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Photo of John Prescott John Prescott Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Member, Labour Party National Executive Committee 11:30 am, 1st November 2006

That is the sort of silly question I expect from the hon. Gentleman. The House can make its judgment but let me pray in aid our record, including the fact that

"the homelessness directorate's target setting, supported by financial support and advice to local authorities, has helped to bring about significant alleviation of the worst consequences of homelessness"— not my views, but those of the Tory Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, who is hardly a friend of the Government's.


john franklyn
Posted on 2 Nov 2006 6:44 pm (Report this annotation)

In Telford and Wrekin, we had at one point, the council giving more money to a Company it is going to set up than it was to homelessness.

The Councils private enterprise received £1.3 million and the homeless were given approx £300,000.

A big difference and wrongly prioritised.

Yet this is given the thumbs up by the government.

Mark Bestford
Posted on 2 Nov 2006 8:26 pm (Report this annotation)

How much of the homeless figure is as a direct result of the over inflated house prices that we now have? Since Labour came to power I have twice been near the point of having my house repossessed, and that is in a 25% shared ownership property. The only thing that has kept a roof over my head has been a combination of help from family and being fortunate enough to increase my salary at a much greater rate than inflation. Even then I find that I have less disposable income today than 10 years ago, when I earned a third of what I earn now. I find it impossible to understand how in 10 years I have tripled my salary, and yet the possibility of owning my own house is further away than ever.

Posted on 2 Nov 2006 10:55 pm (Report this annotation)

John Prescott believes a question about the homeless is "stupid." It seems to be Mr Prescott who is "stupid."