £1.1m of funding from the Mayor?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade

    Does TfL consider a taxi operator to be a fit and proper stakeholder if they are not compliant with the 2006 Companies Act?

  • Building homes on NHS land (3)

    How many positions in the Strategic Estates Planning Team are currently vacant and when is it expected that these will be filled?

  • TFL pickpocketing

    Presenting the data by year since 2015/16 and transport type, please provide a breakdown of the number of pickpocketing offences on the TfL estate?

  • LFB input into planning applications (2)

    How many representations put forward by LFB on planning applications were taken up by the developer and/or planning authority concerned in 2016/17, 2017/18, and 2018/19?

  • Transparency and Vision Zero: Opening Bus Operator Forum to Public Scrutiny

    Further to Questions 2017/3862, 2018/0796, 2018/3426 and 2019/0463, it is clear that an important reason the Bus Operator Forum meets is to discuss bus safety.  Given a decline in bus...

  • Diversity in the firefighter intake

    What percentage of a) applicants and b) appointees in the most recent recruitment round were a) BAME and b) women and c) BAME women?

  • London Plan density policy (1)

    Your answer to Question 2019/8974 relating to the Policy D6 using a “design-led-approach” does not provide a detailed methodology to evaluate “Site Context” or a...

  • Transport Strategy – Step-free access (1)

    As part of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, an ambitious aim is to improve step-free access to 40% of the Tube network by 2022. As this was a target set of off the existing figure of 26% of...

  • Link between Former Kodak site & Wealdstone Shopping District

    What requirements has the Mayor put on Network Rail, if any, to liaise with Harrow Council regarding access underneath the railway line from the new housing development, at the former Kodak site,...

  • Harrow & Wealdstone Station Car Park (1)

    We understand that some discussions are taking place regarding the scope of the existing car park serving Harrow & Wealdstone station. Can you confirm what conversations the Mayor has had...

  • Tube Noise – Ashburnham Avenue, Harrow On The Hill

    In the last two years or so I’ve persistently raised questions with you and direct with TfL to get support for a number of local residents of Ashburnham Road for effective remedial measures...

  • Metropolitan Line, Harrow On The Hill

    I travelled from Harrow On the Hill station on Southbound Met Line train on Wednesday 14th May around 8am. The train was packed at this peak time but to our disbelief three sets of doors were...

  • Bus crime in Croydon

    For each of the years 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19, how many crimes have been committed on buses in Croydon by crime type?

  • Transport Strategy – Step-free access (2)

    As part of the Accessibility Implementation Plan, a target for delivery of 25 step-free tube stations was set from 2020-2025 and a further 15 from 2025-2030, have these tube stations been...

  • Young-onset dementia

    As part of a dementia-friendly city, has the Mayor made any assessment of working with London’s universities and law firms to explore the possibility of providing a London Dementia Law and...

  • 101 charges

    Will you commit to lobby to remove 101 phone charges in London

  • New LFB equipment

    What items of newly available, under development, or experimental equipment is the LFB currently evaluating or expects to evaluate in the current financial year?

  • On-Route Magazine for Taxi Drivers

    How many TfL licensed drivers do TfL e-mail weekly with the On-Route Magazine?

  • Secondary engines for transport refrigeration

    According to the Transport for London (TfL) study on non-exhaust vehicular emissions, Auxiliary temperature reduction units in the Greater London area, published in March 2018, 3,500 refrigerated...

  • Carbon footprint of reusable vs disposable nappies

    Has the London Waste and Recycling Board carried out a carbon footprint analysis of reusable nappies compared to single-use disposable nappies? If not, will you?

  • Reusable nappies (2)

    In response to recommendation two of the London Assembly Environment Committee report, Single-use plastic: Unflushables you said: “LWARB’s Resource London programme already encourages...

  • Reusable nappies (1)

    In answer to question 2019/8934 you said that through the Advance London programme, the London Waste and Recycling Board have supported Nappy Zap, an on-demand waste collection service for...

  • Incontinence products

    The London Assembly Environment Committee report, Single-use plastic: Unflushables, published in August 2018, showed that the number of single-use adult incontinence products has grown by over 50...

  • Platform edge doors on the Northern Line

    I understand that TfL has no plans to install platform edge doors at the new Nine Elms and Battersea London Underground stations on the grounds that they are not in use on the rest of the...

  • Crossrail Cost and Completion

    Recent reports suggest that according to Mr Wild Bond Street station completion will take eighteen months to two years. Can you confirm that Crossrail completion will be two years late and the...

  • Presumption Against Development

    The previous London Plan Policy 3.5 includes provision for boroughs to introduce a presumption against development on back gardens or other private residential gardens where this can be locally...

  • Domestic Abuse – Brent Council’s Initiative

    Brent Council has introduced a scheme involving trained domestic workers specialising in – ‘non-crime’ reports to tackle domestic abuse. This has helped to achieve 9% drop in...

  • New Builds on Residential Gardens (2)

    In 2010 the Government reclassified gardens so they were no longer brownfield land. What effect did this decision have on the number of new homes being built on residential gardens?

  • New Builds on Residential Gardens (1)

    How many new homes were built on residential gardens between 2008 and 2019? Please give break down by financial year.

  • Extensions on Residential Gardens (2)

    In May 2013 changes came into force to allow permitted development for home extensions. How many such permitted developments have there been since? Please give break down by financial year.

  • Extensions on Residential Gardens (1)

    How many home extensions were built on residential gardens between 2008 and 2019? Please give break down by financial year.

  • Taxi Driver - Depression

    How many Licenced Taxi Drivers have had their licences revoked or suspended due to depression, anxiety or any other mental health condition in the years, 2014-2018. Please provide an annual breakdown.

  • Calculating Play and Informal Recreation Space for Children and Young People

    Following my MQT last month, I wish to check how up to date is the GLA website and data for the Child Yield Calculator. Currently, when one goes to the GLA website to access SPG on Play and...

  • Role to rank

    Is role to rank on track to be implemented by 2021?

  • Demand on fire safety inspection officers (1)

    How many hours of overtime has been logged by LFB’s fire safety inspection officers in 2016/17, 2017/18, and 2018/19?

  • Catalytic Convertor

    Thank you for your response to my previous MQ2019 6233 on Catalytic Convertor Theft. Please can you provide me with the number of thefts of catalytic converters from cars in 2018 for each of the...

  • Thrive and Young Carers

    How does Thrive LDN support young carers?

  • Cars turning from Upper Richmond Road SW15 into Dryburgh Road SW15

    Will TfL introduce a CCTV camera to monitor cars turning from Upper Richmond Road SW15 into Dryburgh Road SW15, a turn that is banned during the morning rush hour, due to the danger to the large...

  • Replacement Buses on the Gospel Oak to Barking Line

    The replacement bus service for the Gospel Oak to Barking line is ineffectively slow. Please explain what is being done to reassess this service and consider how to make it more useful to my...

  • Published Service on the Gospel Oak to Barking Line

    When will the published service resume on Gospel Oak to Barking line?

  • City Fringe Low Emission Neighbourhood

    Please provide an update on City Fringe Low Emission Neighbourhood and how it will impact positively on my constituents in Hackney.

  • Skills strategy

    What progress has been made with the skills strategy a year on?

  • Sustainable jobs

    What action are you taking to provide the skills Londoners need to undertake the low-carbon and sustainable jobs of the future?

  • Brexit cost to London’s economy

    What has been the cost to London’s economy due to the uncertainty of Brexit since the EU referendum in June 2016?

  • Tube noise near South Wimbledon station (2)

    Can I please be given an urgent update on works to reduce tube noise for Northern line travellers, as they travel south from South Wimbledon tube station?

  • Tube noise near South Wimbledon station (1)

    Can I please be given an urgent update on works to reduce tube noise for residents near South Wimbledon station, who continue to suffer excessively?

  • Skills for Londoners

    How will you ensure there is increased diversity and a reduction in stereotypes in apprenticeships and work placements, in your latest round of funding?

  • Decarbonised Heat

    How are you supporting decarbonised heat for existing as well as new homes in London?

  • Willesden Green Station – Staffing

    In response to my question 2019/9306, for the customer facing app: •   Can you specify the features that will be available to customers upon release of the app? • ...

  • Tackling far-right extremism (3)

    What training and work programmes are currently in place to support Metropolitan Police Service officers working in local communities and ward teams to tackle and prevent racist and religious...

  • Reducing plastic in supermarkets

    What is your view of Waitrose’s trial to reduce plastic packaging in their Oxford store, and will you encourage other supermarkets in London to follow suit if successful?

  • Poverty in London

    The Chancellor recently rejected the levels of poverty in the UK, described in the UN report, saying “I reject the idea that there are vast numbers of people facing dire poverty in this...

  • Housing and pensions

    Do you agree that the Communities Secretary James Brokenshire’s comments, that people should dip into their pensions to use as a deposit on a house, are irresponsible and will lead to...

  • Live Facial Recognition (2)

    What was the consent from the public for their ‘trial’ participation in the use of Live Facial Recognition?

  • Record of the Night Czar (1)

    Please set out the specific activities that were undertaken by your Night Czar to seek to prevent the closure of (a) Club 414, Coldharbour Lane, and (b) Block South/The Bloc in Vauxhall.

  • Record of the Night Czar (2)

    Please set out the exact activities of your Night Czar to ensure that the changes to legislative framework relating to the Agent of Change principle are properly enforced across London.

  • Digital forensics for child protection

    Further to your statement at Mayor’s Question Time on the 16th May 2019 that some of the new money you have announced for the police this year [2019/20] will be used to address online child...

  • Use of anonymised mobile phone data

    Assistant Director's decision ADD2345 (30th May 2019) authorises expenditure of up to £45,000 on a month-long trial of anonymised mobile phone data to improve the GLA’s analytical...

  • Bus Collisions

    Presenting the data by year since 2015/16, please provide a breakdown of the number of traffic collisions involving London buses.

  • Tube Delays

    Presenting the data by year since 2015/16 and tube line, please provide a breakdown of the time lost to Underground delays and the total number of overall delays for each line.

  • Apprenticeships for trainee firefighters

    Please provide an update on the use of LFB’s apprenticeship levy payments for firefighter training.

  • Gold card discounts

    Please state what are the reasons why owners of an annual TfL travelcard do not receive an automatic discount on TfL journeys outside the zone of their travelcard? Are any steps being taken to...

  • Taxi and Private Hire Drivers and Mental Health Support (1)

    What mental health & well-being training have taxi and private hire licensing, compliance and enforcement staff received from TfL?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Drivers and Whistleblowing (2)

    Does TfL have a whistleblowing policy for taxi & private hire drivers, if so, what is it?

  • Record of the Night Czar (3)

    In answer to the Mayoral Question 2018/1451 you stated that ”My Night Czar, along with Night Time Commission members, also convene regular Night Time Economy Borough Champions Network...

  • Taxi and Private Hire Drivers and Whistleblowing (1)

    What whistleblowing protections have TfL in place for taxi & private hire drivers who blow the whistle on TfL or third-party wrongdoing?

  • Credit Union

    In response to my question (2019/6347): What discussions TFL have had with the Metropolitan Police about advising their employees to join a credit union using payroll deduction services? When...

  • Transition from CAMHS to Adult Services

    What steps have you taken and are you encouraging partners to take to improve the experience of people moving from child to adult mental health services?

  • Kerbside Waste Collection

    Your London Environment Strategy requires waste authorities to deliver all kerbside properties a separate weekly food waste collection by 2020, which I fully support. How are you enforcing this?

  • Leap

    Please provide an update from the LEAP board meeting on the lower than expected uptake of the Cleaner Heat Cashback scheme.

  • Waste Heat Recovery

    Thank you for your answer to question 2019/9172 on the DEEP programme. Please provide a list of the locations that have been identified as potential locations for waste heat recovery, and explain...

  • Conflict of Interest Concerns

    In your response to 2019/6073 you mentioned that a former TfL board member raised a question of conflict of interest to the Transport Commissioner with the Chair of the Audit and Assurance...

  • Single use Plastics

    The Government recently announced a ban of some single use plastics. How are you taking forward your progress in London, such as on plastic bottles?

  • Taxi and Private Hire Drivers and Mental Health Support (4)

    Mental Health Support: Can the Mayor please provide me with a detailed list of the workplace benefits and mental health support that TfL taxi & private hire staffers are entitled to?

  • Step free access lift at Mill Hill East

    I  was pleased to see the progress of the works on the step free access lift at Mill Hill East tube. However, there are no signs to tell the public what is going on. Wouldn’t it...

  • Live Facial Recognition (3)

    How were the piloted Live Facial Recognition (LFR) deployment sites in London selected?

  • Use of algorithms by the Metropolitan Police Service (1)

    Do you agree with the concerns of the Law Society in their report ‘Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System’ published in June 2019 that there are insufficient rules imposed on the...

  • Waste Collection

    Will Barnet be re-instating their separate food waste collections soon?

  • Childcare support

    Following your announcement of an interest-free loan for all parents in the GLA Group to cover up-front costs of childcare provision are you satisfied with the take up of the scheme and the steps...

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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