London Assembly

Friday, 22 March 2019

  • Brexit and London’s Universities

    What will be the economic impact of Brexit on the London University sector?

  • Responsible person for building safety

    At Fire, Resilience and Emergency Planning Committee on 31 January, the LFC stated that there was difficulty in “getting Responsible People who wanted to commit and sign their name on...

  • Who watches the waking watches

    In how many instances since June 2017 has London Fire Brigade reviewed the implementation of a waking watch and other interim fire safety measures in a tall residential building and found them to...

  • Erasmus programme [1]

    Brexit will mean the end of opportunities for UK students to study in other EU countries, and for other country EU students to study in the UK, under the Erasmus programme. What can you do to...

  • Erasmus programme [2]

    Will you support Universities UK’s #Support Study Abroad campaign ( abroad) to give Londoners opportunities to study abroad ?

  • Simultaneous evacuation

    The most recent statement from London Fire Brigade reports 159 residential buildings in London currently have simultaneous evacuation. In 37 of these, the reason is something other than ACM-type...

  • Fire safety inspection officers

    Please state a) how many fire safety inspection officers the London Fire Brigade currently employs, and b) what the rate of staff turnover has been in this department for the three most recent years

  • Britannia Leisure Centre proposal, Hackney

    The Glossary of the NPPF defines Previously Developed Land and specifically excludes “land in built-up areas such as residential gardens, parks, recreation grounds and allotments”....

  • Traffic Light Pedestrian Phases (2)

    Can you review the design of countdown digital displays at Transport for London pedestrian crossings? Do you agree that 4-second countdowns (which seem like 3 seconds in practice) are too quick...

  • Traffic Light Pedestrian Phases (1)

    At light-controlled crossings, does Transport for London install both current systems of red/green-person lights for pedestrians? That means (a) just on the far side of crossings or (b) just on...

  • Credit Union

    What does Transport for London estimate it would cost to offer payroll deduction for employees to save with a credit union?

  • Social prescribing vision

    What funding will the Greater London Authority family commit to making the aims of the social prescribing vision a reality?

  • London’s public health laboratory (2)

    Further to our recent correspondence, is the position of the public health microbiologist equivalent to the lead public health microbiologist post which existed until 2017 and has since been vacant?

  • London’s public health laboratory (1)

    In your response to my question 2019/0421, you said that plans were underway to reintroduce a public health lab based in London. Please can you provide information on the timeline for this and...

  • NHS recruitment overseas

    Has the London Health Board made any assessment of the amount of money London NHS organisations spend advertising and securing recruitment of staff from outside the United Kingdom?

  • Police and dementia (2)

    In answer to my question 2017/0513 you told me: “The MPS has been engaging with the Alzheimer's Society, Dementia UK and Age UK to improve how they interact with the elderly and dementia...

  • Earls Court masterplan

    Please provide an update of progress in producing a revised Earls Court masterplan?

  • Freedom Passes (2)

    How many Londoners have a Disabled Persons Freedom Pass? How much is the equivalent ticket sales?

  • The Citymapper Pass (3)

    The conditions of carriage say a) Where a smartcard is issued by another organisation and can be used for travel on Transport for London services, special terms and conditions may apply - check...

  • Freedom Passes (3)

    How many Londoners have an Older Persons Freedom Pass? How much is the equivalent ticket sales?

  • 18+ Student Oyster photocard (3)

    The Transport for London website says, “You can apply for an 18+ Student Oyster photocard if you are enrolled on a part-time course for at least 14 weeks and you are receiving an NHS...

  • PM2.5 Levels

    What was the average annual PM2.5 level in each of the 19 years from 2000 to 2018 in (i) Greater London (ii) Inner London (III) Outer London (iv) Central London

  • Trees

    How many trees have been cut down in London to construct cycle superhighways, cycle quietways or other cycling infrastructure since you took office in May 2016?

  • Brexit and school places

    Are you concerned that some schools may be unexpectedly undersubscribed as a result of families no longer wanting to stay in London post-Brexit?

  • Adult Education Budget

    Were you satisfied with the amount confirmed by the Department for Education to be delegated to London?

  • NOx Levels

    What was the average annual NOx level in each of the 19 years from 2000 to 2018 in (i) Greater London (ii) Inner London (III) Outer London (iv) Central London

  • Brexit and teachers (1)

    Have you conducted an assessment of how many of London’s teachers and teaching assistants may have their immigration status affected by Brexit?

  • Foodsave

    Have you considered a follow up to your FoodSave programme?

  • Bus usage

    What steps is TfL taking to improve passenger experience and encourage bus usage?

  • Malnutrition

    What work are you carrying out on malnutrition in London?

  • Food needs of vulnerable, older and disabled groups (1)

    Your London Food Strategy states that you will undertake research to understand the food needs of older, vulnerable and disabled groups across London. When do you intend to start this work? What...

  • Food needs of vulnerable, older and disabled groups (2)

    Your London Food Strategy states that you will explore the potential to partner with social enterprise models to help local authorities provide access to healthy, sustainable, affordable food in...

  • Food needs of vulnerable, older and disabled groups (3)

    What discussions have you had with local authorities on their role to provide nutritious food to vulnerable, older and disabled people in their borough?

  • Food needs of vulnerable, older and disabled groups (3)

    Given the number of boroughs now not providing ‘Meals on Wheels’, will you promote the benefits of providing ‘Meals on Wheels’ and similar programmes to London’s...

  • North West London BCU

    On 24th February the entire early turn response team shift was covered by Special Constables in the North West London BCU, apparently so that the regular officers could catch up on their...

  • Emirates Air Line 5+ Reward

    If you use your Oyster card to pay as you go for five or more journeys on the Emirates Air Line in one week (Monday to Sunday), you can get 50% refunded to you with the 5+ Reward. Please provide...

  • Live facial recognition technology trial in Romford (1)

    According to the Metropolitan Police Service advice and information webpage on the live facial recognition technology trial (

  • Ulez

    Will the Mayor exempt the Metropolitan Tabernacle Baptist Church from the ULEZ?

  • 384 Bus Route

    When TfL chose to cut back on the frequency of the 384 bus route, TfL assured me that the concerns of my constituents whose children rely on the bus to travel to JCOSS were unfounded. In fact the...

  • Over charging Commuters

    With commuters suing both Southeastern and South Western Railways for alleged over charging, how confident are you that TfL are not engaging in similar practices?

  • Special Constables

    If still recorded, please can you provide a breakdown of Special Constables in each borough rather than each BCU?

  • Probation Service

    To ask the Mayor what he believes the impact has been of the part-privatisation of the Probation Service in London on violent crime?

  • Youth workers (2)

    During the Police and Crime Committee session on 6th March 2019, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime told us that youth workers would be rolled out in custody suites. Please provide detail of...

  • Buses Idling in York Way

    Residents are concerned that buses in York Way, Islington are ignoring the requirement for them to switch off their engines whilst parked. Residents have observed buses ignoring the regulation...

  • Diesel Cars

    My previous research found that the number of diesel cars licensed in London rose from 601,456 in 2012 to 774,513 in 2015, an increase of nearly 29%. The number of petrol vehicles fell over the...

  • Free childcare offer

    How are you supporting early years providers in conjunction with the free childcare offer?

  • Youth workers (1)

    Your Budget includes £20.4 million to support additional initiatives against serious violence, including tackling gangs and providing more youth workers at hospital Accident and Emergency...

  • 101 service

    The National Police Chiefs Council recently wrote to Policing Minister Nick Hurd suggesting that budget pressures could cause the 101 service to be turned off at night from next year, once the...

  • Food Waste

    When do you expect the consultant’s report on Barnet food waste collections to be published?

  • Place shaping capacity survey

    Your recently published Place shaping capacity survey shows that 38% of London local authorities lack confidence in their organisation’s place shaping capacity to ensure the...

  • Care homes failing fire inspection followup (6)

    Please subdivide the results of London Fire Brigade’s care home audits that led to an enforcement notice or notice of deficiencies by borough.

  • Micro Homes

    The Adam Smith Institute has recommended in its Jan 21 “Size doesn’t matter: giving a green light to micro-homes” report that that you should remove minimum space requirements...

  • 18+ Student Oyster photocard (5)

    The Access to Learning Fund was withdrawn by the Government at the end of 2013/14 academic year. What effect did it have on the number of part time students who received the 18+ Student Oyster...

  • 18+ Student Oyster photocard (4)

    Which schools, colleges and universities are registered on the 18+ Student Oyster photocard scheme. Please provide in excel format.

  • Loss of banks

    West Norwood is a thriving local town centre in Lambeth and I hope that you will agree that local residents rely on their local banks. There are three retirement and nursing homes close to West...

  • London Fire Brigade trading company

    Please provide an update on the status and future plans for the London Fire Brigade trading company

  • Care homes failing fire inspection followup (1)

    In response to my question on care homes failing fire inspections, you reported that London Fire Brigade has audited 1226 care homes. Please explain whether these audits were based on information...

  • Care homes failing fire inspection followup (4)

    Please categorise the results London Fire Brigade’s audits of care homes according to the ownership of the operation accordingly: council-run; not-for-profit run; business (managing a...

  • Care homes failing fire inspection followup (5)

    How many of the 549 care homes audited that received an enforcement notice or notice of deficiencies were also rated as either Inadequate or Requires Improvement at the last CQC inspection?

  • Care homes failing fire inspection followup (2)

    How many of the 549 care homes that either received an enforcement notice or a notice of deficiencies have since had a) a follow up visit and b) been judged to be broadly compliant following...

  • Care homes failing fire inspection followup (3)

    What was the total numbers of beds in the care homes that were judged a) broadly compliant, b) notice of deficiency, and c) notice of enforcement?

  • Met advertising campaign

    Please provide details re the " strong" Met advertising campaign which has appeared on the tube , including the cost.

  • Temporary exclusions

    Are you concerned that nearly one in ten of Camden's secondary school pupils are temporarily excluded in just one year?

  • Trusted adult

    How are you going to ensure every appropriate troubled teenage gang member has the life chances Karl Lokko had by providing them with a trusted adult like Pastor Mimi Asher?

  • Bishopsgate Goodsyard

    When do you anticipate an amended planning application submission for the Bishopsgate Goodsyard, which decision ADD2290 suggested would be received by the end of 2018? Do you still expect to hold...

  • Gypsy and Traveller pitches (2)

    Your response to question 2019/3836 shows there is a concerning lack of progress towards the delivery of new Gypsy and Traveller pitches and extant planning permissions are not being converted...

  • Gypsy and Traveller pitches (1)

    Following your response to question 2019/3836, could you provide the number of net additional Gypsy and Traveller pitches provided, by borough, since 2007/08?

  • Biodiversity

    How are you engaging with Boroughs and Developers to prepare them for the new biodiversity net gain policies?

  • Clean Air Fund

    Is there any update on whether London can access the clean air fund?

  • Abuse of MPs

    Given the appalling verbal abuse and intimidatory behaviour of ‘yellow vest’ protestors in and around Parliament Square, what advice has been given to police officers on how to deal...

  • Waiting Times at London’s A&E Units

    Worsening waiting times in London’s A&E units are a cause of great concern. What pressure are you and the London Health Board putting on government to improve these figures?

  • Bus Feeder/Trunk Model

    A resident has asked me to ask if you will consider adopted the feeder/trunk model for bus routes that was suggested by the Assembly’s Transport Committee?

  • Fuel Poverty Action Plan

    How are you measuring the success of your Fuel Poverty Action Plan? Is it on track to meet the targets you have set?

  • Solar Action Plan

    How are you measuring the success of your Solar Action Plan? Is it on track to meet the targets you have set?

  • Suicides (3)

    What are you doing to reduce suicides rates on the underground?

  • Suicides (2)

    For of each of the years 2016, 2017 and 2018, please can you provide how many suicides took place on the tube network?

  • Demand Responsive Bus Service

    The Mayor recently announced a consultation to trial an app-based demand responsive bus service with no fixed route or schedule. Will the drivers be required to undertake a topological Knowledge...

  • Housing Infrastructure Fund bid

    When do you anticipate a decision on the £250 million Housing Infrastructure Fund for the OPDC?

  • London Waste and Recycling Board

    Via your representative as Chair, what are your priorities for London Waste and Recycling Board the coming year?

  • Biodiesel

    Have you continued your predecessors’ Biodiesel programme?

  • Community Energy

    Will you support Green Alliance’s Manifesto for Community Energy?

  • Culture budget

    For each of the years 2016, 2017 and 2018, please can you provide the number of people diverted from crime as a result of the culture budget?

  • Brexit Business Hub

    How many businesses have directly contacted your Brexit Business Hub since its launch in September 2018?

  • Bunhill Energy

    Can you provide an update on the Bunhill energy scheme?

  • Waste Incineration

    How do you work with local communities who have concerns about the air pollution and health impacts of waste incineration?

  • Gender Balance in Young Londoners Fund

    How are you ensuring that all young Londoners have services which they can access through the Young Londoners Fund? Specifically, how do you ensure young women and girls have activities which...

  • Gender Breakdown of those supported under the Stepping Stones programme

    Please can you provide a gender breakdown of individuals who have received support from the Stepping Stones Programme since its establishment?

  • Financial health

    Following the Economy Committee’s report, ‘Short Changed: the financial health of Londoners’, your Deputy Mayor Joanne McCartney hosted a special summit in November on improving...

  • LFC operational staff

    Is the LFC on track to have all vacancies filled by June 2019? What is the latest underspend on operational staff for 2018-19?

  • One Met Model

    Have we seen any evidence that the One Met Model (OMM) digital policing transformation programme is delivering the level of anticipated benefits?

  • Supporting worker tech

    Do you have any plans to support “worker tech” – digital options to help employees improve their working conditions – through the Civic Innovation Challenge or the...

  • Mayor’s Construction Academies

    Can you provide an update on the progress of your Construction Academies in London?

  • BEIS Business Basics Programme – AI in London’s Retail and Hospitality Sectors

    Can you provide details about the BEIS Business Basics Programme – AI in London’s Retail and Hospitality Sectors and what outcomes the project expects to achieve?

  • Baby banks

    Do you know how many ‘baby banks’ are currently operating in London?

  • London Civil Society Leaders Project.

    Can you provide more details about the London Civil Society Leaders Project and what outcomes you expect to achieve?

  • Taser use and high-risk groups

    There is a higher risk of death or serious injury from Taser discharge to young, elderly people and those with mental illness or under the influence of drugs. When undergoing Taser training, what...

  • Childcare costs

    What progress have you made in making childcare more affordable in London?

  • Taser deployment and new officers (2)

    In answer to my question 2018/0824, you told me that though the National Police Chief’s Council Taser guidance had been amended to: “allow probationer constables to be trained in the...

  • 18+ Student Oyster photocard (2)

    Since the 18+ Student Oyster photocard was introduced in 2003 has the qualifying criteria for part time students changed?

  • Issuing of licences for taxi and private hire drivers (2)

    What is the current backlog of licence applications and re-applications as at 7th January 2019 for Private Hire licences and Taxi driver licences? What is the average time it is taking TfL to...

  • Water company investment

    What should water companies serving London be investing in, in the period from 2020 onwards, to ensure that London’s population has a reliable and secure water supply and that...

  • 18+ Student Oyster photocard (1)

    Following MQ 2019/3950 can you confirm how many 18+ Student Oyster photocard’s were issued to part-time students from 2003 to date? Please breakdown your answer by year and by the relevant...

  • Free travel for carers

    At the Plenary on the 8th March 2018 I asked you about the possibility of free travel for carers across the Transport for London network. Positively, you informed me that you had tasked Transport...

  • Firemen (1)

    Do you agree with your Fire Commissioner that the word ‘fireman’ is harmful to women?

  • Cost savings from integrated care

    Research by the Nuffield Trust has cast doubt on cost-savings arising from integrated healthcare plans. In some cases, for example, hospital admissions went up as new programmes simply discovered...

  • Firemen (2)

    Do you agree with your Fire Commissioner that ‘Fireman Sam’ is an example of everyday sexism which is harmful to women, and that he should therefore be renamed ‘Firefighter...

  • Firemen (3)

    What do you think of people who continue to use the word ‘fireman’?

  • Monitoring bus speeds in 20 mph areas

    Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA) is now in place on some buses. Given this and the range of devices on the bus fleet monitoring their location and progress, are you able to monitor buses being...

  • Ulez (2)

    Given the ULEZ is starting in April, why is the testing facility at Millbrook closing at the end of March?

  • Naming of new collisions database

    Transport for London (TfL) is updating the main database of road collision data, Accstats 2. Could TfL embrace a road danger reduction approach and name this database as Collstats 1 rather than...

  • Diesel use in demand responsive buses

    It is proposed to use diesel buses for the demand responsive bus trial in Sutton. Given that these are minibus vehicles, why hasn’t Transport for London (TfL) been able to specify electric...

  • Citymapper Pass

    What measures is Transport for London (TfL) taking to ensure that there are no adverse privacy implications from Citymapper’s Pass offer where they are offering an Oyster competitor product?

  • Brexit and teachers (2)

    How are you supporting London’s EU teachers and teaching assistants throughout the Brexit process?

  • The Citymapper Pass (2)

    What rules, if any, do Transport for London have regarding a company buying tickets for re-sale? Either in the Citymapper pass example or via a traditional commuter club such as...

  • Police officer mental health

    On 27 November 2018, HMICFRS published its report, 'Policing and Mental Health: Picking Up the Pieces'. The report made a number of recommendations including that all forces should carry out a...

  • Firemen (4)

    Would you like to see the words ‘fireman’ and ‘firemen’ eradicated?

  • Childhood obesity - KPIs

    What key performance indicators have you put in place to measure the success of your strategy to tackle childhood obesity?

  • Childhood obesity

    What are you doing to tackle childhood obesity?

  • OPDC Housing Infrastructure Fund bid (1)

    Could you please set out on which specific sites you expect the 13,000 homes committed to within this bid to be delivered, including the number of homes at each site and anticipated year of delivery?

  • Old Oak Common

    Are you still committed to the target of 24,000 homes and 55,000 new jobs at Old Oak Common? If so, could you please provide the specific locations of these homes and jobs, by site, and the...

  • OPDC Housing Infrastructure Fund bid (3)

    Will any of the 10,000 homes or infrastructure committed to in Old Oak North, under the HIF bid, be built on Cargiant land? If so, what assessment has been made of the expected costs of making...

  • OPDC Housing Infrastructure Fund bid (2)

    Would delivery of the new homes and infrastructure committed to under the HIF bid require compulsory purchase of any land? If so, could you please provide the location of any such land?

  • OPDC Housing Infrastructure Fund bid (5)

    If the HIF bid is unsuccessful, what alternative approaches do you intend to adopt to secure new homes, jobs and infrastructure at Old Oak Common?

  • OPDC Housing Infrastructure Fund bid (4)

    In the event that the HIF bid is unsuccessful, do you still intend to provide a total of £38.4m of funding to the OPDC in the years 2019/20 to 2022/23?

  • Electrical appliance safety

    An investigation by Which? showed that major retailers were still selling plastic-backed fridges and other electronic appliances, despite London Fire Brigade advice to remove these lines. What...

  • Resource demands after Hackitt

    The LFC described the work on fire safety following the Hackitt review as having a “huge impact” on London Fire Brigade resources. What has been the equivalent financial commitment...

  • Fire safety in office to residential conversions (1)

    When office premises are converted to residential under the permitted development rights, what steps does London Fire Brigade take to ensure the building meets fire safety standards?

  • Firefighter nutrition

    What steps is London Fire Brigade taking to ensure firefighters can get healthy and suitable food on shift?

  • Sprinklers hit

    London Fire Brigade’s #SprinklersHit campaign rightly points out that tenants, not developers, end up on the hook for automated fire suppression systems, and that this must change. What...

  • Crest and Harmony Hall

    Mental Health Charity Crest face losing their premises as Harmony Hall in my constituency goes up for sale. What support is the Mayor’s Office able to offer groups such as Crest in raising...

  • Fire safety in office to residential conversions

    What issues did the London Fire Brigade identify for review following the simultaneous evacuation of a block of flats in Stratford on 18 February 2019?

  • Fire safety in office to residential conversions (2)

    How many fires has London Fire Brigade dealt with in residential premises that have been converted from offices under the permitted development rights since this was introduced in 2013? Please...

  • Suicides (1)

    In Japan, the placing blue LED lights on station platforms has led to an 84% reduction in suicides. Is this something you will consider doing in London?

  • Air pollution in the Earls Court area

    Following the recent publication by Friends of the Earth of a map showing breaches of nitrogen dioxide pollution which revealed that Earl’s Court station had the highest recording across...

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