Queen's Speech — Energy Prices — Europe — Tuition Fees — Public Sector Pay — Minimum Wage — Student Grants

Division number 2 in the House of Commons on 29 June 2017.

Craig Mackinlay voted against an energy price cap; against a properly resourced industrial strategy; against maintaining the benefits of the European Single Market and Customs Union; against maintaining the existing rights of EU nationals living in the UK and EU nationals living in the EU; against increased funding of public services; against scrapping university tuition fees; against restoring Education Maintenance Allowance, maintenance grants and nurses’ bursaries; against ending the public sector pay cap and against increasing the minimum wage.

A majority of MPs voted the same.

297 for, 323 against, 0 abstained, 26 absent.


Tellers: Nicholas Dakin, Jessica Morden


Tellers: Andrew Griffiths, Heather Wheeler