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Photo of Andrew Lansley Andrew Lansley The Leader of the House of Commons 10:36 am, 6th February 2014

I would be very happy if we were to have such a debate. It would give us an opportunity to highlight the fact that there are more women in jobs than ever before; we are giving parents access to good and affordable child care; we are creating, as I know from my previous responsibilities at the Department of Health, more than 1,000 extra health visitor posts to support women in the initial months after they have given birth; we are increasing the number of midwives to ensure that women have the right care they need during childbirth; and in this Parliament we are making the most positive and comprehensive reform of pensions, including pension entitlements, particularly in respect of the state pension, that give women access to the security of the single-tier pension, which is very important for their peace of mind in older age.


George Morley
Posted on 7 Feb 2014 7:15 pm (Report this annotation)

Andrew Lansley, you are ill advised to make sweeping statements that are untrue. You said : "in this Parliament we are making the most positive and comprehensive reform of pensions, including pension entitlements". BUT do not mention the negative one of discriminating against the ex-patriot pensioner who has qualified in all respects for the indexed pension like the 660,000 pensioners outside of the UK that DO get the uprating but introduce clause 20 into the new Pensions Bill to deny further pensioners their uprating like the 550,000 pensioners presently denied by this immoral,irrational discrimination by the current regulation 3. Shameful when sending pensioners into poverty.

Andy Robertson-Fox
Posted on 8 Feb 2014 11:05 am (Report this annotation)

Mr Lansley, the comment by George Morley is, of course, totally accurate. May I suggest to you and your parliamentary colleagues that when refering to these and other changes you include where appropriate and as a matter of course the phrase "With the exception of those coming within the 4% of State Pensioners who live in so-called frozen countries and that we continue to discriminate against"?
I would recommend this as it would, as Mr Morley says, save you from making ill advised and sweeping statements that are untrue or, in other words, misleading the House by being, to use that parliamentary phrase "ill-informed"