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Monday, 1 April 2019

  • Cribble

    How was it possible for Pro Transfer Limited and thus the Cribble app to gain a TfL private hire operating licence, when there are serious questions and concerns about their operating model?

  • Catalytic convertor theft data

    Please can you provide me with figures by borough in the last 4 years that shows the number of thefts of catalytic converters from cars? Please provide this in excel format.

  • Taxi Delicensing Scheme (6)

    With regard to the Taxi Delicensing Scheme, how long does it take to process an Application?

  • Transport for London staff (4)

    What equality and diversity checks or audits are there in place at Transport for London with regard to the use of consultants?

  • Ultra-short-term lets

    Are you concerned that the growth in ultra-short-term lets (through such services as AirBnB) is distorting the market for longer-term residential property lettings, especially given the abuse of...

  • Taxi and PH qualification

    Will the Mayor introduce an NVQ or City & Guilds type qualification to improve safeguarding and disability awareness in the Taxi and PH Trades?

  • CCTV in PHVs

    As very few PHV’s have partitions in their Cars, will the Mayor introduce mandatory CCTV in PHV’s to help improve the safeguarding of vulnerable passengers?

  • Taxi Delicensing Scheme (2)

    What is the ratio and numbers of fleet/owner drivers applying for the new Taxi Delicensing scheme?

  • Taxi Delicensing Scheme (1)

    Will TFL inform taxi drivers considering the Taxi Delicensing scheme of availability or when each tiered payment level has been reached?

  • Single platform safety

    The platforms at some tube stations in my constituency, including Clapham North and several others have only a single platform serving both Southbound and Northbound trains. As these stations and...

  • Twelve-year age limit for taxis (2)

    What will the composition of the fleet be before, during and after the transition to a 12-year age limit on London’s taxis?

  • Twelve-year age limit for taxis (1)

    How many vehicles will be taken off the road or will have their lifespans affected during the transition due to your proposal of imposing a 12-year age limit on London’s taxis?

  • TFL Junk food ban

    Do you wish you were warned of the unintended consequences of your Junk Food Ban, which is now banning everyday food items like eggs and jam?

  • Knowledge of London (1)

    Through FOI’s the LCDC have found that up to the end of October 2018, only 203 Applicants were accepted on to The Knowledge; what was the final year total?

  • Breaches of the 90-day limit for short-term lettings

    Londoners report instances of homes in their communities being let out through short-term lettings platforms in excess of 90 days per year. Will you work with boroughs to investigate measures...

  • Short-term rental market (1)

    What action are you taking to support communities negatively impacted by the short-term rental market?

  • Short-term rental market (2)

    What action are you taking to ensure that the 90-day short-term rental limit is enforced, and have you had any recent discussions with AirBnB regarding their ability to ensure rules are not flouted?

  • Loan facilities

    How many bridging loans, such as that detailed in DD2305, have been provided by the GLA over the past two years? Please provide a full list of the recipients, how much was received by each and...

  • Short-term lettings in the new blueprint for private renting

    Will you seek powers to regulate short-term lettings as well as private rents as part of work on your new blueprint for stabilising or controlling private rents in London?

  • Short-term lettings

    What do you make of a recent BBC investigation that found that some property management companies, such as Hostmaker and Cityrelay, have been encouraging private landlords to break the 90-day...

  • Taxi Driver Numbers

    What are your projections of new entrants to the taxi trade who have taken the Knowledge of London up to 2022, and how many drivers do you expect to leave the trade up to 2022?

  • Developer uncertainty over cladding (1)

    How many housing units are estimated to be behind schedule for completion due to uncertainty over permissible materials for cladding and construction while awaiting the Government’s review...

  • Developer uncertainty over cladding (2)

    What discussions has your office, TfL, the Greater London Authority Housing and Land team, London Legacy Development Corporation and Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation had with...

  • Recycling of Free Newspapers on the TfL Network (1)

    A resident has asked me to ask why free newspapers distributed across the transport network on a Friday are not collected until Sunday?

  • NHS Property Company

    What discussions has your office had with the NHS Property Company about their handling of allegedly surplus NHS sites in London?

  • Taxi Tariff Increase

    Please state the specific timescale TfL will be following for implementation of the taxi tariff increase in 2019.

  • Voluntary 90-day limit for short-term lettings platforms (1)

    In your response to question 2018/3187 you expressed disappointment that only Airbnb had introduced a voluntary 90-day limit for short-term lettings and said that if other short-term lettings...

  • ULEZ exemptions

    I have a constituent who is 77 and has very bad Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. She lives just north of the North Circular in Chingford. Her son has cerebral palsy and lives just south of...

  • Voluntary 90-day limit for short-term lettings platforms (2)

    A senior manager from Hostmaker, one of the larger management companies for short-term rentals, was recently secretly recorded explaining how the firm could help landlords get around short-term...

  • The Knowledge

    Can you provide me with details of the cost and effect of the “I did it, so can you” advertising campaign on ‘The Knowledge of London’?

  • London Model of Private Renting

    I eagerly await further details of your proposed London Model for Private Rent, as current Assured Shorthold Tenancies are urgently in need of reform. Can you confirm that you will, if given the...

  • Taxi Delicensing Scheme (7)

    Has TfL carried out any studies or an Integrated Impact Assessment on how the new Taxi Delicensing scheme will affect a) Taxi Drivers b) the Taxi Market for both Cab Sales and Rentals?

  • Taxi Delicensing Scheme (8)

    Has TfL investigated how the Taxi Delicensing scheme will affect the Taxi Market for customers?

  • Taxi Delicensing Scheme (9)

    Before the change to the Taxi Delicensing scheme, the number of vehicles in the Taxis fleet have dropped by 10% in less than 2 years. Has TfL conducted any Surveys or Integrated Impact...

  • Removing flammable cladding (1)

    Please provide an update on your work with London Councils to enforce removal of flammable cladding, particularly on privately owned residential tower blocks

  • Violence Reduction Unit (1)

    What was the £500,000 initial set-up costs for the Violence Reduction Unit spent on?

  • Taxi Licensing Scheme (4)

    With regard to the Taxi Delicensing Scheme, what is the timeframe for replies to drivers who have applied and is there a backlog?

  • Taxi Delicensing Scheme (5)

    With regard to the Taxi Delicensing Scheme, over what period can Drivers apply?

  • Sprinklers on new builds

    Spot checks by London Fire Brigade revealed only two of fifteen recently built residential tower blocks had sprinklers. What steps are you taking, working with the London Fire Brigade, to ensure...

  • Taxi Delicencing Scheme and ZEC Taxis (5)

    Who carried out an Economic Integrated Impact study for TfL before the introduction of the Taxi Delicensing Scheme and the ZEC taxi, and when did they do it?

  • No left turn' restriction from the A1 into Tithe Walk

    Further to Question 2017/3281; What safety actions have been taken at Tithe Walk, and why hasn’t the sign been put up yet? When will it be?

  • Ban on junk food advertising on the transport network (3)

    What measures are you taking to ensure that the junk food policy will not be influenced by lobbyists representing companies selling food that is high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS)?

  • Ban on junk food advertising on the transport network (2)

    If there must be an exceptions process, how will it be managed and resourced? Will it be steered by expert health advice, and will you reconsider having the exceptions process if it is...

  • Ban on junk food advertising on the transport network (1)

    Why are you allowing exceptions to the proposed junk food advertising ban, and does this follow the advice of Government health experts?

  • Jacobs Report

    When was the last independent Economic Integrated Impact Assessment on the Taxi Trade after the Jacobs Report in October 2014?

  • Canada Water overcrowding

    Many of my constituents are concerned about the daily overcrowding at Canada Water station and their safety when waiting for a train. What are you doing to address this?

  • junction of Coldharbour Land/Loughborough Road

    Can Transport for London provide an urgent update on the planned improvements to the junction of Coldharbour Land/Loughborough Road/Hinton Road and what comments have been provided to Lambeth?

  • Taxi Delicensing Scheme and ZEC Taxis (2)

    What Supply & Demand Research was used for the Taxi Delicensing Scheme and the introduction of the ZEC taxi?

  • Taxi Delicencing Scheme and ZEC Taxis (4)

    What will the economic impact of the ZEC requirement (residuals etc) be on the Taxi and Private Hire Trades due to the impact of delicensing?

  • Bus collisions involving pedestrians at pedestrian crossings

    In your response to Question 2019/2081 you stated: "This situation is clearly unsatisfactory, and TfL has been reviewing its reporting processes and is working with its bus operators to ensure...

  • Length of hours worked by London Bus Drivers (2)

    Further to Question 2019/2084, are you aware that the Managing Director of First Group Tram Operations Limited recently announced that Croydon tram drivers will no longer be allowed to work for...

  • Length of Hours Worked by London Bus Drivers (1)

    In your response to Question 2019/2084 you stated: “London’s bus network is the most heavily monitored in the UK with respect to driver hours and I am satisfied that London bus...

  • Crossrail 2 Costs

    Crossrail 2 was estimated to cost around £30bn in 2014. Can you outline how the cost has moved to £41.3bn in your latest budget?

  • Night Tube Safety

    Please can you disclose how many total offences have been recorded on the night tube each year since it opened on 19th August 2016, including from 19th August 2018 to date.

  • MPS Investigation into the Leave.EU Campaign

    Can you please give an update as to the MPS’s consideration of evidence provided by the Electoral Commission into alleged malpractice of the Leave.EU Campaign during the EU Referendum?

  • GP premises

    A survey by the BMA revealed that only half of GPs think their current premises are fit for purpose, and just one in five think they will be so in future. What work are you doing through the...

  • Taxi and Private Hire Trade

    What is the disclosed ethnic makeup of (i) newly licensed taxi drivers and (ii) newly licenced private hire drivers in the last 5 years?

  • Taxi Drivers

    What are your projections for the age of taxi drivers by the end of 2020 and 2022?

  • TFL Estate (2)

    What restrictions on food and drink advertising are there for commercial tenants on the TfL estate?

  • Taxi Licensing Scheme (3)

    How many applications have there been for Taxi Delicensing since the Mayor changed the previous failed scheme?

  • Bike thefts, arrests and charges 2014-2018

    Could you provide the number of bike thefts and associated arrests and charges that have been made by the Metropolitan Police Service in each year from 2014 to 2018?

  • TFL Estate

    How many food outlets are on the TFL estate? Of these how many sell sweets, crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks and doughnuts?

  • The Junk Food Ban

    On 25 February 2019, you introduced a ban on so-called junk food advertising on public transport. It would be much appreciated if you could advise just how much this exercise in what I would...

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