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Part of the debate – in the House of Commons at 11:32 am on 10th May 2007.

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Photo of Mark Lancaster Mark Lancaster Opposition Whip (Commons) 11:32 am, 10th May 2007

May we have a debate on houses in multiple occupancy or HMOs? Their impact on constituencies such as mine is considerable. The problem seems to be that dwellings that were built with just two or three bedrooms are being converted to have six or seven bedrooms, with a major impact on parking, antisocial behaviour, noise and nuisance. Local authorities seem powerless to do much about it.


Jenny Rogers
Posted on 11 May 2007 11:36 am (Report this annotation)

Dear everyone
With regard to the statement made by Mark Lancaster about the amount of people living in one house, and 2/3 bedroom houses being converted to 5/6 bedrooms.
The reasons are two-fold:
1. The government making local councils in all towns and cities build more housing and then insisting on them housing new immigrants - they have to go somewhere... and
2. The Bank of England has been given free reign to adjust interest rates when it thinks it's suitable, so the various landlords who have mortgaged houses that they are renting out, are going to have to pay more for their property, so the more tenants they can get, the easier it is to cover the increased costs....
It will probably only stop when we stop letting everyone move to the UK.
This is not racist, just a statement of fact.

grace quinn
Posted on 11 May 2007 12:13 pm (Report this annotation)

the cost of owning your own home is out of the reach of most people so the houses that are being built are bing brought by immigrants to be let out to other immigrants and the benefit system is paying the rent so that the money can be used to by more houses to let . in the end british citizens will have no were to live the trouble that goes with this is fire hazards due to over crowding fights rubbish noise and a more water being used more electric more gas more global warming as more people crowd into one house we had a 4 bed house had 30 immigrants living in it . all working and sleeping in shifts and it is a fact not racist g quinn