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Monday, 28 January 2019

  • Cycle superhighway 9 route

    A constituent has raised concerns that the new consultation for cycle superhighway 9 (CS9) will include re-routing the cycle lane along the A4, mixing people on bikes with high volumes of fast...

  • Quality criteria in the Cycling Action Plan

    To which schemes will the quality criteria be applied as a condition of funding, and will the criteria also apply to Safer Junctions projects?

  • Violence Reduction Unit (5)

    How does the Violence Reduction Unit plan to work collaboratively with other GLA teams, including: Education and Youth, GLA Economics, Housing, Planning, Regeneration, Social and Communities, to...

  • Violence Reduction Unit (6)

    Does the Violence Reduction Unit plan to work the with the Serious Violence Taskforce that is chaired by the Home Secretary?

  • Violence Reduction Unit (7)

    How does the Violence Reduction Unit plan to use the interim findings from the Youth Violence Commission to guide its work and plans?

  • 27 Bus Route Consultation

    Given that 72% of consultation respondents opposed TfL’s proposed changes to the 27 bus route, how can you justify proceeding with those plans?

  • Facial recognition technology (2)

    How many (i) interventions/stops and (ii) arrests were made as a result of any true-positive, and false-positive matches?

  • Cardiff Model (2)

    Please provide an update on how many of the 29 emergency departments in London are currently (i) collecting and (ii) sharing violent data. Of those that aren’t collecting or sharing data,...

  • Cardiff Model (3)

    I understand that St. George’s Hospital Trust is no longer participating in data sharing. Can you confirm this and if so, what are the reasons for this?

  • Tottenham Court Road Pedestrianisation

    How have you as Mayor ensured that Camden Councils plans to pedestrianise Tottenham Court Road won't simply increase air pollution in neighbouring Borough roads and threaten further retail and...

  • Violence Reduction Unit (4)

    When is the Violence Reduction Unit due to become operational?

  • TfL’s Passenger Journeys (2)

    There will be an 8% bus journey reduction by 2023/24. What effect, if any, does the decision to cut bus services in central London have on the number of people choosing to use the bus service?

  • Violence Reduction Unit (8)

    What is the progress of the Violence Reduction Unit's urgent review of homicides and serious crime in the capital and when is the review due to be published?

  • Nationals of other EU countries [2]

    What estimate have you made of the impact of a hard Brexit on the GLA’s ability to recruit staff who are nationals of other EU countries?

  • East London River Crossings (3)

    Please update me on the assessment work carried out for a Barking Riverside-Abbey Wood London Overground crossing.

  • Diesel Scrappage Scheme

    How are you planning to advertise your welcome diesel scrappage scheme for micro-businesses in London?

  • Youth Violence in Enfield & Haringey

    Can you please update me as to any additional resources, such as officers from the Violent Crime Taskforce, that have been provided to Enfield and Haringey BCU(s) over the past three months to...

  • Appointments

    Can you provide me a list of everyone you have appointed to a role since you were elected Mayor?

  • Met Patrol Plus Scheme

    What options are MOPAC and the Metropolitan Police exploring in respect of the Met Patrol Plus Scheme, other than stopping it?

  • Transport infrastructure programmes

    Provide a full list of transport capital infrastructure programmes that have been cancelled, rescheduled or postponed since May 2016.

  • East London River Crossings (1)

    When do you expect the Silvertown Tunnel, the Government's Lower Thames Crossing and the DLR to Thamesmead to have been delivered?

  • Intersectional Pay Gaps at City Hall

    What is the average pay at City Hall of white men, black men, Asian men, men of other ethnic minorities, white women, black women, Asian women and women of other ethnic minorities?

  • Wimbledon Police Station

    Given that the decision to close Wimbledon Police Station was judged as unlawful on 20th July, please provide an update on when we can expect MOPAC to make a decision reconsidering its closure.

  • Tooting Bec Road

    I have been contacted by a Wandsworth resident who wishes to know if residents will have to petition again for road safety improvements to Tooting Bec Road, given that the petition submitted to...

  • Nationals of other EU countries [1]

    How many members of staff in the GLA are nationals of other EU countries; what estimate have you made of the likely number who will return home in the event of a hard Brexit; and what are you...

  • Intersectionality at City Hall

    How many staff working at City Hall are white men, black men, Asian men, men of other ethnic minorities, white women, black women, Asian women and women of other ethnic minorities?

  • Patrol Plus Scheme

    Please provide specific details of when local leaders of each borough were consulted on proposals to scale down the Metropolitan Police Patrol Plus Scheme.

  • Buses (2)

    Bus service volume (million km operated) shows a 2.38% drop in inner London alongside a 2.34% increase in outer London over the next 5 years. Is this transfer of 2% of bus service volume enough?

  • Cardiff Model (1)

    In response to Question no 2018/3021 on data sharing you said “MOPAC wrote to the Chief Executive and Emergency Department Consultant at Chelsea and Westminster about this on 10th September...

  • TfL Homes

    A report, Out of Thin Air – One Year On, by WSP suggests that 280,000 homes could be built in London above railway and tube lines. Has TfL investigated this and what conclusions,...

  • Spit Guards

    Will all front line police officers get access to spit guards, if not, why not?

What is this?

The London Assembly is a 25-member elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London.

The London Assembly was established in 2000 and meets at City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. The Assembly is also able to investigate other issues of importance to Londoners (transport, environmental matters, etc.), publish its findings and recommendations, and make proposals to the Mayor.

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