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Part of Business, Innovation and Skills – in the House of Commons at 10:30 am on 31st March 2011.

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Photo of Yvonne Fovargue Yvonne Fovargue Labour, Makerfield 10:30 am, 31st March 2011

There are still high numbers of rogue operators in the fee-paying debt management industry and they often charge high amounts and pay not one penny to creditors. Does the Minister agree with the argument advanced in Wednesday’s Daily Mirror by the free advice sector that it is no longer tenable to stand by and fail to protect vulnerable individuals from those companies?


Rob :of the ancient clan lennox
Posted on 4 Apr 2011 2:11 am (Report this annotation)

This is a very valid question the Labour politician asks. She stays well within her limited comfort zone with her questions I notice. Corruption, fraud, bullying and threats related to debt are a very serious matter for her constituents. Agreeing completely with her concerns about people's inability to deal with bully boy debt agencies and debt the question needs to be expanded:

"11. Who issues those invites for individuals to attend above-mentioned hearings? Are invites issued by Wigan Council or a court? Is it an employee of Wigan Council or a court official who signs these invites to attend? Initially the Council makes "complaint" to the Court that Council Tax is unpaid. In accordance with the "complaint", the Council issues summonses on behalf of the Court. A summons is a document of the Court and is signed by an officer of the Court, not the Council."

Fovargue might serve her constituents better by also examining the cosy and unlawful collusion between Wigan Council and 'the court' and judges hearing these 'cases'. There is clearly fraud and corruption between the local authority and judiciary for mutual commercial gain. At least with the private debt agencies the customer has a choice - with the unlawful Council Tax the debt is simply presumed.

For further information for those facing action for council tax arrears visit the following websites:
etc etc

2 April 2011, British Constitution Group conference, Chairman, Mr Roger Hayes, referring to the corrupted judges who sit on these council tax commercial hearings - "We're coming for you!"

She may also want to raise questions about the massive generational debt that her own party and the current coalition are imposing on her unsuspecting constituents without their consent. Now that would be a good question. Can we, as private individuals, seek relief from paying the debts of incompetent govt management (another corporate entity) that we are being forced to pay under threat of harm, loss of freedom, loss of possessions, loss of property, damage to personal standing, and fraudulent court hearings? If we have not given our explicit individual consent to accept this third party debt can it be enforced on us?

Yes, debt is a huge problem but she also needs to recognise that the public sector imposes much greater debt on her constituents than the private sector.