Naming of a Member

'Naming of a Member' is the term used to describe the disciplining of an MP for breaking the rules of the House of Commons. The term comes from the fact that during a debate in the House of Commons, MPs refer to each other only by the name of their constituencies or by their official position, not their actual names. The only time names are used are when the Speaker calls MPs to speak or disciplines them. If an MP disregards the authority of the Chair or persistently obstructs the House in its duties then he or she can be 'named'. The Speaker says "I name the Honourable Member for ..... Mr/s…….., for disregarding the authority of the Chair." A first offence brings suspension for five days. The second offence in the same parliamentary sitting carries twenty days suspension - a third offence a period the House itself decides. Should an MP refuse to withdraw and resist removal, then suspension for the rest of the session is the punishment.

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