Clause 36 — Regulations about schemes

Orders of the Day – in the House of Commons at 8:30 pm on 27th October 2008.

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Amendments made: No. 255, page 33, line 30, leave out 'after "varying" insert

", continuing"' and insert 'after "making" insert "continuing,"'.

No. 256, page 33, line 30, at end insert—

'( ) In subsection (1)(b) (approvals of schemes) after "schemes" insert "for areas in Wales".

( ) After subsection (1)(b) insert—

"(bb) the procedure to be followed by local transport authorities for areas in England when discharging functions that relate to a QCS board,

(bc) the procedure to be followed by QCS boards when discharging functions relating to proposed schemes for areas in England,".'.

No. 257, page 33, line 32, leave out 'after "proposed variations" insert

", continuations"' and insert 'before "variations" insert "continuations,"'.

No. 258, page 33, line 33, at end insert—

'( ) in paragraph (e) (applications for approval of proposals) after "proposals" insert "for areas in Wales";'.

No. 259, page 33, line 36, at end insert—

'(ef) the form and manner of requests under section 126AB(4) relating to proposed schemes for areas in England,

(eg) the form and manner in which copies of proposed schemes for such areas are to be sent to a QCS board under section 126AB(5),

(eh) the giving of notice, and the preparation and publication of reports, by QCS boards under section 126AC(5),

(ei) the form and manner of responses by local transport authorities to such reports,";'.

No. 260, page 33, line 37, leave out 'for "or variations" substitute ", variations or continuations"' and insert 'after "schemes" insert ", continuations"'.

No. 261, page 33, line 38, at end insert—

'(d) in paragraph (g) (notice of schemes or of their variation or revocation) before "variation" insert "continuation,".'.

No. 262, page 33, line 38, at end insert—

'(4) After subsection (2) insert—

"(3) The appropriate national authority may also make regulations modifying or excluding the application of provisions of this Part, so far as relating to quality contracts schemes, in cases where a local transport authority, or two or more local transport authorities acting jointly, do any of the following—

(a) by virtue of section 126AB(6), send to a QCS board a further request under section 126AB(4) and modified proposals under section 126AB(5),

(b) propose or decide that a scheme should continue in operation (with or without modification) under section 131A,

(c) propose or decide to vary or revoke a scheme under section 132.

(4) Regulations made by virtue of subsection (3) must not exclude any requirement for the authority or authorities—

(a) under section 126, to obtain the approval of the Welsh Ministers,

(b) under section 127(1A), to publish their response to the report of the QCS board.".'— [Paul Clark.]

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