Part of Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister – in the House of Commons at 11:30 am on 4th June 2008.

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Photo of Gordon Brown Gordon Brown The Prime Minister, Leader of the Labour Party 11:30 am, 4th June 2008

Even in the past year, under difficult economic circumstances, 500,000 new jobs have been created in this country. People will at some time have a choice between whether to go with the policies of the Leader of the Opposition, who was economic adviser to the Government who created 15 per cent. interest rates, 3 million unemployed, the biggest tax rises in history and, at the same time, negative equity, and a Labour Government who have got more people in work than ever.

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Christopher Ashley
Posted on 5 Jun 2008 11:09 am (Report this annotation)

Yep you have got more "people" into work, but they are not English people, instead they are imported foreigners, and its all been paid for by borrowing money to pay them rather than a real boom in our economy.

Now the country is in a recession their is no facial argument left for a single extra non EU immigrants, our boarders must be shut to reflect our new economic cycle even on your own warped arguments for immigration.

Della Petch
Posted on 5 Jun 2008 3:24 pm (Report this annotation)

Well that's the McLabour spin doctors accounted for. 500,000 of them? Fewer than we suspected.

Bruce Cowan
Posted on 5 Jun 2008 3:45 pm (Report this annotation)

I like the use of inverted commas around people, it's as if you think foreigners aren't really human beings. This is a very bad attitude to have.

I'd also like to point out that most immigrants at the moment are from the EU, so closing borders to non-EU citizens wouldn't do anything.

Christopher Ashley
Posted on 5 Jun 2008 5:38 pm (Report this annotation)

Bruce Cowan, the quotes around "people" is because I was quoting the PM there. Yes of course I think foreigners are real human beings, don't you ? Its just that they are not "English", and have lead directly to a lowering standard of life of the indigenous population.

And you would like to point out that most are from the EU, but unfortunately its not true. Your spin with immigration numbers has past its sell by date.

Bruce Cowan
Posted on 5 Jun 2008 7:51 pm (Report this annotation)

I'm no Labour supporter, so I'm not a spinmonger.

Christopher Ashley
Posted on 5 Jun 2008 10:02 pm (Report this annotation)

Sorry then Bruce, its good to hear that you are not a spinmonger. What is a shame is that the spin mongers have been busy missleading all of us about both the numbers of immigrants, and their origin. The true facts have only just come out in the papers this week, and the implications are going to take time to disseminate.

I'm a betrayed Labour supporter, who will never vote for the malignant party again.

Bruce Cowan
Posted on 5 Jun 2008 10:50 pm (Report this annotation)

The snag with immigration is nobody seems to know the numbers involved.