Clause 23 — Practice and procedure of approvals boards for England

Orders of the Day – in the House of Commons at 8:30 pm on 27th October 2008.

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Amendments made: No. 185, in page 21, line 15, leave out '126A' and insert '126AC'.

No. 186, page 21, line 16, leave out 'approvals boards for England' and insert 'boards'.

No. 187, page 21, line 17, leave out 'rules' and insert 'regulations'.

No. 188, page 21, line 17, at end insert—

'( ) with respect to the constitution of a QCS board,

( ) with respect to the powers and duties of any such board,'.

No. 189, page 21, line 19, leave out 'approvals board for England' and insert 'such board'.

No. 190, page 21, line 22, leave out 'rules' and insert 'regulations'.

No. 191, page 21, leave out lines 24 to 32 and insert—

'(a) provision about requests under section 126AB(4);

(b) provision for an acknowledgement of the receipt of any such request to be issued by such person, and within such time, as may be prescribed in the regulations;

(c) the procedure to be followed in cases where a further request under section 126AB(4) is sent to the QCS board by virtue of section 126AB(6) in relation to a proposed scheme which has been modified (the "modified scheme");

(d) provision for or in connection with the making of representations about the modified scheme;

(e) the publication by the board of provisional findings before it publishes its report.'.

No. 192, page 21, line 34, leave out 'approvals board for England' and insert 'QCS board'.

No. 193, page 21, line 34, leave out from 'normally' to end of line 35 and insert 'have published its report'.

No. 194, page 21, line 36, leave out 'an approvals board for England' and insert 'a QCS board'.

No. 195, page 21, line 37, leave out from 'to' to end of line 38 and insert 'publish its report within that time.'.

No. 196, page 21, line 39, leave out from beginning to end of line 2 on page 22 and insert—

'(5) If a QCS board does not publish its report within that time, the Commissioner must immediately prepare a statement of—

(a) the reasons why the board has not published its report within that time;

(b) the action the board is taking to publish its report as soon as reasonably practicable;

(c) the time within which it is expected that the board will publish its report.'.

No. 197, page 22, line 7, leave out

'that made the application for approval'

and insert

'proposing to make the scheme'.

No. 198, page 22, line 10, after 'a', insert 'QCS'.

No. 199, page 22, line 12, after 'A', insert 'QCS'.

No. 200, page 22, leave out lines 14 and 15.

No. 201, page 22, line 17, at end insert—

'"report" means the report which the board is required to publish by virtue of section 126AC(5).".'.

No. 202, in page 22, leave out lines 18 to 23.— [Paul Clark.]

After Clause 23

Amendments made: No. 203, page 22, line 24, leave out Clause 24.

No. 204, page 23, line 38, leave out Clause 25.— [Paul Clark.]

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