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Photo of John Prescott John Prescott Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Member, Labour Party National Executive Committee 11:30 am, 1st November 2006

I do not accept that. I acknowledge that there are difficulties, and that is one of the reasons I provided that the building industry could establish the £60,000 house, giving people a chance to get a foot on the buying ladder. The previous Administration halved the amount of housing investment, and record numbers of people were homeless and sleeping on the streets during their time in office. We have changed that in a remarkable way and we shall continue to build on that.


Mark Bestford
Posted on 2 Nov 2006 11:17 pm (Report this annotation)

What planet is this person living on? When is it right that a person earning 30,000 a year cannot afford to buy a house in the town they live in? Housing is far too expensive, simple as that. For me to afford to buy a 3 bedroom house I would have to earn over 50,000 a year. That is simply unacceptable.

Owen Pearman
Posted on 3 Nov 2006 9:19 am (Report this annotation)

I agree with Mark.
Thousands of young people were forced to move away from the areas they grew up in because the housing market had been so inflated by people from the city buying and converting houses.
Strict government controls need to be brought in to regulate the housing market, to ensure everyone can afford a house.
I would like to remind everyone that the economy is largely measured on the strenght of the housign market - when this crahses so wil the value of the pound and a lot of people will loose a lot of money!

Mark Bestford
Posted on 3 Nov 2006 3:40 pm (Report this annotation)

Agreed. The market as it currently stands is unsustainable. What choice is there for someone when to buy a house they must first move over 50 miles away from where they work? That is the reality for myself. To afford a house I must live over an hour away from where I work, that is totally unacceptable to myself. To even make it possible I would also have to find a further 200 pounds a month to pay for the extra fuel I would need to drive to work. And no, I could not use public transport to get there as there is no affordable housing anywhere on the bus routes through Oxfordshire.