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Part of the debate – in the House of Commons at 11:07 am on 22nd October 2015.

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Photo of Barbara Keeley Barbara Keeley Shadow Minister (Health) 11:07 am, 22nd October 2015

A large group of women born in the 1950s have been badly hit by the acceleration of the state pension age as a result of the Pensions Acts of 1995 and 2011, and many of them, including my constituents, were not informed of the changes, which clearly have a key impact on their future pensions incomes. My hon. Friend Andrew Gwynne requested a debate on the issue last week but received a fairly dismissive reply. This issue is very important to hundreds of thousands of women, so I ask the Leader of the House to reconsider.


Jeff Chipps
Posted on 24 Oct 2015 7:35 pm (Report this annotation)

The answer given by Chris Grayling completely parallels the latest answer given by the DWP when asked why the British frozen pension exists.
'Because the other guys did it' and 'Because it's been around for so long'.
Does this make it right? Do excuses like that justify it? NO, NO - a thousand times, NO!
These unfortunate women who have been caught in a vicious time trap must fight this campaign as hard as they can. Keep it full view of the public, and show everyone - just as the frozen few that make up just 4% of all UK OAPs - just how deceitful and downright cruel this government is to minorities.

Jeff Chipps
Posted on 24 Oct 2015 7:42 pm (Report this annotation)

I should have mentioned that Chris Grayling is the 'Next speaker'. Find his reply to Barbara Keeley by clicking the button 'Next speaker' at the top right of the screen - under the photo.

Jane Davies
Posted on 24 Oct 2015 9:51 pm (Report this annotation)

Thank you Barbara Keeley for highlighting this issue. The dismissive reply is something that the frozen 4% are treated with on a regular basis. The DWP has, over the years just dismissed all attempts to right the wrongs that have been aimed at pensioners and have proved beyond all doubt that seniors issues regarding pension rights and entitlements are of no interest to them. They are spending more than 8 million pounds on a fluffy monster but, according to them, cannot afford a lesser sum to end the frozen pension scandal. Please carry on supporting pension issues Ms Keeley, a state pension is not a benefit, those who are entitled to a state pension have paid for it over a lifetime and ALL are entitled to indexation and it's about time they ALL received it.