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Thursday, 7 February 2019

  • Defibrillators (Availability) Bill 2018

    On January 25, MPs will consider the Defibrillators (Availability) bill at its second reading. This ten-minute rule bill put forward by Maria Caulfield MP would require provision of...

  • Brexit- Decline in EU Nurse Numbers

    According to the research by the Royal College of Nursing, there is some 42% reduction in the number of nurses coming to London since the Brexit vote. Without the adequate nursing staff NHS would...

  • Improving the mental health of young people

    A report from the Children’s Commissioner published on 28 November highlighted the poor performance of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) in London. A recent survey of GPs...

  • Widening the benefits of sector led improvement in public health

    A two-year programme to improve stop-smoking services has resulted in a new model tendered across London, according to a paper from the LGA. What steps are you taking to capture these benefits in...

  • Community health workers

    The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine published a study, “Integrating a nationally scaled workforce of community health workers in primary care”, modelling the impact of a...

  • Healthy Early Years Providers

    How many providers have registered for the Healthy Early Years scheme?

  • Stop the rot: stopping inappropriate dental fines

    The number of fines issued to people in London who allegedly misused free NHS dental provision more than doubled from 2015/16 to 2016/17, reaching 155,000. On appeal, nine out of ten fines are...

  • NHS Trusts

    Are you concerned that one in four NHS Trusts have spent no money on cyber security in the last year? Do you know how many London Trusts fall in to this category and what are you doing to assist...

  • Increasing Participation in Healthy Early Years

    How are you increasing participation in Healthy Early Years?

  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (2)

    What pressure can the Mayor, through the London Health Board, place on NHS England and local authorities to ensure no one is turned away from accessing the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Trial in London?

  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (1)

    How important is ensuring access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis as a means to end future HIV infections in London?

  • Self-build (2)

    What steps are you taking to support boroughs to make self-build plots available to those who would like them?

  • Green Alliance Report (3)

    Will the Homes for Londoners‎ Board discuss the Green Alliance report, and will there be expectations that Housing Associations receiving Mayoral Housing funding will take it into...

  • Londoners Said recommendations

    Thrive LDN’s recent paper “Londoners Said” made ten recommendations based on a set of city-wide conversations about mental health. What progress have you made on these and what...

  • Public health laboratory capacity

    Since December 2016, London’s public health laboratory, previously at St Barts, has been closed and its staff redeployed across the south east. The Lead Public Health Microbiologist post...

  • Private rented sector regulation

    More than a quarter of London households now live in the private rented sector, and more private rented homes fail to meet the decent homes standard than any other tenure. While I’m sure...

  • Consulting trade unions on the future of London healthcare

    In the first half of 2019 you are due to publish your final social prescribing vision, and the London Health Board will consult on a refreshed Health and Care Vision for London. What steps have...

  • Update on Health Inequality Strategy implementation plan

    In the HIS implementation plan, the Mayor committed to: Fund work in 2018/19 to support the development of effective evaluation and outcomes measurement and the further development of sustainable...

  • Capita’s cervical screening test disaster

    NHS England has said more than 50,000 women have missed a cervical screening test because Capita failed to notify them. Has the NHS ascertained how many of these women are London residents, and...

  • Cressingham Gardens

    Many of my constituents on the Cressingham Garden Estate in Lambeth are incredibly concerned that the Mayor has green-lighted Lambeth Council’s ‘regeneration’ plan for the...

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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