Substantive proceedings

– in the House of Commons at 2:08 pm on 22nd April 2020.

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(1) Substantive proceedings comprise:

(a) motions in the name of a minister of the crown;

(b) presentation of bills;

(c) subsequent proceedings on public bills introduced by a minister of the crown;

(d) private business;

(e) ministerial statements made with the permission of the Speaker;

(f) personal statements;

(g) motions in the name of the chair or another member of the Committee of Selection;

(h) business which would otherwise be taken

(i) immediately after prayers (except motions for unopposed returns); or (ii) at the commencement of public business.

(2) The question on any motion made by a minister of the crown to add one or more categories of business to the list in paragraph (1) shall be put forthwith.

(3) Except as provided in these orders, substantive hybrid proceedings shall be governed by the practice and standing orders of the House.

(4) If, on any day on which hybrid substantive proceedings are to be taken, a motion of which notice has been given relating to the allocation of time to, and the conduct of, business for that day, in the names of a minister of the crown, a Member representing the official opposition and a Member representing the second largest opposition party, is moved at the commencement of public business by a minister of the crown, the Speaker shall declare the question to be agreed to.

(5) A motion under paragraph (4) may include provision (a) to make designations under paragraph (1) of temporary standing order (remote voting) and (b) to amend the arrangements for remote voting under temporary standing order (Conduct of remote divisions).

(6) Rules relating to the giving and receiving of notices of motions and to the periods of notice required for different categories shall apply as if:

(a) Thursdays were a sitting day on which the House rose at 5pm;

(b) the House rose no earlier than 7.00 pm on Mondays and 6.00 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

(7) Save as provided in paragraph (6) notice periods in respect of all substantive proceedings shall be set by the Speaker.